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Fashion Jobs – Casual Work Attire Fridays: Footwear

Friday, March 24th, 2017

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Mondays and Fridays always feel like they are two worlds apart — trekking to the office with coffee in one hand, newspaper in the other and a mindset of conquering the week ahead.

We understand that your favourite work heels might make your feet vulnerable by the end of a long work week, which is why a sleek sneaker or loafer is the perfect addition to your non-stop working schedule. A pair of effortless slip-ons or casual sneakers is essential to every office wardrobe — believe us. Both you and your feet will thank us later.

1. White Sneakers

The White Sneaker
A pair of white sneakers is perfect for the office because they are practical, versatile, and go with just about everything. From cropped wide-leg pants to dark denim and slip dresses, a pair of white sneakers
has been a staple within the fashion crowd for a while now and is a wardrobe must-have.

2. Metallc Oxfords

Metallic Glam
The classic oxford has been a wardrobe staple for decades, we’re just happy to see that if final comes in metallic! We truly believe that oxfords are a staple piece simply because how durable and practical they are. Traditionally, it’s a safe bet to go with brown, grey and black but if you feeling electric because it’s Friday then definitely go with something fun like metallic.

3. Loafers

Tassel Sophistication
The sophisticated tassel detail and slight heel will make your ordinary work flats to shame. This spring, we’re happy to announce that the ‘grandpa shoe’ is making a comeback and a pair of these bad boys will add a touch of class to your work wear. We suggest wearing a cropped pant that will show off these classy yet fashionable loafers. Try different colour options like, maroon, grey or white.

4. Gucci Slides

Sleek Slip-Ons
Statement colour, chic back, without a back — just slip these babies on and your look will instantly become elevated.

Inspiration Image

Inspirational image courtesy of Pinterest

Product Info

  1. Seavee’s Legend Sneakers in pique cotton $111, available at J Crew
  2. ASOS MAI Leather Brouges $69,81, Available at ASOS
  3. Steve Madden Meela Loafer $79.95, Available at Nordstorm
  4. Gucci Peyton GG Leather Mule Slides, $900, available at Saks Fifth Avenue

Carly Brascoupé, Toronto, @carlyyr0se

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Fashion Jobs – The Art of Networking

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

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Dear fellow fashionistas, let’s take a moment and absorb the ever so valuable advice from the one and only Anna Wintour, “In today’s world you have to interact. You can’t be some difficult, shy person who is not able to look somebody in the face; You have to know how to talk about your vision, your focus and what you believe in.”

2. Anna Wintour QuoteHere we are, ambitious, driven, talented and of course, extremely stylish prospects. Our potential to succeed in the fashion industry is great and there are opportunities floating all around us. But how can we seize these opportunities and meet our full potential? Well, it can all happen with a little tool we refer to as networking. 

WHAT: Networking in the fashion industry is connecting with others for an exchange of information with the hopes bettering your career. The keyword we want to focus in on here is connecting. We all have an idea of what it means to network, but the most important part of it does not have to do with just you and how you can advance in your career or how many business cards you can hand out in a day, it’s all about the connection you make with others.

Networking is a natural and free flowing art, without having the intentions of what that other person can do for you but rather who the person you are connecting with is as an individual.

We define networking as not shying away from being your authentic self, always being sincere and respectful of boundaries and ultimately making a valuable connection.

WHY: So why do even bother? Now let’s be honest, we all feel the most secure when we stay within our comfort zones and designated social circles and do what we always do. However, sometimes it’s necessary to put yourself out there and liberate your ideas and opinions outside of your usual circle.

Networking is not something that should be used as a means of self-promotion and advancement in contacts for your business but rather to pursue opportunities that you wouldn’t ordinarily find. We network because we want to learn more about the industry we are trying to get into, and we want to be able to take what we learn and use it to drive us towards achieving our goals and feel confident while doing so. It’s extremely beneficial to be educated about the industry you’re getting into, as it not only helps you figure out exactly what you want but also allows you to be that much more qualified for a position within that given field.

