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Fashion Jobs – Beyond the Job Boards: Your Dream Job Is Hiding, Here’s How to Find It

Friday, March 15th, 2019

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada



Online job boards are the first stop for almost every job seeker; and in most cases, the final stop. The strategy of placing all of your résumés in one basket means missing out on all of the other exciting opportunities out there – you just have to make a commitment to finding them. Job seeking can sometimes mirror dating in the sense that you may never find the right ‘one’ by looking in all the same places.


Wondering why companies don’t post all of their job openings? Perhaps the hiring manager doesn’t want to be bombarded with a slew of résumés, or someone may still be in the position, but they are soon to be let go. Also, most hidden opportunities are typically filled based on internal promotions, referrals and recommendations. Those are just a few reasons, but either way, those fashion jobs are out there and you can be that referral or recommendation!


Your willingness to put yourself out there will yield more results, boost your confidence, and open your mind to opportunities and companies that you generally wouldn’t have even considered. Branch out beyond the fashion job boards and seek job openings that aren’t being advertised using these tips:


1. Ask. It never hurts to ask. Create a list of companies that you would like to target, whether or not they are hiring, and reach out the hiring manager. Create an industry-specific résumé that highlights the role you are seeking and complement it with a detailed cover letter that is addressed to a specific person. Inquire about opportunities that may align with your experience and note that you are open to an informational meeting to discuss current or future opportunities. Can’t get to the hiring manager? Proceed to the following steps.


2. Network. Get the word out that you’re in the job market by reaching out to your network and starting a conversation around your area of expertise. The information you receive will depend on your approach and on whether or not they can picture you as a colleague or as someone they would recommend. If you’re sincere and you’re not coming off as desperate, you’ll find it’s fairly easy to open doors to influential decision makers. Current employees are privy to inside information such as upcoming projects, new departments, and expansions with the company. Staying in contact on a regular basis will keep your name fresh in their minds when an opportunity comes around.

brunette the label

3. Research. Take some time to find out what the innovative companies in your industry are up to. Is there a department that you can see yourself contributing to or improving? Without stepping on any toes, call out an area of opportunity and suggest how you would be able to improve the current methods or help to take things to the next level. Be ready to back it up with real ideas and examples of how you can make an impact.


Furthermore, using social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are great ways to connect with the people who can get you one step closer to the hiring manager.


With all of these methods comes one requirement – patience. Applying via job boards may feel as though you’re quickly moving along in the right direction, but the automatic response stating that your application was received can be misleading. Asking for an informational meeting, reaching out to your network, and researching companies takes perseverance and commitment. It’s an ongoing process and patience will yield the results that will set you on the right path to your dream job.


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By Malicia Basdeo, New York City

Fashion Jobs – 5 Trends Blowing up on Instagram You Should Shop ASAP

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

Find career advice, job listings, careers, fashion internships, social media internships, retail jobs, fashion design jobs, buying jobs, fashion stylist jobs and style careers on Style Nine to Five!

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canadakarolinajez_42908263_705728159791387_1737019948673452388_n

Gone are the days that Instagram is solely for seeing what your family, friends and favourite celebrities are up to. Instead, it’s quickly become a go-to fashion resource for seeing what your fave influencers and style icons are currently rocking. And the best part is most of the time you can shop the pieces you’ve been eyeing up directly through the ap. Otherwise, you can see where the items are from and buy them conveniently in-store or online later. Today, we’re sharing all the trends we thankfully discovered on Instagram and the trends we purchased as quickly as possible. Get your credit cards ready, ladies.


We’re definitely stocking up on chic, plaid pants this fall. We love the edgy nod to the 90s, and not to mention it’s refreshing to see something other than black pants during fall.


Colourful Puffers
Solid black puffers have thankfully been replaced with bold, rainbow-hued shades and now fashion’s biggest ‘it’ girls can be seen donning puffers in crazy colours left, right and centre. Now you just need to decide which colour you like best.


Teddy Coats
Shearling is having a major moment this year. We love how there are so many cute yet feminine teddy bear styles available and typically you don’t have to break the bank to rock this trend.


Statement LBD
Whether you need a dress for the countless holiday parties you have lined up, a frock for New Year’s or maybe you just want to treat yourself to a new LBD, ditch the classic silhouettes and opt for head-turning details. Our Insta feeds have been flooded with playful details like feathers, beading, velvet and oversized shoulders, and we can’t get enough.


Chunky, Combat Boots
We couldn’t end this list without a pair of practical yet ultra fashionable boots and we currently can’t get enough of the chunky, combat boot trend. From monochrome styles to bold whites and reds, a pair of bold combat boots are super comfortable, practical and far from ordinary.


