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Career Advice – 5 Things To Take Away From Any Position

Monday, July 15th, 2019

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5 Things To Take Away From Any Position

Let’s be real- not every job you land, ends up being a dream job. We have all been in a position that isn’t what we’d hoped it would be, or didn’t quite live up to expectations. Although this can be challenging, uncomfortable, and quite often discouraging, there is always something we can take away from a job gone wrong. In fact, I can think of 5 different things (but I promise there are even more!) that can be positive, valuable, and beneficial in your experience of parting with the old, and moving on to bigger and better things!


1. Interview Experience

I think just about everyone gets a little “cringey” when they hear the word interview. There is something so nerve wracking about going in to meet someone new, not knowing what to expect, and being put on the spot with challenging questions, all while attempting to make a good impression. Truth is, the more you do something, the more naturally it comes. Although it may be intimidating, the more interview experience you can get, the better off you will be when it comes to killing the interview. With this mindset, you can appreciate any opportunity you have had to go through the interview process. Whether you were turned down for the job, or landed the position only to find out it wasn’t right for you, if nothing else, you can always take away valuable interview experience. You may deepen your knowledge of potential interview questions, gain new tips and tricks on how to stand out, or you may even come out with a better understanding of how to nail your own elevator speech. With one more interview under your belt, you can be that much more confident stepping into the next interview!


2. Working With Anyone and Everyone

No matter where you work or in what position, you can always be sure that you’ll have the opportunity to meet and work alongside all types of wonderful people. Some of which you’ll instantly click with, and others that may tend to work in a way completely different than the way you operate. You may have the chance to work within a smaller team than you’re used to, as part of a small local company, or within a bigger team or as part of a large corporate company. Either way, you will always have the opportunity to be exposed to new styles of learning, ways of doing things, personalities, and people of various backgrounds. Hopefully you’ll resonate with some of the thinking, habits, and methods of some of your new team members, but even if a colleague’s ways rival your typical approach, there is always something you can gain from being challenged. You will most definitely be compelled to learn how to work with, be respectful of, and hopefully appreciate others who work differently than you do. And if you’re open to it, you may even learn a new way to think about your work, and to be your most productive and successful self from 9-5.


3. Expanding Your Network

They say “it’s all about who you know.” And it’s true! Having strong connections in the industry can really work to your advantage in your career search and development. Simply put, the wider your network, the more opportunities you may be exposed to. Whether you stay in a position for a few short months, or a few years, it is so important to always put your best foot forward day in and day out,  to represent yourself in the best light. The people around you may turn out to be amazing connections and crucial points of contact for leading you to that next step in your personal career journey. Even if your current role turns out to be in an area of the industry that isn’t for you, who’s to say that your boss, your colleague, or even Karen from accounting who you met in the elevator, isn’t going to be helpful in connecting you to the right opportunity? No matter what, keep your friends close, and your connections closer!


4. Understanding Your Ideal Work Environment

Some of us thrive in a bustling office environment, while others do best working from home. Some love a quiet, intimate workspace surrounded by a small team, and others buzz off of a busy office that has many people coming and going at a fast pace, all day long. Lighting, location, office hours, and even your surrounding colleagues can really make or break your ability to get “in the zone” and get the job done by the end of the day. Although the thought of working from your couch in your pajamas may sound like a real dream come true, you may actually hate it- trust me on this one! When it comes to work environment, you truly will not know what works for you until you try. So if nothing else, looking back on a position that did or didn’t necessarily work in the long run, you can always reflect on the culture of the company you worked for, and your everyday work environment to evaluate what helped you thrive, and what may not have supported you in your role.


5. Finding What Fuels Your Fire

Spoiler alert- learning what fuels your passion and makes you tick, is the key to happiness in your career. If you don’t wake up everyday (with the exception of that rainy Monday when you spill coffee on your white blouse here and there) excited about what you do, then it might be time to re-assess. That being said, finding your calling is no easy feat. Often times it takes a lot of trial and error, and a little bit of soul searching! Patience is so powerful here, and understanding that it may take you quite some time, and some not-so-perfect positions to find your dream job, is crucial. So next time you’re feeling down because your work feels mundane or unfulfilling, take it as a lesson. Understanding what you don’t love gives you  the perfect opportunity to reflect, and dig deeper into what you DO love. Crossing one option off your list just puts you one step closer to finding your true passion, and to pursuing that rewarding career you always dreamed of!


