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Fashion Internship – Turn Your Summer Internship into a Full-Time Gig

Monday, May 20th, 2019

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Fashion Summer Internships

Whether you want to admit it or not, summer 2017 is winding down and so is your beauty internship! Although we can’t extend the days in the summer season, it’s definitely possible to add months (and even years) to a placement by turning it into a “real” paying job.


It’s a fact: a large number of entry-level positions in the beauty industry are landed after completing an internship with the company. Whether you need school credits or vital experience as a recent grad, we share a few tips on how you can flip your summer internship into a full-time gig. Read on below.


Be Reliable

This is a given. If you haven’t been showing up 15 minutes early to your placement, start ASAP. You can also prove how reliable you are by handing in work well before the deadline and answering emails promptly. Small things make a big impact in the eyes of your potential future boss — they show you’re on top of your game!

Be Enthusiastic

They say “if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life”, BNTF says if you radiate how much you love the work at your internship, you’ll increase your chances of an offer. Taking on even the most boring, routine tasks with a smile says a lot about your work ethic. A positive attitude is a quality 100% of employers want to keep around.

Be Memorable

In larger companies, beauty internships will require more than one girl or guy to get the job done — some may even require a whole team! If you find yourself working with tons of other interns, make yourself memorable. Lead the pack by going above and beyond what is required. It’s also key to establish a connection with the actual employees (instead of just the fellow interns).

Be Ready..

.. for disaster, which will inevitably happen at some point in your professional career. Beauty internships are notorious for being very detail oriented, after all, it’s the little things that set one product apart from the other. Whether you make a typo, send an email addressed to the wrong person, misspell a product name or worse, be ready to take accountability for your mistake and bounce back from it!

Be Teachable

Upgrade your role from hardworking intern to full-time employee by demonstrating how easily you pick up new skills. Most beauty internships provide newcomers with a handbook or introduction video. For ad hoc tasks, write processes and procedures down in detail and constantly reference them. Express how valuable you find new knowledge and that you’d love to learn more!


Be a Knockout

Impressing your future employer is so important but how is it actually done? Simple – underpromise and overdeliver. When you’re asked to complete a task that you (secretly) specialize in, like writing a killer blog post for example, slightly downplay your skills. Your potential boss will be impressed with your execution based on the lowered expectation you’ve set for yourself. Use this tactic in moderation.

Be Top of Mind

Timing is everything. You may already be doing all things listed above but there just isn’t a current opening for a new team member (which sucks!) Make the most out of this bad timing by connecting with the company and its employees via LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Actively engage with posted content and continue to show interest in what they’re up to.

Lastly, for the love of all things good in this world — just ask! The worst you can be told is no. Any other tips we missed on turning your summer internship into a full-time job? Leave them in the comments below.


Image courtesy of Henkel


By: TajaJarvis, Toronto, @TVJV

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Career Advice – How to Fight Back When Anxiety Hits at Work

Monday, May 13th, 2019

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Whether it be work, home, or environmental reasons, anxiety is becoming more and more prevalent in society. It used to be a faux pas to talk about, but the stigma is going away. So, if you’re at work and anxiety suddenly creeps on, what can you do to combat it? It’s true, sometimes you need to just go home and take some time for yourself, but if that’s not an option, how can you get through your workday? We’ve come up with the best ways to fight anxiety!




Headspace is an amazing app that guides you through different meditations. They all vary in length and help with different things going on in your life. This is a great way to step out of the office for a second, find a quiet space and check in with yourself.

 Brunette the Label

Essential Oils


Companies like Saje are great sources for holistic health. Having a roller ball of essential oils, nasal inhalers or putting on a diffuser will not only smell great but help reduce stress and anxiety.  They also have more at home options like bath salts or bath drops that emit essential oils.


Focus on your breathing


Taking a slow deep inhale with a deep exhale four times brings your body to a calm state. It brings your body back in check. It gives you something to focus on and achieve. If the first four breaths don’t work, keep trying.


Distract yourself


Finding ten things that you can see, hear, feel, taste and smell helps to take your mind off of anxiety. This makes it easier to get out of your head and notice things around you. It’s a mini-game that you can do as an interesting way to fight back.




Our biggest tip is to take care of yourself. Work can be stressful and it’s important to take that time for yourself. This is a pre-emptive tip rather than an in the moment one, but it is so worth it. Whether it be getting your hair or nails done, going to the spa, going to the gym, or just reading a book. Taking that time for you will deeply help in the long run.


