4 Steps to Find a Sustainable Fashion Job

4 Steps to Find a Sustainable Fashion Job - Style Nine to Five

If sustainability is important to you and you won’t settle for just any job in the fashion industry, here’s a quick guide on how to find the job you’re looking for. Plenty of sustainable fashion brands are out there and hiring, you just need to know where to look!

1. Career Pages of Sustainable Brands 

Instead of researching sustainable fashion jobs, cast a wider net: research sustainable fashion brands before anything else. Learn which brands are out there that align with your vision, and keep tabs on their careers pages. Often, these brands are smaller and may not have extended their reach to job boards or hit the front page of job searches, so it helps to keep a close eye on each business you’re interested in working for.

2. Job Alerts

You can set up job alerts on Google, various job boards, and LinkedIn for certain keywords. The job alerts will often be sent right to your email, and you’ll be able to keep tabs on when new ones are posted, meaning you could often be the first one to apply! Some good keywords to include in your alerts besides the usual “sustainable fashion” are “ethical fashion” or “eco-fashion.” You can even narrow in on things that are more catered to your tastes, for instance, “consignment store” or “vintage store” if reselling interests you.

3. Social Media

After creating your aforementioned list of sustainable fashion brands you’d like to work for, make sure to follow them all on social media, too. And this means everything, from Instagram to TikTok. Brands will often post job openings on their social media—check their feeds and even keep an eye on their stories to see if there’s anything worthwhile for you. Even if they aren’t hiring, you can use these social media connections to pitch yourself.

You can also expand your following outside of fashion brands and follow their founders, employees or even sustainable fashion influencers. They often use their social media to spread the word of job opportunities, too.

4. Connections

Sometimes, these brands aren’t even posting their opportunities on social media—they’re only reaching out to their connections. You have to figure out how to become one of those connections. It’s not as hard as it sounds, there are plenty of avenues: LinkedIn, industry conferences, local events, even your professors and cohort at school, or previous coworkers!

Don’t be afraid to connect with people in the industry on social media, follow up with those you meet in person, or to reach out to anyone at any time, even asking if they know of any opportunities if you know each other well enough. As the adage goes, it’s all about who you know in the industry.

Also, it should go without saying that Style Nine to Five is a great asset when it comes to finding sustainable fashion jobs! The SNTF job board hosts plenty of them all the time. At the time this article is going up, we currently host job postings for two luxury resale stores: currently a Sales position for Mine & Yours, and a Social Media Specialist, Resale Buyer, Store Manager and Assistant Manager for another luxury Turnabout. As well as a Marketing Manager for sustainable brand, Londre Bodywear

If you follow all these steps, the right job will come along sooner or later. When those interviews begin to pour in, make sure every potential employer you interview for knows how passionate you are about sustainability in fashion. Until then, be proud of yourself for not folding and following your values as you step into the career of your dreams!

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