We all know that the power of positivity goes a long way. However, staying positive while remaining in a position that drains your energy and just doesn’t feel right, is easier said than done! Use these 5 simple things to find the silver lining in any position or job, and I promise you will feel that much better getting back on the horse. Any lessons learned (big or small!)  in your journey to your dream job, can always be seen as valuable, and truly crucial to finding the perfect opportunity!


By: Heather Murray @heatherungraceful

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Career Advice – How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage in the Interview Process

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

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How to use social media

In the digital world we live in, things are constantly changing… and fast! With social media becoming increasingly important in our personal lives, it is truly starting to change so many different aspects of our day-to-day, including our professional lives too. Social media is changing so many industries in so many different ways, and the fashion industry is definitely no exception. In order to keep up with the evolving landscape, it’s about time that we start using social media to our advantage- beginning with the interview process!


Personal Marketing

People are always saying “be careful what you put on the internet,” and for good reason! These days, you never know just who will end up scrolling through your posts, so it’s always best to play it safe and keep things professional before you hit the share button. That being said, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun, and it definitely does not mean that you can’t be yourself on social media. In fact, the very best thing you can do is just that! Your social profiles should showcase who you are, what you do, and why you love doing it. As you already know, we are living in a world that revolves around technology and social media, and that doesn’t just exist from 9-5. Employers are using social media more and more to get to know candidates, and to dig deeper in finding the right fit for their next hire. For this reason, you can (and should!) use your Instagram profile, facebook page, and twitter account to your advantage when it comes to putting yourself out there on the job market. Think of your social profiles as a live portfolio, that displays your work and showcases your passion in real time. Social media is also a great way to build your personal brand, and market yourself as a desirable employee. The photos, stories, and messages you share allow you to show off your strengths, values, talents, and interests. Even the simple things like your bio and profile picture can speak volumes to who you are as an employee, and valuable member of the industry. So next time you go to post something on the ‘gram, don’t forget to ask yourself “does this represent my personal brand?”


Company Research 

Don’t forget that things work both ways in this crazy world of social media. Just as you’re thinking about the things you’re sharing on the internet, so are the brands and companies that you want to work for. When starting the job hunt, a great place to start (believe it or not) is your social feeds. A company’s various online profiles can give you instant insight, not only into the aesthetic and overall vibe of the brand, but often times what they stand for, their story, and their position within the industry. Social media may help you to decipher if they are the right fit for you, and if they offer the type of environment you’re looking for in a job. When preparing for an interview, heading to the company’s profiles will help you set the tone for what they may be looking for in a candidate in terms of values, goals, and culture fit. It will also give you a leg up on their current campaigns, articles, media mentions, and projects, which could lead to a great conversation topic, or interesting question to ask the interviewer. This will show that you took the time to do your research, and that you truly care about what is happening within the company. A quick five to ten minutes scrolling through a company’s social media can really help you to explore whether or not the company could be a good fit for you, and could also make or break the interview!


Connecting With Key People

Some may call it “cyber stalking,” but really it can be considered valuable research. When writing an application for a new position, it’s always best to address your message directly to the hiring manager or department lead. Sometimes the company website won’t give you all the contacts you may need, but with a little digging through social media, you may just be able to put a name to a title. Once you’re in contact with the hiring team for a prospective job, it can be helpful to research the people you’re connecting with. Without being creepy, it can be nice to preface an interview with a little background about who may be sitting across the table from you. On the other side of things, if you’re having a tough time breaking into the hiring scene, social media can be a great tool for networking. Get social with key leaders in the industry, by exploring your contacts and who they are connected with, and following along with people who inspire you in the industry. It is definitely important to maintain some boundaries between work and play when it comes to social media, but don’t be afraid to slide into someone’s DM’s, or drop a comment (professionally, of course) as a way to start a conversation, and spark a new meaningful connection. Hey- for all you know, it could just lead to the interview for your next job!


At the end of the day, social media often has a bad reputation for being a bit intrusive and sometimes even a little scary, but by switching your mindset and adding little intention behind your posts, you truly can use social media to your advantage in landing your dream job!