HOW: You can take advantage of networking basically anytime and anywhere. Networking opportunities are all around us: from reaching to a friend of a friend who has your dream job to connecting with someone on LinkedIn who worked for a company you’re dying to work for.

While social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram are great for connecting with like-minded individuals, the most powerful way to network is through face-to-face interaction rather than just staying within the limits of online.

The key here is to stay open minded, friendly, sociable, approachable and curious. Always be curious about who you interact with as you never know what you can learn from them and vice versa. Curiosity can lead to asking for opportunities, opportunities to speak with an industry professional and learn about what they do and receive advice rather than asking for employment. To network, you must be willing to ask questions, listen intently and learn. 

So, ladies, turn off your Netflix, put your phone on silent and get out of your house for a while; explore, interact and network.  Over time, you’ll find that you’ve built up an organic list of professional relationships that you share your passions and ideas with that will help you get closer to landing the fashion job of your dreams.

Inspiration Images
Image 1 courtesy of Pinterest
Image 2 courtesy of Who What Wear via Pinterest

By: Ciara Koth @ciarakoth

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Fashion Jobs – How to Wear Spring Clothes to Work in the Winter

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaInspiration Image

Now that spring clothes have started to appear in stores, it’s hard to resist buying for the warmer days ahead even though technically it’s still winter.

But we have some important news: these warm weather purchases can be justified by pairing them with your pre-existing winter wardrobe. And what’s more, you can make them work for the office, too. Cue: layering. This list will showcase five spring pieces and how to pair them with your winter staples to achieve a work-appropriate outfit with a bit of spring in your step.

2. White Sweater

1. Midi Dress

Slip Dress + Turtleneck

Everyone’s favourite trend from the ‘90s is here to stay. The slip dress, at an office-appropriate length, works best with a fitted turtleneck. Keep it monochromatic with a black and white combo.

3. Off the Shoulder Stripe Shirt 4. White button up

Off-the-Shoulder Top + White Button Up

The major fashion trend from last summer is back again and luckily it looks chic layered overtop of a white button up blouse. Let the spring vibes in by pairing with high-waisted navy trousers

5. Floral Dress 6. Trousers

Floral Print Dress + Black Trousers

Are florals ever not in style for spring? The contrast of the delicate fabric and dainty pattern with sharp black pants makes for a killer outfit. This look can handle a shorter hem line due to the coverage of the pants and if you find a dress with a high neckline, all the better.

7. Pink Skirt 8. Black Sweater

Pleated Skirt + Crew Neck Sweater

Feeling ladylike? A pleated mid-length skirt in a dusty rose colour will lend a sophisticated touch to a plain black sweater and will go great with a pair of contrasting utility-inspired sandals when summer is finally here. For winter, add a pair of new season shoes like a sling-back kitten heel pump or leather loafers to complete the look.

9. kimono

10. Jeans

Pajama Robe Coat + Jeans

Ultimate spring coat, meet casual Friday staple. For the past couple of seasons, boudoir dressing has made its way from the runway to the streets, and now it’s reached the office. The pajama-inspired coat is a super fresh way to dress up your denim and bring some life back into casual Friday. Just make sure to avoid any rips or raw edge hems to keep it polished and cool for the office.

Inspirational Imagery Courtesy of Pinterest.

Product Images

  1. Vince Spaghetti Strap Midi Dress, $316.31, available at Nordstrom.
  2. Ribbed Polo-Neck Jumper, $14.99, available at H&M.
  3. Off-the-Shoulder Striped Blouse, $45.90, available at Zara.
  4. Stretch Shirt, $19.99, available at H&M.
  5. Geon. J Floral Print Dress, $1,143.39, available at Revolve.
  6. Isabel Marant Black Ovida Trousers, $700, available at SSENSE.
  7. Babaton Jude Skirt, $125, available at Aritzia.
  8. Batwing Sleeve Sweater, $45.90, available at Zara.   
  9. Sea Printed Silk Kimono, $565, available at Net-a-Porter.
  10. AGOLDE Jamie High-Rise Jean, $189, available at Urban Outfitters.

