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Fashion Jobs – Q&A With Suzy Yahya

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

ST95-ADSSuzy Yahya

Suzy Yahya is a Toronto-based jewellry designer that men and women need to get on their radar. She is the owner and designer of Expectancy Rings, a line of affordable luxury rings for expectant mothers and fathers to celebrate, announce and commemorate the expected arrival of their newborn. SNTF recently had the opportunity to chat with Suzy and learn about the ins and outs of running a jewellry business and what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

1. Rings

SNTF: So Suzy, can you first tell us a bit about the years before launching your jewellery line Expectancy Rings and what led you to start a career in the entrepreneurial world.


SY: After graduating from the Fashion Arts program at Humber College, I worked in wholesale, retail and buying before I launched my own online boutique, Shop Wanderlust, in 2013. The boutique, which I ran for over three years, sold beautiful clothing and accessories from talented independent designers all over the world.

Then I decided to expand my love of fashion into the bridal world and became a consultant at luxury bridal boutique White Toronto, which is where I was inspired to launch Expectancy Rings!

 2. Blue Rings

SNTF: Did you always have the entrepreneurial bug? When did you know it was time to take the plunge and start your own business? How did you know that Expectancy Rings was the idea to go with?


SY: Working on something I’m truly passionate about has always been important to me – it’s what led me to start my own boutique and eventually Expectancy Rings.


We all know the significance of engagement rings, wedding bands and even wedding gowns to mark two very important events in a person’s life – engagement and marriage. But I realized that there wasn’t an equally special way to announce and commemorate the next most precious and life-changing event – pregnancy. I developed Expectancy Rings to fill this void and to help expectant mothers and fathers announce a pregnancy and more specifically, the gender of their baby.

 3. Fashion Incubator

SNTF: Prior to launching your business, how much knowledge did you have of the luxury jewellery industry?


SY: Surprisingly, none! I entered a Toronto-wide design competition called Fashion Your Future put on by Toronto Fashion Incubator, where winners received a grant and mentorship to start their own accessory business.


I ended up winning with my Expectancy Rings concept and was set up with Jon de Porter, the most amazing, inspiring mentor who has taught me so much about fine jewelry and its industry.

4. Suzy

SNTF: What’s the most important thing you’ve learned so far since launching your collection?


SY: Keep it simple! Since Expectancy Rings is such a new concept – rings for expectant parents (mothers and fathers) to celebrate and announce their growing families – I needed to make sure my designs were easy to love and matched other significant pieces of jewelry my customers already owned. My most popular ring is the stackable expectancy band because it pairs beautifully next to an engagement ring and wedding band – it’s the perfect addition to your jewelry collection!

5. Ring 

SNTF: What would you say sets your company apart from others in the jewellery industry?


SY: Expectancy Rings is the first and only jewellry brand of its kind. Expectant parents (whether expecting a baby by birth, surrogate or adoption) can choose a design that suits their style (a thin stackable band, thick diamond band or signature half-swirl band), their favourite type of gold (18k yellow, white or 14k rose gold), and most importantly a solid pink or blue sapphire to represent a baby girl or boy on the way. The option for a solid clear sapphire is also available to those who prefer to keep it gender neutral or keep their child’s gender a secret until birth.


I think the excitement of expecting a child should be remembered for the rest of your life, and each Expectancy Ring will last a lifetime.  

6. Suzy Working 

SNTF: What’s your favourite part about being an entrepreneur? What about the least?


SY: Having full creative control over my brand is such an amazing feeling! I also love working with clients directly and going through the process of seeing them design their rings from start to finish, then announcing their pregnancies on social media with their new, personalized rings.


My least favourite? Don’t have one! Being an entrepreneur is so rewarding! I recently had a same-sex couple purchase matching unisex bands to announce the adoption of a baby girl. Each family is unique, and it’s really touching to see all types of parents using the rings as a way celebrating their growing families!


SNTF: Tell us about your design process? Where do you find design inspiration? How long does it take to design a jewellery collection from start to finish?


