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Fashion Jobs – How to Leave Your Job When your Dreams Take you Elsewhere

Friday, October 12th, 2018

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Sometimes it happens. You’re working for a company that you love, in a role you enjoy and then you find yourself starting to think about finding something new and you consider looking elsewhere. There are many different reasons why this can happen. You may feel like perhaps you don’t necessarily actually like the company you work for as much as you might have thought, you’re not learning anything new, you’ve reached the top of the totem pole and there is no more room to grow. The reasons are endless, but whether or not you’re leaving on good terms or bad, you never want to burn your bridges.


Be professional
Whether you’re leaving out of anger or not, be cordial when you quit. Don’t say anything out of spite or something that can be used against you down the road. You may possibly want to use your current employer as a reference, so you will want to make sure your resignation process leaves no hard feelings.


Resignation letter
Ensure you are not just resigning verbally or via email, make sure you type out a professional resignation letter. This protects not only yourself but your employer as well. In your letter, you want to thank your employer for the experience but let them know you will be moving on. Let them know when your last day of work is. Typically, two weeks is given, but depending on your position, more notice may be required.


Work out your notice as if you weren’t leaving
Your work is a reflection of how your employer sees you as a person. If you are still working hard, and putting in the effort, it will show your employer that you still care even though you’re leaving. This is important because networking is key. Sometimes it’s all about who you know, and who they know. Even if you were a great employee for years, your notice period can leave a lasting impression.


Keep in touch
If you really valued the job you’re leaving, then stay in touch! Keep in contact with your old boss to stay up to date and ask them for advice. This person can become your mentor, and maybe even let you know when another career progression opportunity is available for you.


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By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette

Fashion Jobs – How to Become an Expert in Your Career

Thursday, October 11th, 2018

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaHow to be an expert in your career. Photo by My Domain.

Once you find the career you love, becoming an expert is your next move. When you love your career, you want to be able to be the person who everyone can turn to for advice. Being an expert in your field not only makes you more valuable to your employer, but it also opens up so many doors. When you’re an expert, you are able to make it to the top of your field, and get exactly where you want to go. Not sure on how to become an expert in your field? We have everything you need to know below.


Pick your field
Find out what you’re passionate about and what your five-year plan is. Once you find your passion, becoming an expert will be easy. You will have the drive to work towards becoming an expert in your field. It takes work and time, so you have to love your career to become an expert in it.


Learn everything you can
Next, you need to learn as much as you can about your field. This means attending talks, seminars, and constantly reading and staying up to date on topics related to your career. If there is a talk or class in your field, clear your schedule and attend. Have there been articles or news posted about something? Make sure you take the time to read them. As the old saying goes, knowledge is power.


Adapt to changing technologies and policies
Depending on what field you’re in, you may be using different types of technology. Technology and policies in the workplace are always changing. To be an expert, you need to make sure you adapt to those changes and learn along the way. If you cling to old technologies and don’t adapt your thinking and work processes, you’ll be stuck behind.


Share your knowledge
Once you’re an expert, you’ll be the one everyone looks up to. Share your knowledge and teach others. Teaching is the best way to practice your skills and stay on top of the information you have learned.


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By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette

Fashion Jobs – How to Dress the Part for any Interview

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

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We’ve all heard the saying “dress to impress” and while it’s not always true, for interviews, it most definitely is. When you go for a job interview, you want to dress for the job you want, not the one you have.  What you wear to an interview shouldn’t always be the same traditional dress pants, blouse and blazer. Applying for the position you want, and learning you’ve landed the interview is stressful enough, what you wear shouldn’t have to be, which is why SNTF has come up with some great options and ideas to help you look professional and fashionable for a variety of roles.


Fashion-Forward Brand
It does depend on what type of retailer you are interviewing for, but you want to use this opportunity to show off your fashion sense and personality. If you’re interviewing somewhere more high-end, you’ll want to cater your outfit to that, think heels, clean lines and a touch of your own personal style. If it’s a brand that is a bit more casual, you can have a bit more fun with your outfit. More patterns, flats and ‘you’ in an outfit.


A Creative Position
If you are applying for a creative position, your outfit can be seen as an extension of your resumé and portfolio. This is when you would wear the least traditional interview outfit. This is where you can 100% be yourself and be unapologetic about it. Show your sense of style and your creativity with your outfit.


Office Job
When working in an office, you can be a little more casual, yet still have a professional vibe. A nice dress, no shorter than just above your knees, with a nice jacket or blazer, would be your go-to. Finish your look off with a few tasteful accessories like a trendy necklace or pair of earrings that don’t aren’t too distracting.


