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Career Advice – 5 Things To Take Away From Any Position

Monday, July 15th, 2019

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5 Things To Take Away From Any Position

Let’s be real- not every job you land, ends up being a dream job. We have all been in a position that isn’t what we’d hoped it would be, or didn’t quite live up to expectations. Although this can be challenging, uncomfortable, and quite often discouraging, there is always something we can take away from a job gone wrong. In fact, I can think of 5 different things (but I promise there are even more!) that can be positive, valuable, and beneficial in your experience of parting with the old, and moving on to bigger and better things!


1. Interview Experience

I think just about everyone gets a little “cringey” when they hear the word interview. There is something so nerve wracking about going in to meet someone new, not knowing what to expect, and being put on the spot with challenging questions, all while attempting to make a good impression. Truth is, the more you do something, the more naturally it comes. Although it may be intimidating, the more interview experience you can get, the better off you will be when it comes to killing the interview. With this mindset, you can appreciate any opportunity you have had to go through the interview process. Whether you were turned down for the job, or landed the position only to find out it wasn’t right for you, if nothing else, you can always take away valuable interview experience. You may deepen your knowledge of potential interview questions, gain new tips and tricks on how to stand out, or you may even come out with a better understanding of how to nail your own elevator speech. With one more interview under your belt, you can be that much more confident stepping into the next interview!


2. Working With Anyone and Everyone

No matter where you work or in what position, you can always be sure that you’ll have the opportunity to meet and work alongside all types of wonderful people. Some of which you’ll instantly click with, and others that may tend to work in a way completely different than the way you operate. You may have the chance to work within a smaller team than you’re used to, as part of a small local company, or within a bigger team or as part of a large corporate company. Either way, you will always have the opportunity to be exposed to new styles of learning, ways of doing things, personalities, and people of various backgrounds. Hopefully you’ll resonate with some of the thinking, habits, and methods of some of your new team members, but even if a colleague’s ways rival your typical approach, there is always something you can gain from being challenged. You will most definitely be compelled to learn how to work with, be respectful of, and hopefully appreciate others who work differently than you do. And if you’re open to it, you may even learn a new way to think about your work, and to be your most productive and successful self from 9-5.


3. Expanding Your Network

They say “it’s all about who you know.” And it’s true! Having strong connections in the industry can really work to your advantage in your career search and development. Simply put, the wider your network, the more opportunities you may be exposed to. Whether you stay in a position for a few short months, or a few years, it is so important to always put your best foot forward day in and day out,  to represent yourself in the best light. The people around you may turn out to be amazing connections and crucial points of contact for leading you to that next step in your personal career journey. Even if your current role turns out to be in an area of the industry that isn’t for you, who’s to say that your boss, your colleague, or even Karen from accounting who you met in the elevator, isn’t going to be helpful in connecting you to the right opportunity? No matter what, keep your friends close, and your connections closer!


4. Understanding Your Ideal Work Environment

Some of us thrive in a bustling office environment, while others do best working from home. Some love a quiet, intimate workspace surrounded by a small team, and others buzz off of a busy office that has many people coming and going at a fast pace, all day long. Lighting, location, office hours, and even your surrounding colleagues can really make or break your ability to get “in the zone” and get the job done by the end of the day. Although the thought of working from your couch in your pajamas may sound like a real dream come true, you may actually hate it- trust me on this one! When it comes to work environment, you truly will not know what works for you until you try. So if nothing else, looking back on a position that did or didn’t necessarily work in the long run, you can always reflect on the culture of the company you worked for, and your everyday work environment to evaluate what helped you thrive, and what may not have supported you in your role.


5. Finding What Fuels Your Fire

Spoiler alert- learning what fuels your passion and makes you tick, is the key to happiness in your career. If you don’t wake up everyday (with the exception of that rainy Monday when you spill coffee on your white blouse here and there) excited about what you do, then it might be time to re-assess. That being said, finding your calling is no easy feat. Often times it takes a lot of trial and error, and a little bit of soul searching! Patience is so powerful here, and understanding that it may take you quite some time, and some not-so-perfect positions to find your dream job, is crucial. So next time you’re feeling down because your work feels mundane or unfulfilling, take it as a lesson. Understanding what you don’t love gives you  the perfect opportunity to reflect, and dig deeper into what you DO love. Crossing one option off your list just puts you one step closer to finding your true passion, and to pursuing that rewarding career you always dreamed of!