SY: My inspiration comes from real mothers in my life (including my own!). I try to keep my rings as wearable and classic as possible, making them easy to stack next to multiple rings for a trendy, layered look, yet striking enough to stand alone.


Since each piece in the collection is simple and classic, it only took me a week or so to come up with the design ideas, then I took my sketches to a digital designer to bring them to life.


The signature Expectancy Rings band took the longest to design because my inspiration behind that piece was to create a ring that was more intricate, yet classic and also correlated with the idea behind the brand. The half swirl design signifies the coming together of two people to create life, and the sapphire is nestled carefully in the centre to represent the child.


SNTF: How did you learn the ins and outs of running a business?


SY: I learned mostly on my own, through trial and error. My first business, Shop Wanderlust, was a great first experience for learning and a bit of a stepping-stone that helped me discover what works and what doesn’t in order to find success with Expectancy Rings.


SNTF: What’s some advice you’d give to any woman (or man) questioning their career path and considering starting their own business instead?


SY: It might sound a little dry, but my biggest piece of advice is to create a business plan. It takes a lot of time and effort (it took me almost an entire year!), but having a business plan ensures that you think of every single aspect of your business before you begin. If by the end you feel like your idea has a great shot at succeeding and you still love it – go for it and give it your all!


SNTF: Running your own business must keep you pretty busy. How do you find a work-life balance? What do you do to unwind after a long work week?


SY: As an entrepreneur, your mind is always running with deadlines, emails to get back to and new ideas – you never really “leave” work when you get home after a long day because you’re constantly thinking about your business and new, innovative ways to improve it.


For me, it’s important to make time for my friends, family and extra activities that I enjoy outside of work. To keep the balance, I try to stay as organized as possible and prioritize – I am a huge fan of to-do lists and make one just about every day. My favourite way to unwind after a long work week is to take a dance class. It’s a great way to shut it all off for an hour or two and just focus on yourself and your body while learning something new and sweating it all out!


SNTF: And finally, what do you wake up looking forward to? What’s next for your career and business?


SY: There’s an element of surprise when it comes to running your own business. I try to keep evolving and adapting based on what my clients are asking for, so I’m excited to see where that takes the business.


My next move for Expectancy Rings is to build a blog on the website where new and expectant parents can come to read tips and articles on parenthood.

To stay up to date with Suzy’s entrepreneurial and creative journey, make sure to check out her website or Instagram.

By: Ainsley Smith, Toronto, @ainsleysmithy

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Fashion Jobs – Statement Pieces to Revamp Your Wardrobe

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017


Inspo Image

There’s nothing more exciting than the anticipation of a new season and all of the changes that it brings. The start of a new season typically has us at the conclusion that we need an entirely new wardrobe. As exciting as this might sound, it often results in frustration and a serious lack of funds. It takes a lot of planning between work wear, casual wear, and evening attire to figure out what is necessary for our closets and what is worth investing in. Rather than buying an entirely new wardrobe, we wanted to share with you a few key statement pieces that will have you looking effortlessly chic throughout the year so you can still look fabulous without breaking the bank.

1. Jumpsuit


Like all things resurrected from the past, the jumpsuit is a key piece for every woman’s wardrobe. Not only will it be the easiest and most comfortable piece you own, but it will have everyone feeding you compliments on all occasions. It’s the definition of effortless and a year round staple as it serves as a great base to layer jackets and tops underneath, and can be styled with everything from a heel to a sneaker. The key is all in the tailoring; you want the proportions to fit you like second skin and flatter every asset. 



Trying to figure out the middle ground between fresh out of the shower and elegant sophistication can be a little difficult with the kimono, but it makes a fabulous statement with its long line bodice and wide sleeves. There is an element of luxury when wearing the kimono jacket, and choosing a rich black or soft blush can take your LBD to another level.

3.Ankle Booties

The Booties

Booties are no longer just for fall and winter; they are a year round staple. From mini skirts to dresses, the versatility this style brings will revamp every outfit for any occasion and have you making a serious statement. The bootie has far surpassed its classic black color since it has been introduced in various colors, prints, and textures to reflect all styles and personalities.

