How to Demonstrate Your Skills - Style Nine to Five

Show Don’t Tell: How to Demonstrate Your Skills

Employers want to hire the person they know can do the job so, as job seekers, you have to be able to show the hiring manager that you have what it takes. It’s one thing to say you are a skilled worker, but illustrating and exhibiting it for them to see will solidify you as […]

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Customized Job Applications - Style Nine to Five

3 Ways to Save Time on Creating Customized Job Applications

In today’s climate – there is so much competition for job seekers, which is all the more reason the make sure you stand out. As Christie, the Founder of Style Nine to Five says, personalization and customization are key to a successful application.  While customization will help you stand out amongst others also applying for jobs […]

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How to Stand Out When Applying for a Job - Style Nine to Five

How to Stand Out When Applying for a Job

If you’ve ever applied to a job through LinkedIn, you’ll know that some jobs you apply for – hundreds of people have as well. Of course, not all companies have this many people applying, but it gives you a sense of just how many people you might be up against. Going into the application process […]

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What Hiring Managers Really Want in a Job Application - Style Nine to Five

What Hiring Managers Really Want in a Job Application

When you finally click “send” on your job application, the last thing you want is for it to go straight to the bottom of the pile – or worse, to the trash. When hiring managers get applications that are too long, too generic, or too bland, chances are those candidates won’t make it to the […]

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Passion for Fashion – 10 Other Ways to Say It

If you’ve ever said that you have a “passion for fashion” on your cover letter, resume, or in a job interview, you’re not alone. That’s because it’s one of the most over-used phrases for expressing your enthusiasm when applying for a job in fashion. By now, it not only sounds a little cheesy, but it’s […]

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