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Career Advice – How to Not Lose Interest in Your Day Job

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaLatest Office & Work Outfits Ideas for Women  (2)The saying is if you choose a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. However, this is not always true for everyone. Sometimes a job is just a way to make a living. If this is the case, there is still no reason to get bored of your day to day routine. It’s hard not to imagine living on a beach, working remote, travelling the world as a career. This is just not a reality for everyone.


Why are you working here?


If you think of this daily, it will give you the motivation to work harder. If you wake up every morning and just go through the motions, you’re going to get bored with your work. Why are you in the position you’re in? Why are you with the company you’re with? If you’re there to learn, what is your take away each day? Think about your job more than just a job, but a learning experience.


What can you do differently?


Maybe you’re trying to find a faster, more efficient way to complete your tasks. Go through the trial and error and find something that works for you.  Keep your routine fresh every day and you won’t lose interest in your job. Even if it’s just changing one simple thing, it can make a world of difference.


Invest in yourself


If you’re invested in yourself you’ll put more value into your day job. You will take everything you do and see how it is positively affecting your life. What is the bigger value this job or career is bringing you? If you are invested in yourself, you are more likely to put all of you into your tasks and routine. If you’re fully invested, you won’t get bored.


Find challenges


Don’t ever give up. If a task is challenging, it is easy to just walk away. If you stick with it and succeed, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. If you step outside your comfort zone, it may be scary, but it is out of your normal routine. Take your time, strategize and challenge yourself.


Inspirational image courtesy of: Lifestyle Sspace


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette


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Fashion Jobs – 5 Dresses That are Perfect for Spring

Thursday, April 4th, 2019

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Fashion Jobs in Canada - Style Nine to Five

Spring is finally in the air and we couldn’t be happier about it! It also means it’s time to start spending some time outdoors and making the most of the warmer weather. Spring also presents the perfect opportunity to put away your dark winter clothes for some seasonal floral items. Whether you have brunch, dinner or more casual activities planned, we’ve put together a list of spring-approved dresses that you can wear all season (and summer) long.


Spring Florals
There’s nothing more synonymous with spring than flowers, which is why we can’t get enough of this feminine floral number. Pair with a cropped cardigan on chillier days and then rock it with bare shoulders during the warmer months. Lily Dress Tularosa, $266.18, available at Revolve – BUY NOW.


Pretty Pastels
Pastels have taken over the runways and now rule the fashion streets. If you have yet to treat yourself to a special pastel item this year, perhaps spring is the perfect opportunity. Style with a leather jacket and top with a pair of killer white ankle boots for a fashion-forward look. Ninette Ruffled wrap dress, $168, available at Aritzia


Seasonal Stripes
One dress style that doesn’t get enough credit is the apron-style. Enjoy your spring plans in a chic dress with crisp horizontal stripes. Pair with a pair of wedges or espadrilles and then with a pair of sneakers for a more casual look. Kate Dress, $248, available at Reformation – BUY NOW.


Polka Dots
A polka dot dress is perfect for spring, simply because it’s a classic print that can easily be dressed up or down and styled with a denim jacket on chillier days. Boohoo polka dot off the shoulder wrap dress, $46.29, available at ASOS – BUY NOW


Crisp White
A dreamy white number will definitely turn some heads at whatever you get up to this spring and for all the right reasons. And really, there’s nothing more classic than a little white dress. Line & Dot Lille Mini Dress, $122.81, available at Shopbop – BUY NOW.


By Ainsley Smith, Toronto, @ainsleysmithy

Fashion Jobs – Landing Your First Full Time Job

Monday, April 1st, 2019

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaChristie Lohr - Full Time Job Blog

The transition from being a student or working a part-time position to landing your very first full-time gig can be quite daunting at the start. The pressure of the real world is in high gear and you no longer have possession of those sacred weekdays you devoted solely to sleeping in and binge watching your favourite TV series. Below are some quick tips to help you feel confident and prep for your new “9-to-5” lifestyle:


1. Fresh Wardrobe:

Never forget that dressing the part makes you act and feel the part. The way you present yourself can be a great influence when forming a lasting impression with your boss and colleagues. Your workplace quickly becomes your second home, therefore it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to some retail therapy and invest in the clothing you’ll be wearing for five days out of the week. Focus on finding good quality separate pieces that you can effortlessly mix and match for alternative looks. You want to be comfortable and reflect a work appropriate style or sense of professionalism. That being said, not all jobs require the same level of dress. Try to research the environment and culture of the company you’re working for and incorporate it into your own personal style.