As a receptionist, you’re the face of the company. This means you need to look well put together at all times. Aim for heels, or nice flats, and a more tailored outfit such as a knee-length skirt or skinny trousers with a feminine yet professional top.


For this interview, you want to have a crisp yet playful look, and in our opinion, colour blocking is ideal. You want to create a professional look, with a bit of a twist. Bright colours and minimal patterns will show that you are responsible, yet fun and can think outside the box. Perfect for a marketing position.


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Image courtesy of Harpers Bazaar


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette

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Fashion Jobs – 3 Ways to Land a Job After Your Summer Internship

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada SNTF_3 Ways To Land A Job After Your Summer Internship

The end of summer means saying goodbye to longer days, flip flops and for some, an internship. Whether you’re looking to complete hours required for your education, or you just wanted some extra exposure in your field of interest, summer internships provide great on the job experience ahead of joining the workforce full time. Internships can also help you decide if an industry is right for you, or if you’re better suited for something else before committing and dedicating time to build the start of your career.


Whether you’re headed back to class or are at the start of your journey in the workforce you might be wanting to land a position after your internship, especially if you just spent time at a dream job. When you’re just starting off and trying to find an entry-level position, you want to make sure you’re prepared and set up for success in order to stand out from your competition. Luckily, having a summer internship just wrap-up is a huge benefit that can be leveraged to land your first job. Here’s our recommendation on ways to better your odds of landing a job after your summer internship.

SNTF_3 Ways To Land A Job After Your Summer Internship_Apply

1. Follow Up With Your Internship Employer

Assuming that you left your summer internship on good terms, we always recommend you keep in contact with your direct supervisor. Aside from this person being your manager, they also either directly or indirectly played the role of a mentor while providing you with your on the job experience. If you haven’t already done so, sending a follow-up email thanking them for their time, shared knowledge and the overall experience is a way you can leave a lasting impression with them. In this email, you can also share some of the learnings you gained and the skills you developed during your internship, and even inquire about any current or future opportunities that may become available. If you left a good impression with the company, had a great performance during your internship and were an overall good fit with the company culture, chances are they will have an opportunity for you, and if not maybe be able to recommend you for one.

SNTF_3 Ways To Land A Job After Your Summer Internship_Update Resume LinkedIn

2. Update Your Resume & LinkedIn

If you haven’t already done so, you definitely want to update your resume and LinkedIn with your internship position. Paid or not, the experience and skills gained during an internship are just as important to prospective employers as any other job experience. Highlight any achievements or projects you played a role in and any industry-specific skills you might have learned during your summer internship. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, now is a great time to get one started. LinkedIn really is the future of the job market and a great way to get your name out to recruiters, companies and potential opportunities. If you’re not sure where to start, you can check out our previous blogs on LinkedIn for some guidance on using the social network. Our founder Christie Lohr can review your resume and LinkedIn! It’s a service we offer. Click here for more.

SNTF_3 Ways To Land A Job After Your Summer Internship_Follow Up

3. Apply To Positions Relevant to Your Internship

Now that your resume and LinkedIn profile are ready to go, you can start to apply to jobs! Take your time to carefully go through job descriptions and learn about companies before applying so you know what you’re getting into. The best way to leverage your internship is to apply to positions relevant to what you did. Always visit Style Nine to Five for the latest in fashion and retail jobs and internships! As much as your internship experience has value within the job market, if you’re up against candidates with previous job experience it can be outweighed. Look at things like daily tasks, skills required and even the industry and try to relate your internship experience to the job description. But don’t overthink it too much, things don’t need to line up one for one because keep in mind entry-level positions are meant for newcomers to begin to build their careers.


Inspiration Images
Images courtesy of Laia Magazine


By M.J. Elle, Toronto, @TheMJElle

Fashion Jobs – Five Tips for Switching Career Paths

Friday, June 29th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canadaerin-office-35

The thought of switching careers can seem daunting, but speaking from experience, it’s completely doable! Whether you’re in a field that you don’t enjoy, or you’re looking to return to the workforce after some time off, choosing to do what makes you happy should be the first important step on your new career journey. Once you’ve committed to go for it, the rest is all downhill! If you’re considering switching fields, We’ve put together a list of five tips on how to get started and make the transition as easy as possible.


There are different ways to go about making the switch to a new career, but researching the field you’re interested in is a great place to begin. Find out as much information as possible on things like the types of jobs that are currently available in your new field of choice, how much you can expect to make in those roles, and whether any technical skills are required in order to get hired.


