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Fall is such a big season for fashion, between the September shows and all the extra layers we get to wear as it gets colder we’re pretty busy keeping up. Staying on top of the shows, scouring the magazine shelves and hours of pinning your favourite looks can pretty much become a part-time job. Our favourite way to get outfit inspiration hands down has to be Instagram!  We’re breaking down our must-have trends for fall with the help of some of our favourite style muses!


Oversized Trench Coat
Probably one of the few pieces in your closet that will never be outdated is the classic trench coat. We love how it’s both functional on rainy days yet chic and fashionable so you’re not cramping your style. Plus it’s office appropriate! We love this oversized one worn by @LisaDNYC.


Baker Boy Hats
We are beyond obsessed with the latest trend in headwear: baker boy hats. They add such model-off-duty vibes to any outfit from jeans and a tshirt to your favourite LBD. @Darling_Tee kept her look edgy by pairing her hat with a leather jacket. Let’s just say we’re NOT taking our hats off for this trend… in a good way!


Cozy Hoodies/Crewnecks
No one makes oversized sweaters look as sexy, stylish and cozy as @MadeleineBitici! This recently new mother and style blogger knows how to rock cozy sweats and still keep it 100 whether it’s casual with sneakers or more dolled up with a heel


Grey Plaid Blazers
As I’m sure you know, a good blazer will almost always make a Style Nine to Five top list because well, we mean business after all! But nothing is giving us life more than gray plaid blazers right now, like this one on @_NathalieMartin. They have such a 90’s feel without seeming overly outdated like some of the other trends we wish would have stayed behind.


Camo Pants
Street style lovers everywhere own at least one pair of camo pants like @BlvkD0pe, and we think you should too! They’re a great alternative to sweatpants and although they can’t be worn to every office, they are a great choice to wear on a day off. Baggier styles like these Leah Kirsch ones (did you check out our Q&A with her?!) work great to layer with leggings underneath as it gets colder!

Inspirational Images:
Image courtesy of  @Laurie_Ferrero
Image courtesy of @LisaDNYC
Image courtesy of @Darling_Tee
Image courtesy of @MadeleineBitici
Image courtesy of @_NathalieMartin
Image courtesy of @BlvkD0pe

By M.J. Elle, Toronto, @TheMJElle

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