Kelly McLeod, Toronto, @KellyMcleod7

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Fashion Jobs – Transitioning Your Winter Wardrobe for Spring

Sunday, March 5th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

1. inspiration image

Spring is a new beginning, a time of revitalization. It can also be one of the toughest seasons to build a wardrobe for. Some days are complete with blue skies and sunshine, while others are beaten down by rain and snow. How are you supposed to pull together an outfit from such variety? Here are a few tips to inspire your inner fashionista.

2.Leather Jacket

Pair a Leather Jacket with a Maxi Skirt

This is a look that ALWAYS works. The combination of a long, feminine skirt and a masculine jacket not only creates a trendy juxtaposition, it also keeps your arms and legs protected from the cold.


Pro Tip: To complete the look, wear with a fitted, chic turtleneck for extra warmth and style points.

3. Ankle boots

Swap Tall Boots for Ankle Boots

It’s too cold to start rocking flats and sandals, but realistically, we’re all sick of wearing winter boots. So, what’s a girl to do? Swap your clunky winter boots for a pair of sleek, trendy ankle boots. Ankle boots are fantastic because they come in endless colours, patterns, fabrics, heights and heel sizes, and can be worn with everything from jeans and leggings to dresses and skirts.


Pro Tip: While we’re big fans of the on-trend cut out and peep toe ankle boots, these styles aren’t practical for the unpredictable spring weather. Opt for a pair that’s durable and will properly cover your feet.

4. Bright Scarf

Introduce Brighter Scarves

Scarves are a staple of any winter and spring wardrobe. While a neutral colour works best in the colder months, as soon as you start to see a hint of sunshine, it’s time to break out the bold! Try adding a floral scarf to an outfit dominated by darker shades.


Pro Tip: If you really want to up your style game, try rocking the season’s biggest neck accessory — a silk scarf.

5. Layers

Layer, Layer, Layer

Winter is all about bundling up. But when springtime hits, you want to be ready to adjust with the ever-changing weather. Throw on a camisole, cardigan, and a feminine blazer or jacket to keep warm, and then ditch the jacket when things start to heat up.


Pro Tip: Avoid layering with bulky and heavy layers, as they will leave you hot when temperatures rise. Stick to layering with lighter, breathable layers.


Fleece-Lined Tights Are Your Friend

Oh, what to do with that adorable sweater dress or the skirt that makes you feel like a million bucks?! It’s too chilly for bare legs, and nylons are hardly going to help. What about fleece-lined tights? They’re basically dressy yoga pants that keep your legs warm and allow you to wear dresses no matter the season.


Pro Tip: To really add some spice to your look, rock a pair of black tights under your favourite pair of distressed jeans on colder days.


See, it’s not too hard! Spring is a fun and funky transition time to play around with colours and layers, all while keeping comfort in mind.


Inspiration Images
1. Image courtesy of Pinterest
2. Image courtesy of Who What Wear via Pinterest
3. Image courtesy of Pinterest
4. Image courtesy of Blair Eadie via Pinterest
5. Image courtesy of Pinterest
6. Image courtesy of Stylecaster


Sara Antonuccio, Grants Pass @afashionistaabroad

Fashion Jobs – The 10 Items Every Woman Needs in her Work Bag

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

Inspiration Image

While bloggers and writers frequently encourage woman to stockpile backup makeup and perfume in their work bags for last minute touchups, this advice is hardly helpful.

But today, we’re here to share with you the essentials that every woman actually needs to carry to and from the office. These items will keep you organized, stain-free, and will prevent any wardrobe malfunctions that might arise.

Ladies, we present to you, the 10 items that you need in your work bag.

1. Minimergency Kit

Mini Emergency Kit

No woman should be found without a mini emergency kit, especially if she’s the kind that is constantly dashing to and from the office. This 17-piece kit is filled with an assortment of beauty, fashion and personal care products for fast fixes on the go.

2. Blotting Sheets

Blotting Sheets

There’s nothing worse than heading into an important meeting only to realize your face is covered with shine. That’s why these blotting sheets are a work bag must-have. These absorbent little sheets are the perfect way to wipe away excess oil, shine or even sweat on your brow, cheeks, and upper lip.

