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A position at Lululemon is one of the most highly coveted roles in the Canadian fashion industry. Not only is Lululemon a reputable brand, leading the way in innovative athleisure, but their clever marketing, contemporary business model and attractive company culture makes Lululemon a desirable organization to work for, with great rewards. Not only is a role with Lululemon sought after, but it can be highly competitive as well, so how do you break in?

1. Embrace the Lululemon Lifestyle

Working at Lululemon isn’t simply a job, it is a way of life. Being an athleisure company that’s leading the way in the wellness community, it is important to embrace the lifestyle they are selling. If yoga, green juice and meditation isn’t already part of your daily schedule, it’s time to start. Try starting your morning off with a Lululemon approved wellness routine and embrace the Lulu lifestyle.

2. Research the Brand

Lululemon prides themselves on transparency and there is no shortage of information available on who the company is, what their leadership looks like and what they stand for. As mentioned above, Lululemon is a lifestyle, it’s important to know not only who Lululemon is, but what it means to you and why you want to work there.

3. Tailor Your Application

This applies to every application you submit, but especially for highly competitive roles like a position at Lululemon. You can expect to be one of hundreds, if not thousands of applicants, so a tailored application that matches your relevant skills, experiences and accomplishments to the expectations and requirements of the role is a non-negotiable. Your tailored application is your opportunity to highlight relevant skills, experiences and accomplishments that demonstrate how you can contribute to Lululemon’s success.

4. Showcase Your Passion

Lululemon values individuals who are passionate not only about the products but also about building a community. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine. When it comes to companies like Lululemon they are not only looking for a competent worker, but a culture fit as well. In your cover letter you can share details about yourself such as entrepreneurial passion, your interest in wellness and why being part of the Lululemon team is so important to you.

5. Leverage Your Network

Do you know anyone currently employed by Lululemon? Maybe you know someone, who knows someone who can make the introduction? Try putting your interest in the company out on LinkedIn, or reaching out to specific people in your network who may be able to help create connections for you. Having a connection can be a huge complement to your application. It’s like a built-in reference, but even better because the connection is mutual.

6. Prepare for the Interview 

The interview is your opportunity to showcase your ability to contribute to a positive and inclusive work environment, which is highly valued by the brand. Interviews are primarily about a culture fit. You wouldn’t be invited to the interview if your application didn’t demonstrate that your experience and skill set were a match for the role. That being said, you want to be prepared with some answers to common interview questions, have a clear understanding of why you are interested in the organization and come with your own questions for the interviewer as well.

7. Be Genuine and Authentic

Job interviews can be so stressful it’s easy to get caught up with trying to make the right impression and being who we think the organization wants us to be, so much so that we forget to be ourselves. Inauthenticity can be easy to spot and can end up hindering your success. Remember though that an interview is not only your opportunity to prove yourself to the organization, but it’s important to find out if the organization is right for you as well. Bringing your authentic self to the interview will help you gauge if you are aligned and can help inform your own career goals and decision to accept should you be offered a role.

8. Demonstrate Leadership

An organization like Lululemon strongly values leadership skills. Even if you aren’t vying for a leadership or management role doesn’t mean you can’t lead within your role and exemplify the traits and skills of a leader. These can include problem solving, communication, decision making and more. Regardless of what role you are in, these are valuable skills that will be championed and rewarded within an organization such as Lululemon where there are boundless opportunities for growth.

9. Stay Resilient 
The path to getting hired at Lululemon may not be straightforward, but resilience is a quality the brand values. You may receive a few closed doors, a few “no’s” and even radio silence before you find success. Don’t let that rejection stop you from attaining your dream job at a dream company. Rejection is redirection. Maybe you got a “no” because the role that is really meant for you is about to open up on another team. Maybe you just need a bit more experience. Whatever the reason rejection is not a reason to give up, it is part of the process. The most successful people heard no and persevered, you can too!

10. Stay Informed

Keep an eye on Lululemon’s careers page for new job openings and opportunities. With a large organization that only continues to grow there are more and more openings and opportunities arising all the time. Stay on top of their career page and check out the Style Nine to Five job board where Lululemon postings can often be found. Don’t wait for the job to come to you, be proactive and keep looking consistently.

These ten tips were compiled by Style Nine to Five’s founder Christie Lohr based on her experience helping career-driven individuals land dream jobs at organizations like fitness empire Lululemon. These helpful tools can be applied to any job application, whether you are applying to your dream job at Lululemon, or a job that pays the bills.

At any point in your application, or hiring process, feel free to reach out to Christie. She’s a leading expert in fashion careers in Canada with loads of experience and knowledge in helping applicants land positions with everyone’s favourite fitness wear retailer.

Sheila O’Neill is a creative, innovative and inspiring storyteller with a background in fashion.

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