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Creative Jobs – Travelling For Work – Top Things to Pack

Sunday, August 11th, 2019

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Travelling For Work Inspo


In the bustling world of fashion, it’s not uncommon to be required to travel for your work. As exciting and fun as this may be, travelling can also be extremely stressful- the planning, the organizing, and not to mention the packing! Work trips are always jam-packed with long days, and you’ll always seem to find yourself on-the-go. You’re best to plan ahead, and be prepared for anything. With these travel essentials packed in your bag… you’re sure to be happily on your way, with your stress left safely at home. 

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

Carry-On Companions

• Snacks! Keeping yourself nourished and fuelled up for the long hours ahead is key. 

• Water bottle (don’t forget to bring it to the airport empty, and fill it up after security) 

• Face mist- keep that skin hydrated (under 100 ml!)

• Peppermint essential oil/roll on- this will keep you feeling awake and energized… plus if you get a headache, peppermint is your best friend!

• Gum- so your ears don’t pop, and your breath is fresh right off the plane!

• Headphones- plane rides are the perfect time to catch up on a podcast or e-book, stay up to date on current events and happenings in the industry before heading to your conference or meetings.


Hotel Room Necessities

• Face mask- no one likes the feeling of dry, irritated skin after the airplane. Use a face mask after you land to be perfectly fresh-faced for your busy work schedule ahead.

• A book or magazine- although you may not have much spare time, hotel rooms can be lonely! At the end of a busy day, unwind before bed and unplug from your work (and social media while you’re at it!) with an easy read.

• Comfy clothes- at the end of a long day, (especially when you’re away from home!) there is nothing better than curling up in your favourite sweatpants… you may even want to bring your bathing suit if your hotel has a hot tub. Talk about the PERFECT way to de-stress!

• Sleeping mask- no one ever seems to get a good sleep in a hotel room, but a sleeping mask that blocks out the light will totally help you to relax and get a good night’s rest!

• Slippers- you never know where you’ll be staying, or exactly what’s on the floor beneath you…


Don’t Forget Your Business Attire

• Black pants- without fail, a sharp pair of black dress pants are going to keep you looking professional in any situation. If there’s any uncertainty with the dress code on the trip, you can never go wrong with black pants.

• Your favourite blazer- pack a blazer that you feel totally confident in… one that makes you feel like a million bucks!

• Black shoes- ones that are comfortable! Pick something versatile that will go with everything (shoes are heavy to pack!) but will also lend to long days on your feet.

• Simple tote bag- bring a basic but cute tote that can carry everything you need for a full day or meetings, presentations, or whatever you have planned (or unplanned!) You’re probably best to travel with something that can carry everything from notebooks, to snacks, to extra shoes or a sweater… just in case!

• OH! And don’t forget to bring along your business cards or personalized contact cards (we can create these for you!), and any notes or presentation materials, your laptop, and quite simply (but importantly) a notebook and pen!


With these simple yet essential items packed in your bag, you’ll be ready to put your best foot forward on any work trip!


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By: Heather Murray @heatherungraceful

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Career Advice – What to Wear to a Coffee Meeting

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

Coffee Meeting Inspo

Things are changing in the world of business, and for us fashion industry insiders- it’s exciting! Proper professional meetings and interviews are less and less common, and things in business are quickly becoming more personal and relaxed. As you already know, coffee shops are quickly becoming the new boardroom, and with that new rules for fashion (or less rules altogether!) are following suit. Gone are the days of stuffy suits and uncomfortable ensembles… but now what?!

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada


Jeans Are Not Taboo 

Who knew? When you think about meeting with someone to discuss a professional opportunity or when meeting on business terms, jeans are typically off the table. But times are changing, and so are dress codes. Just as formal meetings are turning into more casual coffee meetings, the typical business attire is becoming a lot more casual too. That being said, meeting with an industry connection over coffee is not exactly  the same as grabbing a latte with your girlfriend. It can be hard to navigate these new standards, and to know how to dress to impress for the occasion. So are jeans acceptable? Yes- but under a few conditions, of course. Stay away from ripped denim, super light washes, or any crazy distressing. Play it safe by sticking to black jeans, simple dark washes, or dressy styles (like trouser jeans!) Pair your denim with a chic top and your finest footwear, and you’re sure to be the best dressed in any coffee shop.