3. Chic Card Holder

Chic Cardholder

For a woman that’s constantly on the go, having quick and easy access to your most important cards (ahem, Starbucks cards) is super important.


Stain Remover

Don’t sweat the small stains. Instead of dashing to the dry cleaners whenever you spill your latte or get makeup on your blouse, always have a portable cleaner on hand to spot clean.

5. Battery Case

Battery Case

A good battery case will keep your phone charged up throughout the busy workday so you’ll be able to stay on-top of your emails and tasks when you run around and don’t have a charger on you.

6. Breath Freshener

Breath Freshener

Bad breath is a turnoff in any situation — especially if you’re meeting with clients. Avoid having coffee breath by keeping mints or gum in your purse.

7. Day Planner

Day Planner

Never miss a meeting or forget about cocktails with your friends again with this functional, 17 month agenda that’s a to-do lister’s dream come true. It comes complete with monthly and weekly plans, note pages and laminated dividers, keeping tabs has never looked so good!

8. Skin Mist
Hydrating Facial Spray

itting at a desk all day can take a toll on your skin. Keeping a bottle of hydrating facial spray in your bag will refresh your face during the midday lull.

9. Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats

You’ll appreciate having a pair of backup ballet flats in your bag on the days that you’re constantly running around and your heels have become to painful to tolerate.

10.tote bag

Carryall Bag

Finally, you need the perfect tote that can carry all your go-to work essentials! This spring year, we’re swooning over this stunning Saint Laurent number and can’t wait until we can get our hands on one!

Inspirational Image

Inspirational image courtesy of Pinterest

Product Information

Edge Minimergency Kit, $18, available at Pinch Provisions

Bosica Green Tea Blotting Linnens, $14, available at Sephora

Gucci Quilted Leather Card Case, $315, available at Saks Fifth Avenue

Tide-to-Go, $9.97, available at Walmart

iPhone Smart Battery Case, $129, available at Apple

Altoids, $3.49, available at

Rifle 17-Month Planner,  $20, available at Chapters

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, $58, available at Sephora

Tory Burch Laila Driver Ballet Flat, $269.11, available at Nordstrom

Saint Laurent Leather Tote, $ 1,373.16, available at Nordstrom

Ainsley Smith, Toronto, @ainsleysmithy

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Fashion Jobs – The Nine Spring Essentials You Need to Buy Now

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaInspiration Image

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to turn over a new leaf. Or, swap out the old for the new in your wardrobe. Adding a few essentials to your closet will get you ready for spring, and ready to embrace the much-needed warmer weather.

To help you get a head start on your spring shopping, we’ve rounded up nine trends that you can buy now to get you ready for the new season.

1.Statement Sleeves

Statement Sleeves

This season, statements sleeves are all the rage — as they dominated both spring and fall runways around the globe. Forget your usual cuff, and try this fun and flirty trend this season. A statement sleeve can be dressed up with a skirt or dressed down with a great pair of skinnies.

2. logo Tee

The Logo Tee

Rather keep your look more casual? A killer logo tee is definitely the way to go. Many designers and fast fashion stores are carrying this trend. Dress it up with a blazer or pair one with your favourite leather jacket for an edgier look. From political statements and happy sayings to vintage bands and brands, there’s a tee for everyone.

3. The Mom Jean

The ‘Mom’ Jean

There’s nothing we love more than a pair of well-worn, high rise jeans. This spring, grab yourself a pair of ‘mom’ jeans that have a higher rise and relaxed slim fit. This style has quickly become a fashion blogger staple and is a must-have this season.

4.Wide Leg Pants

Wide Leg Pants

Looking for a new pair of pants for work? Another pant trend to try is the wide leg pant. What’s popular right now are: extra-long or cropped lengths; trouser and paper bag waists; and bold patterns. It’s the perfect look. They look great and have that free-feeling comfort and they’re perfect for a day at the office.

5.Hooded Dress

Athleisure Wear

Athleisure has really come into play within the last couple of years. It’s not just Juicy Couture anymore. Now, it’s pairing a hoodie dress with a pair of over-the-knee boots or stepping out in your best yoga leggings — as seen on Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid countlessly this year. Leggings are coming in fun colours and interesting details. It’s perfect for after a long day at the office and chill weekends. 