2. New Attitude:

First and foremost, you need to mentally have an optimistic outlook on the workweek ahead. Put an end to the Sunday night sighs and the dread for early mornings. Get some good sleep and always know what you want to wear and eat for breakfast in the morning to avoid feeling rushed. Your first full-time position is not necessarily the position you see yourself working in ten years, but it’s certainly an important moment in your career. Looking back on part-time work, people often find that they weren’t completely disciplined towards their job descriptions because they knew it was only temporary. It’s time to crank up your motivation levels and become dedicated to succeed in your newest role. Your performance and positive interactions with those around you will eventually determine that future promotion or make you a referable employee. Have a solid idea of the goals you wish to achieve, taking advantage of any presented opportunities and develop connections with other professionals.


3. Write It Down:

You may have an amazing memory and be the queen of multitasking, but writing things down is still one of the best habits to add to your life. Planners or journals are like a handy personal assistant, keeping your mind from feeling too stressed and overwhelmed. Many standard stationary items are being transformed from a basic book of lined paper to a must-have accessory for your desk or the inside of your bag. Whether you’re jotting down a daily timetable, a list of tasks, or simply your thoughts and ideas, a planner is an effective way to feel a sense of stability on a chaotic schedule. Taking notes during a training session or a team meeting at work also shows that you like to be organized and care about looking over the details.


4. Personalize Your Desk:

If you’ve been assigned to your own desk or designated space at work, take the time to add some unique personal touches. Your surroundings will play a big factor in your overall mood and ability to concentrate or think of innovative ideas. Decorate your space with a few appealing images and quotes that will be sure to inspire you. Every so often, swap these pictures for new ones to keep refreshed. The same applies for your desk at home. Have a clean, creative corner where you feel encouraged to get things done.


5. Utilize the Commute:

Unless you’re lucky enough to live within walking distance of your workplace, you must adapt to commuting each morning and evening. Make this a beneficial time for you to get a head start in your day. Use your phone or laptop on the bus/train to complete tasks such as answering any e-mails or reviewing a presentation. You can also use this specific time for simple downtime pleasures that you rarely get around to doing, like reading a book or article and listening to an interesting podcast.


6. Don’t Wait for the Weekend:

You don’t have to be scrolling through “TGIF” hashtags or tweets in order to relax and have some fun. Break the work, eat and sleep routine by giving yourself the freedom to make plans throughout the week. You can’t stay out as late as you would probably like to, but instead of rushing home, go have dinner at that restaurant you’ve been wanting to check out or grab a drink with some new work friends. Staying active or picking up a hobby a few times a week will also keep you healthy and make the work week go by a whole lot faster. Additionally, if you schedule these exciting activities towards the beginning of the week, you won’t be so devastated that weekend is coming to an end.


Inspiration image of our Founder Christie Lohr by Brooklyn Photography.


By Alicia Elliott


Career Tips – Create Your Personal Brand and Wow Potential Employers

Friday, March 29th, 2019

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Fashion Jobs in Canada - Style Nine to Five

Christie Lohr Personal Brand Blog

When you are branding yourself you are essentially selling people your personality. Your personality should be straightforward and recognizable online and through your social media outlets in order for others to feel as though they are already familiar with you on a personal level before they even meet you. This goes the same for employers! Here are nine tips to help you create your personal brand as a job seeker and wow your potential employers (guaranteed). Thank you for visiting Style Nine to Five for career advice and exciting jobs! We truly appreciate your support.  

1. Determining your goals and values.
First things first, deciding what your personal career goals and values are, both short term and long term, will help you determine what type of person you want to be and how you want to be perceived. Where do you see yourself in a year? Are you the kind of individual who is compassionate or are you indifferent to other people’s feelings? Everything you do, whether it is publicly or in personal situations will reflect on you as a person. People’s perception of you is what makes up your personal brand. For this reason, it is important to decide what values you intend on portraying and what goals you hope to achieve with this. Defining your goals is an essential part of developing your identity because every decision you make in regards to building your brand will be directly linked to your desired goal.