Inspirational image courtesy of: Husskie.


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette


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Fashion Internships – How an Internship Can Turn Into a Job

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaChristie Internship Posting Blog


With so much competition nowadays in virtually every industry and career field, getting a job right out of school with no real work experience to cite on your resume has become rather difficult. This is especially true for the fashion industry as many positions call for practical and applicable skills that could only have been acquired from performing tasks while on the job. For example, think PR – although having a degree in it is one thing, textbooks and classes alone are not enough to prepare you for the unpredictable nature of the real job. Only past work experience can. That is where the internship comes in. While individuals generally recognize the merit of an internship, sometimes the idea of being a temporary/contract employee, and not being well compensated for the work performed may discourage many from doing the best that they can during the duration of their internship. This is one of the biggest career faux pas you can make.


I have always been a fan of internships. Not only can you learn and develop so many useful skills during an internship that you will ultimately take with you throughout your professional career, it is also a great opportunity to build lasting connections. Although most internships (especially in the fashion industry) may not offer the best compensation in comparison to the amount of time that you’ll likely be putting into it, that doesn’t make the experience any less valuable than a permanent position with the company. I always say: treat your internship like it’s any other job where you would want to make the best impression possible. If anything, you want to prove yourself even more in an internship scenario because you’re not a permanent employee for the company yet. An internship can either land you a future job, or a recommendation that will lead to your future job, or it can leave you with a bad professional reputation instead.


Although a company may not be in a position to hire you yet, if you demonstrate your abilities, tenacity and overall strong work ethic during your internship, you’ll definitely be the first person they think of when an actual job opening comes along. After all, you’ll save them the time and money of advertising for the posting and interviewing for it too. The relationships you establish through your internship may very well land you a job, even if it’s just through a glowing recommendation from your employer. However, the opposite of this is also very true, in the sense that if you prove to be nothing but lazy and unmotivated during your internship, not only will you likely never hear from the company again, but your employer probably won’t have many positive things to say about you afterwards either. Remember, every job or internship you take on will leave some sort of mark on your professional track record. It’s up to you whether you want to make it a good one or not.

Christie Lohr

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Fashion Jobs – How to Get Back to Your Work Routine After the Holidays

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

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The time between Christmas and New Year’s, when you don’t really know what day it really affects your motivation and willingness to go back to work in January, no matter how much you love your job. In that short amount of time, you get used to having no set structure and lounging around, it makes it hard to get back to the grind. With that being said, here are a few sure-fire ways to ensure you can get back into your routine after the holidays.


Prep the Night Before
Waking up to an alarm for the first time in who knows how many days is exhausting. If you prep the night before, you can hit snooze a few extra times. Pick your outfit the night before, prep your lunch and even your breakfast, and then try and get to bed a bit earlier than normal. Having as much sleep as you can will help you feel ready to face the workday.


Don’t Try to Tackle Everything at Once
Let’s face it, we all know that even though your out of office email was set, your inbox is going to be overflowing. You’re going to have some tasks that you left pre-holidays because you were settling into vacation mode a bit early. Don’t fret, everything will eventually get done. It can be overwhelming but complete each thing one by one.


Create a to-do List
Look at everything you have in front of you, and make a concise list. What do you need to do and for when? This way with the holiday pile up, nothing will be missed and all your tasks will be completed. The overwhelming chaos of ‘to-do’s’ will be nicely listed in front of you.


After looking at your to-do list, what are the most important things that need to be completed? Number them in a way that works for you. It could be a 1 to 10 situation, or by importance. For example, these tasks can be labelled as a ‘1’, meaning most important, drop everything and complete this now. Another batch can be labelled as a ‘2’, meaning this is important, but the world is not going to end if I don’t get to it right away. Lastly, you can label the remainders as a ‘3’ meaning, this needs to get done, but get to it when you get to it.


Take a Few Extra Breaks
For the first few days back, you’re going to be tired. It’s okay to take a few mental breaks. Step away from your screen or your task, grab a coffee, or just take a little walk around to get a bit of momentum back. We’re not saying slack off right after holidays, but listen to your body and your mind.


