6 of the Coolest Jobs in the Fashion Industry You Need to Know About

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Working in the fashion industry doesn’t have to just be something you just dream of doing. There are hundreds of unique jobs in fashion that combine different areas of expertise. New fashion jobs are being created all the time to accommodate trends and advances in the tech world, including social media marketing and e-commerce. Traditional roles like designing and buying now include new responsibilities and standards to keep up with the growing industry. To help you narrow down what best suits you, we picked 6 of the coolest jobs in the fashion industry that you might not (but need to) know about. 

1. Influencer Agency Talent Manager

Influencers engage and connect with their audiences, allowing for a trusting bond and relationship to flourish. This is where the fashion industry comes into play- influencers “influence” certain trends and attitudes upon their followers. Influencer agencies work to manage advertising campaigns and brand partnerships with popular social media personalities. These days, many fashion brands and businesses survive off of digital marketing techniques such as influencer marketing. Fashion bloggers, Instagram models and popular Youtubers with large followings are all key players for successful fashion marketing. Someone that works for an influencer agency might have daily tasks such as scouting talent, finding brand deals for clients and organizing events and schedules for influencers!

2. Fashion Sustainability Expert

Green is the new black! The fashion industry is beginning to adopt more and more efforts surrounding environmental sustainability and awareness. Brands are putting more of a focus on their dedication to green fashion by selling ethically made clothing, recycling textiles or creating clothing rental systems. As the sustainability movement continues to take off, experts in the field are becoming necessary to make the fashion industry more ethical and environmentally friendly. Large corporations, like Lululemon, hire a team of green fashion consultants to research for product innovation, scope out ethical suppliers and curate marketing tactics surrounded around sustainability! 

3. Customer Service at a Fashion Head Office

Head office positions are a great way to get your foot in the door of the fashion industry, and they are popping up everywhere in the fashion job market. Many of the jobs are entry level and will allow you to work behind the scenes with a brand or company that you love, rather than on the floor of a store or in a showroom. Tasks like order fulfilment, chatting with customers and administrative work all take place in a head office setting and they are an awesome way to gain some experience. This role really gives employees the opportunity to grow within the company and work alongside other people in the industry with different experiences and skillsets. Head office jobs also have the added bonus of being Monday-Friday jobs with regular hours, so you can say goodbye to late night clothing steaming or spending your weekends in a store!

4. Tech Savvy? Mobile App Developer

Mobile fashion app developers are tech-savvy and trendy, and they are becoming a hot commodity as shopping moves digital. There’s nothing better than fashion at your fingertips! Mobile apps like Polyvore, Depop and Mallzee allow buyers to shop for anything, anywhere, anytime. Big name brands like Forever 21 and Revolve depend on developers to craft a simple and high quality mobile app that represents their brand and promotes e-commerce sales. A day in the life includes tasks such as developing software and programs, adapting out-dated websites for apps and meeting with clients, to name a few. 

5. Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors are the face of a company; they are hired to exemplify the values, attitudes, goals and overall vibe of a brand. This is a great job for someone who is passionate about a fashion brand or company but does not necessarily want to work in an office setting. Attending events, writing blog or social media posts about product and educating the public about the brand are all duties for ambassadors. As a fashion brand ambassador, you are expected to drive sales by maintaining customer relationships and getting people excited about the company through face-to-face and online interactions. This role would be great for someone who has strong personal relationships and networks within the fashion industry. Ambassadors usually make commission, which can be an awesome way to earn money if you are enthusiastic and passionate about the brand! 

6. Trend Forecaster

Do you find yourself wearing an outfit weeks before Kendall Jenner debuts something just like it, or predicting summer’s trendiest nail colour during December? Then you might be an excellent trend forecaster! This has to be one of the coolest jobs in the industry; trend forecasters must be constantly in the know of the latest trends not only fashion, but also art and lifestyle, both locally and globally. The job often includes a lot of travelling around the world to see trends in other cultures or attending special events. However, trend forecasting isn’t all jet setting and small talk. Trend forecasters spend most of their time gathering analytics from past consumer behaviours to craft their predictions, which are technical, formulated and well thought out.  Why is this job unique? It focuses heavily on individuality, creativity and concept, which can often get lost in the business focused fashion industry we know and love.

Just like trends and styles, careers within the fashion industry are constantly evolving. Whether you are tech obsessed, have an eye for design, or just love fashion, there is a career in this field for you. Picking just one is the hard part! Follow what you love and what drives your creativity, the rest will come naturally. 

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Image source: Glam Observer 

By: Clare Mathiesen, @claremathiesen