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Fashion Jobs – Online Shopping Vs. In Store Shopping

Thursday, October 18th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canadaamazon-shopping-age-30-261552-1530047075053-main.1200x0c

The convenience of shopping online has taken over. You can add items into your cart while lying in bed or watching TV, not to mention you don’t have to get out of your pyjamas or put makeup on. And we get it, sometimes you just don’t want to socialize. Online shopping trends have been growing steadily over the past few years. However, online shopping does have its downsides. 


Going into a brick and mortar store has far more upsides than the inconvenience of leaving your home. Firstly, there’s no need to pay shipping charges or have to wait for your new favourite product to arrive. Why would you wait to wear that brand new LBD, when you can go pick one out, and wear it out for cocktails that same night? Especially if the item you order isn’t the right size; then you have to go return or exchange the item, and waste even more time.


How many times have ordered something to your house, only to find out it doesn’t fit and you need to bring it back? Going into the store gets rid of that hassle. In a store, you can grab all the items you would normally add to your online cart, and actually see if it works for you before taking it home. 


You can actually feel the product. It’s the worst when you look online and wish you could feel the product. Will it be breathable? Will it have some stretch? What is the quality of the product? Is it going to be stiff and uncomfortable or will it actually be comfortable to wear? Shopping in stores takes all those questions away. You can feel the piece you want to buy, feel the quality, and start that emotional connection.


Let’s not forget the amazing staff that make the stores run smoothly. Each store is staffed with cashiers, salespeople, visual merchandisers, inventory processors and so many more. These employees work hard and care for the product before you take it home. Shopping in stores helps keep these people employed. 


Next time you go to browse online, and add those items to your cart, think about the experience you can have shopping in-store instead.


Inspirational Image
Image courtesy of Who What Wear


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette

Fashion Jobs – Why You Should Invest in That Designer Bag You’ve Been Eyeing Up

Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

Do you ever buy a purse that doesn’t break the bank, and you fall so in love with it, but after a few months, it falls apart? These lower-end purses are not made with as much care and detail as highen products and are made to only last so long. So rather than replacing your non-designer purse more than twice a year, maybe it’s time to invest?


We invest in our clothes so that what we wear isn’t fast fashion – so why not do the same with your purse? Designer bags can come in a range of prices, from reasonable, to those coveted bags that are a bit on the pricey side. With a designer bag, like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and more, yes, you are paying a bit for the name, but you are paying for so much more than that. 


One thing you are definitely paying for is the quality. These bags are made with the best materials around – hence the higher price tag. Much more than that, they are made with love. Many designers hand make their products, rather than outsourcing to huge factories. There is so much more precision and care put into the creation of these designs that a machine just does not have. The higher end materials mean that after a few months of use, it won’t fall apart on you. It will stand the daily wear and tear that you will put your bag through. 

Let’s not forget about how beautiful designer bags are. They can be basic, or a fun, unique design. If you want a piece to help you stand out – a designer bag is for you. Invest in a piece that is durable, but also super fashionable.


With all these reasons, why wouldn’t you want to invest in a bag made with love? If you have some money to spare, and you really want to treat yourself, pick your favourite designer and invest in a bag of your choosing. If the price is a factor, try going to a consignment store for a gently loved bag. Not only are you helping the environment by reducing waste, but you are also investing in a bag that may have only been used a few times before.


Inspirational Images:
Image courtesy of My Style Experiment
Image courtesy of  Life and Messy Hair


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette

Fashion Jobs – Q&A with Ashley MacIntyre, principal owner of MacIntyre Communications

Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

Fashion Jobs in Canada - Style Nine to Five MG_0377

Ashley MacIntyre is the principal owner of MacIntyre Communications, a boutique public relations agency located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Having worked alongside some of North America’s most promising talents in fashion, music, and multimedia, Ashley has carved a name for herself in the industry as an expert marketer, event planner, and accomplished public relations professional. Style Nine to Five was able to chat with Ashley and learn how she got started, her difficulties along the way, how she’s created a successful agency in a tough industry and learn about her advice for those wanting to work in the public relations industry.


SNTF: Can you first tell us about your journey between attending university/college. What was your first job post-school?