Chat with professionals
An easy way to learn more about a new industry is to speak to someone directly involved in it. Schedule some one on one time with professionals in the field you’re looking to move into, and learn from their experience. You’ll get a sense of what their work life looks like, which will help you decide if it’s the right career path for you.


Once you’ve found the industry and career path that fits with your goals, it’s time to start networking. Look for professional groups in your area to connect with others in your industry. You never know who you might meet to introduce you to the job of your dreams!

Main Image (4)

Volunteering is especially important if you’re looking to switch into an industry where you don’t already have any firsthand experience. Use your spare time wisely to get ahead by writing, volunteering at events, or putting any of your existing skills to use. It’s a great way to break into your new industry and get a taste of what to expect in potential future roles.


Hit the Books
If all else fails, you may need to head back to school to brush up on your skills. This is the route I took to change my career path, and it ended up being the best decision I could have made. Through continued education, I was exposed to other people who were passionate about the same things as I was. I also received plenty of guidance as I figured out my next professional steps, and built a network of colleagues that I still keep in touch with today.


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By Kate Mendonca, Toronto, @kate.mendonca

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Fashion Jobs – 5 Ways to Break Out of Your Workplace Slump

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

When monotony settles in and the warmer weather has you daydreaming about being anywhere but the office, you might be feeling just a little restless at work. It happens to the best of us, but a workplace slump is nothing you can’t overcome. I’ve put together a list of ideas to combat this spring fever and keep you loving the job you’re in.


Seek Out More Responsibilities
Hear me out, more responsibilities CAN be a good thing! If there’s an area of the business that you’re interested in learning more about or would like to add into your existing role, the best thing you can do is voice your interest to your superiors. It benefits everyone since you’ll be learning a new skill and keeping your work life interesting, while also showing initiative by sharing your desire to grow professionally.


Get to Know Your Team
If you don’t normally spend much time outside the water cooler chatting with coworkers, now’s the perfect time to give it a try. Find a teammate that you’d be interested in getting to know better and ask them to join you to grab a coffee or lunch together. You may just find a new work bestie in the process, and at the very least you’ll build a better working relationship.


Start a Club
If your workplace is large enough to accommodate different clubs or groups, why not consider starting your own? A book club, a knitting circle, or a game night is a great way to get to know your coworkers outside of a professional environment and can help break up the work week by giving you something fun to look forward to.


Get Charitable
Volunteering as a group can be a really rewarding way to do some team bonding at work. Choose a charity that’s near to your heart, and find a way to get involved as a team. Whether it’s through a volunteer day or by fundraising, finding a way to come together and make a difference is an easy way to switch things up at work.


Start Job-Searching
When all else fails and you’re still feeling like you’re in a workplace slump, there’s no harm in starting to look for a new position. Maybe you’ve outgrown your role and are ready for a change, or you’re just not entirely happy in your current work situation. No matter what the cause is, jump-starting your career search is a great way to stay energized and focused on the job at hand.


Inspirational Image
Image courtesy of Markus Spiske


By Kate Mendonca, Toronto, @kate.mendonca

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Fashion Jobs – Tips for Pitching Your Next Promotion or Raise

Thursday, May 10th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaTips For Pitching Your Next Promotion Or Raise_Inspiration

Stepping into the workforce and navigating adulthood isn’t easy for anyone, no matter your age or experience. Between finding yourself, learning how to work with different personalities and building your own mark in your industry can get really overwhelming and confusing. For the most part, a lot of us can look to things like workplace tools, online resources, and even our mentors to get advice on things like work-life balance and skill set development. But the one thing we find a major lack of is advice on how to position yourself for a promotion and how to pitch yourself to your superiors.


A lot of successful leaders will probably tell you they’ve gained a lot of the opportunities they’ve had in life by going and asking for it instead of waiting for things to happen. It can seem a little bit unprofessional to directly ask for a promotion, especially a raise, but sometimes the reality is not every organization fosters a corporate culture based on internal growth, so sometimes when new positions come up it isn’t instinct to look within.


On the other hand, you might be in an organization that does, in fact, strive off developing and promoting from within so you want to be sure you’re well positioned to get noticed. Whatever your situation may be, learning how to professionally ask for what you want is one of the best ways to make your goals happen. Here are our best tips for helping you pitch your next promotion or raise!


Have A Game Plan
The best thing about any project is to have a game plan — and a strong one at that. When it comes to looking for a promotion or asking for a raise, you want to make sure your plan is executed right. If your organization strongly fosters a culture of growth, look at using the resources they have like development programs or skill-building courses. In the case of companies that don’t offer these kinds of opportunities, you can work on ways to talk to your supervisor and how your growing benefits the organization. Pitching a raise is a bit different and will require a strong plan that doesn’t come off too demanding but still gets you what you deserve based on performance. At the end of it all, your plan needs to professionally justify your request, otherwise, it has little to no chance of being met.