7. Pink Dress

8. Pink Off the Shoulder Top

The Colour Pink

If you ask any little girl what her favourite colour is, there’s a good chance the answer will be pink. Well, lucky for them pink is hot right now. From dresses to pants, from light to hot pink, this colour is everywhere this season. One way to rock this look and another is by finding a top in your favourite shade with statement sleeves or the oh-so-popular cold shoulder look. Or, opt for a flirty dress.

9. Metallic Bomber

10. Metallic booties


Sequins and shine aren’t just for the evening anymore. Brighten your wardrobe by adding some funky metallics this season. You can keep it simple by pairing a pair of gold pants with a basic top or a silver jacket to spice up a simple look. Feeling a little more comfortable with the idea of some shine? Rock a pair of killer silver booties the next time you go for après work cocktails — you’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons. 


Kick it in Sneakers

Sneakers are still just as popular as last year and for good reason. You can rock a pair of white runners or liven’ up your outfit with a pair of red sneakers. These shoes can fall under the athleisure trend, and be used to dress up an outfit or stay casual.

12.Platform Heels

Sky’s The Limit

Tired of casual? Try some fun ‘70s inspired platform heels as this style is thankfully making a much-needed comeback. Wear with a flirty floral dress or pair with a pair of flared jeans.

Inspiration image courtesy of Pinterest

Product Info

1. Chelsea28 Bell Sleeve Off the Shoulder Top, $108.49, available at Nordstrom

2. Michael Jackson Thriller Tee, $45, available at Urban Outfitters

3. AGOLDE Jamie Dakota, $228, available at Aritzia

4. Ahnn Pant, $229, available at Club Monaco

5. Hooded Dress, $50, available at H&M

6. Alo High Waist Moto Leggings, $156.56, available at Nordstrom

7. Frilled Midi Dress, $69, available at Zara

8. 3.1 Philip Lim Solid Cold Shoulder Silk Top, $675, available at Saks Fifth Avenue

9. Rosie HW x Paige Flo Metallic Bomber Jacket, $450, available at Saks Fifth Avenue

10. Metallic Dress Ankle Booties, $60, available at H&M

11. ZEAVEN, $90, available at Aldo

12. Mercer Cork Platform Leather Sandal, $188, available at Michael Kors

Jennifer Williams, Toronto, _jenniferwilliams

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Fashion Jobs – The 5 Coats You Need This Spring

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaInspirational Image

Now that warmer days are ahead, it’s officially time to start thinking about transitioning from your bulky, heavy parka and making room in your closet for spring-appropriate options.  From bold hues to oversized fits, we’ve rounded up the top outerwear trends that we can’t wait to get our hands on.

1.Updated Bomber

The Updated Bomber

2016 was the year of the bomber jacket, with fashionistas around the globe donning bombers in neutral and pastel hues. We’re excited to see that this trend is sticking around, only this spring we’re looking forward to getting our hands on a bomber that has more personality. We love this statement orange Ted Baker bomber and are swooning over its romantic print.



For those warmer spring days when you can get away with wearing a sleeveless top and a pair of airy dress pants, you need a feminine coat to match. We can’t get enough of this embellished, white coat and its boucle finish. Not to mention it can easily transition from the boardroom to après work cocktails.

3.statement sleeves

Statement Sleeves

While flowy sleeves have been popular in the past, spring’s statement sleeve is going to take the trend even further.  A statement sleeve is loud, fun, and attention-getting and will instantly elevate your look.

4.Robe Coat

Bathrobe Inspired
One of the coat trends we’re most excited for is the laidback luxe look of a wrap jacket. This look gives us a model-off-duty vibe and we can’t wait for warmer weather so we can rock this bathrobe-inspired trend. Toss one over jeans to add polish to a casual look, or pair one with a slip dress for a boudoir-inspired ensemble. 

5. The New Trench

Oversized Trench:

Slouchy fabrics, big buckles, and extended silhouettes – this year’s trench coats are anything but ordinary. Our style advice? The bolder the better.

