5 Ways To Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence - Style Nine to Five

5 Ways to Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn may not be the first social media platform you open when you wake up, but it can certainly help you get you where you want to go in your career. When you begin to be more intentional on LinkedIn about who and how you’re connecting with others, you’ll reap the rewards and get closer to creating a career […]

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Stepping into Your Potential: How to Become a Better Leader - Style Nine to Five

Stepping into Your Potential: How to Become a Better Leader

Improving as a leader or boss within a company can seem overwhelming because it’s hard to know where to turn for insight. Stepping into your potential sometimes means taking the initiative to  create an environment where you can be the best leader you can be by taking initiative and demonstrating that you are the best […]

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3 Ways to Save Time On Cover Letters - Style Nine to Five

3 Ways to Save Time on Cover Letters

Submitting the same cover letter to every job you apply for is no longer acceptable. Unique cover letters are a great way to show companies that you care, but they can also cost you tons of time, which is not ideal if you’re applying for a multiple jobs at once. Luckily, there are a few […]

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Entrepreneurship: How to Market Yourself - Style Nine to Five

Entrepreneurship: How to Market Yourself

Every entrepreneur, artist or freelancer gets to a point where they need to realign and redefine. This was me about two or three years ago when I was at a place in my entrepreneurial journey at which I felt like my career goals and activities did not match what my socials were showcasing online. I […]

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How to Ace the Job Application Email - Style Nine to Five

How to Ace the Job Application Email

Applying for a new job is a multi-step process that take a lot of work! Once you’ve done your homework, created an attention-grabbing cover letter, and whipped up a sleek resume, you’re ready to go. But there’s one important step that stands in the way: your application email. When a job posting asks you to […]

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Spotlight Series – Maria Papadakis and Emelie Savard

In an arena that can be saturated with content, the hosts of It’s Literally Fine Podcast have made their mark. Creating authentic content that resonates with a wide audience hosts Maria Papadakis and Emelie Savard have created a strong and loyal following that continues to grow. These two women embody how taking a risk and […]

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Bad Job Application Habits to Break - Style Nine to Five

Bad Job Application Habits to Break ASAP

So, you’re applying to jobs and not hearing back. It feels like your personality or experience is the problem, but have you considered that your applications are the issue? Maybe the information on your resume isn’t concise enough, or tells very little about you – or, maybe no hiring managers have even gotten to reading […]

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4 Ways to Start a Career in Fashion Without a Fashion-Related Degree - Style Nine to Five

4 Ways to Start a Career in Fashion Without a Fashion-Related Degree

Getting your break in the fashion industry is not always as easy as it may seem, and it may feel especially difficult when you don’t have any formal education or training in fashion to fill the requirements of your dream job and compete against graduates. Being a corporate escapee myself, when I took the leap […]

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Standing Out In Fashion Retail - Style Nine to Five

Standing Out from the Crowd In Fashion Retail

Dreaming of a career in fashion? It’s likely you’ll find yourself working in retail at some point or another. With size on their side, department stores are a great place to work and they offer loads of opportunities for you to gain the skills and experience needed for a career in fashion. Working your way […]

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Career Lessons Master’s Student - Style Nine to Five

Career Lessons Learned as a First Year Master’s Student

When starting my Master’s, I felt like I was going into the experience blind, especially starting my program virtually due to COVID-19. I wasn’t able to have the typical experience where you can interact with classmates on a daily basis, compare notes and ask questions. Although this experience posed its challenges, it forced me to […]

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