How to Re-Apply After Rejection - Style Nine to Five

How to Re-Apply After Rejection

So, you got rejected from your dream company – it happens to almost everyone at some point. But why let one rejection stop you from trying again? It’s entirely possible to be rejected from a company at one time and get hired later down the road – you just have to make sure that they […]

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Resumes and Cover Letters - Style Nine to Five

7 Job Application Bad Habits to Stop ASAP

It’s time to refresh what you know about how to write resumes and cover letters. Industries and application expectations are always growing and changing, which means some of the application package habits you learned back in the day are now obsolete. Here are seven things to stop doing if you want your application package to […]

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5 Ways to Shake Up Your Career in the New Year

Feeling stagnant at work? Can’t find work at all? The new year is fast approaching, and this is a great time to make some changes in your career journey. Here are five different things you can do to make some changes to your career path in 2022 – maybe they’ll land you a few steps […]

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5 Easy Ways to Update Your Application Package - Style Nine to Five

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Application Package

So, you aren’t getting job offers, but you can’t quite figure out what’s wrong with your application package, and you certainly don’t have hours to spend trying to sort it out. Don’t worry – there are plenty of quick and easy fixes you can implement to clean up your resume and cover letter that’ll give […]

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How to Ask for a Recommendation Letter - Style Nine to Five

How to Ask for a Recommendation Letter

Recommendation letters can really bolster your application package and make you stand out from the rest by adding credibility to what you’re demonstrating in your resume and cover letter. But, asking for a recommendation letter can feel daunting if you don’t know who to ask or what you want them to say. There’s also the […]

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How to Ace the Job Application Email - Style Nine to Five

How to Ace the Job Application Email

Applying for a new job is a multi-step process that take a lot of work! Once you’ve done your homework, created an attention-grabbing cover letter, and whipped up a sleek resume, you’re ready to go. But there’s one important step that stands in the way: your application email. When a job posting asks you to […]

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6 Ways to Beat the Interview Jitters - Style Nine to Five

6 Ways to Beat the Interview Jitters

No matter how excited you are about getting an interview, your nerves are sure to kick in before the big day. For many of us, job interviews can set off sweaty palms, shortness of breath, a shaky voice, and even forgetting what you were about to say. While you might never be totally relaxed in […]

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The Art of Sending the Perfect Follow-Up Email

Congrats! You got the interview and hopefully you nailed it. But no matter how successful the interview was or how confident you are, your work isn’t done yet. Before you simply sit back and wait for the hiring manager to call you with the great news that you got the job, there’s an important step […]

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Career Services – Application Templates Are Finally Here

Are you ready for a Clean Slate or to Make Magic? Now you can because Style Nine to Five Founder Christie Lohr has just released new application templates to help you land your dream job! Think resume templates, but better. There are five packages for you to choose from: Clean Slate, Sun Kissed, Make Magic, […]

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