AM: After graduating from university, I moved to Toronto – I didn’t know anyone in the city. I ended up working at a restaurant and was invited to a menu tasting (before the opening) and happened to be sitting across from New York City nightclub king, Peter Gatien, and his wife Alex. I secured an interview the next day and started working the following Monday. Right place, right time and a lot of hard work.
SNTF: What were some of the key skills you developed early into your career that helped prepare you for where you are today?


AM: Speak up. I wasn’t afraid of being wrong or looking dumb – I wanted to learn and I wanted feedback… it’s important for growth. My advice to anyone starting out is to speak up. It’s the fast way to get noticed and make your presence known. If you’re shy, perhaps public relations isn’t for you.


SNTF: Your background includes working in marketing, event planning, and public relations. When and why did public relations really pique your interest and eventually lead you to open your own boutique PR agency, MacIntyre Communications?


AM: I had a very unique experience with my first job a CiRCA – I was given the opportunity to run with a job (I was not qualified for) and I challenged myself to figure it out. I knew I loved PR by the amount of time I spent thinking, reading and researching. I decided to open the business because I wanted to do it my way. At the time, PR was focused solely on the traditional format and I wanted to offer more and quickly we became known for our online expertise and influencer relations. We were focused on changing as quickly as the industry was changing around us –  something we continue to do today.


SNTF: Can you tell us about the daily tasks and responsibilities as founder and principal of MacIntyre communications?


AM: Majority of my time is spent with clients and staff, whether we are on a conference call, strategy sessions, brainstorming and/or setting the team up for success for the week. I will always make time for my team, they have made the company what it is today.



SNTF: How would you say you handle work/life balance?


AM: Tough question… this is constantly changing for me but you learn to adapt and create your version of work/life balance. Each week, month and year is different (that’s why I love PR). It’s your job to prioritize what’s important to you. That said, PR is a 24 hours job, the news doesn’t sleep. If you are interested in PR, you’re always watching, observing and exploring the world of PR.


SNTF: Staying innovative and fresh in the PR realm can be challenging. Where do you find your inspiration, and how do you separate yourself from other public relations firms?


AM: Reading. I read a lot. I always read so I could be a part of every conversation and have something to say. I’m inspired by the WHY – I like to be challenged in my thoughts, opinion, and ideas. And how do we separate ourselves from other agencies? It’s simple… The people. In PR, most agencies have similar connections but it’s about the actual relationships, the people, their way of doing things and what each individual on the team brings to the table.


SNTF: How do you build and maintain relationships with the various fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment brands?


AM: Get out there. The great thing about living in a city like Toronto is there is always something to attend – an event, a dinner, a coffee/drinks – maintaining relationships is all about putting in the time.


SNTF: What’s your process in deciding whom to take under your wing?


AM: We are looking for exceptional. I am completely fine with someone that shows up to do their job – that’s what you get paid for… but the people that I invest in are those who want it – they want the opportunity, they want to grow and they understand that hard work is the key to success.


SNTF: Which skills would you say are imperative for someone looking to make her or his own name in the PR industry?


AM: Hustle. PR is a 24-hour business – our job is to be always on. If you don’t like the hustle, this is not the business for you.


SNTF: What would you say is the most challenging part of your job and how do you keep yourself from burning out?


AM: People. Although I got into this business to work with people, it’s also the most challenging part. Managing people is hard – each person is unique – their motivation, their drive, their passion and their way of communicating is all unique to them. Working to keep people “happy” in a fast pace industry will always be a challenge in PR.


SNTF: If you could give one piece of advice to those aspiring to make it in PR, what would it be?


AM: My best advice can be summed up by a quote I heard in my early career, “You become successful by saying yes to everything and you stay there by saying no.” Start out saying YES – yes, even when you’re in over your head, yes, to staying late, yes to working an extra event, yes to everything – the way to learn is experience and time is on your side.


SNTF: And finally, what do you wake up looking forward to? What’s next for your career?


AM: I’m not even close to where I want to be…where I want this business to be. Every morning I look forward to growing, learning, getting better – I am lucky that I found my passion early on in my career and I have so much to do!