2. Defining your target market.
As a “brand” your purpose is to share a specific message about yourself to a distinctive group of people, also known as a target market. Your target audience could be anyone from employers and colleagues to friends and family. Once you’ve determined who you are targeting, you must curate your presence both in person and online to appeal to that specific audience. This tip is not intended to promote deception or falsehood but to help you distinguish the needs of the audience you intend to connect with and determine how you should go about portraying yourself to potentially establish solid relationships.


3. Discovering what differentiates you and using that to your advantage.
Take some time to think about what makes you unique. If you want to differentiate yourself from your peers your must use your individual characteristics to your benefit. Whether it is an aesthetic, an experience or a special skill, these things will help you define yourself and your brand identity. Employers are always looking for someone who stands out from the crowd so don’t be afraid to show off your best attributes and share how they could be used as an advantage in the workplace. You should know who you are, and you should know who you are not.


4. Social media presence.
Social Media outlets such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and LinkedIn have arguably become one of the most important ways to build a personal brand. These platforms allow anyone to have immediate access to your work, get an understanding of your personality and style through the Internet as well as connect with you instantly. Lots of job opportunities have been created due to social media. Many employers take it upon themselves to look at their candidates’ profiles online to have a better understanding of how they are portraying themselves since it could affect the image of the company and brand they are hiring for. Having a cohesive, professional and interesting social media presence is fundamental in developing a successful public personal brand. Your social media profiles should include visually appealing images, a clear and consistent aesthetic as well as promote your creativity and individuality, whether it be through pictures of your work, sharing personal interests or by showcasing your knowledgeable skills as a young industry professional.


5. Paying Attention to Detail
Paying attention to detail is a key strategy to ensure you keep your brand consistent. You must make certain that the small things you are doing, such as your body language, any professional e-mails and notes you write as well as all captions or comments you make on social media are in keeping with your brand. This helps you remain true to the initial message, goals and values you have previously determined for your personal brand and give you credibility.


6. Consistency

To create a successful brand you must be one hundred percent consistent. Consistency goes hand in hand with authenticity, paying attention to detail and maintaining an individual personal identity. When you think of a brand, like Chanel for example, there are automatically certain attributes that come to mind that are associated with it, like the notion of class, haute-couture and it’s intriguing history. When creating a personal brand you must keep this in mind because your main focus is to try and control what attributes people associate with your brand and one of the ways to maintain a positive depiction of yourself is to remain consistent in your message.



7. Authenticity

Authenticity is extremely important when developing a brand identity. We live in a society where there is an excessive amount of media content being thrown at us daily, whether it is through advertisements, television, on websites or social media. Being immersed in this leads people to become more skeptical of the authenticity of what is being put out there, which is why it is important to stay genuine and transparent in everything you do or it could greatly damage your personal brand. Authenticity is important not only through media, but also when dealing with people in everyday situations. One of the main purposes of developing a personal brand is to create relationships with others that could lead you further into your career. However, without authenticity there is no trust, which therefore, could result in unsuccessful professional relationships.


8. Personal Style

Style can play a sizeable role in the way someone is being perceived. Your clothing, hair, makeup and accessories all reflect you as an individual and can alter your personal brand. The way you represent yourself through fashion doesn’t necessarily have to be in keeping with the latest trends or big designers, although, it should be consistent with your aesthetic, personality and overall brand, as well as remain professional. Style isn’t limited to your look, but can also be found in the way you speak, your mannerisms and facial expressions, so it is always best to remain aware of your actions when communicating with others.


9. Being Yourself

As cliché as it may sound, being yourself is one of the most important factors in successfully developing your personal brand. Being unique and staying true to your values will come off as genuine and will allow people to resonate with you, which will help you build long-term quality relationships that could hopefully lead to employment.


Image of our founder Christie Lohr, Brooklyn D Photography.

Fashion Jobs – Nailing a Phone Interview

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

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Fashion Jobs in Canada - Style Nine to FiveNailing a Phone Interview

Potential employers may want to ask you some questions over the phone in order to decide if you are the right candidate for a future personal meeting. Here are some tips on how to nail a phone interview and attract your interviewer when you’re not face-to-face:

1. Pick the Right Place:

Schedule the phone call for a time that you know you will be completely free; preferably at home in a quiet space where no one will interrupt you. Don’t take the call if you’re out running errands or in the middle of a busy environment. You want to be as focused as possible and listen carefully to the interviewers questions. Sit at a desk rather than lying in bed or walking around. Being in a clean, organized space will make you feel and act more professional.


