Passion for Fashion – 10 Other Ways to Say It

If you’ve ever said that you have a “passion for fashion” on your cover letter, resume, or in a job interview, you’re not alone. That’s because it’s one of the most over-used phrases for expressing your enthusiasm when applying for a job in fashion. By now, it not only sounds a little cheesy, but it’s overdone and really doesn’t do much to make your application stand out. 

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Here, we’re giving you 10 great alternatives that will let potential employers see how much you love fashion without sounding cliché. Any one of these (or a combination!) will let hiring managers see how eager you are and will highlight your interest in being part of the fashion industry – in a more meaningful and specific way. 

Instead of “passion for fashion”, try:

1 – I’m motivated by turning my love of fashion into a career.

2 – I’ve always been fascinated with every aspect of the fashion industry.

3 – Working in a fashion environment is my top career objective.

4 – A job in fashion would be a dream come true for me.

5 – I’ve never doubted that I’m meant to work in fashion.

6 – Working in fashion has always been my biggest goal.

7 – I’m passionate about following my love of fashion through my career.

8 – My drive comes from following my dream of working in the fashion industry.

9 – Working in fashion combines my main source of inspiration with my career goals.

10 – Pursing a career in fashion is what lights me up. 

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There you have it – take your pick and change up that tired expression! Use something that demonstrates how much fashion means to you and gives hiring managers a more unique snapshot of who you are and why you belong in a fashion career.

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By: Jeanine GordonJeanine is a freelance writer and editor with a passion for creating stellar content for global brands and small businesses alike – specializing in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. 

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