4. Metallics

Metallic Everything

Metallic is no longer just a holiday go to but is seen as the new closet essential. It’s a fun way to be fashion forward whether your style is polished and classic or edgy and vibrant depending on the colour and texture you work with. From classic silver to eye-popping metallic pink, having a piece like a shoe or a pleated skirt in this fabric will bring a fresh element to your style.


Embellished Bag

Whether it’s jewels or an animal print, the embellished bag is a must-have closet necessity. Don’t categorize it strictly for fancy evenings out, the embellished bag is meant to add a splash to the simplest of outfits for the ultimate fashion-forward look.   6. Oversized Blazer

Oversized Blazer

Stealing your dad, brother’s or boyfriend’s clothes has become a trend again and we are all hunting for the perfect oversized blazer. It’s all about the effortless idea of throwing on an oversized jacket to add a touch of structure a la cool French girl. Starting with a gingham or check print will get you excited to wear blazers outside of work.

7. Wrap Dress

The Wrap Dress

Cooling off in a lightweight wrap dress is giving us all the feels for the warm months ahead. Choosing a cotton or linen fabric is a great replacement for the t-shirt dress and will be your go to from running errands to running the office. The wrap dress will last you through the seasons by layering t-shirts, blouses, and turtlenecks underneath to show versatility. If you’re really into the wrap dress, grab one in silk for evening attire. 

Inspiration Image

Courtesy of Pinterest

Product Description

1. Zip Long Jumpsuit, $129, available at Mango

2. Kimono Street Style provided by Pinterest

3. Steven by Steve Madden, Bollie Booties, $112, available at Shopbop

4. Topshop Satin Frill Skirt, $85, available at Topshop

5. Dolce & Gabbana, Velvet Embellished Bag, $4800, available at Endource

6. Oversize Blazer Street Style provided by Pinterest

7. L’Academie, The Sleeveless Wrap Dress, $268, available at Revolve

By: Ivana Pavkovic, Toronto, @iforeveronvacation

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Fashion Jobs – 5 Must-Have Statement Accessories for Summer

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaCiara Inspo Image

It’s that time of year that we’ve all been waiting for, where we can finally slip our feet into a pair of open-toed sandals, take ice cream breaks more often than one should, and above all, get our hands on the newest trends of the summer. The best way to get your look into the spirit of the season is through the power of the perfect statement accessory. To help you get a familiar with what accessory trends are currently at the top of every fashionista’s shopping lists, we rounded up the top statement accessories that will no doubt give your summer look the boost that it deserves.

1.Statement earrings

The Statement Earring

Whether you prefer a fun tassel, a string of beads or multiple dangling pearls, there is no limit to how large of a statement your ears can make this season. This statement accessory is the perfect detail to take your outfit to the next level on the trendy fashionista scale. There are all sorts of fun and bright colors to play around with, whether you decide to tie a specific color into your outfit or add a pop of color to a monochromatic look. This accessory is a fun one to shop around for, just remember to let your creativity run wild and that bigger is most definitely better!

2. Straw Hat

The Statement Straw Hat

Whether you choose to go for a wide brim or a simple fedora, the straw hat will not only keep you cool on those hot summer days but will also add a few extra trendy points to your summer look. It’s effortless, lightweight and the neutral color of the straw makes it easy to pair with any color and any outfit. You don’t have to be hitting the sandy beach or poolside to pull off this accessory, this one we are rocking anytime, anywhere.

3. Statement sunnies

The Statement Sunnies

Nothing makes a statement like a bold, colorful pair of fashionable eyewear. In order to complete your outfit for a day in the sun, add a little personality to your look with a pair of statement sunnies. A popular style for this season is the big cat eye or the hexagonal shaped Ray Bans or even bright colorful lenses, whatever your style or shape preference, don’t be afraid to be bold.

