How to Get More Responsibility at Work

How to Get More Responsibility at Work - Style Nine to Five

Bored with your job responsibilities? Not seeing the “growth opportunities” that the job posting boasted about? Don’t go looking for a new job just yet – a new job means starting from the bottom at a company, and there’s still plenty of potential in your current job you probably don’t even see.

If you want to take on more responsibility at work, there are three simple things that you need to do.

1. Go Above and Beyond

You may want more responsibility, but don’t neglect what’s already on your plate. Everything you do at your workplace provides evidence as to whether or not you’re capable of taking on more responsibility. So, when you do your assigned work, do it to the best of your ability. If you can see ways to go above and beyond, take them. Ask your superiors questions that’ll guide you to hand over the best work you can.

If there’s an opportunity to do more than what you asked (within reason – don’t overstep), then do so. For example, say you’ve been asked to plan a social media campaign – you could mock up some potential graphics or copy or curate a list of influencers to reach out to.

2. Take Initiative

There’s always space to create opportunities for yourself, as well. If your boss requests volunteers or ideas for a certain task, be the first to chime in. If your co-workers need shifts taken off their hands and you’ve got the time, take those shifts. Show you’re excited about your job and game for the things that they throw at you.

You can also create opportunities in your day-to-day – share new skills you’d like to learn with your boss and ask if anyone can train you, or do small things around the workplace that’ll make life easier for your employer and co-workers. Maybe you’ll create spreadsheets of important information, or ask your manager if you can assist with floorsets instead of just selling. If you can think of something that’ll prove you want to step up your game, go for it.

3. Share Your Goals

This is the most important step! Organize a time to sit down with your boss and tell them that you’d like more responsibilities. After all, they won’t know you want more responsibilities unless they hear it straight from you. Depending on your workplace, you may want to schedule a meeting, or simply pull them aside on the sales floor during a slow moment. Be straightforward about what you want from them – state if you’d like to move upward in the company someday, or if you’d like to simply take longer shifts or learn more skills.

Your boss knowing exactly what you want will ensure that they can tailor your time at the company around your growth. Since they’ve observed your work so far, they’ll know areas that you could do better in, or tasks you haven’t gotten the chance to take on yet.

It’s always good to want more, but don’t forget that you’re capable of doing more than just wanting. Whatever you want from your job, find a way to take it – make opportunities for yourself and help your employer create opportunities for you, too!

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Emily Morrison is a media professional with passions for writing, film and popular culture.