Inspirational Image:
Image courtesy of Ashley MacIntyre

Fashion Jobs – 5 Pairs of Sunglasses for the Most Summer Shade

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaSNTF_5 Pairs of Sunglasses Summer 2018_Inspiration Bella Hadid


Everyone loves playing dress up, regardless of the season and while accessories tend to be every style enthusiasts favourite part of fashion, most will usually pick shoes or bags as their poison. Sunglasses, however, are no doubt a major part of an outfit tying together an outfit’s vibe, especially in the summertime. Eyewear is also having a major moment right now over the last few months with everything from classic styles to bolder trends taking front and centre stage. We’ve scoured the street style blogs and shopped the stores to find our favourite five pairs of sunglasses for the most shade this summer.

Ray-Ban Round Metal Sunglasses

60s Icon
Ray-Ban has to be one of the most iconic brands in eyewear, and their Round Metal is just as iconic. First released in the 1960’s, this style has been worn by some of music’s greatest legends like John Lennon who definitely helped make them cool. They come in a variety of colour combinations, and with Ray-Ban’s online customization tool you can create your own unique pair. These are for sure a pair of shades that you’ll want to hang onto for years to come!

Urban Outfitters Vintage Clueless Square Sunglasses

Valley Girl Approved
Tiny frames don’t seem to be going anywhere and what better way to feed your craving for the trend with a pop of colour? These fun vintage coloured sunglasses with square frames from Urban Outfitters are super fun and come in both bold and subtle colour options. These shades are no doubt Valley Girl approved.

MVMT Stranger Sunglasses

Classic Look
Playing with eyewear trends can be fun, but everyone needs a classic pair of frames that can take them from the office to weekend brunch and wedding season. We love these slightly oversized square sunglasses from MVMT that are the perfect balance of sophistication and edge. The Stranger frames come in both black and tortoise.

Aldo Rirede Sunglasses

Retro Chic
Everyone needs a pair of aviator style sunglasses, but they’re a style that doesn’t always suit every face shape. These retro-inspired oversized aviator frames from though Aldo has got to be the pair that suits everyone, no doubt! They have a thin frame that balances out perfectly the oversized lenses that work great for all faces and has a touch of 80’s to their style thanks to the mesh bridge.

Zara Square Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cool Cat
We don’t know why cat eye glasses took a backseat when it comes to style all these years, but we’re sure glad they’re back with a vengeance! This feminine yet edgy style works perfectly with any outfit from a power suit for the office, a sundress for beach days or jeans and a t-shirt for running errands. This square take on the style from Zara is a great alternative to the traditional cat-eye glasses, and are the perfect excuse to add a second (or fifth) pair to your collection!

Inspirational Image:
Image courtesy of W Magazine


Product Info:

  1. Ray-Ban Round Metal Sunglasses, from $193
  2. Urban Outfitters Vintage Clueless Square Sunglasses, $16
  3. MVMT Stranger Sunglasses, $85
  4. Aldo Rirede Sunglasses, on sale $11.98
  5. Zara Square Cat Eye Sunglasses, $29.90


By: M.J. Elle, Toronto, ON, @TheMJElle

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Fashion Jobs – Fashion News Recap

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaFashion Careers

Canada Goose to Open in Downtown Vancouver
The exceedingly popular Toronto-based company Canada Goose has announced they will be occupying a 4000 square foot space in the upper level of Vancouver’s Pacific Centre mall. The store will be located near the Apple Store – across from Harry Rosen and will feature fun Canadian themed décor such as marble polar bear sculptures made by Jason Carter, a Canadian Indigenous artist. The company, known for its down-filled coats have boosted business exponentially at department stores in Vancouver such as Nordstrom and Holt Renfrew, with some styles of jackets being pre-sold-out before even reaching the store. Local fans of the brand and tourists alike will be welcoming the store excitedly, which will be open in time for Christmas 2018.