4.Straw Bag

The Statement Straw Bag

The straw craze continues and this time it’s designed in a way to carry around our most prized possessions of credit cards and lipstick. The straw handbag is making quite the statement this summer; its casual yet can be worn on any occasion and it’s lightweight yet durable enough to carry around all of your essentials. It is the accessory that reminds us of vacation, good weather and happy days; so why not add this accessory to your everyday look this season and dive into the vibes of summer time.

5. Neck Scarf

The Statement Neck Scarf

The final statement accessory on our list is the silk neck scarf. This is the perfect accessory to add a pop of color to an otherwise understated outfit, not to mention it can be styled multiple ways. You can wear this the obvious route and tie it around your neck or you can tie a silk scarf around the handle of your favorite purse.

Inspiration Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Adriana Lima

Image courtesy of Julie Sarinana

Image courtesy of Blair Eadie

Image courtesy of Collage Vintage via Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest

By: Ciara Koth, Toronto, @ciarakoth

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Fashion Jobs – Three Ways to Style a Slip Dress

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaAinsley Inspo Image

If the fashion gods could speak, we’re pretty sure they’d say that the slip dress isn’t going out of style anytime soon. But how could it? It can be dressed down with sneakers, a basic Tee, and a bomber; dressed up with strappy sandals and a bralette, or styled with a blouse and a pair of ankle boots for the office — clearly showing no indication of losing its allure anytime soon. If you have yet to try out this boudoir-inspired trend for yourself, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ve put together our three favourite ways to style a slip dress, from the boardroom to brunch, to a night on the town.

1. For the Office

2. Long slip dress 3.Oversized Blazer 4.Ankle Booties

For the Office

When it comes to styling a slip dress for the office, you want to ensure that you adhere to all dress codes, while still remaining fashionable. This means aiming for a dress that covers your knees. Style a longer slip dress with a pair of ankle boots and an oversized blazer for a sophisticated look.

5.For Brunch 6.Bomber 7.Yellow Slip Dress 8. Nude Sock Booties

For Brunch

We have to say, Hailey Baldwin nailed this afternoon street style look, and it can easily be replicated for your next girl’s brunch or afternoon patio drinks. When it comes to styling a slip dress for summer, we recommend going for a more playful hue like yellow, mango, or navy blue. This piece can then be styled with a complimenting bomber jacket and a pair of subtle ankle boots or sneakers.

9. For a night out 10.Rose Slip Dress 11.Rose Duster 12. Thigh High Boots

For A Night Out

If you have a night on the town coming up, we recommend taking a few style notes from Kendall Jenner and make a statement with a monochrome ensemble. Style a nude, peach, or light pink slip dress with a matching duster coat and a pair of thigh-high or ankle boots.

Inspirational Image

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Product Info

1. Image courtesy of the August Diaries

2. Raey V-neck Silk Satin Midi Slip Dress, $330, available at Matches Fashion

3. Oversized Checked Jacket, $159, available at Zara

4. 3.1 Phillip Lim Kyoto Booties, $1,076.90, available at ShopBop

5. Hailey Baldwin street style via Who What Wear

6. Gucci Floral Jacquard Bomber, $3,750, available at Gucci

7. Loup Charmant Cross-back Cotton Slip Dress, $215, available at Matches Fashion

8. Emily Sock Fit Stretch Boot, $60, available at Public Desire

9. Kendall Jenner image courtesy of Pinterest

10. Alessandra Short Slip Dress, $466.83, available at FWRD

11. Coryn Rose Gold Silky Duster Coat, $157, available at House of CB

12. Kendall + Kylie Ayla Thigh High Boots, $166.75, available at ShopBop

By Ainsley Smith, Toronto, @ainsleysmithy

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Fashion Jobs – Five Office Approved Dresses

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion job in Canada

When we think of summer, what first comes to mind is the beach, sunshine, and of course, dresses! Hopefully this season you’ll be able to find shade with a fabulous sun hat, but if that doesn’t help you beat the heat try on a breezy dress that’s both warm weather and office approved.