Inspirational Images
Image courtesy of Karolina Jez
Image courtesy of Maren Schia
Image courtesy of Emily Sindlev
Image courtesy of Viktoria Dahlberg
Image courtesy of Anne-Laure Mais Moreau
Image courtesy of Karolina Jez


By Ainsley Smith, Toronto, @ainsleysmithy

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Fashion Jobs – The Best Instagrams to Follow for Work Outfit Inspo

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaPrescylla inspo imageIf one thing’s for certain, Instagram is a great source for outfit inspiration. With the swipe of your finger, you have instant access to some of the best-dresed women in the world. But rather than just using Insta to plan your next date night look, why not use it to decide what to wear to work as well? We’ve scoured our feeds and tracked down the fashion bloggers and street style stars that know a thing or two about styling an outfit for the office. Whether you work in a casual office, in the corporate world or you’re an intern, we found a style star to inspire your next office outfit.



The Creatives
If you work in media, marketing, advertising or public relations your work environment is usually casual Fridays throughout the entire week. And while this might sound amazing to most, a casual office vibe can leave creative divas unsure of what they can actually get away with without over stepping their boundaries.


It’s almost like there are no boundaries on what you can wear since the dress code is so casual. While this is definitely better than a strict set of rules,  you have to ask yourself, “Do I really want my boss to see me in a tube top and shorts?”. The answer is no. You have to find the perfect balance between casual and office chic. That’s why @blaireeadiebee is the perfect wardrobe inspo for those working in a more casual environment.


Blaire Eadie is a NYC blogger who loves to experiment with bold prints, colours and patterns but always makes sure it’s done with a whole lot of class. Her midi-length skirts and touch of ruffles on almost all her pastel tops, make her the perfect inspo for all the creatives out there. She expresses her love for adventure by wearing all the colours of the rainbow but still keeping it work appropriate. 

Blair Eadie

Similar Items for This LookNoisey May Multi Stripe Knit, $16.00, available at AsosPleated Metallic Skirt, $68, available at Lord and Taylor, and Aquazzara Alix Block Heel Velvet Pumps, $725, available at Matchesfashion


The Corporate
When it comes to being fashion-forward, it can be a little tough in the corporate world. With the plethora of spoken and unspoken rules on how to look professional, looking cool at work can be a little demotivating. Like all rules, there are loopholes to this. You can still be trendy and bold without your boss giving you the side eye. Take blogger @9to5chic for example. Her Instagram will remind you that your nine to five doesn’t always have to equal to a suit and tie.


The San Francisco-native Anh shows all the corporate gals they too can look chic and attend five-morning meetings without breaking a sweat. Anh’s looks are a good mix of neutral colours that make a statement, and a constant use of pieces from a suit mixed with more everyday clothes. She also knows how to rock a killer denim and blazer combo for your casual Fridays. Don’t sleep on her work worthy outfit inspo and you’ll be waking up ready to take your #WOOTD (work outfit of the day) to the next level.

9 to 5 chic

Similar Items for This LookHelen Berman Gingham Trench Coat, $190, available at Asos, Calvin Klein Pocket Blouse, $66.75, available at The BayTahari ASL Straight Leg Pant, $70.62, available at Macys, and Lost Ink Nude Heel, $73.36, available at Asos.


Intern Outfit Inspo
As if landing your internship wasn’t already enough of a struggle, finding an outfit is just another obstacle in this fashion game. Dressing for your internship is always a challenge because you’re torn between looking young and a-la-mode and looking like preppy professional to impress your boss. The intern life is very quick so your fashion needs to keep up. That’s where blogger @MeganEllaby comes in. Her killer style shows you that you can be the preppy professional and stay true to youthful trends you can’t help but be a part of.

Megan EllabyHailing from Manchester, UK, blogger Megan Ellaby’s style is the perfect inspo for the young professional on the rise. From her affordable high street pieces mixed with funky luxe trends of today, Megan shows the balance of where to splurge and where to save. On her page, you’ll find the best outfit inspo for your Monday to Friday uniform without breaking the bank. Her use of cool prints, patterns, and accessories will have you standing out at the office for all the right reasons. It also helps that she has a killer comfortable shoe game. Cute shoes, that are comfortable? With the endless errands you’re about to run, what more could you ask for?


