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We’re Just Not That into You – Tips on Handling Job Rejections

It’s been a solid 14 months since I last held a concrete position. Feeling discouraged is an understatement. My confidence has certainly taken a beating, having applied to what feels like hundreds of jobs and getting minimal responses, if any at all, in return. I’ve spent hours, sometimes even full days, putting together an application […]

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3 Online Certifications That Will Level Up Your Resume - Style Nine to Five

3 Online Certifications That Will Level Up Your Resume

Feeling like you want to improve your skill set, but not sure what courses will set you apart from the rest? Don’t sweat it, we’ve done the work for you! Below are some versatile certifications that will not only give your resume the competitive edge it needs to be noticed, but also increase your applicable […]

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Prepping For the First Interview

Prepping for the First Interview

Woo hoo! You got the call back and have an interview set up! No matter if this is your dream job, or the first step on the ladder to the top, you want to ace it, especially in today’s ultra-competitive job-seeking scene. While some people choose to wing it, most of us need more help, […]

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5 Ways to Negotiate Salary Like a Pro - Style Nine to Five

5 Ways to Negotiate Salary Like a Pro

Talking about money with a prospective employer, especially in a pandemic, can be nerve-wracking. If you haven’t yet received an offer yet, this is an excellent time to prepare. Don’t worry if you’ve never negotiated an offer of employment! We’re going to go through five things you can do to navigate this delicate subject: developing […]

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