Inspirational Image

Inspirational Image courtesy of Pinterest

Product Images
1. Herrne Regal Romance Bomber Jacket, $415, available at Ted Baker

2. Yulisa Embellished Cropped Boucle Jacket, $529, available at Ted Baker

3. Fendi Leather Accented Cotton Trenchcoat, $4,870, available at Saks Fifth Avenue

4. H&M Patterned Kimono, $80, available at H&M

5. TOPSHOP 80s Double-Breasted Trench Coat, $240, available at The Bay

Ainsley Smith, Toronto, @ainsleysmithy

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Fashion Jobs – 2017 Trend Alert: Pyjama Party 

Monday, February 6th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada01

2016 was definitely the year of athleisure wear, but it looks like the fashion world is going to enter a whole new level of comfort this year thanks to the highly covetable sleepwear trend. From celebs to bloggers, there’s been no shortage of pyjama-inspired streetwear sightings and now its time for you to give it a try!   

02 03 04 05

Now, despite the urge, we can’t simply jump out of bed and head straight to the office. The entire reason this is a trend is because it combines the comfort of PJ’s with the chic look of sophistication. The key is to look polished which means no wrinkles, stains or missing buttons.

Having a matching low-cut button down top and loosely fit drawstring bottom is not essential but it does make things a lot easier in the morning. The staple to the pyjama top is most often the peter pan or shirt collar, wide cuff and the square pocket on the left side of the chest.

Similarly, the popularity of the silk slip dress, lace trim cami and elongated robe over pieces give you the chance to play around with layering.  And let’s not forget about patterns and stripes, which most often are what distinguishes a pyjama piece. 

This year, if you decide to jump on this trend, make sure to fully rock the look – this means with accessories and a killer pair of heels. But make sure to wear accessories that don’t clash with your patterns. Finally, don’t forget the hair and makeup, because you don’t want to your boss to think that you completely skipped out on getting ready for work in the morning. 

1. Image courtesy of @camila_cabello via Instagram

2. Image courtesy of @kourtneykardash via Instagram 

3. Image courtesy of @lucyhale via Instagram 

4. Image courtesy of @shaym via Instagram 

5. Image courtesy of @sofiarichie via Instagram 

By: Dia McLaughlin, Mississauga, @diamari3

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Fashion Jobs – Winter Approved Office Looks

Monday, January 30th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaInspirational Image

We understand the struggle of balancing your fashion-forward style in an office environment in the dead of a Canadian winter. It’s not always easy to look your best when you have to battle nature’s elements to and from work. You may even have asked yourself a few times this season: How does one make chunky, shapeless winter clothing look good? It’s not impossible!

We’ve put together three outfits to wear to work this winter that are the right combination of chic and warm while still remaining functional. Getting ready for work this season has just gotten a whole lot easier!

1.sweater 3.Leather pants2.Boots

Look One

In the past, winter boots that had it all (anti-slip treads on the soles, waterproof material and warm insulation) rarely translated to sleek or stylish. Footwear companies have really stepped up their game and you can now find a huge selection of practical yet cool winter gear. Pair black wedge boots with leather leggings and a fuzzy sweater for a chic pulled together winter ensemble that will surely be a hit in the boardroom.

Product Details:

CHIKIMIKI Ines Black Cashmere Sweater, $745, available at Lyst

Sorel Jan of Arctic Wedge Mid Boot in Black Quarry, $280, available at Sorel

Imitation Leather Trousers, $29.99, available at H&M

8.leopard jacket4.skirt 5. cashmere sweater 6.belt7.Fleece tights

Look Two

Skirts can actually be a year-round staple if you get a little creative. Look for heavy fabrics and longer lengths when deciding to wear one in the colder months. First, tuck a cashmere sweater into the waistline of your skirt and complete the look by cinching your waist with a thin belt. Complete the look with a pair of fleece black tights, as they’ll protect your legs from the cold weather.