We all know that the power of positivity goes a long way. However, staying positive while remaining in a position that drains your energy and just doesn’t feel right, is easier said than done! Use these 5 simple things to find the silver lining in any position or job, and I promise you will feel that much better getting back on the horse. Any lessons learned (big or small!)  in your journey to your dream job, can always be seen as valuable, and truly crucial to finding the perfect opportunity!


By: Heather Murray @heatherungraceful

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Working For a Major Office in the Canadian Fashion Industry- The Inside Scoop

Thursday, July 4th, 2019

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada


fashion head office

If you’re anything like me, working at the head office for a major fashion company is an absolute dream job. Just last year, I had a total “pinch me” moment, when I landed a job at a leading company within the Canadian fashion industry. Now I’m sure you’re wondering if this dream job lived up to expectations, and if it was truly what we all imagine (I know what you’re thinking… The Devil Wears Prada?)


Keep reading to get the inside scoop of what it was really like to work for a major office in the Canadian fashion industry!


Perks & Benefits

You might assume that working at the head office for a major fashion brand would come with all the perks and benefits, and you’re not wrong! In my experience, I was very fortunate to walk in to work everyday to an amazing office space with a grand skylit atrium, beautifully designed and decorated with amazing artwork. It had a subsidized cafeteria and specialty cafe (watch out Starbucks!), outdoor seating areas including staff garden plots, and of course a full gym and fitness studio. This is only the beginning of the perks, as we also had opportunities to enrol in language courses and fitness classes, join multiple teams and clubs, as well as the sign up to take part in various charity and volunteer opportunities. Daycare options, dry cleaning, carpooling, in-office vaccinations, car wash services…the list of benefits that comes with working at the head office is truly too long to list! I think my favourite perk was the amazing events that the office put on, like the Christmas party or Summer BBQ, or maybe it was the killer merchandise discount? Of course, this was all on top of our health insurance plan that covered basic health and dental. Oh, and did I mention summer Friday’s? That’s right, every Friday from the end of June through to September, the office closes at 1pm to get the weekend started early! While this might not be the case for all head offices, I do know that many companies offer some really great and unique perks, and in my experience these perks and benefits were a dream come true!


Internal Opportunities and Growth

One of the most important things to look for in starting a position with a new company, is the opportunity for growth. It is always key to know how you may be able to develop with a company, and what opportunities there are for you to move within the team to follow your career path to success. I think there can be an assumption that once you get your foot in the door with a large fashion brand, movement within the company is a breeze. In my situation, this was not exactly the case. While there were definitely lots of internal opportunities, and many different (and interesting!) roles available, there was one thing in particular that made it difficult to pursue these opportunities within the company. The company I worked for had a policy that indicates employees must be in their primary role for at least one successful year, before they can be considered for other roles internally. While one year may sound like nothing, it can be challenging to commit to a full 12 months in one position, when you are just beginning your career, and might be uncertain of where you’ll be (figuratively and geographically) in the next year. There is also no guarantee that you will even be considered for other internal opportunities after you complete a year in your role, which is dependant on your performance and the needs of the business  As it turns out, this policy is actually quite common in the industry, and does make sense in certain aspects. The benefit of this policy is that this time period allows you to accustom yourself to the company culture, the work environment, and the various policies and procedures, while also giving you the opportunity to prove yourself as a valuable employee!


