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6 Fashion Jobs Currently Available in Toronto

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

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Calling all Toronto fashionistas! If you’re looking for a career in fashion, we’ve made it easy for you by narrowing down some of the most fashionable jobs in Toronto. All you have to do now is polish up your resume and cover letter, and apply!


Body Blue
Role: Sales Associate
Job Type: Full-time
Job Description: Body Blue is currently seeking outgoing and experienced sales associates to join its team. Potential candidates must exhibit strong communication skills, a positive attitude and must be available to work retail hours. Selling skills and a flair for fashion will be considered an asset. Advancement opportunities.


Lea-Ann Belter Bridal Limited
Role: Production Manager
Job Type: Full-time
Job Description: Lee-Ann Belter is hiring for the position of Production Manager. This is a full-time permanent position located at its retail store in Toronto.


Role: Fashion design intern
Job Type: Intern
Job Description: Canadian womenswear label LACEDSILK is looking for a Fashion Design Assistant Intern. If you’re looking for experience in the industry, you’re a hard worker, and of course passionate about fashion design- this is definitely the internship for you.


Garrison Bespoke
Role: Sales Account Coordinator
Job Type: Part-Time
Job Description: The Garrison Sales Coordinator supports store leadership and sales teams by connecting with inbound sales leads, introducing them to our store and services, assisting stylists with sales consultations and order processing, as well as contributing to daily tasks to maintain the showrooms and provide gold standard customer service.


Role: eCommerce Coordinator
Job Type: Intern
Job Description: MizDragonfly is looking for a stellar individual, preferably with Shopify experience, to join its team as an eCommerce Coordinator.


The Narwhal
Role: Sales Associate
Job Type: Part-Time
Job Description: The Narwhal is looking for a hard-working, reliable, professional and just all around awesome individual to join its team. The candidate must be well versed in high-end and contemporary fashion with a strong knowledge of current and upcoming fashion trends, must have previous fashion retail experience and proven retail sales ability to name a few qualifications. .


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Fashion Jobs – New Employee Satisfaction

Thursday, November 29th, 2018

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada



As the owner, manager or hiring manager, you’re the front line and first contact for your company. You’re a spokesperson and in a way, a bit of PR. You’re selling the role and company culture to potential candidates, and because you want to fill the position, you need to convincingly pitch the job and company. I know because I used to be a recruiter for a top Canadian retailer and now for myself (Style Nine to Five) and I passionately loved my employer. It’s important that when new employees begin their new job, the environment and role you sold them on match their expectations.


As a recruiter, I arranged to meet with candidates at a trendy café and explained to them how pleased they would be with the particular role – after all, I sat there with a big smile on my face, gushing with pride about my great experiences and just how wonderful the company I worked for was. Many times, unfortunately, when these employees started, their store management failed to deliver my vision. Ultimately, the employees didn’t last and they were unhappy.


Accepting a new job offer is a big commitment and career move for the candidate. More often than not, they’ve left a current position they enjoy for the one you’re selling. During the training process they may start to lose hope. Does management appear too busy to find the time to train? Are the new employees feeling left out and isolated from other existing members of staff? Is the role and its responsibilities not as expected from the interview process? Are they receiving adequate training? New employees may start looking for other jobs immediately otherwise. Even if they do decide to stick it out, that once eager, excited employee is a little less motivated now.


How do we improve this? It’s up to store management to make the best impression to new employees, maintain that standard and keep their dreams alive.


It is definitely a conversation worth having with your team.


Christie Lohr

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Fashion Jobs – 7 Must Have Accessories for Summer

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

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Summer is the perfect time to play with all kinds of fun accessories since there are just so many types of occasions to dress for! Is there a wedding coming up? A beach day? A picnic in the park? The types of accessories you choose for each one of these events will be completely different, so you’re free to experiment with styles throughout the season. Since accessories are generally pretty inexpensive, you can also pack a solid bang for your buck with several options to spice up your summer wardrobe. Read on to see the seven accessories I’ve picked that are sure to be on all of this season’s must-have accessory lists.


