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Fashion Career Advice with Christie Lohr

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

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Listen to Christie Lohr’s fashion career journey in this podcast she did with Glam Observer. She gives resume and cover letter tips, how to break into the fashion industry, what fashion employers look for in a job candidate, should you go to fashion school or is getting the fashion experience enough? Listen HERE.

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Fashion Jobs – 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Resume This Spring

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaStyle Nine To Five_Resume Spring Cleaning

Your resume is always a great thing to take a look at and refresh at least once a year — even if you’re not in the job market. You never know when that next big promotion could be in your sights and you need to have your resume ready to submit to a hiring manager at any time. For those currently in the job market, spring is a time where employers look to hire as employees leave for the school year and street front stores begin to pick up for summer. Here are our favourite trips for spring cleaning your resume.

Style Nine To Five_Resume Spring Cleaning_Current Role

Revisit Your Current Role
A great place to start when looking to refresh your resume is reviewing your current role. Have you changed roles since you last made updates? Have your areas of accountability or accomplishments changed or expanded? Making sure your current role is as up to date as possible is extremely important as by now it really should be the only area that needs a good update.

Style Nine To Five_Resume Spring Cleaning_Shorten

Shorten It
Did you know that a traditional resume is actually only a page long? And anything over that is technically considered a curriculum vitae, or CV for short. The longer you’ve been in the workforce, the longer the list of roles usually adds up, and at times your resume can seem too long and repetitive. To change this, you can do a few things. If you’re far along enough now into your career where your high school and college part-time jobs are starting to get stale, it’s time to remove them. Assuming you’ve already done this, you can either look at only covering the last five years of your career history in detail or if other employment history is relevant in the sense of name recognition you can include the rest in quick point form with dates and few key points.

Style Nine To Five_Resume Spring Cleaning_Pinterest Design

Change Up The Design
If you’re someone who tends to keep their resume extremely up to date religiously but you still want a little spring refresh, maybe you should try a redesign! There are many things you can change with your resume from picking a new font, creating a new header design or going the extra mile and completely changing the format of it. If you’re not someone who is handy with a computer, there are plenty of sites where you can interactively design and fill out a customized resume and tools for templates for Microsoft Word. For those of you who are a more creatively inclined, Pinterest has a tone of inspiration to help you. Whatever you decide to change, make sure that your resume is legible, organized and not too cluttered or wordy.

By: M.J. Elle,Toronto, @TheMJElle

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Fashion Jobs – Beyond the Job Boards: Your Dream Job Is Hiding, Here’s How to Find It

Sunday, January 17th, 2016



Online job boards are the first stop for almost every job seeker; and in most cases, the final stop. The strategy of placing all of your résumés in one basket means missing out on all of the other exciting opportunities out there – you just have to make a commitment to finding them. Job seeking can sometimes mirror dating in the sense that you may never find the right ‘one’ by looking in all the same places.


Wondering why companies don’t post all of their job openings? Perhaps the hiring manager doesn’t want to be bombarded with a slew of résumés, or someone may still be in the position, but they are soon to be let go. Also, most hidden opportunities are typically filled based on internal promotions, referrals and recommendations. Those are just a few reasons, but either way, those fashion jobs are out there and you can be that referral or recommendation!


Your willingness to put yourself out there will yield more results, boost your confidence, and open your mind to opportunities and companies that you generally wouldn’t have even considered. Branch out beyond the fashion job boards and seek job openings that aren’t being advertised using these tips:


1. Ask. It never hurts to ask. Create a list of companies that you would like to target, whether or not they are hiring, and reach out the hiring manager. Create an industry-specific résumé that highlights the role you are seeking and complement it with a detailed cover letter that is addressed to a specific person. Inquire about opportunities that may align with your experience and note that you are open to an informational meeting to discuss current or future opportunities. Can’t get to the hiring manager? Proceed to the following steps.


2. Network. Get the word out that you’re in the job market by reaching out to your network and starting a conversation around your area of expertise. The information you receive will depend on your approach and on whether or not they can picture you as a colleague or as someone they would recommend. If you’re sincere and you’re not coming off as desperate, you’ll find it’s fairly easy to open doors to influential decision makers. Current employees are privy to inside information such as upcoming projects, new departments, and expansions with the company. Staying in contact on a regular basis will keep your name fresh in their minds when an opportunity comes around.


3. Research. Take some time to find out what the innovative companies in your industry are up to. Is there a department that you can see yourself contributing to or improving? Without stepping on any toes, call out an area of opportunity and suggest how you would be able to improve the current methods or help to take things to the next level. Be ready to back it up with real ideas and examples of how you can make an impact.


Furthermore, using social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are great ways to connect with the people who can get you one step closer to the hiring manager.


With all of these methods comes one requirement – patience. Applying via job boards may feel as though you’re quickly moving along in the right direction, but the automatic response stating that your application was received can be misleading. Asking for an informational meeting, reaching out to your network, and researching companies takes perseverance and commitment. It’s an ongoing process and patience will yield the results that will set you on the right path to your dream job.


Image: Brooklyn D Photography


By Malicia Basdeo, New York City

Career Advice with Christie Lohr – Cover Letters

Friday, August 15th, 2014

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Job hunting is a tedious process that can be downright frustrating at times. In a world where time is money, I’m sure that many of us have been tempted to hit the “apply” button without attaching an individualized cover letter to go with our resume/CV, especially if it is not a listed application requirement. I mean, our work experience and qualifications is what employers actually look at right? Well, Christie would beg to differ. Having worked in recruitment herself, and still currently pre-screening applicant profiles for Style Nine to Five, Christie’s definitely the authority in what recruiters look for in job applications.