Inspo photo: By Viktor Hanacek


By: Heather Murray @heatherungraceful

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Career Advice – Preparing For an Interview at Your Dream Company

Sunday, June 23rd, 2019

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interview prep

Applying for a job at your dream company can be a daunting task. Landing the interview with that company can be even scarier. Going to that interview, you’ll probably be a little bit nervous but with these tips, you are sure to be prepared.

Prepare your resume and cover letter

The key to even getting an interview is an amazing cover letter and resume. First things first, no more ‘to whom it may concern’. Find out who the hiring manager is and direct your cover letter to them. When you write your cover letter, make sure you personalize it to the company you are applying for. Write what makes you perfect for that specific role at that specific company. These small things go such a long way to getting you noticed.

Do your research

If this is your dream company, then surely you know a lot about it. However, that shouldn’t stop you from doing your research. When was the company founded and by who? Do they have one office or are they global? What are their core values? What does their day to day look like? If they sell product – ensure you know what type of product, materials, what goes into making them and their uses. You want to wow in the interview and knowing your stuff shows you’re committed.

Have questions 

The worst thing you can do at the end of the interview is not have any questions. Make a mental note in your head of a list of questions you may have about the company, the role, or maybe the hiring managers favourite thing about working there. Some of these questions may already be answered in the interview. That just means you can check that one off the list and move on to the next one. Having questions shows you are interested in the position.


Image courtesy of: Who What Wear


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette


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Career Advice Round Up – Resumes, Interviews, Asking for a Raise

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

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Christie Lohr Career Advice

We’ve got some helpful career tips for all industries! Whether you want to know how to ask for a raise, how to turn your internship into a full time job, how to create your online brand to impress potential employers or even how to motivate those part time employees if they’re not working hard (this one’s for you employers!), we’re excited to continuously share our knowable and experiences with you. Click on the topics below to read the entire career advice article!


How to apply and actually get the job?! Insider tip from our founder Christie Lohr.


Resume advice – be sure you’re highlighting the good stuff.


How to answer “What are your greatest weaknesses” question at an interview.


Employers, manager and business owners – this one is for you. How to motivate those unmotivated employees.


How to get the job after the interview.


How to turn your internship into a job.


5 questions to ask at an interview.


Create an online personal brand to wow potential employers.


How to ask for a raise.


6 tips for getting yourself promoted.


Thank you for visiting Style Nine to Five for career advice and fashion + retail jobs!


– Christie Lohr

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Fashion Jobs – How to Land the Fashion Job After the Interview

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

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Waiting for a call post-interview feels like waiting for a freshly–painted manicure to dry. So, how do you make sure to land the job after interview? Aside from having the right qualifications and making a friendly connection with the interviewer, here are 3 ways to help you secure the position of your dreams!

1. Questions!

When the employer is finished inquiring during the interview process, feel free to ask some questions for yourself. Discover which specific qualities they look for in a worker, what a regular day at the office would look like and when you can expect to be hearing back from them etc. Not only will this help you get a better feel of the company, the way they work and the person you are interacting with but it will also let them know you are serious, excited and interested in becoming familiar with the responsibilities that position entails.


2. Follow Up

Following up after an interview is essential! Be proactive. Sending a kind and well thought out thank you e-mail after the interview will show that you respect their time and that you are eager to be a part of the team. Also, following up can assist in setting you apart from other candidates. Make sure you don’t make any spelling errors and that you address them by the correct titles and names.


3. Alert Your References

Your references will appreciate you letting them know in advance that they might be receiving a call or e-mail from a potential future employer. Surely, they have exceedingly busy schedules and being informed of any sort of call will allow them to better organize their daily plans. Not only will your references acknowledge your consideration, but also they will probably be more likely to pass on positive words to whoever decides to call.

Inspiration image:, Tyler Joe

By Sarah Said

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Fashion Jobs – 5 Questions to Ask at an Interview to Land the Job

Monday, November 27th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canadaback-to-work-checked-blazer-outfit-formula-influencers-660x400

We’ve all been there before, you’re at an interview and you know you’re going to be asked: “do you have any questions for me?” The table’s turn and you’re asked to be the interviewer to the employer. This moment can work to your benefit, instead of being dreaded. Use these five questions to help you grasp a better insight of your budding future job and make a statement that can turn it into reality.