Inspirational images:
Image courtesy of Blog Lovin’
Image courtesy of Popsugar


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette

Fashion Jobs – 5 Ways to Get Your Career Back on Track

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaStyle Inspo

Life is full of highs and lows, and the same goes for your career. You’ll have times where you feel you’re exactly where you want to be and have a sense of accomplishment. In other cases, you might be at a part in your career where you feel stuck or need more of a challenge to continue growing. Whether it’s looking for that next opportunity, or finding ways to grow with a company you love, refreshing your career is nothing to be ashamed of. If you’re looking for that je ne sais quoi for your career, check out our advice for getting your career path back on the right track.


1. Set Goals, Have A Plan

That one piece of advice everyone in your life has given you, from your dad to your financial advisor of having a plan is by no means a gimmick. Setting career goals and building an outline of some sort of plan -five years, 10 years or even three months, is extremely important to work towards your ideal of success. What’s the key to the master plan working? Knowing that you can never really plan out life, and the plan is more of a template.


2. Network Is Your Networth

Talking to your friends and family is always a great way to get advice. But sometimes looking to your professional network to discuss career planning might be more beneficial. Your colleagues and superiors can give you a perspective based on their first-hand experience of you on the job, and the industry you’re in. Whether it’s feedback on your strengths and opportunities or insights on potential opportunities, your professional network is a goldmine of potential.


3. Work With A Recruiter

If you’re looking to make a move from your current organization, you might want to try connecting with a recruiter. Once you get to a certain level in your career, the best companies and opportunities are usually filled by a recruitment firm or consultant. Not all recruiters and processes are the same, so we recommend finding someone who specializes in your industry and is dedicated to getting to know you, in order to find the right fit for you. Starting on our job board is great for finding your new career in fashion and retail!


4. Higher Education

Sometimes that promotion or new opportunity requires a bit more training or education and it’s never too late to head back to class! Some people choose to study a full degree or diploma program, while others might prefer taking a couple courses or getting a certification. There’s an endless supply of free online training that can easily be completed after work, and some companies even offer internal development courses. Whatever way you choose to go, know that education really is power!


5. Find A Mentor

One piece of advice any senior level manager or executive will give you, is to find a professional mentor. This is someone who has insight into your industry or company and that can provide you with advice, inspiration and knowledge to help you grow in your career. Look to people within your industry, organization or network who either you would like to learn more from or have enjoyed communicating with. Big organizations often have mentorship programs senior managers and executives participate in, so be sure to take advantage of that.


Inspiration Image
Image courtesy of Who What Wear


By M.J. Elle, Toronto, @TheMJElle

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Fashion Jobs – New Employee Satisfaction

Thursday, November 29th, 2018

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As the owner, manager or hiring manager, you’re the front line and first contact for your company. You’re a spokesperson and in a way, a bit of PR. You’re selling the role and company culture to potential candidates, and because you want to fill the position, you need to convincingly pitch the job and company. I know because I used to be a recruiter for a top Canadian retailer and now for myself (Style Nine to Five) and I passionately loved my employer. It’s important that when new employees begin their new job, the environment and role you sold them on match their expectations.


As a recruiter, I arranged to meet with candidates at a trendy café and explained to them how pleased they would be with the particular role – after all, I sat there with a big smile on my face, gushing with pride about my great experiences and just how wonderful the company I worked for was. Many times, unfortunately, when these employees started, their store management failed to deliver my vision. Ultimately, the employees didn’t last and they were unhappy.


Accepting a new job offer is a big commitment and career move for the candidate. More often than not, they’ve left a current position they enjoy for the one you’re selling. During the training process they may start to lose hope. Does management appear too busy to find the time to train? Are the new employees feeling left out and isolated from other existing members of staff? Is the role and its responsibilities not as expected from the interview process? Are they receiving adequate training? New employees may start looking for other jobs immediately otherwise. Even if they do decide to stick it out, that once eager, excited employee is a little less motivated now.


How do we improve this? It’s up to store management to make the best impression to new employees, maintain that standard and keep their dreams alive.


It is definitely a conversation worth having with your team.


Christie Lohr

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Fashion Jobs – Online Shopping Vs. In Store Shopping

Thursday, October 18th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canadaamazon-shopping-age-30-261552-1530047075053-main.1200x0c

The convenience of shopping online has taken over. You can add items into your cart while lying in bed or watching TV, not to mention you don’t have to get out of your pyjamas or put makeup on. And we get it, sometimes you just don’t want to socialize. Online shopping trends have been growing steadily over the past few years. However, online shopping does have its downsides. 


