Fashion Jobs – 5 Fall Trends on Instagram Now

Fall is such a big season for fashion, between the September shows and all the extra layers we get to wear as it gets colder we’re pretty busy keeping up. Staying on top of the shows, scouring the magazine shelves and hours of pinning your favourite looks can pretty much become a part-time job. Our […]

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Fashion Jobs – 4 Sites to Help You Land Your Dream Fashion Job

Whether you had the opportunity to study fashion in school or you simply have the passion for fashion (as cheesy as that sounds), a career in fashion may be for you! Now the only challenge is finding that dream job, because the truth is, we’re not all going to have it easy like Lauren Conrad on […]

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Fashion Jobs – 5 Sneakers Men Need On Their Radar This Season

Now that the warm summer weather is finally here to stay, it’s time to toss your old, worn-out shoes and make room for some slicker options. Sleek sneakers are here to stay and at Style Nine To Five, we’re here to help you accommodate yourself with the hottest new trends to breach the fashion world […]

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Fashion Jobs - Styling Palazzo Pants for the Summer - Style Nine to Five

Fashion Jobs – Styling Palazzo Pants for the Summer

  The summer months are such an exciting time for fashion; the warm weather requires as few layers as possible, meaning creating unique and versatile outfits need careful planning with each piece purchased. Palazzo pants are a fun staple for the warmer months they can be taken from the office to the streets and everywhere […]

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Fashion Jobs - Wide Leg Trousers for Work

Fashion Jobs – Wide Leg Trousers for Work

It was only a matter of time before our tapered dress pants took a backseat to the uber chic wide-leg trouser. More often than not, we find ourselves unsatisfied and uninspired with our work wear, relying on our trusted uniform of dark basics, so the reinstatement of the wide leg trouser couldn’t have come at […]

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Fashion Jobs – Ditch the Heels and Welcome the Mule

Women everywhere anticipate the moment when they can (literally) kick off their heels and feel their toes again. With open toe season quickly approaching, let’s ditch the uncomfortable heels and go for a more unexpected approach to our footwear options. Mules are having a serious moment this year and the new ‘it’ shoe has created […]

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Fashion Jobs – How to Refresh Your Spring Workwear

It might not quite be summer, but it’s definitely starting to feel spring-ish outside. When it comes to transitioning between seasons, it can be quite confusing trying to decide not only what to wear but also what’s office appropriate. To help make the seasonal transition that much smoother, here are a few chic ideas on how […]

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Fashion Jobs – 5 Tips For Landing the Fashion Job of Your Dreams

Many of us have grown up with the dream of working in the fashion industry. Whether it’s in the editorial world, in a buying office or in the design field, there are endless opportunities to make a name for yourself in the industry. But how do you actually get in? Breaking into the fashion industry […]

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The Art of Networking - Style Nine to Five

Fashion Jobs – The Art of Networking

Dear fellow fashionistas, let’s take a moment and absorb the ever so valuable advice from the one and only Anna Wintour, “In today’s world you have to interact. You can’t be some difficult, shy person who is not able to look somebody in the face; You have to know how to talk about your vision, […]

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Fashion Jobs - Spring Weather Ready Bags - Style Nine to Five

Fashion Jobs – Spring Weather Ready Bags

Spring has sprung! And with the change of seasons comes a perfectly valid reason to revamp our closets with a little shopping spree, right? Spring is definitely the harder of the two transitional months to navigate when it comes to outfit choices; the cravings for summer sun and sandals get trumped by rainy days and […]

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