Wear A Statement Piece

Meeting someone new is always a little nerve-wracking, especially when you’re trying to impress a potential employer or valued industry professional. When meeting for coffee, it’s always great to take the first couple minutes to ease into things and break the ice. What better way to start things off and lighten the mood than having a piece of your outfit be a conversation starter. Attract attention by wearing a bright colour or bold lipstick, or even a fun accessory. Wear something that people will notice right away and want to comment on! To keep it professional, less is more, so best to stick with just one statement piece at a time. Making a statement will also make you memorable, and a coffee meeting outside of the office is the perfect place to stand out.


Be You

Don’t be afraid to show your personality! As you know, times have changed and this means you no longer have to feel constrained by classic office attire. Feel free to wear whatever best represents your personality, and whatever you feel best in! If you have a signature accessory or a favourite colour to wear, a coffee meeting is the perfect occasion to show what makes you unique, and how to express yourself through your style. Fun fact- when I met Style Nine to Five Founder, Christie for our first coffee meeting, she was wearing her signature hat as a killer accessory… I have since learned that a chic hat and anything leopard print are her go-to fashion faves. Now I’ll always remember her by these trademark fashion statements! Wearing whatever makes you YOU will not only will you make a great first impression by showcasing who you are through your outfit, but you’ll surely be remembered for your great style too. What better way to make a lasting impression than through your amazing look!


Now is a better time than ever to ditch the ordinary button down or stuffy suit, and let your personality shine through your style. Things are changing in the hiring scene, and it’s time to get creative in order to stand out in the industry. Coffee meetings are the perfect opportunity to express yourself and put your best foot forward, starting with your great sense of style! By using your outfit as an extension of your amazing resume, many skills, and extraordinary talent, you’re sure to stand out to any industry insider. Especially in the fashion industry… don’t be afraid to step outside the box and out on whatever makes you feel confident, empowered, and most importantly- YOU! 


*Image via @jaceyduprie
By: Heather Murray @heatherungraceful

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Fashion Jobs – Fashion Buyer: Ins and Outs

Friday, July 19th, 2019


When you’re choosing a career path you want to know what your day to day will entail and how you can get there. That’s why we wanted to spotlight the ins and outs of a fashion buyer. With the most glamorous, most sought after job in the industry comes a lot of hard work and determination.


Let’s be honest, you’ve wanted to become a fashion buyer since you saw your first photos of a runway. The coveted front row, jet setting around the world to attend all the fashion weeks and being able to pick the trends everyone is going to buy. But there is a lot more to it


A fashion buyer is the person who picks the products that will be seen in stores. Usually, companies such as Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, The Bay, ASOS, etc, will all have fashion buyers. This is because their fashions are outsourced with many different brands rather than just an in-house brand. For example, Chanel stores will only house Chanel products.


If you aren’t one for structure, and you’re still interested in becoming a fashion buyer, this career is for you. No one day is the same as the next. You can be going from New York Fashion week to a trade show in Las Vegas to meeting with brands or your in-house marketing or PR team.


Like most careers in fashion, it’s all about putting in your time and starting from the bottom. You need to understand trends, customers and how the fashion industry works. Not only do you need the experience, but there is also schooling that is beneficial. Many universities or colleges offer fashion buying certificates. This gives you the knowledge you need to bridge together with your experience.


While this job is so much fun, it’s also a lot of hard work. You need to make sure what you’re buying is going to sell on the market. Is what you’re picking the right fit for your clientele or are you picking it because it’s trendy and you like it. Buying fashion is all about instinct and research.