Highlight Your Achievements
Now that you have a strategy on how you’re going to approach this, you’ll want to be sure to talk about your achievements and what you’ve contributed to the organization’s goals. Promotions aren’t awarded to those who don’t perform and in a competitive environment, you’ll have to be sure that what you contribute stands out amongst your peers. When talking about your achievements, you want them to be results driven and how your experiences can contribute more to your new role. Highlighting achievements is even more important when looking to justify a raise request, but you can also look to things as new accountabilities added to your role or perhaps the addition of people to your team which require managing or coaching. Referencing positive performance reviews is also a great way to talk to achievements your superiors have recognized.


Do Your Research
Your final piece before walking into your boss’s office should be doing your research on what positions are available in your organization. If there aren’t any current openings, but you’re being proactive and getting your name out there you could work on pinpointing areas of the business that interest you and fit your skill set and ways to work towards them. In the case of asking for a raise, you should research things like job level and position averages in your region. You also want to take a look at your current earnings and what would be a reasonable raise percentage based on the current economic environment. With all this data in mind, you can ensure whatever you’re requesting fits reasonably amongst this information.


Inspirational Image
Image courtesy of Vogue


By: M.J. Elle Toronto, @TheMJElle

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Fashion Jobs – Tips For The Perfect LinkedIn Profile Picture

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaStyle Nine To Five_LinkedIn Profile Picture

LinkedIn has come a long way from its corporate roots since it first started in 2002. What was originally a website for recruiters and employers to post job openings, and job seekers to share their CVs in the corporate world, has now expanded to a full-on networking site catered to all professional industries whether corporate, creative or freelance.


Your LinkedIn profile picture is probably the most important element of your profile asides from your employment history. This is the first impression your audience has of you even before they take the time to read your ‘headline’ or ‘current role’. Check out our Founder Christie Lohr’s LinkedIn profile for some inspiration! Whether you’re looking to build your professional network or you’re looking to turn your first job into your dream career, you want your profile picture to be welcoming but also a clear representation of you. They say dress for the job you want, well the same could be said for your profile picture! Here are some of our recommended tips picking the perfect LinkedIn profile picture to get you standing out from the crowd!

Style Nine To Five_LinkedIn Profile Picture_Headshot

Clear Shot of Your Face
As we mentioned, since this is your first impression on LinkedIn, you want your profile picture to be a clear shot of your face. Whether you choose to use a headshot style image or a selfie you’ve taken yourself, it’s your call, whatever you think best describes you and your role. Are you working at a more conservative company or on the senior leadership team? If you have a more senior role, you should consider having a professional photographer take your photo, whereas if you work at a more conservative company, you could have a co-worker take it for you or take it yourself.  Just know if you’re going to take the image yourself with your smartphone or digital camera try and get it straight on and not too close to avoid up the nose shots which are never a good look.


Avoid Group Shots
If you are going to use an image you already have and don’t feel the need to have something super professional, it’s best to use a solo image of yourself so people don’t get confused as to which one is you. You should also try to avoid using an image where you’re too close to the people so much so that they are either halfway in the image with you, or you’ve had to crop too close into your face where it’s now pixelated and looks poor quality.

Style Nine To Five_LinkedIn Profile Picture_Smile

Don’t Forget to Smile
You want to come across as friendly, relatable and most of all approachable when people get a first look at you. You wouldn’t meet someone in a professional setting with a frown or overly pouty lips, would you? Try your best to have your profile picture of you smiling or at least a pleasant energy to your face like a smize if you’re not someone who smiles. This is especially important if you’re in a public facing industry, be it customers or business partners because you just want to look pleasant to interact with. If you are going for a big grin in your photo, stay away from overly exaggerated smiles which could come off fake and cheesy.


Make Sure it Represents You
You want this profile picture most of all to represent you professionally. Do you work in an industry where you usually wear a suit, then wear one in your picture. Are you a fashion writer or buyer for a big retailer, then look it! This is where “dressing for the job you want” comes in the play; you should be wearing in your profile picture essentially what you would wear to work, whatever your work environment is.

Style Nine To Five_LinkedIn Profile Picture_Clean&Bright

Clean & Bright, But Not Over Edited
The last thing to keep in mind when selecting the image to represent you on LinkedIn is to make sure it’s clean and bright but never too edited where it looks low quality or overly contrasted. While we’re all for a little cleaning up and editing of an image, just remember to stay away from coloured filters, icons or other edits that aren’t professional. LinkedIn is not the place to get creative with your images unlike other platforms like Tumblr or Instagram!