1. Cold Shoulder -

The Cold Shoulder

For those days when you find your calendar filled with back-to-back meetings, a dress with cut out shoulders and flowing sleeves will provide you with ultimate comfort. This floral number works for all body types and can be paired with a pair of sandals or white sneakers — depending on how casual your office is.

2.The Shirt Dress

The Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is definitely the office-approved dress of the season, thanks to its short sleeves and slimming silhouette that’s perfect for all body types. A cinched waist will help you show off your figure, which is an added bonus for women with an hourglass shape. Whichever colour, print or fabric you may choose, we recommend wearing a strappy sandal. This is one summer dress that will have you wanting to wear it on multiple occasions.

3.Fit and Flare

The Fit and Flare

A fit-and-flare dress is a fun summer option that enhances slimmer figures by enhancing the waist. We love the collar and t-shirt sleeves on this Self-Portrait number. But if you still feel like you need an additional layer, a slightly boxy, cropped blazer works best.

4. The Printed Dress

The Printed Dress

A playful printed dress is a great way to stand out against the sea of black and grey pantsuits worn by your colleagues. This gorgeous Tory Burch is great because you won’t need to wear a cardigan with it, and can be worn dressed up with heels or down with a pair of sneakers or flats for more casual days.

5. The Sheath Dress

The Sheath Dress

A fitted sheath dress is the perfect dress for creating the illusion of curves, while still looking professional. We recommend choosing a sheath dress in a summer-approved print like floral or stripes, which can be played down by wearing a blazer or a cardigan over top, not to mention this will help keep you warm if the AC is cranked too high on a warm day.

Inspirational Image:
Inspiration Photo by Pinterest

Product Information:
1. Zara Stripes and Flowers Dress, $49.90, available at Zara
2. Shirt Dress with A Chunky Tie, $115, available at Cos Stores
3. Self-Portrait Floral Vine Cape Minidress, $768.24, available at Nordstrom
4. Tory Burch Port Shirtdress, $350, available at Tory Burch
5. Ted Baker Thia Floral Print Sheath Dress, $278.61, available at Nordstrom

By: Carly Brascoupé, Toronto, @carlyyr0se

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Fashion Jobs – The 5 Colours You Need to Incorporate Into Your Summer Wardrobe

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaCarly Inspirational Image

Now that it’s May, it officially means it’s officially time to start preparing your wardrobe for the inevitable summer weather that’s on the horizon. The best way to prepare your wardrobe is to start incorporating warm weather-approved colours like orange, pink, yellow,  paradise blue, and tropical green. There’s really no better time than the summer to incorporate these vibrant hues into your wardrobe, and our guide will definitely lead you in the right direction.


Sunrise Orange

This colour has made a major comeback in the fashion world — from the perfect cocktail dress and tinted aviator shades to your fave beauty trends. This season, try rocking a pair of work pants in a light material for those scorching summer days. A ruffle cuff provides a sense of comfortability, while the tapered waist is chic addition.



Trust us, pink will definitely be a welcomed addition to your summer wardrobe! This season, light pink is the perfect nude for office wear as it’s on trend without making too big of a statement. For the office, try a strappy camisole with a navy or grey blazer tucked matching capris pants.


Paradise Blue

This season, we’re switching up the black work wear for a more colourful replacement. We recommend swapping your dark blacks for more vibrant hues of paradise blue. This is hue is a great way to bring some life to your otherwise predictable work wear.

4. Yellow


This is definitely the colour that brings out your inner sunshine! This summer, treat yourself to a flowy mid-length skirt in a sunny hue and you’ll definitely manage to turn a head or two. We truly believe that yellow is the colour that stands out from the crowd and surely you will too! Pair this skirt with a crisp, white button-up or a pastel colour blouse and you’ll be instantly ready for après work festivities.


Tropical Green

Add a little green to your step this summer, rather than just seeing it in the grass or trees! If you’re not a fan of playing with bold colours, try a more subtle green that will be easier on the eyes. We can’t get enough of these tropical green sandals, as they have a bock heel that will be sturdy enough for those long days at work.