1. Describe the day-to-day tasks that are included in the role?
I’m sure you’ve read over the job posting, rehearsed the qualifications and compared them to the shining star that you are. However, this is a chance for them to give you the inside scoop on the role, and fill you in on anything that wasn’t listed on the application. It’s also an opportunity to discover the layout of the office, see who you would be reporting to or working side by side. It’s an easier way for you to visualize your future daily routine and if it’s the right fit.  


2. What type of qualities would you like to see in someone excelling in the position?
You’re obviously awesome, not to mention who wouldn’t want you on their team? This is your chance to boost your confidence and compare yourself to the role. You might walk into the interview knowing “you got this” or vice versa and shocked you were selected for a meet and greet. All skills aside, at every workplace it comes down to the personality. This is an opportunity to make your personality shine and relate their expectations to yourself. For instance, bring up a moment where you’ve problem solved or multi-tasks at work.


3. Describe the company culture?
A great way to picture yourself in a place is to have them explain to you what makes it so great! Your important and a solid investment into the company. Dig in and find the information you need to see if your new workplace fits as your second home. Because we all know it: regardless of where you work, it’s going to become your secondary residence. Discover their values, what makes them unique and overall aura of staff (aka your new co-workers).


4. What do you love most about working for the company and your position?
You’ll most likely be interviewed by your potential superior or the founder of the company. Regardless it’ll be someone who has been with the company for years and can share why they’re passionate about the purpose of their role. You can grab a glimpse of the interviewer’s background and how they made it to where they are now. This can be very motivational, to discover someone else’s success and career path.


5. What is the potential career growth for someone in this role?
We all think about our future with a workplace and if we can see long-term happiness. Your skills are important and your hard work should most definitely be recognized. Now is the time to see how you could grow within the company, and how to receive a greater role that can prosper your career.


Inspirational Image
Image Courtesy of Laia Magazine


By Andrea Andino, Vancouver @andreaaandino

Fashion Jobs – Men’s Fashion: How to Look “Chic” at an Interview

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canadaadamg

There are many ways to sell yourself at an interview apart from being able to verbally express your interest in a passionate manner or possessing substantial work experience. When you enter the interview room and greet the hiring manager, it’s always crucial to make a good first impression through your social demeanour and, of course, your appearance. Sure it is acknowledgeable to pull off a shirt and dress pants combo to an interview but sometimes it never hurts to go that extra mile to look a little superfluous than usual. As some would point out, “More is always better than less”. Upon reaching the gates of the fashion industry, looking fresh and stylish is imperative because it provides recruiters with a slender overview of your potential and how efficient you’re going to be in the field. This post lays out a few tips on how to maximize your outfit potential at an interview to help secure that position offer!


1. Layer your outfit
Apart from providing warmth, layering also adds extra spiff to an outfit. Cardigans, sweaters, and blazers are versatile pieces that may be worn in smart-casual and fancy occasions. Mixing and matching with these pieces will not only change the overall vibe of an outfit but also showcase the individual’s styling capabilities.


Shop the look: Merino Varsity V-Neck, $159.50, available at Club Monaco


2. Wear prints or other embellished pieces
To ensure that you’re creating a personal statement, wear printed or embellished clothes to boost your chic level. Floral shirts may be worn if you’re planning to layer. If florals are excessive, consider wearing striped or checkered tops. Embroidered pieces are also acceptable, however, one must be cautious as they could overwhelm an outfit. You may also consider wearing printed blazers or bottoms if you’re ambitious enough. Just remember to tone them down with basic pieces.


Shop the look: Noose & Monkey Smart Shirt with Floral Print, $91.71, available at ASOS


4. Carry a (portfolio) man clutch
It might also be practical to use a man clutch to carry your resume or other necessary documents. Not only does it look stylish, but it also keeps everything in place so you don’t have to worry about losing anything.  You can even put your small personal belongings in there!

