Cover Letter in 2022 - Style Nine to Five

Why You Still Need a Cover Letter in 2022

Sometimes it can feel like job searching is just a numbers game. If you put your resumé out there enough times, eventually a company is going to bite. In which case, if you just skip the laborious task of tailoring a cover letter for each application, you can cast a wider net and land a […]

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4 Ways to Gain Skills If You Don’t Have a Job - Style Nine to Five

4 Ways to Gain Skills If You Don’t Have a Job

You need a job to gain skills, but you need skills to gain a job – it’s nonsensical, frustrating and now, you’re wondering if you’ll ever get a job in your dream industry. Don’t worry about it – there are plenty of methods to gain the skills you need, some that you could even pursue […]

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The Right Way to Include Soft Skills in Your Application

Some sources say cut soft skills from your applications completely, others say to include them. It’s all very confusing – what do hiring managers actually want to see? Well, soft skills aren’t completely useless. Plenty of jobs want to see evidence that you’re capable of certain soft skills, and some may even have them listed […]

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5 Easy Ways to Update Your Application Package - Style Nine to Five

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Application Package

So, you aren’t getting job offers, but you can’t quite figure out what’s wrong with your application package, and you certainly don’t have hours to spend trying to sort it out. Don’t worry – there are plenty of quick and easy fixes you can implement to clean up your resume and cover letter that’ll give […]

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Writing a Cover Letter When You Don't Have Experience - Style Nine to Five

Writing a Cover Letter When You Don’t Have Experience

We get it! Writing a cover letter is no easy feat, let alone when you have little to no professional experience within the field you’re applying to. Cover letters are meant to give the hiring manager some in-depth details about the work that you’ve done, but where to begin if you’re new to the workforce […]

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3 Unique Cover Letters Openers - Style Nine to Five

3 Unique Cover Letters Openers

Dear Hiring Manager, ….Now what?! Writing a great cover letter can be daunting, especially when you can’t even make it past the first line. If you want to stand out to the hiring manager, you need to start your letter with something that jumps off the page and catches their attention. Nothing is worse than […]

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Highlighting Skills When You're a Jack/Jill of All Trades - Style Nine to Five

Highlighting Skills When You’re a Jack/Jill of All Trades

Jack of all trades—someone who is good at everything (but not necessarily an expert in all areas). In the work world, this is usually someone who has a wide range of knowledge and can thrive in a variety of positions. There are loads of benefits to being a Jack/Jill of all trades, but when you’re […]

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Melanie Auld - Style Nine to Five Career Article

Talking Company Culture and Career Advice with Melanie Auld

Style Nine to Five spoke with Melanie about her company’s work culture, what she looks for in candidates, how to stand out as an applicant, and creating career opportunities. For eight years, Vancouver-based Melanie Auld Jewelry has been creating stunning pieces that tell a personalized story unique to its wearer, and has become a household […]

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How to Ace the Job Application Email - Style Nine to Five

How to Ace the Job Application Email

Applying for a new job is a multi-step process that take a lot of work! Once you’ve done your homework, created an attention-grabbing cover letter, and whipped up a sleek resume, you’re ready to go. But there’s one important step that stands in the way: your application email. When a job posting asks you to […]

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Maximize Your Resume & Cover Letter for Changing Industries - Style Nine to Five

Maximize Your Resume & Cover Letter for Changing Industries

Realizing your passions lie elsewhere and being brave enough to change industries is no small feat! But, understanding how to successfully highlight your skills on your new resume can be tough! Not to worry, we are here to help! Here’s what to highlight on your resume when changing industries below. Emphasizing Major Accomplishments Although you […]

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