Inspirational image courtesy of: Vogue


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette


Fashion Jobs – Your New Favourite Trend – Jumpsuits

Friday, July 19th, 2019

Dresses for summer are like florals for spring. They fit perfectly together. Over the past few years, jumpsuits have started making a comeback little by little. This year they are here to stay! With so many fun styles, with jumpsuits, you can push the envelope a little bit more. It also means they can be worn all day without feeling uncomfortable. There are so many pros, I don’t see why we need to talk about the cons (okay, bathroom breaks might be a bit uncomfortable but…). Style Nine to Five has picked out the jumpsuits you need to get now!

Soft Ponte Cropped Wide-Leg Jumpsuit


Perfect for day to night, the wide, cropped legs make this jumpsuit feel more like a dress. If you’re scared to try this trend, this is the way to start. This is the perfect replacement for the classic summer dress. Go out for patio drinks with your girlfriends, go for a bike ride, or even on a date. This jumpsuit has you covered. Soft Ponte Cropped Wide-Leg Jumpsuit, Banana Republic, $86

 Knot Tencel® Denim Jumpsuit


There’s nothing more fun than playing with the denim trend. The best thing is, just like jeans, you can find this trend in all washes and colours. Our favourite is white denim with a bit of different detailing. It could be pinstripes, ties or polka dots. Knot Tencel® Denim Jumpsuit, Forest Lily, Nordstrom, $189

Wilfred Écoulement Jumpsuit Tie-back, sleeveless jumpsuit



This a versatile jumpsuit you can wear all summer long. Whether it’s a jumpsuit with cheeky cut-outs in the front which would be perfect for date night or a jumpsuit with an open back, which would be great for a day picnicking at the beach. This trend of jumpsuits shows you can have fun with your style and also be a bit flirty. Wilfred
Écoulement Jumpsuit, Tie-Back, Sleeveless Jumpsuit, $178


Ruffle Sleeve Jumpsuit RACHEL PARCELL

Ruffle Sleeves


If you still want the femininity of a dress but want the comfort of a jumpsuit, ruffle sleeves will be your savour. There are so many cute prints and colours you can find that have the ruffle tank sleeve. This gives your outfit a girly feel while still wearing some sort of pants! Ruffle Sleeve Jumpsuit, RACHEL PARCELL, Nordstrom, $204




We couldn’t forget the most comfortable and local type of jumpsuit – the classic romperalls by Smash + Tess. In black and olive, the romperalls are great to wear all day. Whether it’s replacing your typical lululemons to lounge around or running errands the romperalls will be your new go to. The Romperalls in Midnight Black, Smash + Tess, $119


Inspirational photo courtesy of: Outfitsz


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette

Fashion Jobs – Straw Bags for Summer 2019

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaStraw bag Inso


It seems like 2019 is all about trends resurfacing again. Bag trends are no exception. This year is all about the straw bag and all the different ways that it can work for you. We’re not talking about your classic oversized beach bag (although, those are super cute too) but taking this trend to the next level.

zara natural handbag

The Mini, available at Zara, click here to shop.


Ladies, how much do we really need to carry in our bags. A phone, a wallet, a little bit of makeup and you’re set. The small bag makes any outfit a little bit more feminine and fun, which is what summer is all about right?!

Round Shell Straw Grab Bag

The Circle, TOPSHOP, available at the Bay, click here to shop.


There is nothing sleeker than a structured straw bag with rounded edges, giving it that circle (or watermelon) shape. It’s such a fun play on the typical straw bag with all the same functionality. Take this bag everywhere this summer and we guarantee you compliments will start flying in.


The Clutch, available at HM, click here to shop.


Long summer nights mean more patio drinks that lead into nights out! Be prepared with a straw clutch. It can dress up any summer dress. Pair it with a pair of wedges and you are ready for the season.

the basket bag, Nordstrom

The Basket, available at Nordstrom, click here to shop.


When you think summer, you think picnics and that iconic straw picnic basket. Why not take that memorable shape and turn it into something fashionable? The basket bag is just that. Perfect for day to day, this bag will keep everything you need.