Riccardo Tisci X Vivienne Westwood
Tisci announced via his personal Instagram that Burberry will be doing an intriguing collaboration with the Duchess of Punk, Vivienne Westwood. The pairing may seem like somewhat of a juxtaposition, fusing Westwood’s defiance of tradition with Burberry’s classic heritage, but I think we will find that opposites attract. Tisci said in a statement, “ Vivienne Westwood was one of the first designers who made me dream to become a designer myself. She is a rebel, a punk and unrivaled in her unique representation of British style, which has inspired so many of us. When I first started at Burberry, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to approach her to do something.” The collection will be released in December 2018, three months after Tisci’s debut collection for Burberry.


Laurence and Chico Open Fashion Café in Vancouver
The Canadian design partners have opened what they’re calling a “fashion café” in downtown Vancouver and it is… quite something. As we know from the duo’s designs, they are not afraid of colour, texture and looking a little out there. The whimsical space sends customers into a sensory overload, with details like fluffy chairs, eyeballs on the walls, a bathroom ceiling covered in rubber ducks and every colour under the sun melded together in paintings, rugs, seats and coffee cups. The café is split into two sections; one designated for takeout where you can also purchase accessories such as books, scarves and phone cases, and one offering a reservation-only afternoon tea salon. Since Laurence and Chico do have quite a niche following, the goal of the café is to branch the brand into a larger market that anyone can experience.


Inspirational Image
Image courtesy of Vogue Paris


By: Laura Findlay, Vancouver, @lofindlay 

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Fashion Jobs – 7 Must Have Accessories for Summer

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada2b6f2fdc21164e6b6fff80ab2804268e

Summer is the perfect time to play with all kinds of fun accessories since there are just so many types of occasions to dress for! Is there a wedding coming up? A beach day? A picnic in the park? The types of accessories you choose for each one of these events will be completely different, so you’re free to experiment with styles throughout the season. Since accessories are generally pretty inexpensive, you can also pack a solid bang for your buck with several options to spice up your summer wardrobe. Read on to see the seven accessories I’ve picked that are sure to be on all of this season’s must-have accessory lists.


Retro Sunnies
This pair of cat-eye sunglasses from Mango would be the perfect complement to any beach attire. The pop of red makes them unique from the many neutral shades on the market right now and adds just the right amount of colour to any summer outfit.


Think of espadrilles as your summer alternative to sneakers! Either in a wedge heel or a flat, these warm-weather shoes are super comfortable for walking around and keeping you looking stylish.

3Statement Earrings
With this trend, you can really find a pair out there as wild as your imagination will take you. With beads, fringe, feathers or metals, a dramatic pair of attention-grabbing earrings makes a bold statement this summer.


Chic Sun Hat
A fashionable accessory that also protects your skin from the sun is a double win for me. The bigger the brim the better, as some of this season’s latest versions are supersized for ultimate style.



Woven Bag
Take a page out of classic French Girl style and choose a simple woven bag for all your beach essentials. You can also opt to keep your valuables safe inside a smaller pouch and use it as an alternative to your day to day handbag.


Logo Slides
Plastic slides are no longer just dedicated to beachside and poolside fashion. They add a relaxed, cool-girl vibe to any outfit this summer, and are just about as comfortable as you can get without leaving the house in slippers.


A multipurpose Scarf
Tie one on your purse, in your hair or around your wrist – the options are endless! A silk scarf in a bright print can liven up even a simple look and make it look effortlessly pulled together.


Inspirational Images
Image courtesy of Refinery29


Product Info
Cat-eye sunglasses, $39.99, available at Mango
Soludos Ibiza Embroidered Espadrille Slides, $78.00, available at Anthropologie
Ambrosia Drop Earrings, $44.00, available at Baublebar
Le chapeau Bomba, $431, available at Jacquemus
Bailuoni Net String Shopping Bag, $8.99, available at Amazon
Fendi Logo Pool Slides, $850, available at Saks Fifth Avenue
Be Mine Printed Silk Bandana, $36, available at Free People


By Kate Mendonca, Toronto, ON.