Company Communication

Although there were over one thousand employees working in my office, I was honestly quite pleasantly surprised by how connected I felt to the company at large. Between the company’s internal website, effective email communication, monthly department meetings, and quarterly rallies, I always felt like I was “in the know” with the company happenings. The internal website provided information about holidays and vacation time, the cafeteria menu, volunteer opportunities, and any extra special offers like exclusive spa discounts, or produce box deliveries. Consistent company emails offered information about media mentions and news articles that the company was featured in, and also provided reminders for upcoming events or holidays. These emails also shared news about new leaders within the company, and other exciting announcements. I was very fortunate to be part of a department that was quite ambitious, and very successful in achieving our specific business goals. The leaders of my team consistently put on department meetings to keep everyone up to date on the progress of our work, and to share our goals moving forward. These meeting were not only helpful, but also very motivating. However, one of my favourite things about working in this office was the company-wide rallies that took place every few months. These rallies were very much like elementary school assemblies, where the whole office (yes, all 1000+ of us) shuffled in to the gymnasium to view a presentation about current happenings and updates within the company, plus any exciting plans moving forward. These rallies were complete with engaging videos, speeches from our CEO, and sometimes even special performances! They were truly an amazing way to “rally” the whole campy together, to feel connected to our greater purpose as a business. I always left these rallies feeling especially inspired, and excited to be part of something so in line with my passion for the fashion industry. Despite being just one small person within such a large company, it was truly amazing just how much thought and effort was put into making each employee feel united in the company’s mission. 


While every company will likely offer a very different experience, working for the head office of a major fashion company is definitely no retail job! It may not be the glamorous, and prestigious job like Andy’s from the Devil Wears Prada, but there will probably be some perks that you may not have ever expected. And there may be some policies or procedures that aren’t quite what you were hoping for either. Either way, working for a head office in the fashion industry is not only a very valuable and overall amazing experience, but will look great on your resume and will only open more doors in your long-term career! 


**Photo by James Stokes Photography via


By: Heather Murray @heatherungraceful

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Fashion Jobs – Straw Bags for Summer 2019

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaStraw bag Inso


It seems like 2019 is all about trends resurfacing again. Bag trends are no exception. This year is all about the straw bag and all the different ways that it can work for you. We’re not talking about your classic oversized beach bag (although, those are super cute too) but taking this trend to the next level.

zara natural handbag

The Mini, available at Zara, click here to shop.


Ladies, how much do we really need to carry in our bags. A phone, a wallet, a little bit of makeup and you’re set. The small bag makes any outfit a little bit more feminine and fun, which is what summer is all about right?!

Round Shell Straw Grab Bag

The Circle, TOPSHOP, available at the Bay, click here to shop.


There is nothing sleeker than a structured straw bag with rounded edges, giving it that circle (or watermelon) shape. It’s such a fun play on the typical straw bag with all the same functionality. Take this bag everywhere this summer and we guarantee you compliments will start flying in.


The Clutch, available at HM, click here to shop.


Long summer nights mean more patio drinks that lead into nights out! Be prepared with a straw clutch. It can dress up any summer dress. Pair it with a pair of wedges and you are ready for the season.

the basket bag, Nordstrom

The Basket, available at Nordstrom, click here to shop.


When you think summer, you think picnics and that iconic straw picnic basket. Why not take that memorable shape and turn it into something fashionable? The basket bag is just that. Perfect for day to day, this bag will keep everything you need.


The Shoulder Fringe Bag, Mango, click here to shop.


Picture it now: you’re out with your friends on the weekend in your ripped boyfriend jeans, airy blouse and slip on sandals. What would make this outfit even better? An over the should straw fringe bag. It’s a bit more playful and definitely a statement piece. This is a trend for those who love to try something new.


Inspirational image courtesy of: Be.Daze.Live.


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette


Career Advice – Preparing For an Interview at Your Dream Company

Sunday, June 23rd, 2019

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

interview prep

Applying for a job at your dream company can be a daunting task. Landing the interview with that company can be even scarier. Going to that interview, you’ll probably be a little bit nervous but with these tips, you are sure to be prepared.

Prepare your resume and cover letter

The key to even getting an interview is an amazing cover letter and resume. First things first, no more ‘to whom it may concern’. Find out who the hiring manager is and direct your cover letter to them. When you write your cover letter, make sure you personalize it to the company you are applying for. Write what makes you perfect for that specific role at that specific company. These small things go such a long way to getting you noticed.

