3 Ways to Improve Your Communications Skills - Style Nine to Five

3 Ways to Improve Your Communications Skills

Whether you’re in entry-level retail or the CEO of a fashion brand, communications skills are important to what you do. Think about it: every job you’ll ever be in includes a ton of communicating – sharing ideas with coworkers, speaking to clients and consumers, and having discussions with your higher-ups. As a result, you certainly […]

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3 LinkedIn Best Practices - Style Nine to Five

3 LinkedIn Best Practices

Social media helps us to stay connected and to have access to a wealth of information. LinkedIn is one of the top social media platforms where professionals can connect to discuss industry relevant topics and to apply for numerous jobs. Let’s dive into understanding why a strong LinkedIn profile matters and what tips and tricks […]

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How to Interpret a Job Posting - Style Nine to Five

How to Decipher a Job Posting

I remember once sitting down to an interview for a company I desperately wanted to join. The role was for a very well-known Canadian fashion brand I had wanted to work with since I was a junior in high school. I also remember exactly how the hiring manager began the interview. She started off by […]

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5 Easy Ways to Update Your Application Package - Style Nine to Five

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Application Package

So, you aren’t getting job offers, but you can’t quite figure out what’s wrong with your application package, and you certainly don’t have hours to spend trying to sort it out. Don’t worry – there are plenty of quick and easy fixes you can implement to clean up your resume and cover letter that’ll give […]

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How to Choose the Right Academic Program For You - Style Nine to Five

How to Choose the Right Academic Program for You

Adding to your education is a great way to level up your career, but choosing an academic program is daunting, as it’s a major, life-changing choice, whether you’re going back to school later in life or you’re just getting started. You may not know if you’re sinking your time and money into something pointless until […]

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Fashion Jobs - Style Nine to Five

5 Outside the Box Fashion Industry Jobs to Consider

The fashion industry is no one-trick pony. Au contraire – fashion is a remarkably versatile field that offers a variety of career options – jobs you probably did not even know exist! These experiences present opportunities for growth, skill development and learning. Whether you’re a recent fashion school graduate, an aspiring fashion professional or simply […]

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5 Technical Skills for Creative Job-seekers to Ace - Style Nine to Five

5 Technical Skills for Creative Job-seekers to Ace

As creative digital industries grow, so does the required design skills in listed in job descriptions. If you’re someone who wants to work in a creative industry but feel overwhelmed by all of the software you have yet to master, we’ve compiled the top five creative programs that employers will be impressed by. 1 – […]

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Christie’s Modern Resume Tips- Style Nine to Five

Christie’s Modern Resume Tips

Let’s talk about resumes! We can’t live without them and they’re not going away any time soon, so it’s about time to learn the ins and outs of how to write yours. Forget what you learned long ago, today’s most effective resumes are unique, customized, and pared down. We sat down with Style Nine to […]

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Skills You Need to Succeed in These Hot Retail Roles - Style Nine to Five

Skills You Need to Succeed in These Hot Retail Roles

If you are someone who loves fashion and wants to grow professionally in this industry, chances are you’ve contemplated a career in retail at some point! Simply put, working storefront is an excellent career move and learning experience with so much to offer. You may be asking yourself “Where do I fit in here?” or […]

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Resume and Cover Letter Tips - Style Nine to Five

5 Resume and Cover Letter FAQs

Whether you’re re-entering the workforce or brand new to it, job applications are daunting all the same. There’s no clear-cut guide on what employers expect, often leaving us fumbling to figure things out. While it’s impossible to please every hiring manager who looks at your resume, here are some commonly accepted best practices of application […]

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