Adobe Creative Cloud Programs That Will Level Up Your Resume

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Looking for a position in social media, digital marketing, video production or just simply looking to diversify the hard skills on your resume? Adobe’s range of programs might be just what you need. Having a basic understanding of Adobe Creative Cloud can really help your job application and make you a stronger candidate to potential employers. Although these Adobe programs may be an investment, if you are a current student at a post-secondary institution, you are usually able to gain access to these programs for free! Check the applications that are some of the most valuable when searching for employment in a creative field.


Photoshop is the OG of Adobe Creative Cloud. This program can be an asset in any creative field but, it can specifically help if you are looking to enter advertising, graphic design or social media. Understanding how to manipulate photos to convey a particular message is a powerful, useful skill. You need to be able to tailor your content to the company or client and understanding the ins and outs of photoshop will allow you to do that.

Premier Pro

Although Premier Pro has a relatively steep learning curve, once you have a thorough understanding of how to navigate the program, it’s an incredible asset. If you are looking to seal a role as a social media manager or in content creation, Premier Pro will take your production quality to the next level. Creating moving graphics, especially in advertising, can have a lasting impact on your audience and pull them closer into the brand. For example, if you are applying to a digital marketing agency, a great addition to your application could be to create a short mock advertisement for their company to demonstrate your skills using the program.

After Effects

Looking to take your content to the next level with animation? After Effects is the program for you. Usually used in tandem with Premier (although it can be used alone), After Effects allows you to be even more creative with your content. After Effects is the perfect tool if you are planning on creating any type of animated infographic. For example, if you’re applying to an eco-friendly clothing company, create an infographic about the steps they take to be carbon neutral in their production process.


Have you ever created a stunning graphic, but it just doesn’t transfer the same when posted? Then you need InDesign! The purpose of InDesign is to help you in creating sharp text images with clear graphics, even when converted into different file formats like PDF. InDesign is a must if you’re interested in graphic design as it has become the industry standard. 

Adobe Creative Cloud can seem overwhelming especially when you first look through the platform, but it’s important to note that you don’t have to know all the applications inside and out. Pick and choose the applications that would be the most beneficial to your career. Also, be patient with yourself as these programs take time to really understand. There are lots of great resources online that can also help you fill in some of the blanks and teach you the skills you need to stand out as an applicant and on the job.

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