The Shoulder Fringe Bag, Mango, click here to shop.


Picture it now: you’re out with your friends on the weekend in your ripped boyfriend jeans, airy blouse and slip on sandals. What would make this outfit even better? An over the should straw fringe bag. It’s a bit more playful and definitely a statement piece. This is a trend for those who love to try something new.


Inspirational image courtesy of: Be.Daze.Live.


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette


5 Must Follow Winnipeg Fashion Influencers

Monday, June 24th, 2019

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

Canada is making its mark on the fashion industry! Cities big and small are home to tons of relevant and talented trendsetters, both up and coming and established. To keep you feeling inspired (and patriotic) we have created a round up of 5 Winnipeg fashionistas who seriously know their stuff. These Manitoba-bred bloggers and influencers are definitely ones to watch!


Cee Fardoe @ceefardoe |


A love of simple, understated, elegant style drove Cee Fardoe to create Coco & Vera in June 2010. A business professional by day with a creative flair and a love of the written word – she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing – Cee started her blog primarily as a creative outlet to share the fashions she loved that didn’t always fit into the corporate world she inhabited. Nine years later, Coco & Vera is still going strong, and Cee continues to work 9-5 while running the blog and her social media channels. Coco & Vera was launched in Vancouver, but Cee relocated to Winnipeg with her husband and photographer in 2017. They make frequent trips to their second home, Paris, and love discovering new cities together.


Anita Aloys @auneetuh |


Anita is a lifestyle content creator with a focus on lifestyle, personal style and online branding. When she’s not working as a full time Marketing Coordinator, she’s creating fashion and lifestyle content to inspire others. Her style is versatile and inspired by street style and everything fashion week. The Lotus Pure originally started to show her style and get her noticed in the modelling industry. Today it’s a fully functional Lifestyle, Style and Beauty hub. Anita share’s her style tips and lifestyle hacks through the eye of an everyday girl, documenting beauty, growth and everything in-between.


Quinn Cove @qcove |


Quinn is a red-headed, fashion obsessed gal who turned her overflowing closet into the blogging platform that is “Darling in Scarlet”. She loves Sundays spent with a cup of tea in hand, a good creamy bowl of mac ‘n cheese, and snuggles with her favourite little bunny, Benedict. Through her blog, “Darling in Scarlet”, she is able to connect with individuals on a personal level, offering fashion related inspiration, as well as advice on everything from home décor and travel to self-care practices. As a University student pursuing marketing, she hopes to someday enter the Canadian fashion industry to change the way in which fashion is marketed to young girls and women; thus, creating a more inclusive and positive environment


Olha O’Stee @ostee_ |


Olha is Ukrainian and moved to Canada with her husband 2 years ago. She has a masters degree in Pedagogy and worked as a substitute teacher here in Canada right after her arrival. At the same time, she has always been into fashion & everything beauty related, so she created her Instagram blog as a creative outlet. She loves experimenting with fashion, trying on different looks and sharing outfit ideas with her audience!


Jackie Silla @stylemydreams |


Jackie Silla is a local stylist, fashion blogger and all-around fashion expert. With regular appearances on CTV Morning Live Winnipeg as a fashion contributor, she is all about having fun with fashion and teaching women and men how to dress and love their bodies.


Now, go give them a follow!


By: Clare Mathiesen @claremathiesen

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Career Advice – Put the Phone Away: How to Be More Productive at Work

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada
Put the phone away


It’s ingrained in our daily lives – we constantly need to know what’s going on in the outside world, who has posted what on social media, how many likes you have. Our phones are constantly glued in our hands. Don’t get us wrong, smartphones are great, but they can also impact our productivity at work.


We’ve been there, you’re on a roll on a project or a task, and your phone starts lighting up with notifications. Automatically, as if it was on impulse, you just have to check. You could then spend the next five to thirty minutes scrolling. Then, to get back to your project or task, you’re out of the zone and it takes a while to get into it. 