Christie: “One of the biggest mistakes that a job applicant can make is NOT writing up an individualized cover letter to accompany their resume/CV. Even if the application details do not specify for a cover letter attachment, trust me, recruiters definitely look for them. From my personal recruitment experience, receiving hundreds of applications to a single position is not uncommon. Imagine, within those 100 applications, there will be at least one individual who appears to be more qualified than you. Based on resumes alone, many candidates would simply be disregarded or even forgotten due to the amount of duplicity that occurs in qualifications. A cover letter is then, the best way to stand out amongst the sea of candidates. It’s your way to make an impression on the recruiter and to communicate skills that are not present on your resume. Such skills include knowledge of the company and position, writing ability, and even a bit of your personality. Employers DO appreciate the time that a candidate takes to actually write up a personalized cover letter. How else are they to distinguish amongst the candidates who truly want to work for their company versus those that mass apply to any job opening? Personally, I would only consider candidates who include a cover letter, simply because it shows me that they care enough about the application to personalize it.  A rule of thumb that I would suggest job seekers keep in mind when writing cover letters is to mention the name of the company three times throughout the cover letter: in the intro, the body, and the conclusion. This shows the recruiter your interest in the company in a subtle, but noticeable manner. As a recruiter, we want to know why you want to work for us and not anyone else!”


For more fashion career advice, check out our previous Career Chats with Christie Lohr and search #SNTFCareerChat on Twitter.

By: Anna Zhao

Photo by: Laura McIntosh

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Fashion Jobs – Career Advice Session with Christie

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

“How do I reach my career goal?”, “What path should I take?”, “What should I put on my resume?”, “How should I answer this question in an interview?”, or “What should I wear?” Everyone knows your resume and job interview are both important parts of getting that job. It’s really all in the details and sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes and a few key tips to ensure you make a good impression. I would love to help you with your resume, career advice and answer your questions about the fashion industry. Enter our contest to get a one-on-one career advice session over lunch! Details below:

1) Email with the subject: Career Advice Contest
2) In the email, include a few sentences about yourself and why you’d like to participate in the career advice session.

*Must be located in the Vancouver area. Contest ends Friday, November 9th, 2012, 11:59PM PST.

By: Christie Lohr

You should follow me on Twitter @Christie_Lohr @StyleNinetoFive @BeautyNine2Five.

Photo Credit: Framework Mag, Marc Marayag Photography

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Fashion Jobs – Job Interview Q&A

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

The interview is a major part of landing that job and there are a lot of things to keep in mind before and during the interview. We asked Jordana Scarapicchia, a Le Chateau recruiter, to share with us some essential tips to ace your interview. From your resume and right down to your outfit, read on and take notes on these important tips:

What are some important resume Dos and Don’ts?
As recruiters, we review hundreds of resumes per week. It is important that an applicant’s resume is short and concise while maintaining accuracy. Example: using the appropriate dates, writing their experience in chronological order starting with the most recent.

What impresses you the most when interviewing a candidate?

We are always impressed when we meet candidates who are confident about themselves, passionate about their work, have great ambition and have researched and are knowledgeable about the company.

What is a common mistake you often see in resumes?

Often, candidates forget to proofread their resumes before submitting them. As a result, we often see spelling/grammatical errors, and incorrect dates. Most candidates work with a resume template and then make modifications to their resume based on which employer they are submitting their application. Many times, candidates forget to make these modifications and leave other employers’ information on their resume.

What makes a candidate stand out?

On a resume, a candidate stands out if they have pertinent fashion retail or industry related experience. In an interview, a candidate stands out when he/she is confident about themselves, passionate about their work or about the product.

What is appropriate attire for an interview?

Being in the fashion industry, we are often asked this question. The best piece of advice we can share is know your audience! You would not show up to an interview in a law firm wearing jeans and a t-shirt (you need to dress the part!). We appreciate interview attire that is both professional and fashionable. It is important to also accessorize your outfit; it shows that you are detail oriented!

What are 3 special traits someone needs to be successful in any role?

We believe that 3 special traits someone needs to be successful in any role are to have a strong work ethic, be passionate about your work and be a team player! With these 3 skills you are sure to be successful.

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Fashion Jobs – Résumé Writing

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012


When it comes to job hunting, job seekers always ask me this question: How do I make my resume stand out from the rest?

In a pool of candidates and stacks of resumes, it’s so important to cater your cover letter to the company you’re applying to. Avoid giving a general message to all. Take the time to explain and tell them why you want to work for that company. What do you love about the company you’re applying to? What is it about your experiences that makes you a standout candidate? Sending a generic “To whom it may concern” cover letter shows lack of effort or interest and will be overlooked.

When it comes to all your work experiences, your resume should only have industry-specific details. You may have worked at Mc D’s as a teen (as did I), but as your experience grows, you can leave that out. Include work experiences that are fairly recent and relevant to the position.

As for how your resume should look: Make the font clean and use bolding and headings. Hiring Managers have hundreds of resumes to go through and making it easier for our eyes is a plus. Your layout also depends on the job you’re applying for; while most resumes should have a clean appearance, a resume for an art/graphic design position welcomes a more creative look.

Christie Lohr

*You would have also seen this in my feature in Framework Magazine

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