Product Details:

• Asymmetrical Zip Pencil Skirt in Wool, $95, available at J Crew

• Les 100 Ciels Cashmere Sweater in Cream, $197.69, available at ASOS

• Skinny Faux Leather Belt in Black, $6.90, available at Forever 21

• Fleece Tights in Black, $14.99, available at H&M

• Evans Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat, $190.94, available at Nordstrom

9. turtleneck 10.dresspants

Look Three

Ditch the predictable black winter jacket this season and swap it for something that makes a serious statement. This year, bold, attention-getting coats are all the rage, as seen on fashionistas from around the world. Faux fur, patterned and bold coloured jackets are an easy way to make a statement at work while still following the dress code. Go for a more casual look underneath, like a chic turtleneck, a pair of dress pants and ankle boots, and then let your outerwear do all the talking.

Product Images

• Babaton Larry T-Shirt, $45, available at Aritzia

• BCBGMAXAZRIA Chris Wide-Leg Pants, $257, available at The Bay

• TOPSHOP Happy-Days Toe Cap Boots, $170, available at TOPSHOP

Inspiration image courtesy Pinterest

By: Taja Jarvis, Toronto, @TVJV

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Fashion Jobs – 7 Ways to Wear the 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada


With every coming year there is the highly anticipated release of the Pantone colour of the year (at least in the fashion world), and this year, the colour is GREENERY! The light green hue, with a yellow tint, comes as a result of the past year and offers up a shade of hope for 2017. Greenery symbolizes new beginnings and a fresh start, encouraging us to re-visit nature and really take the time to rejuvenate. Here are a few ways to wear Greenery and refresh your wardrobe this year.



Who said you should never wear Green? Probably the easiest way to wear a colour is with a one-piece. This silk dress is a perfect way to incorporate Greenery into your wardrobe. You can look fabulous wearing it to a garden party, and just as professional wearing it to work with a blazer thrown over top.



Trendy pieces

Fashion is sometimes difficult to follow, between colours and trends, when you do and don’t mix them, it can get a bit confusing. But here is a trendy piece that works them both perfectly. A wide-leg pant, or jumpsuit that has a variety of green shades in it will not only bring out the piece, but it will give you a stand out style. 


Statement Bag

The best way to add a pop of colour to your ensemble is through your accessories and of course your handbag. Grab this bright green suede sweetie before you meet up with your BFF for lunch, but not until after you’ve hit the shop. 


Playful Accessories

Statement necklaces work well with almost everything. It can really dress up your denim, and your favorite little black dress, either way, you can’t go wrong with a character piece like this one.


Eccentric Shoe

Keeping with the theme of things- with Greenery representing freshness and nature, opt for a more festive way to incorporate the colour of the year. You can always go for a full green pump and it will look amazing, but try something with a little more character with a low wedge shoe that may have a little story behind it.


Interesting Pattern

If you can rock a bright green monochromatic look, I say go for it! But for those of us who like to play it a little safer, wear the colour of the year disguised in a pattern. Greenery is paired with a perfect pink pastel colour. This look from the SS17 Tory Burch runway features just enough green into the design of the dress, but the cardigan is really what completes this look. Other colours that hang well with Greenery are taupe, olive, orange, yellow, and blue.



Greenery consistently surfaced over ready-to-wear spring 2017 catwalk. Designers including Kenzo, Balenciaga, Zac Posen, Alice+Olivia, and Gucci featured the colour through their collections. Just like this coat, they have done it in a way that does not over do it and actually provides a more minimalist approach with decorative details. As an easy piece to throw over any outfit, this piece will not disappoint in the coming year.

Product Info:

Inspiration image courtesy of Fashion Bubbles, via Pinterest

1. Oscar de la Renta Mini Dress, $1326, available at The Outnet

2. Marciano Autumn Ritual Jumpsuit, $198

3. Fontana Milano 1915 Tote Bag, $1400, available at Barneys

4. Oscar de la Renta Swarovski Crystal Necklace, $590, available at Net-A-Porter

5. Charlotte Olympia Block-Heel Sandals, $935, available at Matches Fashion

6. Tory Burch Ready-to-Wear Spring 2017 runway image courtesy of Business of Fashion

7. Gucci Ruffle-trimmed Wool Coat, $4410, available at Matches Fashion


By: Dia McLaughlin, Mississauga

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