So, what can be done to ensure that your phone isn’t impeding your productivity at work? Apple has a few great features that you can use. You can set your phone to ‘do not disturb’ during certain hours of the day, only allowing phone calls come through from select numbers if you wanted. This is great to set if you’re on a deadline and want to make sure that you won’t get distracted.


Another great feature that can be used is ‘screen time’. This feature breaks down what you’re using your phone for, where you spend the most time, whether it be social media, emails, texts, and how long throughout the day you’re using those apps. It can also show you how many times a day you physically pick up your phone, and the first time in the day that you did. 


Through this feature, you can set time limits for yourself for certain apps. For example, if you find that you’re scrolling through Instagram all day every day, you can set a limit for how long your phone will let you be on it. If you set it for only an hour, you’re going to make sure that when you’re at work you aren’t aimlessly scrolling through and maybe saving that hour for when you are home to catch up on the day.


Lastly, through ‘screen time’ you can set your phone to ‘downtime’ which is similar to ‘do not disturb’. This allows you to schedule time away from your phone where only apps and phone calls that you choose can come through. 


Smartphones are great, especially in most workplaces, but they can also be a distraction. Try to be mindful of your phone usage and you will find that you are more productive in your workday with fewer distractions.


Photo Courtesy of Christian Vierig/Getty Images


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette


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6 of the Coolest Jobs in the Fashion Industry You Need to Know About

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

Working in the fashion industry doesn’t have to just be something you just dream of doing. There are hundreds of unique jobs in fashion that combine different areas of expertise. New fashion jobs are being created all the time to accommodate trends and advances in the tech world, including social media marketing and e-commerce. Traditional roles like designing and buying now include new responsibilities and standards to keep up with the growing industry. To help you narrow down what best suits you, we picked 6 of the coolest jobs in the fashion industry that you might not (but need to) know about. 


1. Influencer Agency Talent Manager

Influencers engage and connect with their audiences, allowing for a trusting bond and relationship to flourish. This is where the fashion industry comes into play- influencers “influence” certain trends and attitudes upon their followers. Influencer agencies work to manage advertising campaigns and brand partnerships with popular social media personalities. These days, many fashion brands and businesses survive off of digital marketing techniques such as influencer marketing. Fashion bloggers, Instagram models and popular Youtubers with large followings are all key players for successful fashion marketing. Someone that works for an influencer agency might have daily tasks such as scouting talent, finding brand deals for clients and organizing events and schedules for influencers!


2. Fashion Sustainability Expert

Green is the new black! The fashion industry is beginning to adopt more and more efforts surrounding environmental sustainability and awareness. Brands are putting more of a focus on their dedication to green fashion by selling ethically made clothing, recycling textiles or creating clothing rental systems. As the sustainability movement continues to take off, experts in the field are becoming necessary to make the fashion industry more ethical and environmentally friendly. Large corporations, like Lululemon, hire a team of green fashion consultants to research for product innovation, scope out ethical suppliers and curate marketing tactics surrounded around sustainability! 


3. Customer Service at a Fashion Head Office

Head office positions are a great way to get your foot in the door of the fashion industry, and they are popping up everywhere in the fashion job market. Many of the jobs are entry level and will allow you to work behind the scenes with a brand or company that you love, rather than on the floor of a store or in a showroom. Tasks like order fulfilment, chatting with customers and administrative work all take place in a head office setting and they are an awesome way to gain some experience. This role really gives employees the opportunity to grow within the company and work alongside other people in the industry with different experiences and skillsets. Head office jobs also have the added bonus of being Monday-Friday jobs with regular hours, so you can say goodbye to late night clothing steaming or spending your weekends in a store!


