4 Ways to Get a Hiring Manager’s Attention - Style Nine to Five

4 Ways to Get a Hiring Manager’s Attention

At this point, a resume and a cover letter are the bare minimum when it comes to applying for jobs. Yes, that combination can still get you a job if you absolutely ace them, but there’s more to be done to stand out in a sea of other applicants submitting the same two items. Here […]

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3 Easy Ways to Use Social Media as a Portfolio - Style Nine to Five

3 Easy Ways to Use Social Media as a Portfolio

If you’re looking to break into a career in fashion (or any other creative field) having an impressive portfolio that shows off your creative skills is an essential part of your application. There are a few ways to build a portfolio, but what if you could leverage some of the platforms you’ve already built a […]

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How Social Media Can Help Get You Hired - Style Nine to Five

Advertising Yourself: How Social Media Can Help Get You Hired

Social media feels crucial in our daily lives – it’s how we keep up with friends and on top of the news. But did you know that your social media pages could help you get hired? Let’s face it – when you apply for a job, the hiring manager is more than likely creeping on […]

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The Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Your Professional Brand - Christie Lohr Style Nine to Five

The Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Your Professional Brand

The concept of creating your personal brand is a hot topic right now, especially when it comes to social media and creating your presence there. While it’s great to create a personal brand for your career, it’s a great idea to take it a step further and develop your professional brand as well. The two […]

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Creating Projects To Gain Your Own Experience - Style Nine to Five

Creating Projects to Gain Your Own Experience

The classic “you need experience to get experience,” is nothing new, but continues to be echoed by many. For both new graduates and those who are further along in their careers who are trying to switch industries, it can be a frustrating barrier. However, it doesn’t have to be the narrative that you live by […]

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3 Modern Resume Essentials - Style Nine to Five

3 Modern Resume Essentials

It’s pretty safe to say that no one actually likes working on their resume. But, whether you’re just getting your ducks in a row for future opportunities or you’re jumping into action for a hot job opening, let’s move your resume into the modern era with these three musts. 1 – Put It Into One […]

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5 Interview Staple Pieces You Need in your Closet - Style Nine to Five

5 Interview Staple Pieces You Need in your Closet

We’ve all been there; it is the hour before your interview and you feel like you have nothing to wear. Interviews are nerve-wracking enough and you don’t want to waste valuable time stressing about your outfit choices. With the majority of interviews being conducted virtually, the moments before should be used for preparing your answers, […]

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The 2 Keys to Personalizing Your Job Application

Gone are the days of generic resumes and cover letters that you write and send off to multiple companies. If you’re hoping to get a call-back and this is your approach, you’re probably at the bottom of the hiring manager’s pile – or worse, you’ve already been discarded.  The job-seeking market has some fierce competition […]

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The Art of Sending the Perfect Follow-Up Email

Congrats! You got the interview and hopefully you nailed it. But no matter how successful the interview was or how confident you are, your work isn’t done yet. Before you simply sit back and wait for the hiring manager to call you with the great news that you got the job, there’s an important step […]

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How ‘Personal Branding’ Can Help Your Job Search

Personal branding is a way to fast forward the application process by showing an employer a bit more of who you are and what your qualities are, according to Style Nine to Five Founder Christie Lohr. “If you were to meet a hiring manager in person for an interview, they would get an impression in […]

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