2. Use a Cheat Sheet:

A benefit of a phone interview is that you can keep your own notes in front of you and refer to them at anytime without seeming unprepared. Jot down some key points that you would like to mention while answering common questions, such as why you are interested in the job position. This is an effective tool to use to make sure you don’t forget any important details. Have questions already written down that you can ask towards the end of the phone call. Print off your resume or have it open on your computer, so you can follow along with the interviewer when discussing your skills and experience.

brunette the label


3. Smile! 

Your personality plays a huge part in connecting with the employer and helps you stand out amongst all of the other applicants with similar qualifications. Even though you’re not speaking directly in front of the interviewer, be sure to smile, as this will affect your tone of voice. It’s easy to “hear” a smile; you want to sound engaged in the conversation and excited to work for the company.


4. Pace Yourself

There are probably a lot of things that you want to say in a short amount of time, but it’s important to speak slowly and pronounce everything very clearly to get your points across. Allow for pauses before you answer a question to avoid speaking over the interviewer and to be sure that it’s your turn to talk. You also want to give yourself a moment to collect your thoughts and not blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. Answer questions to the best of your ability without rambling on or going off topic. If additional information is irrelevant, the interviewer may become uninterested or even annoyed.


5. Know the Next Step:

The phone interview is usually only the first stage of the overall interview process; therefore you have a chance of being contacted a second or third time. Before you hang up the phone, ask what the next step will be and when you can expect to hear back by. Ask for the interviewers personal e-mail address and phone number. This will allow you to send them a quick thank-you message and contact them to follow up on the status of the job.

By: Alicia Elliott

Career Advice: How to Ask for a Raise

Monday, March 25th, 2019

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaFemaleRetailBoss

Thinking of asking for a raise? It can be so nerve wrecking and hard to get the confidence to do do it. Remember if you don’t ask, then you won’t receive. Here are some things to keep in mind when you prepare to ask your boss for a raise.

Timing is key

While you may have been thinking about the raise for a while, your boss hasn’t. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what is going on in their day or week. If you know that your boss has a big pitch coming up, scheduling a time to chat right before the deadline is probably not the best and they will be less receptive to your needs. Instead, choosing a time when you know your boss will have the time to think it through and the company is doing well would be better.

Know the pay practices at your company.

Before setting up a meeting with your boss, find out the processes and procedures on pay raises. There may be some time requirements and other practices put into place that you may not be aware about and will want to keep in mind before you speak to your boss.

Know the worth of your job.

This is key! You may feel like you deserve a six-figure salary for all the late nights you’re putting in, but you have to be realistic. It will help your case if you research the industry standards and compare what perks and salary expectations you have versus someone else working your job in a similar company.

Believe in your value and what you currently bring to the table – and show how you’re ready to work even harder.

You do not want to appear whiny when you’re speaking to your boss. Be sensitive to what you’re saying, how you’re saying it, and how it may be received. Your boss knows your role and what it entails, so rather than telling them what you do, explain how you’re do the job better, how this is adding more value to the company, and why what you’re doing deserves more money.

Prepare for next steps.

Prepare for anything that may come out of that meeting – including being turned down. Have a game plan for what you’re going to do if you don’t see those extra Benjamins straight away. This game plan could mean many things like coming up with a timeline with your boss for what you have to do and when your salary could be reviewed or discussing the possibility of a bonus instead of a raise.


At the end of the day – just do it! Know your worth and take charge of your career growth! Sometimes all you have to do is ask!

Image sourced from

By: Nikita Due


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Fashion Jobs – The Hair Accessory Trend You Need to Try ASAP

Friday, March 22nd, 2019

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Fashion Jobs in Canada - Style Nine to Five


If you’ve scrolled through Instagram, looked at your favourite fashion magazine or taken a walk down the street, chances are you’ve noticed that 90s’ fashion is making a comeback—specifically a certain hair accessory. If you’re picturing your trusted hairclips from your youth than you’re bang on.