Inspirational Image
Inspiration Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Product Info

1. MSGM elasticated cuffs tapered trousers, $366, Available at FarFetch

2. Strappy Crepe Top, $19.99, Available at H&M

3. Fendi 2jours Petite Leather Shopper, $2,350, Available at Net-A-Porter

4. Lela Rose Floral fil coupé organza midi skirt, $1,795, Available at Net-A-Porter

5. Studio Chofakian bock heel sandals, $485, Available at FarFetch

By: Carly Brascoupé, Toronto, @carlyyr0se

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Fashion Jobs – Sweats For Every Occasion

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaInspirational Image

There comes a time in every woman’s day when she drifts away in thought, fantasizing about the moment she can go home and jump into her sweats. The feeling of being liberated from your Spanks and skirts gives you a flash of encouragement and determination to finish off the day.

But what if we could take our sweats from the weekend couch to après work dinner and drinks? We aren’t talking about the grey track pants you wear to bed; we mean a sporty pantsuit to take you from running around the office to your evening events. Allow us to teach you how you can take your sweats to the next level and how you can sport this trend sophistically to every occasion.

1. sweats black work (1)Nine-To-Five

The working woman has her standard, professional Monday to Friday uniform that has her dressed in appropriate office attire. She doesn’t think it’s unfathomably possible to wear sweatpants to work, but we’re here to change her mind. You can get away with rocking the ‘sweatpant’ look by creating a monochromatic outfit in darker shades. This will prevent the pants from making too much of a statement. A blazer and pumps will sharpen and complement your discrete sweats.

2. sweats aritzia pink(1)

Brunch Babe

Any activity that involves copious amounts of food requires some form of sweatpants for all around comfort. Whether it is a casual gathering or a full-blown foodie event, this is the time to show your personal style and experiment with the casual, comfy look. Brunch and sweats go hand in hand, and pairing a soft pink pull-on pant with a relaxed blouse creates an effortless yet chic look in a matter of seconds.

3. sweats song of style leather

Girls Night

Who would ever think to wear slouchy, comfy pants to a girl’s night out on the town? A pair of leather sweatpant-inspired trousers will make you the center of attention as they’re a mix of comfy, edgy, and sex. For a night out, pair this style of pants with a simple strappy heel to dance so you can dance the night away. Paired with either a bodysuit or a button down blouse, you’ll be the ultimate cool girl in these luxe faux leather sweats.

4. sweats aritzia weekend

Weekend Warrior

Once the work week is behind us, we’re granted two days of freedom to do and wear whatever we want so why not ditch the heels and swap them out for hip sweats and sneakers. For a modern and chic weekend look, rock a culotte-style pant in a knit fabric and style with layering tops and sweaters.

5. sweats pinterest blue good

Style Maven

To all the women who are adventurous and always up for trying new things, we’ve got the pants for you. A pair of straight leg, high-waisted sweatpants will instantly make you forget about all the other trousers you have in your wardrobe and will leave you wanting to buy them in every colour. Worn with a blouse and heels, the straight leg sweatpant is extremely versatile giving off an elegant yet sporty vibe.

Inspirational Image:

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Product Images

1.Street Style, image courtesy of The Fashion Tag

2. Allant Pant in Cairo, $ 110, available at Aritzia

3. Aimee Song, image courtesy of Song of Style

4. Roxane Pant in heather grey, $98, available at Aritzia

5. Street Style, image courtesy of Pinterest

By: Ivana Pavkovic, Toronto, iforeveronvacation

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Fashion Jobs – Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Friday, May 5th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

Well ladies, now that May is underway, it means that it’s time to start thinking about the most important women in our lives.  And while the only thing our mothers want is to spend time with us, sometimes a little gift can really go a long way.  Whether your mom’s a fashionista or a woman who loves to relax, we’ve got a gift idea that’s perfect for her.  What’s even better is that each item is local and designed by a Canadian. Now, what mom wouldn’t love that!

1. Mug

For The Coffee Drinker

What’s sweeter than enjoying your favourite warm beverage from a millennial pink Mama bear mug? Nothing, absolutely nothing! For the coffee drinking’ moms, this is a no-brainer.