Do your research

If this is your dream company, then surely you know a lot about it. However, that shouldn’t stop you from doing your research. When was the company founded and by who? Do they have one office or are they global? What are their core values? What does their day to day look like? If they sell product – ensure you know what type of product, materials, what goes into making them and their uses. You want to wow in the interview and knowing your stuff shows you’re committed.

Have questions 

The worst thing you can do at the end of the interview is not have any questions. Make a mental note in your head of a list of questions you may have about the company, the role, or maybe the hiring managers favourite thing about working there. Some of these questions may already be answered in the interview. That just means you can check that one off the list and move on to the next one. Having questions shows you are interested in the position.


Image courtesy of: Who What Wear


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette


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6 of the Coolest Jobs in the Fashion Industry You Need to Know About

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

Working in the fashion industry doesn’t have to just be something you just dream of doing. There are hundreds of unique jobs in fashion that combine different areas of expertise. New fashion jobs are being created all the time to accommodate trends and advances in the tech world, including social media marketing and e-commerce. Traditional roles like designing and buying now include new responsibilities and standards to keep up with the growing industry. To help you narrow down what best suits you, we picked 6 of the coolest jobs in the fashion industry that you might not (but need to) know about. 


1. Influencer Agency Talent Manager

Influencers engage and connect with their audiences, allowing for a trusting bond and relationship to flourish. This is where the fashion industry comes into play- influencers “influence” certain trends and attitudes upon their followers. Influencer agencies work to manage advertising campaigns and brand partnerships with popular social media personalities. These days, many fashion brands and businesses survive off of digital marketing techniques such as influencer marketing. Fashion bloggers, Instagram models and popular Youtubers with large followings are all key players for successful fashion marketing. Someone that works for an influencer agency might have daily tasks such as scouting talent, finding brand deals for clients and organizing events and schedules for influencers!


2. Fashion Sustainability Expert

Green is the new black! The fashion industry is beginning to adopt more and more efforts surrounding environmental sustainability and awareness. Brands are putting more of a focus on their dedication to green fashion by selling ethically made clothing, recycling textiles or creating clothing rental systems. As the sustainability movement continues to take off, experts in the field are becoming necessary to make the fashion industry more ethical and environmentally friendly. Large corporations, like Lululemon, hire a team of green fashion consultants to research for product innovation, scope out ethical suppliers and curate marketing tactics surrounded around sustainability! 


3. Customer Service at a Fashion Head Office

Head office positions are a great way to get your foot in the door of the fashion industry, and they are popping up everywhere in the fashion job market. Many of the jobs are entry level and will allow you to work behind the scenes with a brand or company that you love, rather than on the floor of a store or in a showroom. Tasks like order fulfilment, chatting with customers and administrative work all take place in a head office setting and they are an awesome way to gain some experience. This role really gives employees the opportunity to grow within the company and work alongside other people in the industry with different experiences and skillsets. Head office jobs also have the added bonus of being Monday-Friday jobs with regular hours, so you can say goodbye to late night clothing steaming or spending your weekends in a store!


4. Tech Savvy? Mobile App Developer

Mobile fashion app developers are tech-savvy and trendy, and they are becoming a hot commodity as shopping moves digital. There’s nothing better than fashion at your fingertips! Mobile apps like Polyvore, Depop and Mallzee allow buyers to shop for anything, anywhere, anytime. Big name brands like Forever 21 and Revolve depend on developers to craft a simple and high quality mobile app that represents their brand and promotes e-commerce sales. A day in the life includes tasks such as developing software and programs, adapting out-dated websites for apps and meeting with clients, to name a few. 


5. Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors are the face of a company; they are hired to exemplify the values, attitudes, goals and overall vibe of a brand. This is a great job for someone who is passionate about a fashion brand or company but does not necessarily want to work in an office setting. Attending events, writing blog or social media posts about product and educating the public about the brand are all duties for ambassadors. As a fashion brand ambassador, you are expected to drive sales by maintaining customer relationships and getting people excited about the company through face-to-face and online interactions. This role would be great for someone who has strong personal relationships and networks within the fashion industry. Ambassadors usually make commission, which can be an awesome way to earn money if you are enthusiastic and passionate about the brand! 