Seen all over the streets of Fashion Week and on the feeds of your favourite street style stars, this faithful hair staple isn’t going anywhere any time soon. From from faux pearl to shimmery golds and flashy brand names, hair clips have made a triumphant return so you can relive your childhood days. Plus, if you’re really lucky, you might still have a few buried away in your bathroom from the good old’ days. You can shop our favourites below.

Marie Clip at Revolve

Marie Clip, $40.33, available at Revolve

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 12.13.29 AM

Pearly Star Clip Barrettes, $8.90, available at Zara

Liars & Lovers rectangular resin tortoiseshell hair clip, $13, available at ASOS

Liars & Lovers rectangular resin tortoiseshell hair clip, $13, available at ASOS

Crystal Gucci single hair barrette

Crystal Gucci single hair barrette, $480, available at Gucci

Ashley Williams Transparent 'Angel' Hair Clip Set

Ashley Williams Transparent ‘Angel’ Hair Clips, $175, available at SSENSE

Double Pearl Barrettes

Double Pearl Barrettes, $16, available at Pixie Market

8 Other Reasons Shimmy Glitter Hair Clip

8 Other Reasons Shimmy Glitter Hair Clip, $28, available at Urban Outfitters


Inspirational Images:
Image courtesy of Viktoria Dahlberg
Image courtesy of Iris Dijkers


By Ainsley Smith, Toronto, @ainsleysmithy

Fashion Jobs – What to do When you Graduate Fashion School

Thursday, March 21st, 2019

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Fashion Jobs in Canada - Style Nine to Five teenvogue instagram - fashion grad inspo

Graduation season (a.k.a. the most wonderful time of the year) is quickly approaching! You can say farewell to those endless nights of powering through assignments alongside a ton of caffeine, and start proving that you’ve got what it takes to make it in a fashion career. Here are some tips to consider when you’re fresh out of fashion school and planning your next career move:


Showcase Your Work

If you don’t already have one, put together a type of portfolio for any projects or creations that you have saved and continuously update your collection. Display images or writing samples that you are proud of and ones you believe will grab some attention. Your portfolio does not have to be the typical big black book, nowadays everything is online and should be in the form of a separate Instagram JUST for your work, a website or your own personal blog. Also consider renting out a small space for a few hours, (it could be a loft, a photographers studio) and showcase your collection to friends and family and have them share on social media.


The main purpose of an online portfolio is to be able to confidently talk to an interviewer about your skills and experience, as well as have something to show for it. Instagram has in a sense become a social media portfolio. Try posting more content that deals with your talents or relates to your career goals. For example, if you’re interested in styling upload pictures of your inspirations, outfits you’ve coordinated, or you dressing models at a photo shoot. Your followers along with potential employers will begin to associate you with certain skills and think of you in the future.


Keep Learning

You may be free from the classroom, but you always need to be knowledgeable about the industry. Be aware of the latest looks on the runway at fashion shows around the world and how that translates into styles people want to wear. Simply subscribing to a website that provides you with daily fashion trends or business updates will go a long way. When it comes to job hunting, this is prime time to get a head start and do some research before you make an approach and hand in a resume. Create a list of companies or brands that you would like to work for and learn as much as you can about their background and the way they operate. Hiring managers will appreciate someone who makes an effort to stay current and is eager to gather details about the company. There may also be a specific skill you wish to develop or a topic in your program that you wanted to study more in depth. Pick up books, watch videos or even sign up for a workshop class.

brunette the label

Be Involved in the Industry

Just because you haven’t landed your official fashion job yet, doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the industry. Be present at local fashion events, such as product launches or new store openings. Introduce yourself to as many people as you can and make your ambitions known to them. Volunteer to assist with any popular happenings in your city like fashion week or use your writing skills as a contributor for an online fashion magazine or blog. This adds some extra experience to your resume and keeps you feeling motivated while you’re in the process of applying for jobs.


Take the Time to Reconnect

Networking and making new connections has always been a golden rule for job seekers. However, don’t forget about the people you already know. Over the past few years as a student you have come in contact with many experienced influencers such as former professors, managers or mentors that can possibly open doors to a new opportunity. Most fashion programs also require you to complete an internship or work placement over the course of the academic year. Past internships are valuable connections to refer back to, as this is where you demonstrated your professional work ethic and ability to succeed in a specific fashion role. Your internship employer may have actually been interested in hiring you full-time after your internship was completed, but you were still in school. Give them a call, or send a message through e-mail or LinkedIn to set up a meeting and chat. If you maintained a positive relationship, they should be more than willing to speak with you.