Shop the look: Studded Document Holder, $45.90, available at Zara


4. Learn how to colour or pattern coordinate
In general, proper suiting requires colour or pattern matching – typically the blazer and the pants. The shirt and shoes stand out on their own, contrasting with the outerwear and bottom wear. Proper colour or pattern coordination certainly makes an outfit glow allowing you to stand out amongst other candidates!

Shop the look: Blue Striped Suit Blazer & Pants, $199 & $99.90, available at Zara


Image inspiration:

Image courtesy of Adam Gallagher (@iamgalla)


Product info:

  1. Merino Varsity V-Neck, $159.50, available at Club Monaco
  2. Noose & Monkey Smart Shirt with Floral Print, $91.71, available at ASOS
  3. Studded Document Holder, $45.90, available at Zara
  4. Blue Striped Suit Blazer & Pants, $199 & $99.90, available at Zara

By: Franz Tabora, Mississauga, @phranzzzz

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Fashion Jobs – 5 Body Language Body Interview Mistakes

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs CanadaPoor Posture

Your dream company is hiring. So you curate a perfectly manicured resume, flawless cover letter and land yourself an interview – you’re pretty confident you’ve got this in the bag. However, forget to smile, or fail to make proper eye contact with the interviewer and you might just sabotage your chance of landing the job.

That’s right, from the moment you enter the interview you’re quietly been evaluated on all your nonverbal cues and gestures. Instead of focusing on what you’re actually saying or your wide array of work experience, the hiring manager might be concentrating on your shaky leg or your nervous nail biting habit. Poor body language can send signals to the interviewer that you’re underqualified, timid and lack confidence in your abilities.

When your dream job is on the line, you don’t want these mistakes to be the determining factor for bringing you onto the team. To help you prepare for the hot seat, take notes and practice avoiding these five common body language mistakes.

1. Weak Handshake

No pressure, but a handshake is your FIRST opportunity to leave a good impression and if done wrong it might just be your LAST mistake. A weak (or too firm) handshake can set the tone for the rest of the interview, so it’s crucial you practice this gesture religiously.

If your handshake is too limp it can hint to a lack of confidence, however if your handshake is too firm it can signal overcompensating. To play it safe, have a steady grip, and make sure to mirror the person whose hand your shaking. Oh and don’t forget- practice makes perfect so be sure to try some mock interview introductions to help prepare you for this moment.

2. Lack of Eye Contact

A seemingly obvious yet incredibly important piece of advice is to retain good eye contact during the interview. Be carefully not to take this too far, you should provide the interviewer with your complete and undivided attention while politely breaking eye contact every so often to avoid producing an unnatural gaze.

3. Fidgeting

The biggest tell-tale sign that your nervous in an interview is shown through fidgeting. Fidgeting can come in the form of twirling your hair, touching your face, or tapping your foot.

Try and remain in control of these nervous ticks and clasp your hands upon the table while making a conscious effort to avoid moving them. Remember, diminishing your need to fidget when interviewing is all mind over matter.

4. Poor Posture

Borrowing from our mother’s textbook on etiquette, sitting up straight during an interview not only helps you look taller but also more self-assured and engaged. Poor posture, specifically slouching makes you look uninterested and withdrawn compelling the interviewer to question your commitment to the position.

5. Resting B**** Face 

It’s taken years for this phenomenon to come to light, known colloquially as Resting B**** Face. It serves only to intimidate and informs the interviewer that you’re just not that interested. What’s worse? You probably don’t even realize you’re doing it.

Interviewing is undoubtedly nerve-wracking and even though you may be under stress while answering tough questions, you should never underestimate the power of a pearly white smile. Don’t be afraid to showcasing your personality, this will show the potential employer that you’re engaged and enthusiastic about the opportunity to join the organization.

By Jennifer Wilcox @jlynnwilcox

Image Courtesy of: Levo

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Fashion Jobs – What Not to Do During an Interview

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

Fashion Jobs - Style Nine to Five2

Everyone always goes on about the right things to do during an interview – do your nails, give a good handshake, and be prepared. But what shouldnt we do? Here are the top three things to try and avoid when being inquired for a position.

1. Don’t Forget About Body Language

A huge part of the way people perceive you is simply through the body language you exude to the world, so do not underestimate the power of good posture. Sit up straight (or lean in slightly to show interest) and make sure you are engaging with your interviewer through eye contact. Dont be afraid to speak confidently and if it comes naturally embrace the use of your hands when talking – all of this helps the transaction flow and feel more human as opposed to a rehearsed and robotic situation.


