Applying for Multiple Positions at a Company - Style Nine to Five

Applying for Multiple Positions at a Company

Do you have a dream company you’d like to work for? So much so that you stalk their careers page, waiting for postings to be added? Have you ever been tempted to apply for multiple positions at the same company for a chance to get your fit in the door of an organization you are […]

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5 DIY Fashion Projects to Build Your Skills - Style Nine to Five

5 DIY Fashion Projects to Build Your Skills

If fashion jobs feel hard to come by and studying fashion in school isn’t an option, why not get started on your dreams at home? There are plenty of projects you can take on to better your fashion skills, grow your portfolio and maybe even land you that job you’ve been hoping for! 1. Create […]

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How to Re-Apply After Rejection - Style Nine to Five

How to Re-Apply After Rejection

So, you got rejected from your dream company – it happens to almost everyone at some point. But why let one rejection stop you from trying again? It’s entirely possible to be rejected from a company at one time and get hired later down the road – you just have to make sure that they […]

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4 Application Secrets from the Hiring Committee - Style Nine to Five

4 Application Secrets From the Hiring Committee

It’s easy to look up resume examples or simply follow along with a job posting – but what do hiring managers actually want to see from you? Here are some specific things you should do to elevate your job application in a hiring manager’s eyes that you may not know about. 1. Show you’ve researched […]

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Resumes: What to Take Off and What to Add - Style Nine to Five

Resumes: What to Take Off and What to Add

Hiring managers may receive hundreds of applications for an open role. It has also been rumoured that they may only spend as little as seven seconds looking at a resume. To ensure your application is at the top of any call-back pile, you’re going to want to make sure you trim any of the unnecessary […]

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4-Step Job Application Checklist - Style Nine to Five

4-Step Job Application Checklist

In the past few decades, the job application process has evolved in many ways. Gone are the days when job-seekers would search newspapers for jobs or visit business locations and storefronts to get the opportunity to share their resume with the hiring manager. Today, candidates are able to locate job postings online and can even […]

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The Right Way to Include Soft Skills in Your Application

Some sources say cut soft skills from your applications completely, others say to include them. It’s all very confusing – what do hiring managers actually want to see? Well, soft skills aren’t completely useless. Plenty of jobs want to see evidence that you’re capable of certain soft skills, and some may even have them listed […]

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Four Small Details That Can Make or Break Your Job Application - Style Nine to Five

Four Small Details That Can Make or Break Your Job Application

The smallest details of your job applications are also your first impression on a hiring manager. For instance, if a hiring manager sees that you forgot to add a subject line on your application email, they can automatically decide that you aren’t as detail-oriented as your resume claims you are. Employers see file names before […]

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4 Reasons Why You're Not Getting an Interview - Style Nine to Five

4 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting an Interview

Applying for a position and not getting to the next round can be discouraging, especially if it’s happened more than once. When we put in an application, it’s out of your hands on whether or not the employer is interested in moving forward, but there are few things that are in your control before you […]

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Adobe Creative Cloud Programs - Style Nine to Five

Adobe Creative Cloud Programs That Will Level Up Your Resume

Looking for a position in social media, digital marketing, video production or just simply looking to diversify the hard skills on your resume? Adobe’s range of programs might be just what you need. Having a basic understanding of Adobe Creative Cloud can really help your job application and make you a stronger candidate to potential […]

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