Retro Sunnies
This pair of cat-eye sunglasses from Mango would be the perfect complement to any beach attire. The pop of red makes them unique from the many neutral shades on the market right now and adds just the right amount of colour to any summer outfit.


Think of espadrilles as your summer alternative to sneakers! Either in a wedge heel or a flat, these warm-weather shoes are super comfortable for walking around and keeping you looking stylish.

3Statement Earrings
With this trend, you can really find a pair out there as wild as your imagination will take you. With beads, fringe, feathers or metals, a dramatic pair of attention-grabbing earrings makes a bold statement this summer.


Chic Sun Hat
A fashionable accessory that also protects your skin from the sun is a double win for me. The bigger the brim the better, as some of this season’s latest versions are supersized for ultimate style.



Woven Bag
Take a page out of classic French Girl style and choose a simple woven bag for all your beach essentials. You can also opt to keep your valuables safe inside a smaller pouch and use it as an alternative to your day to day handbag.


Logo Slides
Plastic slides are no longer just dedicated to beachside and poolside fashion. They add a relaxed, cool-girl vibe to any outfit this summer, and are just about as comfortable as you can get without leaving the house in slippers.


A multipurpose Scarf
Tie one on your purse, in your hair or around your wrist – the options are endless! A silk scarf in a bright print can liven up even a simple look and make it look effortlessly pulled together.


Inspirational Images
Image courtesy of Refinery29


Product Info
Cat-eye sunglasses, $39.99, available at Mango
Soludos Ibiza Embroidered Espadrille Slides, $78.00, available at Anthropologie
Ambrosia Drop Earrings, $44.00, available at Baublebar
Le chapeau Bomba, $431, available at Jacquemus
Bailuoni Net String Shopping Bag, $8.99, available at Amazon
Fendi Logo Pool Slides, $850, available at Saks Fifth Avenue
Be Mine Printed Silk Bandana, $36, available at Free People


By Kate Mendonca, Toronto, ON.

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Fashion Jobs – From Desk to Dazzling: The Do’s and Don’t’s of Office Party Dressing

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs2b77e8e6c23d5fc97452a64b435e0f67It’s that time of year again- the office holiday party! Some love it, some may hate it but nevertheless it’s a great chance to showcase your personal style, especially if you work in an office that usually has a very drab dress code. However, there are some things you need to consider before showing up to the party, to ensure you look your best and keep the respect of your coworkers (and your boss!).

Consider the venue of your holiday party. If it’s at a casual restaurant, there’s no need to go over the top with your outfit. On the other hand, if it’s a large formal evening affair, make sure you put effort into how you look!

Stay modest! You may want to wear something more revealing than the frumpy suit you wear every other regular day, but it’s not worth risking your reputation at work or losing respect. You can still look glamourous without baring it all.

Remain true to your personal style. Don’t bother wearing something you feel doesn’t suit you or you’re not comfortable in because it will only prevent you from having fun at the party. Don’t try to be something you’re not just because you want to impress others, you probably already impress them enough in the workplace!

Be festive! No, this doesn’t mean you have to wear head to toe red and green, but it’s always fun to add a bit of holiday spirit to an outfit for a party. It can be as simple as wearing something with sparkle or sporting a red lip.

Most of all, enjoy yourself! The whole point of an office party is for people to relax, mingle and have fun, it’s not a wardrobe competition. As long as you pick something appropriate and you feel good in, it’ll be a party to remember.

Here are some great options for holiday office party wear:


1. Closet Skater Dress, $117, available at ASOS

2. Zara Silver Pleated Skirt, $49

3. Deletta Garden Guise Top, US $88, available at Anthropologie

4. Banana Republic Metallic Blazer, $198

5. Express Black and White Striped Pants, $79

6. Chelsea28 Metallic Surplice Blouse, $95, available at Nordstrom


By Sarah Brooks, Toronto

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