4. Tech Savvy? Mobile App Developer

Mobile fashion app developers are tech-savvy and trendy, and they are becoming a hot commodity as shopping moves digital. There’s nothing better than fashion at your fingertips! Mobile apps like Polyvore, Depop and Mallzee allow buyers to shop for anything, anywhere, anytime. Big name brands like Forever 21 and Revolve depend on developers to craft a simple and high quality mobile app that represents their brand and promotes e-commerce sales. A day in the life includes tasks such as developing software and programs, adapting out-dated websites for apps and meeting with clients, to name a few. 


5. Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors are the face of a company; they are hired to exemplify the values, attitudes, goals and overall vibe of a brand. This is a great job for someone who is passionate about a fashion brand or company but does not necessarily want to work in an office setting. Attending events, writing blog or social media posts about product and educating the public about the brand are all duties for ambassadors. As a fashion brand ambassador, you are expected to drive sales by maintaining customer relationships and getting people excited about the company through face-to-face and online interactions. This role would be great for someone who has strong personal relationships and networks within the fashion industry. Ambassadors usually make commission, which can be an awesome way to earn money if you are enthusiastic and passionate about the brand! 


6. Trend Forecaster

Do you find yourself wearing an outfit weeks before Kendall Jenner debuts something just like it, or predicting summer’s trendiest nail colour during December? Then you might be an excellent trend forecaster! This has to be one of the coolest jobs in the industry; trend forecasters must be constantly in the know of the latest trends not only fashion, but also art and lifestyle, both locally and globally. The job often includes a lot of travelling around the world to see trends in other cultures or attending special events. However, trend forecasting isn’t all jet setting and small talk. Trend forecasters spend most of their time gathering analytics from past consumer behaviours to craft their predictions, which are technical, formulated and well thought out.  Why is this job unique? It focuses heavily on individuality, creativity and concept, which can often get lost in the business focused fashion industry we know and love.


Just like trends and styles, careers within the fashion industry are constantly evolving. Whether you are tech obsessed, have an eye for design, or just love fashion, there is a career in this field for you. Picking just one is the hard part! Follow what you love and what drives your creativity, the rest will come naturally. 


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Image source: Glam Observer 


By: Clare Mathiesen, @claremathiesen


Fashion Jobs in Canada – Latest Software You Should Know For the Fashion Industry.

Thursday, May 30th, 2019

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaFashion Software1

When you work in the Fashion industry, at any level, there will always be some sort of computer software that you will need to know how to use. Whether it be in a retail store using the Point of Sale system for transactions or the inventory count or in the office writing copy for the website using programs like Grammarly or WordPress. It doesn’t matter what your role, you will be using software to aid in your job. So, what do you need to know now to ensure you are on top of your game?


Design has the most computer software usage out of all of the different fashion sectors.  There are several different types of design software that allow you to create pieces without having to use pen and paper. You are able to make more 3D renderings of how you want a piece to look, flow and fall on a person. Programs such as Adobe, Wild Ginger, Autodesk Design Software and C-Design Fashion are great tools for designers that let you have more freedom and a realistic view of a design.


Algorithmic Couture is also on the rise. Through software called Synflux, the program aims to reduce the waste of fabric when creating products. It scans the subject’s body to determine their proportions and create custom clothing. You are able to grab the correct amount of fabric for each piece of the garment and leave virtually no waste.


Another sector that is getting a software overhaul is Styling. Styling isn’t just looking at clothing and putting together trends and fashion anymore. Companies such as Stitch Fix are using AI (artificial intelligence) in order to style outfits. This is based on the customer’s preferences and shape, much like a stylist would do. There is an overlap starting to happen where AI is now designing original pieces catered to the consumer. Coding software for AI and being knowledgeable about AI, such as how to create it, work with it and fix it, is becoming more common in the backend of the fashion industry.


Computer software and technology are always changing. It is important to keep updated with technology and how it is interacting with the fashion industry to ensure you are staying relevant within the field.

Inspirational photo courtesy of: BOF and Forbes.


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette


Career Advice Fashion Jobs Internships

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

Career Q+A - Christie Lohr




Click to watch Christie Lohr answer career questions!