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Fashion Jobs – The Most Fashionable Sandals You Need This Summer

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canadabest-summer-sandals-for-walking-long-distances-257337-1525973813287-main.500x0c

Summer is finally here and the warm weather means it’s time to show off your pedicured toes. Put away those boots, fashion-forward sneakers, and hit the fashion scene in some trendy, new sandals. With so many different styles out there, Style Nine To Five has narrowed down its favourite sandals to ensure you have the trendiest sandals this summer. We have you covered for every activity from day to night.  

zara-sandals-1527085161Fabric Sliders
Fabric Sliders are an easy, fashionable, and comfortable way to make a statement. With so many different fabric and pattern choices, these sandals are a fun option any time of day. Not only are they super comfortable, they are also cute and quirky. Put a spring in your step with this fun sandal style.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 12.54.59 PM 

Strappy Gladiators
Who doesn’t want to feel like a Greek goddess roaming the streets of Athens? This style comes in flat, wedged and heeled, making it perfect for walking around the city and having everyone envying your shoes.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 1.33.31 PM

Classic Tan
You can never go wrong with a classic tan sandal. This classic look can take you from day to night with a quick outfit change. Casual at the beach, to patio dinner, or to wear at a wedding, a tan sandal is the best investment for a versatile shoe.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 1.07.54 PMMetallic
When you mix metallic detailing with dainty sandals, you get the perfect summer shoe. You can rock them with dark colours for more of an edgy look, or a feminine dress to add a bit of juxtaposition to your outfit.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 1.14.46 PM 

Perfect for brunch with your girlfriends or an evening date, wedge sandals are a great way to transition your summer vibe into the night. These could have classic straw detailing, or if you’re feeling bold you can opt for a pair in a bold hue. These sandals are the go-to for the perfect summer feel and will go with just about everything you own.


Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 1.18.49 PM 

Heeled Mules
You’ll definitely turn some heads in a pair of heeled mules this summer, plus they’re another style that can be worn morning through night, dressed up or down. Start off with a solo date at your favourite café, followed by shopping, and ending on a rooftop patio with your friends. And whether you’re looking to invest in a pair or pick up a pair more affordable, you’ll appreciate how versatile they are and how they can be styled with just about anything. 


Inspirational Image
Image courtesy of Style Du Monde


Product Info:
Fabric Sliders, $49.90, available at Zara
Gladiator Sandals, $101.40, available at Free People
Classic Tan Sandals, $78.62, available at Madewell
Mui Mui Metal Detailing, $536.98, available at Nordstrom
Tory Burch Wedges, $278, available at Tory Burch
Vince Camuto Heeled Mules, $160, available at The Bay


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette

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Fashion Jobs – Fashion News Recap

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

StyleN Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada66f011fe68369f1446745c0767125cba

Bottega Veneta to Open First Canadian Standalone
Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre is quickly becoming a coveted spot for designer brand’s looking to open standalone stores. The latest to announce its Canadian debut is Bottega Veneta, expected to open this coming winter. The 4700 square foot space will open across from Holt Renfrew Men’s and beside Hugo Boss. Vancouver International Airport carries a range of Bottega Veneta accessories in their concession and you can find smaller collections of the luxury brand at department stores across the country, however, this will be the first full-line store to land in Canada.


Fenty Beauty Pops Up
On Wednesday, The Pennsy in Pennsylvania Plaza was home to a pop-up shop for Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. The event was in celebration of the new fall 2018 Moroccan Spice collection and was the first in a series of pop-ups for the popular makeup line. The theme was Moroccan Spice Market chic, complete with a hookah lounge, an Instagrammable supersize eyeshadow palette, products for guests to shop from the new and previous collections and even tents to try the collection, applied by global makeup artists.


Wear Your Label Partners with Hudson’s Bay
Wear Your Label was created with the idea of ending the stigma around mental illness. When creators of the company, Kayley Reed and Kyle MacNevin connected over their love of fashion and their personal struggles with mental health, the brand was created as a line of products with slogans such as “stigma free” and “it’s ok not to be ok”. Now, Hudson’s Bay has partnered with the brand to launch an exclusive “THE FUTURE IS STIGMA FREE” T-shirt in support of mental health awareness. The unisex T-shirts went on sale yesterday at and all proceeds will be donated to  Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.


