Becoming a Fashion Brand Owner - A Day in the Life With Fenntessa’s Cami Rush - Style Nine to Five

Becoming a Fashion Brand Owner: A Day in the Life With Fenntessa’s Cami Rush

Becoming a fashion designer and brand owner is a dream for many aspiring creatives. This exciting career offers the opportunity to shape trends and build a personal brand.  We caught up with Cami Rush, Co-Owner and Founder of Fenntessa Swimwear, one of the hottest women-owned swimwear brands taking the beaches by storm. Cami took us […]

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Key Takeaways from Fashion Industry Leaders - Style Nine to Five

Employer Content: Key Takeaways from Fashion Industry Leaders

The fashion industry is a dynamic and ever-evolving space, constantly influenced by visionary leaders who push boundaries and inspire change. For this post, we asked some of our industry friends to share their most impactful quotes and key takeaways to inspire other leaders in our community. Tas Goel, Talent Acquisition Manager at Lululemon Quote: “It’s […]

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The Rise of Visual Merchandising Jobs in Canada - Style Nine to Five

The Rise of Visual Merchandising Jobs in Canada

The fashion industry is experiencing a notable surge in visual merchandising roles, reflecting the increasing importance of creating compelling in-store experiences. As retailers strive to attract and engage customers, the demand for skilled visual merchandisers is on the rise. Let’s explore this growing field, why we’re seeing an uptick, and how you can step into […]

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How a Retail Job Benefits Any Fashion Industry Career - Style Nine to Five

How a Retail Job Benefits Any Fashion Industry Career

A career in the fashion industry often begins with a foundation in retail. Working a retail job offers invaluable skills and insights that can propel your career forward in other fashion roles. From understanding customer preferences and trends to mastering customer service and sales strategies, retail positions provide invaluable hands-on experience. Whether you’re making a […]

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Fashion Jobs in Canada: Your Guide to a Thriving Career in the Fashion Industry - Style Nine to Five

Fashion Jobs: Your Guide to a Thriving Career in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry in Canada is a dynamic and diverse field offering a plethora of opportunities for aspiring professionals. Whether you dream of becoming a fashion designer, stylist, buyer, or marketer, Canada’s fashion sector has something to offer. This guide will delve into the various aspects of finding and excelling in fashion jobs in Canada. […]

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9 Job Candidate Rejection Reasons to Avoid at All Costs - Style Nine to Five

Top 9 Candidate Rejection Reasons: What NOT To Do!

Understanding why employers reject candidates is crucial for job seekers aiming to improve their chances of success. Rejection can stem from various factors beyond lacking qualifications and experience. Common reasons include failure to prepare, a bad attitude, and a lack of enthusiasm for the job.  Let’s uncover hiring managers’ red flags so you can better […]

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Erica Wark - How to Become a TV Stylist

How to Become a TV Fashion Expert: A Day in the Life With Erica Wark

Becoming a TV fashion expert is a dream career for many stylists and people looking to get into the fashion industry. It combines a passion for style with a platform to influence and inspire audiences with your fashion insights.  We’re joined by a special guest to talk about this career path. You’ve seen her on […]

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Cold Outreach - Style Nine to Five

How to Write the Perfect Cold Outreach Emails and LinkedIn Messages

Mastering cold outreach is key for job seekers looking to expand their network and access new career opportunities. Whether you’re aiming to connect with potential employers, collaborators, mentors, or recruiters, a well-crafted cold email or LinkedIn connection request can make all the difference.  We’ll explore easy strategies for cold outreach so your message stands out […]

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