6. Trend Forecaster

Do you find yourself wearing an outfit weeks before Kendall Jenner debuts something just like it, or predicting summer’s trendiest nail colour during December? Then you might be an excellent trend forecaster! This has to be one of the coolest jobs in the industry; trend forecasters must be constantly in the know of the latest trends not only fashion, but also art and lifestyle, both locally and globally. The job often includes a lot of travelling around the world to see trends in other cultures or attending special events. However, trend forecasting isn’t all jet setting and small talk. Trend forecasters spend most of their time gathering analytics from past consumer behaviours to craft their predictions, which are technical, formulated and well thought out.  Why is this job unique? It focuses heavily on individuality, creativity and concept, which can often get lost in the business focused fashion industry we know and love.


Just like trends and styles, careers within the fashion industry are constantly evolving. Whether you are tech obsessed, have an eye for design, or just love fashion, there is a career in this field for you. Picking just one is the hard part! Follow what you love and what drives your creativity, the rest will come naturally. 


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Image source: Glam Observer 


By: Clare Mathiesen, @claremathiesen


Fashion Jobs in Canada – Latest Software You Should Know For the Fashion Industry.

Thursday, May 30th, 2019

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaFashion Software1

When you work in the Fashion industry, at any level, there will always be some sort of computer software that you will need to know how to use. Whether it be in a retail store using the Point of Sale system for transactions or the inventory count or in the office writing copy for the website using programs like Grammarly or WordPress. It doesn’t matter what your role, you will be using software to aid in your job. So, what do you need to know now to ensure you are on top of your game?


Design has the most computer software usage out of all of the different fashion sectors.  There are several different types of design software that allow you to create pieces without having to use pen and paper. You are able to make more 3D renderings of how you want a piece to look, flow and fall on a person. Programs such as Adobe, Wild Ginger, Autodesk Design Software and C-Design Fashion are great tools for designers that let you have more freedom and a realistic view of a design.


Algorithmic Couture is also on the rise. Through software called Synflux, the program aims to reduce the waste of fabric when creating products. It scans the subject’s body to determine their proportions and create custom clothing. You are able to grab the correct amount of fabric for each piece of the garment and leave virtually no waste.


Another sector that is getting a software overhaul is Styling. Styling isn’t just looking at clothing and putting together trends and fashion anymore. Companies such as Stitch Fix are using AI (artificial intelligence) in order to style outfits. This is based on the customer’s preferences and shape, much like a stylist would do. There is an overlap starting to happen where AI is now designing original pieces catered to the consumer. Coding software for AI and being knowledgeable about AI, such as how to create it, work with it and fix it, is becoming more common in the backend of the fashion industry.


Computer software and technology are always changing. It is important to keep updated with technology and how it is interacting with the fashion industry to ensure you are staying relevant within the field.

Inspirational photo courtesy of: BOF and Forbes.


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette


Fashion Internship – Turn Your Summer Internship into a Full-Time Gig

Monday, May 20th, 2019

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

Fashion Summer Internships

Whether you want to admit it or not, summer 2017 is winding down and so is your beauty internship! Although we can’t extend the days in the summer season, it’s definitely possible to add months (and even years) to a placement by turning it into a “real” paying job.


It’s a fact: a large number of entry-level positions in the beauty industry are landed after completing an internship with the company. Whether you need school credits or vital experience as a recent grad, we share a few tips on how you can flip your summer internship into a full-time gig. Read on below.


Be Reliable

This is a given. If you haven’t been showing up 15 minutes early to your placement, start ASAP. You can also prove how reliable you are by handing in work well before the deadline and answering emails promptly. Small things make a big impact in the eyes of your potential future boss — they show you’re on top of your game!

Be Enthusiastic

They say “if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life”, BNTF says if you radiate how much you love the work at your internship, you’ll increase your chances of an offer. Taking on even the most boring, routine tasks with a smile says a lot about your work ethic. A positive attitude is a quality 100% of employers want to keep around.

Be Memorable

In larger companies, beauty internships will require more than one girl or guy to get the job done — some may even require a whole team! If you find yourself working with tons of other interns, make yourself memorable. Lead the pack by going above and beyond what is required. It’s also key to establish a connection with the actual employees (instead of just the fellow interns).