Chloe Joins Yorkdale Shopping Centre
And another one for Toronto’s highly appealing luxury zone! The Paris-based designer brand has set up shop in Toronto – the brand’s first Canadian standalone location. The stunning new space is the first in North America to feature Chloe’s new boutique concept. Bright and open, the store is highlighted with polished brass, marble, and oak, perfectly showcasing a full range of accessories, footwear, leather goods, jewellery and ready-to-wear collections.



Inspirational Image
Image courtesy of From Luxe With Love

By: Laura Findlay, Vancouver, @lofindlay 

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Fashion Career Advice with Christie Lohr

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaCHRISTIE LOHR6


Listen to Christie Lohr’s fashion career journey in this podcast she did with Glam Observer. She gives resume and cover letter tips, how to break into the fashion industry, what fashion employers look for in a job candidate, should you go to fashion school or is getting the fashion experience enough? Listen HERE.

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Fashion Jobs – Staple Pieces to Take You Through The Summer

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaStyle Nine To Five_Staple Pieces For Summer_Inspiration

As fun as summer style can be, it can sometimes be challenging to find pieces that are not only work appropriate but also worth the price tag, considering the lack of fabric usually involved in summer clothes. Especially with the style trends leaning towards mini and cropped everything it can be harder to nail down those classic pieces that can not only take you through summer at the office but also be worn during the warming spring and fall months. We’re big believers in investing in classic wardrobe choices that will last you over the years and seasons, so we picked out some of our favourite staple pieces to take you through the summer!

Style Nine To Five_Staple Pieces For Summer_Community Howley Blouse Aritzia

The Blouse
A blouse is such a classic and timeless piece to own, a T-Shirt cut is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Not only do the shortcut sleeves work great for the warmer months, but also can be worn under a blazer or cardigan as it gets cooler, so you have longer to style this piece! We love this one by Community at Aritzia with the perfect balance of a classic cut paired with a slightly oversized fit.

Style Nine To Five_Staple Pieces For Summer_Gucci Princetown Loafers

The Loafers
A shoe that will probably never go out of style is the Gucci Princetown loafer that’s been going strong over the last few years. This full coverage mule is the perfect transitional footwear to take from Spring through to Fall and goes with pretty much everything from sweatpants to skirts making it a great staple loafer. We love the playful embroidery that’s still fun without being too in your face.

Style Nine To Five_Staple Pieces For Summer_Ray-Ban Round Metal 3447 All Black

The Sunnies
It wouldn’t be summer without sunglasses, although if you ask us they can totally be pulled off all year long, especially on those bright snowy days. This is a classic Ray-Ban style that seems to make it’s way back to the trend lists every couple years, so they’re definitely worth buying. We love this blacked out pair but with the Ray-Ban customizing feature online you can create a pair to match your vibe.

Style Nine To Five_Staple Pieces For Summer_All Saints Star Skirt

The Skirt
Denim skirts are totally back onto the “Yes” list this year and we couldn’t be happier to revive our mid-2000’s wardrobe. But if you didn’t think to keep your favourite denim skirt you’re in luck because they are pretty much everywhere. We fell in love with this one from All Saints thanks to it basically being the ideal denim skirt: perfect length that’s not too short but still great on those warm days, the right amount of distressing making them casual-day appropriate and a great shade of blue that right in the middle, being not too light for transitioning into fall.

Style Nine To Five_Staple Pieces For Summer_Brixton Fiddler Cap

The Hat
Baker boy, Fiddler or Captain? Whatever you want to call these caps they’re pretty much THE hat of the last few seasons, pushing out dad caps to take over streetstyle. We have to admit, we probably own more than one and definitively aren’t ashamed of it. This Brixton Fiddler Cap is perfect for the summer with its light coloured and breathable fabric. It also comes in a few colours so if you love it as much as we do you too can own more than one!


Inspirational Image:
Image courtesy of Anouk Yve


Product Info:

  1. Community Howley Blouse, $78, available at Aritizia
  2. Gucci Princetown Embroidered Leather Loafer, $975
  3. Ray-Ban 3447 Round Metal Sunglasses, starting at $213
  4. All Saints Star Skirt, $150
  5. Brixton Fiddler Cap in Off White, $48


By: M.J. Elle, Toronto, ON, @TheMJElle

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