2. Don’t Give Excuses or Conditions

When being asked questions, make sure you are being as open with your responses as possible. For example, if they ask you if you are proficient in Photoshop and you don’t feel as though you can say yes, let them know what although you are not there yet you are eager to make the extra effort to learn and get to that point. Also, when speaking about yourself, your skills and your past jobs, do not put yourself down or make excuses. This can sometimes be unconscious but you should try to make it a point to make every characteristic about yourself a positive one.


3. Don’t Stop Smiling

Obviously, do stop if it gets weird. The main takeaway from this point is to remain positive, eager and energetic. Keep in mind that depending on the person everyone deals with their work differently. Some people tend to be super friendly and enthusiastic while some are more serious and conservative. That being said, one thing is for sure: kindness never goes out of style. Smiling during and interview will help put the other person at ease and make them feel like you are confident and genuinely happy to be there. Dont over-exaggerate it, be natural, be yourself.

By Sarah Said

Image credits:

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Fashion Jobs – 7 Fashion Mistakes You’re Making at the Job Interview

Friday, May 6th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion JobsGetting a call for your dream job is one of the most exciting yet nerve racking moments that can happen. You’re already nervous enough for what you’re going to say and how to act. The last thing you should be stressing about is what you’re going to wear. There are fashion do’s and don’ts for an interview that SNTF have decided to prepare you for, so that when your dream job calls, you already have a strong idea of what you’re going to wear to slay this interview.


1. DON’T – Too Deep V – There’s a time and place for your girls to come out and play, and a job interview isn’t one of them. You may give off the wrong impression if you’re wearing a plunging V-neck to your first interview. Keep it safe with a high neck.

DO: Stick with a classic white button up blouse and make it your own.


2. DON’T – Denim – Even though fashion is evolving and work places are becoming less strict with the ‘no denim rule’. It’s better to play it safe on your first interview by straying away from denim. Stick with anything but denim. Dress pants, suede pants, or opt out for a skirt or dress.


DO: Suede pants are stylish, and interview acceptable.


3. DON’T – Over The Knee – The rule of 2 fingers above the knee that you’ve heard since you were a teenager. Stick with it! Keep a ‘past the knee’ or ‘at the knee’ skirt length for your initial interview. It’s classy and you can have fun with all the skirt trends that have been coming out for spring.

DO: A coloured pleated skirt is perfect for staying classic and showing off your personality.


4. DON’T – High Slit – Slits are sexy and can be tasteful. It is a great way to add texture to a skirt or dress. However, it’s sometimes hard to know exactly where to draw the line on how high the slit should go. To be extra cautious on your first interview, ditch the whole slit idea and go for a fitted classic LBD or Fitted Skirt.

DO: Bring out your inner Audrey in a LBD.


5. DON’T – Sheer – Sheer tops can definitely be worn professionally. Until you know the dress code rules, stick to a solid, non see through top.

DO: Wear a solid peplum blouse. It’s professional and playful.


6. DON’T – Bare Shoulder – Strapless or skinny straps for your interview is a definite no. In relation to the the plunging V neck, you want to keep it classy and not show off as much skin as possible. Keep the shoulders covered and be comfortable.

DO: Where a mid length embellished top.


7. DON’T – Platforms – Platform shoes are obviously stunning. But, the same rules apply with platform shoes as they do for wearing denim – play it safe for your interview, every work place has different rules for dress codes.

DO: Wear a pair of super cute and classic closed-toe pumps. For more shoe options view previous post.

Product info:
Eliza J Cotton Poplin Blouse, $142.61, available at Nordstrom

Wilfred Free Daria Pant, $95, available at Aritzia

Asos Pleated Midi Skirt, $67.46

Kate Spade ‘Sicily’ Sheath Dress, $393.49, available at Nordstrom

Vince Camuto Shirred Neck Peasant Blouse, $62.59, available at Nordstrom

Eliza J Embellished Ponte Crop Top, $182.22, available at Nordstrom

Christian Louboutin So Kate, $675


By: Jordan Sangster

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