Similar Items for This Look:  Cherry Print Blouse, $138, available at Free PeopleTopshop Slim Fit Trousers, $80, available at The Bay, and Truffle Collection Heeled Espadrilles, $57.06, available at Asos

Inspirational Image
Image courtesy of 9 to 5 Chic

Product Info:

1. Noisey May Multi Stripe Knit, $16.00, available at Asos 

2. Pleated Metallic Skirt, $68, available at Lord and Taylor

3. Aquazzara Alix Block Heel Velvet Pumps, $725, available at Matches Fashion

4. Helen Berman Gingham Trench Coat, $190, available at Asos

5. Calvin Klein Pocket Blouse, $66.75, available at The Bay

6. Tahari ASL Straight Leg Pant, $70.62, available at Macys

7. Lost Ink Nude Heel, $73.36, available at Asos

8. Cherry Print Blouse, $138, available at Free PeopleTopshop Slim Fit Trousers, $80, available at The Bay

9. Truffle Collection Heeled Espadrilles, $57.06, available at Asos


By: Prescylla Veronique, Toronto, @prescyllav

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Fashion Jobs – Interview with Camilla De Cesare

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs

Camilla De Cesare

Style Nine to Five had the pleasure of sitting down with social media maven Camilla De Cesare. Coming from Europe to attend UBC in beautiful Vancouver, Camilla has had great opportunities in the fashion scene in Vancity. From being a part of the Grand opening of Nordstrom’s Vancouver as their social media specialist, to growing her personal Instagram rapidly (which is absolutely stunning might I add). She is now taking the next step by moving to Toronto to open the Nordstrom’s there, while co-working on one of Vancouver’s latest online consignment stores. To say this girl keeps herself busy is an understatement. She has definitely made a mark on the Vancouver scene in just a short amount of time and we’re excited to learn about what she has in store for the future.

SNTF: Have you had previous training in social media or have you always had a knack for it?

CDC: I have never formally studied social media, but through a lot of trial and error I started to teach myself. My Instagram used to be a bit of a mess, and there are still so many ways that I can improve! It is just a continuous learning process!

SNTF: Instagram is a major platform for personal branding and for business’s. What are your thoughts on branding through social media, such as Instagram?

CDC: This is such a great question; it is actually a conversation I continuously have with people. Branding through social media keeps becoming more important to brands given that traditional ways of advertising are becoming less effective. I even think about when I was a teen and used to watch TV I couldn’t fast forward commercials, but now I either pre-record everything and skip commercials or I just use Netflix. Consumers have more ways of ‘avoiding’ ads than before, so working with influencers through social media to create authentic and engaging content is very powerful. The number of full-time bloggers keeps growing because brands keep increasing the amount they spend on social media. However, it can also be tricky once someone becomes a full-time blogger as you do not want to accept too much sponsored work that could alienate your following, yet you also need to make a living.

SNTF: What do you have planned for yourself next in Toronto?

CDC: I will be involved with the opening of Nordstrom in Toronto, and I will also be working on Soemy, an online consignment store that consigns blogger’s second-hand clothing, that my friend Chloe and I are launching. 

SNTF: You have also built a very strong personal Instagram @ave.camilla. Is this something you want to build for yourself as a personal blog and brand, or is it more of a hobby to showcase your personality and photos?

CDC: As of right now, my Instagram is a hobby and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I absolutely love getting to meet new people and Instagram really allows you to connect with people you normally wouldn’t meet. It is also such a great creative outlet! Getting to work with new photographers, scout new locations, and play dress up is just so much fun!

SNTF: What can we see from ave.camilla in the future?

CDC: I will be moving a lot within the next few years (after Toronto I’ll be moving back to Europe) and so I’ll be exploring and showcasing cities more than I do right now. But of course the main focus will remain fashion, since that is what I love the most!

SNTF: You spoke about an online consignment store that you are helping launch. Let’s hear a bit more about this. What was your vision and why did you decide to start it?

CDC: Chloe, my business partner, started an online consignment store called My Modern Closet, and her aim has been to create an easy and accessible way for people to re-use clothes and give them a longer life. Around the same time, I had been thinking about what I should do with all of my clothes. I had tried various different options and didn’t feel like there was the perfect fit for me. So I started speaking to my blogger friends and they felt the same way, and that is how the vision for Soemy came about! We pick up and shoot all of the clothing for the blogger’s so that it is hassle-free for them, and we want to make these blogger’s awesome clothes accessible to the public and give the clothes a longer life!

SNTF: What can we see from Soemy? Where did that name come from?

CDC: Each blogger will have a profile on Soemy where we will be selling their second-hand clothing. Although our name is written as “soemy” it is pronounced as “so me”. We feel like that moment when you scroll through a feed and go, “oh that is so me” is what distinguishes between liking a picture and actually clicking through to a website to go and purchase that item.

SNTF: What is your end goal with this online business?

CDC: Eventually, we would love to be in every major city and have this be the go-to destination for consumers to shop their favourite blogger’s closets. We also want to make is extremely easy for blogger’s to sell their clothing, so that they can keep providing their readers with new content.

SNTF: Are you going to continue doing it while you’re in Toronto and Europe?

CDC: Chloe will be running Soemy from Vancouver, and I will begin launching it in Toronto. The dream would definitely be to continue doing this across Europe as well!