By: M.J. Elle (@TheMJElle) Toronto, ON

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Fashion Jobs – 3 Ways To Be The Office MVP

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canadatheue2

Everyone can admit, it feels good to be recognized! Simple gestures can make all the difference, whether it’s given or received as a compliment or an action. Throughout the years of different jobs and co-workers, you begin to realize that every workplace has its own aura. Whether your corporate or independent no one’s work should go unnoticed. So why not become the office cheerleader and show off your motivational moves. Here are a few tips on maintaining the good vibes and becoming the everlasting MVP.


Help Others
It’s always nice to take a second and offer kindness, it’s the trend that never goes unnoticed. Even though you have enough on your own plate, at the end of the day everyone is working towards achieving the same company goal. If you go out of your way to lend a hand and help your colleagues when they’re in need of assistance, this action is contagious and you won’t ever have to worry about asking for a help in the future.


Build Good Relationships
The best way to start the day is with a greeting. Take a few seconds to see how your fellow all-star players are doing. Take the time to listen whether it’s work-related or not – it’s the best way to create a long-lasting relationship and earn your own respect by showing that you care. We’re all humans and naturally attracted to good company. If you share the warmth of your personality, honest opinions or just simply find out whether Heather likes lattes or americanos people will gravitate towards you.


Be Reliable
Let’s face it, no one likes a flake! When committing to a deadline or task, your gaining expectations from others and the best way to maintain your creditability is to follow through. Stay proactive in communicating, don’t ever second guess a follow-up, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Be attentive to day-to-day tasks, and show off your ability to be the go-to person that everyone can count on. Your credibility is a reflection of your personal brand, and showing off how keen you are to take on more responsibilities can lead to gaining a great name for yourself in the industry.


Overall, lets remember that we can’t achieve the dream without the team! Be the person you’d love to see in the office every day to every week and let your talent naturally shine.


Inspirational Image
Image Courtesy of The Rue Collective


By Andrea Andino, Vancouver @___andreandino

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Fashion Jobs – 5 Ways To Get Your Career Back On Track

Friday, October 27th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada5WaysToGetYourCareerBackOnTrackInspiration

Life is full of highs and lows, and the same goes for your career. You’ll have times where you feel you’re exactly where you want to be and have a sense of accomplishment. In other cases, you might be at a part in your career where you feel stuck or need more of a challenge to continue growing. Whether it’s looking for that next opportunity, or finding ways to grow with a company you love, having to refresh your career is nothing to be ashamed of. If you’re looking for that je ne sais quoi for your career check out our advice for getting back on the right career path!


1. Set Goals, Have A Plan

That one piece of advice everyone in your life has given you, from your dad to your financial advisor of having a plan is by no means a gimmick. Setting career goals and building an outline of some sort of plan -five years, 10 years or even three months, is extremely important to working towards your ideal of success. What’s the key to the master plan working? Knowing that you can never really plan out life, and the plan is more of a template.


2. Network Is Your Networth

Talking to your friends and family is always a great way to get advice. But sometimes looking to your professional network to discuss career planning might be more beneficial. Your colleagues and superiors can give you a perspective based on their first-hand experience of you on the job, and the industry you’re in. Whether it’s feedback on your strengths and opportunities or insights on potential opportunities, your professional network is a goldmine of potential.


3. Work With A Recruiter

If you’re looking to make a move from your current organization, you might want to try connecting with a recruiter. Once you get to a certain level in your career, the best companies and opportunities are usually filled by a recruitment firm or consultant. Not all recruiters and processes are the same, so we recommend finding someone who specializes in your industry and is dedicated to getting to know you, in order to find the right fit for you. Starting on our job board is great for finding your new career in fashion and retail!

4. Higher Education

Sometimes that promotion or new opportunity requires a bit more training or education and it’s never too late to head back to class! Some people choose to study a full degree or diploma program, while others might prefer taking a couple courses or getting a certification. There’s an endless supply of free online training that can easily be completed after work, and some companies even offer internal development courses. Whatever way you choose to go, know that education really is power!


5. Find A Mentor

One piece of advice any senior level manager or executive will give you, is to find a professional mentor. This is someone who has insight into your industry or company and that can provide you with advice, inspiration and knowledge to help you grow in your career. Look to people within your industry, organization or network who either you would like to learn more from or have enjoyed communicating with. Big organizations often have mentorship programs senior managers and executives participate in, so be sure to take advantage of that.


Inspiration Image
Image courtesy of Laia Magazine


By M.J. Elle, Toronto, @TheMJElle

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