3 Strategic Ways to Showcase Data & Metrics in Your Job Application - Style Nine to Five

3 Strategic Ways to Showcase Data & Metrics in Your Job Application

Including data and metrics in your application is an excellent way to show an employer your value and set you apart from competition. These numbers are your key performance indicators (KPIs) and can be considered the evidence, or the proof of your abilities and skills. The addition of numbers punctuates your resume and offers an […]

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How to Explain Being a Good Job Fit - Style Nine to Five

How to Explain Being a Good Job Fit

You can rattle off all your skills and boast your extensive experience, but sometimes you need to be more specific than that. For example, when you’re asked the interview question “why do you think you’re a good fit for this role?” Don’t trip over yourself trying to come up with the perfect answer to this […]

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How to Cold Email Your Dream Company When They're Not Hiring - Style Nine to Five

How to Cold Email Your Dream Company When They’re Not Hiring

Are you eager to work for a company you admire, but they’re not actively hiring? Don’t wait for job postings to make your move. Take the initiative with a well-crafted cold email! Here’s how to catch their attention and make a memorable first impression. Below are ready-to-use templates for you to copy and use! 1. […]

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How to Get Into Fashion Merchandising - Style Nine to Five

How to Get Into Fashion Merchandising

Fashion merchandising can be as much science as it is an art. As far as a creative field like fashion goes, merchandising is one of the more logical, researched-based roles. Fashion merchandising blends analytics, trend forecasting, marketing, and styling all in one, making it an exciting and dynamic career. Here are some of the skills […]

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How to Pitch a Hybrid Work Model to Your Employer

Imagine this: you’ve landed an interview with a company you’re excited about, but there’s a catch – they’re strictly in-office, and your work-life harmony thrives in a hybrid setting. With the work landscape shifting more than ever before, pitching a hybrid role isn’t just about personal preference; it’s about illustrating the future of work. Here’s […]

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Creating a Standout Resume and Cover Letter With No Experience - Style Nine to Five

Creating a Standout Resume and Cover Letter With No Experience

Breaking into the job market can be daunting when you’re armed with ambition but lacking in professional experience. But don’t worry, your resume can still shine brightly amongst a sea of candidates. It’s a common dilemma, but rest assured, there are plenty of ways to get around this problem. In this post, we’ll guide you […]

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Cover Letter Tips - Style Nine to Five

The Perfect Conclusion for Your Cover Letter: Expert Tips

How you sign off your cover letter is the last impression you will give your hiring manager before they move on to the next application. So how do you make a lasting impression and land yourself in the “call back” pile? Here are three things to keep in mind and to include in the final […]

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Managing Employment Gaps in Resume - Style Nine to Five

How to Address a Gap in Employment

A gap in your employment history isn’t the end of your career. Layoffs and terminations happen, and it’s okay to quit. Sometimes, your personal life takes priority over your career too, and extended time off may be needed to raise children, help loved ones, travel, or simply enjoy your life. Or, sometimes, you simply can’t […]

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Getting a Job - Style Nine to Five

10 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Job

Are you on a quest to find your dream job? In today’s competitive job market, it’s essential to have a well-thought-out game plan. Landing your ideal role requires more than just sending out generic resumes. To help you succeed in your job search, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide with actionable strategies. From crafting a tailored […]

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Crafting Couture: A Guide to Launching Your Own Fashion Label

Having your own label is one of the most highly coveted careers in the fashion industry. The multi-faceted aspects are what make it both a desirable role as well as a challenging one. Challenge doesn’t have to mean negative though, as long as you have the right tools and enough determination. Having your own label […]

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