Be Ready..

.. for disaster, which will inevitably happen at some point in your professional career. Beauty internships are notorious for being very detail oriented, after all, it’s the little things that set one product apart from the other. Whether you make a typo, send an email addressed to the wrong person, misspell a product name or worse, be ready to take accountability for your mistake and bounce back from it!

Be Teachable

Upgrade your role from hardworking intern to full-time employee by demonstrating how easily you pick up new skills. Most beauty internships provide newcomers with a handbook or introduction video. For ad hoc tasks, write processes and procedures down in detail and constantly reference them. Express how valuable you find new knowledge and that you’d love to learn more!


Be a Knockout

Impressing your future employer is so important but how is it actually done? Simple – underpromise and overdeliver. When you’re asked to complete a task that you (secretly) specialize in, like writing a killer blog post for example, slightly downplay your skills. Your potential boss will be impressed with your execution based on the lowered expectation you’ve set for yourself. Use this tactic in moderation.

Be Top of Mind

Timing is everything. You may already be doing all things listed above but there just isn’t a current opening for a new team member (which sucks!) Make the most out of this bad timing by connecting with the company and its employees via LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Actively engage with posted content and continue to show interest in what they’re up to.

Lastly, for the love of all things good in this world — just ask! The worst you can be told is no. Any other tips we missed on turning your summer internship into a full-time job? Leave them in the comments below.


Image courtesy of Henkel


By: TajaJarvis, Toronto, @TVJV

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Career Advice – How to Beat the Sunday Blues

Monday, May 20th, 2019

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada
Sunday Night Blues

We all know that sinking feeling. It’s 4pm on a Sunday and all you can think about are all the things you need to get done for the week and how fast the weekend has flown by. The ‘Sunday Blues’ are real and we are not here for them! It doesn’t matter if you love your 9 to 5, or dread going in to work, we all feel the same, weekends are just way too short. So, how can you ensure that you don’t feel this dreaded feeling every weekend? We’ve come up with a list to get you through the Sunday Blues.



Turn this dreaded task into something fun. As part of our Sunday routine, we usually meal prep and choose our outfits, right? It can become a mundane task where you just move through the motions. Have fun with it! When you’re meal prepping, make foods that you will be excited to eat. It still could just be a salad, but what can you do to make it different and fun. 


Set Goals

Make a list of all the things you want to accomplish in the upcoming work week. What are your goals to complete? You’ll be setting yourself up for success and change the negative feeling of the weekend coming to an end to a positive feeling. You will look forward to what you can accomplish in the work week. 


Make Sunday Special

Pick something that you can do every Sunday that makes it special and ends your weekend on a high note. Maybe it’s a date night with your significant other. Maybe it’s girl’s night. Maybe it’s a few hours you can sit by yourself and read a book. Choose something that you can keep up every Sunday to combat the blues.



There is #selfcaresunday for a reason! Take this time to focus on you. Our go to? A glass of wine, a good book, a bubble bath and a facemask. Your weekend may have been hectic, so it’s nice to end it off by relaxing and centring yourself. Not only will you feel great, but you’ll start your work week off refreshed.


Exercise and reflect

Don’t skip the workout on Sunday. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown gym session, but take some time to get your blood pumping and reflect on all the great things you did over the weekend. If the weather allows, go for a walk outside and be with nature. Not only will you feel great, but you’re being healthy as well.


Inspirational image courtesy of: Surpassable


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette

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Fashion Jobs in Vancouver – 5 tips to Start Your Morning Off Right

Monday, April 15th, 2019

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada5 tips to start your morning off right

Setting the tone for the day is so important. We’ve all felt that awful feeling of waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Once you wake up in a bad mood or a weird mood, it’s really hard to shake it off. Here at SNTF, we’ve come up with some sure-fire ways to help you start your day off right.