Going into a brick and mortar store has far more upsides than the inconvenience of leaving your home. Firstly, there’s no need to pay shipping charges or have to wait for your new favourite product to arrive. Why would you wait to wear that brand new LBD, when you can go pick one out, and wear it out for cocktails that same night? Especially if the item you order isn’t the right size; then you have to go return or exchange the item, and waste even more time.


How many times have ordered something to your house, only to find out it doesn’t fit and you need to bring it back? Going into the store gets rid of that hassle. In a store, you can grab all the items you would normally add to your online cart, and actually see if it works for you before taking it home. 


You can actually feel the product. It’s the worst when you look online and wish you could feel the product. Will it be breathable? Will it have some stretch? What is the quality of the product? Is it going to be stiff and uncomfortable or will it actually be comfortable to wear? Shopping in stores takes all those questions away. You can feel the piece you want to buy, feel the quality, and start that emotional connection.


Let’s not forget the amazing staff that make the stores run smoothly. Each store is staffed with cashiers, salespeople, visual merchandisers, inventory processors and so many more. These employees work hard and care for the product before you take it home. Shopping in stores helps keep these people employed. 


Next time you go to browse online, and add those items to your cart, think about the experience you can have shopping in-store instead.


Inspirational Image
Image courtesy of Who What Wear


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette

Fashion Jobs – Styling Your Knitwear for Fall

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaFall Fashion

The season for sweaters is finally here! Knit sweaters are always a great go-to, whether you’re styling an outfit for a day out with your friends, going to work, or going out at night. However, not all knits work for all body types. Sometimes knits can look too chunky and overwhelm your outfit and your body. SNTF has picked out the best knits for everyone. 


Cable knit sweater
The cable knit sweater is a fall and winter staple, thanks to its comfortable, yet practical style This season, grab a cable knit sweater in the seasons hottest colours like burnt orange, mustard, or maroon. This is a great way to play up a classic in your wardrobe.


Cashmere sweater
Cashmere sweaters are the best way to feel like a million bucks and thankfully you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to get your hands on one. Not only are they super soft, but they are also super luxurious. Pair a dark tone, like black or ash grey, sweater with a knee length pencil skirt and heels, and you have the perfect fall office look.


Textured sweater
A textured sweater is a great way to add some fun to your outfit because a playful texture can bring any outfit to life. Not only do you have the comfort, but you also have the uniqueness of the texture. Throw one on with denim and fashion sneakers and you’ll have your go-to weekend look.


Cardigan sweater
This is the sweater that will be found in every woman’s closet. This versatile piece comes in an array of fabrics and colours and will complete any outfit. Style one with a dress to keep you warm, with trousers for the office, or jeans for a more casual look.


Sweater dress
Since it’s not socially acceptable to wear a blanket out in public, this is the next best option. It’s warm and cozy, yet totally fashionable. Some days you really don’t want to leave your bed but wearing a sweater dress will make it feel like you’re cozy at home. Style with your favourite pair of knee-high boots for all-day comfort and style.


Inspirational Image:
Image courtesy of LivvyLand


Product Info:
UO Lily Chenille Cable Knit Sweater, $72, available at Urban Outfitters
Halogen Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater, $135.06, available at Nordstrom
Textured Weave Sweater, $39, available at Zara
Irreplaceable Cardi, $166.40, available at Free People
Wilfred Montpellier Dress, $178, available at Aritzia


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette

Fashion Jobs – How to Dress the Part for any Interview

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada69cd340e2046486c8fd0021f068a1b63

We’ve all heard the saying “dress to impress” and while it’s not always true, for interviews, it most definitely is. When you go for a job interview, you want to dress for the job you want, not the one you have.  What you wear to an interview shouldn’t always be the same traditional dress pants, blouse and blazer. Applying for the position you want, and learning you’ve landed the interview is stressful enough, what you wear shouldn’t have to be, which is why SNTF has come up with some great options and ideas to help you look professional and fashionable for a variety of roles.


Fashion-Forward Brand
It does depend on what type of retailer you are interviewing for, but you want to use this opportunity to show off your fashion sense and personality. If you’re interviewing somewhere more high-end, you’ll want to cater your outfit to that, think heels, clean lines and a touch of your own personal style. If it’s a brand that is a bit more casual, you can have a bit more fun with your outfit. More patterns, flats and ‘you’ in an outfit.