Photo Cred: Teen Vogue’s Instagram


By Alicia Elliott

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Career Advice – How to be a Great New Hire While Being Yourself

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaCareer Advice - How to be a great new hire

Starting a brand new fashion job (or any job) can bring on feelings of both excitement and anxiety followed by fear of the unknown and the pressure to do your best. Your work ethic during the first 30 to 90 days of employment are extremely important in regards to setting the stage for your future with that company. Not to add any additional pressure, but your first few weeks/months of employment may also determine whether or not your employer thinks you’re an asset to the business.


Success will be defined by your performance and the way in which you approach challenges as they arrive. We’ve all been in this situation before at work and outside of work; trying to become a part of a group while maintaining our individuality can be perplexing. I’ve found the below tips to be quite helpful and I hope you will also find them useful:


Don’t make a scene. How annoying is that new person? You don’t want to be that person who annoys existing employees within the first week. You’re the new kid in town and you’ve got to prove yourself before you alienate yourself. There are two objectives that you have to demonstrate: (1) that you’re capable of the tasks required of your job; and (2) that you’re going to fit in with the existing company culture.


Work your hardest to ensure all of your responsibilities are covered and pay close attention to your surroundings. Get a feel for the swing of things and the daily workflow of different departments. Observe the habits of your colleagues and try to blend in with their schedules (lunch, breaks during the day, time in and time out). Once you feel the attention is off of you and you’re suddenly not so new, you can branch out and start making your own rules (within limits, of course).

brunette the label

Offer to help. We all want to be seen as ambitious and willing to take initiative, but there’s a time and a place for everything. As a new hire, getting your feet wet by offering to help coworkers with their projects will go over a lot better than jumping in head first with brand new ideas and a push for immediate changes. Without knowing how things are currently progressing, how can you be absolutely certain that your method will be better?


If you’re confident in your abilities and you know change is inevitable, give your newness a few weeks to sink in before moving forward. At the risk of being hated by everyone whose work life you just disrupted, it may be worth the wait. Help out in departments that impact your overall objective and get an in depth idea of current practices before suggesting changes.


Make your first and only impression. My last piece of advice is to project yourself in the way that you wish to be perceived. From the way you dress to the way you speak, in your first few days of employment, these characteristics will come to define you. A new job is a great way to reinvent yourself and to walk into a new environment with confidence.


Unfortunately, you will be judged – that’s what people do – but you have the upper hand here because they don’t know anything about you. You’ve got a clean slate to be a star employee, to make an impact as you pursue your career, and to meet people who are just as passionate as you are about their jobs.


Image from


By: Malicia Basdeo, New York City


Fashion Jobs – The Classic Trench Coat is Hot for Spring

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaChristie Lohr Trench Coat


I prefer my trench coat to be long and oversized trench–a fresh way to take your look to the next level. Here, I’ve worn my vintage London Fog coat with a short skirt and boots. I would also suggest wearing a trench coat over a slim high-waisted pair of pants and heels. The trench coat is truly such a versatile addition to your closet! Get shopping below.


New Memory Trench Coat NVLT


NVLT New Memory Trench Coat, $193 CAD

Long Double Breasted Trench Coat LONDON FOG


LONDON FOG Long Double Breasted Trench Coat, $220 CAD

Badgley Mischka Double Breasted Satin Trench Coat


Badgley Mischka Double Breasted Satin Trench Coat, $236 CAD

Luxe Crepe Trench Coat RACHEL RACHEL ROY


RACHEL RACHEL ROY Luxe Crepe Trench Coat, $220 CAD

Jill Long Trench Coat LONDON FOG


LONDON FOG Jill Long Trench Coat, $209 CAD

Zodiac Print Cotton Trench Coat TOMMY X ZENDAYA


TOMMY X ZENDAYA Zodiac Print Cotton Trench Coat, $593 CAD

Valentine Long Trench Coat VERO MODA


VERO MODA Valentine Long Trench Coat, $110 CAD

Double Breasted Check Coat TOMMY X ZENDAYA


TOMMY X ZENDAYA Double Breasted Check Coat, $523 CAD