2. Phonecase

For The Tech-Savvy Mom

Designed by Toronto-based lifestyle blogger Stephanie Sterjovski in partnership with FACE by Phantom Glass, this adorable Bonjour phone case is perfect for the tech-savvy moms out there!

3. Earrings

For The Stylish Mom

If your mother is known for her chic and timeless style, we recommend surprising her with a pair of these beautiful aquamarine gemstone earrings from Vancouver-based jewelry designer Leah Alexandra. They’re perfect mix of chic and elegant.

4. Candle

For The Mom Who Loves To Relax

Help your mom unwind by surprising her with an aromatic candle that’s inspired by her favourite city.  Vancouver Candle Co. has designed to series of handmade candles that are inspired by sights and smells of Canada’s most vibrant neighbourhoods in Vancouver and Toronto.

5. Purse

For The Mom On The Go

Designed by Toronto-based handbag designer Amy Malcolm, this stunning blue purse is an absolute vision and the perfect gift for mom. If the colour of this bag wasn’t amazing enough, the bag also features a roomy interior and comes equipped with a detachable cross body strap that allows the bag to worn as a messenger or as a shoulder bag.

6. Slides

For The Fashion-Forward Mom

Canadian designer Aurora James launched her footwear brand, Brother Vellies in 2013 and is committed to sustainably producing all her footwear. This year, surprise your mom with a pair of chic slides, and if you’re lucky, she might just let you borrow them!

7. Eyemask

For The Mom Who Loves Her Beauty Sleep

What mom doesn’t enjoy a beauty sleep? These elegant masks will have your mom drifting off to dream land instantly.

8. Watch

For The Mom Who’s Never Late

A stunning rose gold timepiece is always a good idea in our books. This season we can’t get enough of this Piperwest number. It’s delicate and dainty, while still making a statement.

9. Flowers

For The Mom Who Enjoys Fresh Blooms

There’s no better way to bring a smile to your mother’s face than to surprise her with fresh flowers, especially if they’re from Vancouver’s very own Landeau. These gorgeous bouquets will be ddelivered directly to your doorstep in Parisian-inspired boxes that double as vases.

Inspirational Image

Inspirational image courtesy of Pinterest

Product Info:

1. Mama Bear Mug, $11.25, available at Indigo

2. FACE x SS Print Shop – Bonjour, $45, available at Face By Phantom Glass

3. Anni Aquamarine Studs, $175, available at Leah Alexandra

4. Rosedale Candle, $38, available at Vancouver Candle Co.

5. Pebbled Leather Handbag OPELLE Baby Ballet Bag in Washed Blue, $532.37, available at Opelle Creative

6. Whiskey Woven Slide, $515, available at Brother Vellies

7. Satin Sleep Mask ‘Clara’ Vintage Style Boudoir Blindfold Eye Pillow, $31.23, available on Etsy

8. Piperwest Classic Minimalist in Rose Gold/Blush, $169, available at Piperwest

9. Fleur-de-lis roses, $169, available at Give Landeau

By Ainsley Smith, Toronto, @ainsleysmith

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Fashion Jobs – Stylish Socks to Up Your Fashion Game

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

ST95-ADSInspirational Image

Fashion socks are probably one of those trends you want to try and experiment with, but after a long and tumultuous debate, you decide you and your closet just can’t work with them. You convince yourself you can’t pull them off, but please, allow us to change your mind and help you find the connection between your footwear and closet.  Like everything else, it was only a matter of time before socks got a face-lift and began to be the new style trend. From fishnets to colorful socks, you no longer have to say goodbye to all your cute peep toe heels after the summer months. There is a sock for every shoe and every outfit you can think of. Here are some vibrating inspirations to get you pulling out all your socks for your next outing.

1. Monochromatic


When testing the waters with socks and heels, an easy way to choose what looks right is to stick to a color scheme for your entire look. Creating a monochromatic outfit will add ease and comfort to your style and the socks will complement your effortless class.   