A Creative Position
If you are applying for a creative position, your outfit can be seen as an extension of your resumé and portfolio. This is when you would wear the least traditional interview outfit. This is where you can 100% be yourself and be unapologetic about it. Show your sense of style and your creativity with your outfit.


Office Job
When working in an office, you can be a little more casual, yet still have a professional vibe. A nice dress, no shorter than just above your knees, with a nice jacket or blazer, would be your go-to. Finish your look off with a few tasteful accessories like a trendy necklace or pair of earrings that don’t aren’t too distracting.


As a receptionist, you’re the face of the company. This means you need to look well put together at all times. Aim for heels, or nice flats, and a more tailored outfit such as a knee-length skirt or skinny trousers with a feminine yet professional top.


For this interview, you want to have a crisp yet playful look, and in our opinion, colour blocking is ideal. You want to create a professional look, with a bit of a twist. Bright colours and minimal patterns will show that you are responsible, yet fun and can think outside the box. Perfect for a marketing position.


Inspirational Images
Main image courtesy of Fashion Designz
Image courtesy of Vogue
Image courtesy of All for Fashion Design
Image courtesy of My Top Ideas
Image courtesy of Brighton the Day
Image courtesy of Harpers Bazaar


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette

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Fashion Jobs – 3 Ways to Land a Job After Your Summer Internship

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada SNTF_3 Ways To Land A Job After Your Summer Internship

The end of summer means saying goodbye to longer days, flip flops and for some, an internship. Whether you’re looking to complete hours required for your education, or you just wanted some extra exposure in your field of interest, summer internships provide great on the job experience ahead of joining the workforce full time. Internships can also help you decide if an industry is right for you, or if you’re better suited for something else before committing and dedicating time to build the start of your career.


Whether you’re headed back to class or are at the start of your journey in the workforce you might be wanting to land a position after your internship, especially if you just spent time at a dream job. When you’re just starting off and trying to find an entry-level position, you want to make sure you’re prepared and set up for success in order to stand out from your competition. Luckily, having a summer internship just wrap-up is a huge benefit that can be leveraged to land your first job. Here’s our recommendation on ways to better your odds of landing a job after your summer internship.

SNTF_3 Ways To Land A Job After Your Summer Internship_Apply

1. Follow Up With Your Internship Employer

Assuming that you left your summer internship on good terms, we always recommend you keep in contact with your direct supervisor. Aside from this person being your manager, they also either directly or indirectly played the role of a mentor while providing you with your on the job experience. If you haven’t already done so, sending a follow-up email thanking them for their time, shared knowledge and the overall experience is a way you can leave a lasting impression with them. In this email, you can also share some of the learnings you gained and the skills you developed during your internship, and even inquire about any current or future opportunities that may become available. If you left a good impression with the company, had a great performance during your internship and were an overall good fit with the company culture, chances are they will have an opportunity for you, and if not maybe be able to recommend you for one.

SNTF_3 Ways To Land A Job After Your Summer Internship_Update Resume LinkedIn

2. Update Your Resume & LinkedIn

If you haven’t already done so, you definitely want to update your resume and LinkedIn with your internship position. Paid or not, the experience and skills gained during an internship are just as important to prospective employers as any other job experience. Highlight any achievements or projects you played a role in and any industry-specific skills you might have learned during your summer internship. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, now is a great time to get one started. LinkedIn really is the future of the job market and a great way to get your name out to recruiters, companies and potential opportunities. If you’re not sure where to start, you can check out our previous blogs on LinkedIn for some guidance on using the social network. Our founder Christie Lohr can review your resume and LinkedIn! It’s a service we offer. Click here for more.

SNTF_3 Ways To Land A Job After Your Summer Internship_Follow Up

3. Apply To Positions Relevant to Your Internship

Now that your resume and LinkedIn profile are ready to go, you can start to apply to jobs! Take your time to carefully go through job descriptions and learn about companies before applying so you know what you’re getting into. The best way to leverage your internship is to apply to positions relevant to what you did. Always visit Style Nine to Five for the latest in fashion and retail jobs and internships! As much as your internship experience has value within the job market, if you’re up against candidates with previous job experience it can be outweighed. Look at things like daily tasks, skills required and even the industry and try to relate your internship experience to the job description. But don’t overthink it too much, things don’t need to line up one for one because keep in mind entry-level positions are meant for newcomers to begin to build their careers.


Inspiration Images
Images courtesy of Laia Magazine


By M.J. Elle, Toronto, @TheMJElle