Give yourself plenty of time in the morning


The feeling of rushing around in the morning, probably forgetting things, and not giving yourself ample time to adjust to the morning, really gives you a feeling of unease and anxiousness throughout the day. We recommend setting an earlier than usual alarm, taking your time to wake up in bed, and not feel like your rushing while you’re getting ready. You’d be amazed at how much better and at ease you will feel throughout the day. You’ll also feel productive. You’ve started your day earlier and have had so much more time to accomplish things on your to-do list.




Start your day with good intentions. One of our favourite things to do is write in our Five-Minute journal in the morning (they can be purchased at Indigo or Amazon). This journal gives you daily prompts and time to think of the things you’re grateful for, want to accomplish and think of daily affirmations. It’s a great way to have some ‘you’ time without making a huge effort in the morning. Keep this journal on your bedside table and make these first five minutes a routine.




Meditation takes a lot of time and practice to fully get into the groove, but there are great apps like Headspace that can help you with this practice. Through guided meditations, all at varying lengths to suit your lifestyle, you are able to clear your mind and tap into your emotions and how your body feels. Doing this in the morning is like having a daily check in with yourself. You can tell if your body needs a bit more love, if you need to take it a bit easier, or if you feel great!


Get Moving


Start your day with a workout, stretch or yoga. Getting your body moving is a fantastic way to wake yourself up and feel energized. You get all your endorphins going and just feel like you can conquer the day.


Eat a nutritious breakfast


The best part of the morning is breakfast. Whether you eat light or you make a full, cooked breakfast, eating a nutritional meal is the best way to start your day. You will be moving and thinking and working, meaning you need some gas in your tank! Try making overnight oats with fruit, or boiling some eggs for breakfast. Set your day up for success.


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette


Photo by: The Every Girl


Career Advice – How to be a Great New Hire While Being Yourself

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaCareer Advice - How to be a great new hire

Starting a brand new fashion job (or any job) can bring on feelings of both excitement and anxiety followed by fear of the unknown and the pressure to do your best. Your work ethic during the first 30 to 90 days of employment are extremely important in regards to setting the stage for your future with that company. Not to add any additional pressure, but your first few weeks/months of employment may also determine whether or not your employer thinks you’re an asset to the business.


Success will be defined by your performance and the way in which you approach challenges as they arrive. We’ve all been in this situation before at work and outside of work; trying to become a part of a group while maintaining our individuality can be perplexing. I’ve found the below tips to be quite helpful and I hope you will also find them useful:


Don’t make a scene. How annoying is that new person? You don’t want to be that person who annoys existing employees within the first week. You’re the new kid in town and you’ve got to prove yourself before you alienate yourself. There are two objectives that you have to demonstrate: (1) that you’re capable of the tasks required of your job; and (2) that you’re going to fit in with the existing company culture.


Work your hardest to ensure all of your responsibilities are covered and pay close attention to your surroundings. Get a feel for the swing of things and the daily workflow of different departments. Observe the habits of your colleagues and try to blend in with their schedules (lunch, breaks during the day, time in and time out). Once you feel the attention is off of you and you’re suddenly not so new, you can branch out and start making your own rules (within limits, of course).

brunette the label

Offer to help. We all want to be seen as ambitious and willing to take initiative, but there’s a time and a place for everything. As a new hire, getting your feet wet by offering to help coworkers with their projects will go over a lot better than jumping in head first with brand new ideas and a push for immediate changes. Without knowing how things are currently progressing, how can you be absolutely certain that your method will be better?


If you’re confident in your abilities and you know change is inevitable, give your newness a few weeks to sink in before moving forward. At the risk of being hated by everyone whose work life you just disrupted, it may be worth the wait. Help out in departments that impact your overall objective and get an in depth idea of current practices before suggesting changes.


Make your first and only impression. My last piece of advice is to project yourself in the way that you wish to be perceived. From the way you dress to the way you speak, in your first few days of employment, these characteristics will come to define you. A new job is a great way to reinvent yourself and to walk into a new environment with confidence.


Unfortunately, you will be judged – that’s what people do – but you have the upper hand here because they don’t know anything about you. You’ve got a clean slate to be a star employee, to make an impact as you pursue your career, and to meet people who are just as passionate as you are about their jobs.


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By: Malicia Basdeo, New York City