2. Fishnet


The ‘90s are back with fishnet stockings taking the spotlight and being the staple item you need this season. Whether styled with a feminine dress or layered under distressed denim, fishnets are a growing trend that will give your feet some well-deserved attention. Famously worn in black, be an expert and layer a thin ankle sock to display your confident style.

3. Colour


The trick to wearing colourful socks with heels is to match your socks to a focal colour in your outfit. Depending on how bold or subtle you prefer your socks to be, playing with texture and fabric will give you the knockout factor that everyone will be complimenting you on.

4. Work attire

Work Attire

While fashionable socks might seem only fitting for the super trendy adventure seekers, they are actually a chic way to bring some flair to the office. A pair of sheer black, blush pink or grey socks can be a welcomed addition to your skirts, dresses, and cropped pants. If you want to be bold, try a shoe in a pop of color or strappy detail to really show off the socks.

5. Party Time Socks

Party Time

This is your time to shine and take your socks on a night out on the town. Wearing shimmer and beaded socks might sound over the top; they are the perfect way to enhance an understated party outfit. An LBD with a pair of black-jeweled socks will take your style from simple to turning heads.

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>By Ivana Pavkovic, Toronto, @iforeveronvacation

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Fashion Jobs – The 5 Handbag Trends The Fashion World Can’t Get Enough Of

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

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Whether you are sporting a duffle bag to the gym, a clutch for those girls’ night outs or a satchel for the office, the perfect bag truly is a girl’s best friend. And better yet, a stylish handbag can instantly elevate your look, which is why a proper handbag is an investment that every working woman should make. Whether you prefer vintage or a style that is fresh for the season, these are the five handbag trends that the fashion world just can’t get enough of!

1. The Cross body

The Cross-body bag

This is the ultimate bag for the modern, everyday woman. The black Celine Nano cross-body purse provides a touch of elegance, while its structure and strap provide practicality for a woman on the go. If you’re looking to invest in an everyday purse that will go with just about everything, we highly recommend saving up for this must-have cross-body bag.

2. The edgy clutch

The Edgy Clutch

Whether your style is classic or experimental, an edgy clutch is definitely in this season and is the perfect statement accessory to vamp up your look. It’s no surprise that oversized statement clutches have been in the hands’ of fashionistas and bloggers everywhere, as they add an unwavering sense of cool to the otherwise classic clutch style. Rather than carrying a clutch for a night out, use an oversized clutch as your day bag for an instantly edgier look.

3. The hip leather backpack

The Hip Leather Backpack

In our humble opinion, we believe that the clean, minimalist look of a leather backpack is quite sophisticated and gives off a hip street wear vibe. Its comfort level is definitely a ten out of ten and will have you wanting to switch up the handbag for its sensibility and hands-free look.

4. The colourful tote

The Colourful Tote

When we think of tote bags, the first thought that comes to mind is an out-dated tote we use to carry around our groceries. But, in the recent years, chic tote bags have been popping up everywhere and every designer seems to be spinning out their own rendition of the classic carryall bag. For a serious pop of colour, try the Balenciaga patent-leather handbag that has a roomy interior that will hold all of your essential needs.

5. The top handle

The Top Handle

This bag is the epitome of polish with its simple structure and sleek silhouette, which makes it the perfect accessory for meetings at the office. The versatility of having an adjustable strap is perfect for your busy days, while the top-handle sets professionalism to a whole other level. We recommend rocking this trend in an eye-catching hue or adorned with quirky appliqués like this swoon-worthy Prada number.

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Product Info:
1. Micro Debossed Luggage Handbag in navy blue satin calfskin, $2,550, available at Celine
2. Rebecca Minkoff Leo Mirror Metallic Envelope Clutch, $105.81, available at Rebecca Minkoff
3. Phase 3 City Backpack, $111.45, available at Nordstrom
4. Balenciaga Bazar patent-leather tote, $1,395, available at Net-A-Porter
5. Prada Zig Zag Esplanade textured-leather tote, $2,710, available at Net-A-Porter

By: Carly Brascoupé, Toronto, @carlyyr0se

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