SNTF: What do you plan on doing in Europe? Is that where you’re from?

CDC: If all goes well, the plan is to continue working on Soemy in Europe! My whole family lives in Europe and I am European (my father is Italian and my mother is Italian & Austrian). I moved to Vancouver to attend UBC and absolutely loved it so I decided to stay in Canada a little bit longer!

Feature Image Curtesy of Camilla Photo by Thomas Bullock

By: Jordan Sangster

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Fashion Jobs – Q&A: Miriam Alden of Brunette the Label

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion JobsMIRIAMALDEN

Have you ever wanted to run your own fashion business? We get all the deets from Miriam Alden, owner of Vancouver’s Brunette Showroom and creator of Brunette the Label, on her fashion start-up journey and how to gain the right exposure for a new brand.


SNTF: You have been representing multiple apparel and accessory brands through your fashion wholesale agency, Brunette Showroom. What made you decide to tackle a new venture and create your own clothing line, Brunette the Label?

MA: I feel like it really was just meant to be. I always knew that I wanted to have my own line. I found the manufacturing side of the fashion business very interesting from the beginning, but also loved working with retail stores on the sales side. When I first started in the fashion industry, I had worked for a showroom for about 5 years before I started Brunette Showroom. Throughout these years, I spent a lot of time growing my relationships with my retailers. Then when it was time for me to start my own business, a showroom just seemed like the right first step. I started with Brunette Showroom in 2009 and within the showroom we always held a lot of marketing events. We had something called BITNB (Brunette is the New Black), which was originally a combination of many branded products that were marketing tools for Brunette Showroom. BITNB quickly evolved into Brunette the Label, which is what our line is now. I’m super thankful and inspired by all the people that support the line and post amazing photos.

SNTF: Your classic crewnecks are the definition of fun fashion and literal statement pieces for a wardrobe. What was the original inspiration behind the design of your products and their witty phrases? 

MA: We made items such a bags and lip glosses for marketing giveaways that read “Brunette is the New Black”. One day before a trade show in Las Vegas, I made and wore a sweatshirt with the tagline. Many of my clients and friends kept asking me to make them one, so we did, and started selling them to our current retail clients. Myself, and one of my dearest friends, Ryan Pugsley, who used to work in the showroom but still does all of our graphics, started thinking of sayings to put on sweatshirts. Brunette the Label quickly went from just one original sweatshirt design, to a full collection of fun sayings on crewneck sweatshirts, mugs and water bottle accessories. We are really excited to announce that in Fall 2016, we will be launching our full fashion range…so, all you Brunette the Label babes stay tuned!

SNTF: Your line is very approachable and is not targeted to one girl with a specific look. Describe the types of attitudes or lifestyles you try to embody through Brunette the Label.

MA: The original idea of Brunette the Label was to create a line that would work for everyone. Although I love high fashion, on a business side I relate way to more to accessibility. I want our line to work for someone who loves fashion, but at the same time, work for someone who is just looking for something that’s easy, fun, and comfy to wear. I feel our sweatshirts fit both of these girls. Each design is meant to be specific to a person or feeling. We want someone to see it and HAVE to have it, because it speaks to them. We want the girls to have fun with fashion and not take it too seriously. To be the kind of girl who can relate to all kinds of people.

SNTF: When you’re introducing a new concept, it can be a challenge to get customers interested in what you sell and the services you offer. How can you develop the right exposure for a brand?

MA: It can be very challenging at the beginning. But like I said earlier, it has to be authentic and I think it shows when it is. I feel very fortunate, as a lot of my retail clients within the showroom have been extremely supportive in the growth of the label. Many of my clients bought Brunette the Label before we even had a following at all! They just trusted and supported us. Their support was huge to our early growth, and also having our friends/influencers getting behind it at the same time. Both of these have really been amazing!

SNTF: What social platforms or industry/marketing events have contributed to the growth of your business?

MA: Well, of course Instagram has been very beneficial to us. I feel you can get the vibe of a business and the team behind it based on their Instagram. We have also done a lot of “pop-up shops” around the city, so we have met and made new consumers ourselves. You can learn a lot when you meet with the end consumer. We do Vancouver Fashion Week, which is really fun, and we can show who we are through our music and the way we put the looks together. Lastly, working with influencers has been amazing. We have been so lucky to work with people like Jillian Harris, Cara Jourdan from A Fashion Love Affair (we currently have a collab… she’s the BLONDE from the Blonde crew), Kiara Schwartz from Tobruck Ave, Susie Wall from BTV and so many other amazingly supportive babes that have helped support Brunette the Label. We feel very fortunate to have created such great friendships along the way, but business is mutual and you need to have a product that connects with the influencers that you work with.

SNTF: Due to your experience with selling to retailers and now the general public, what have you learned about the importance of developing positive lasting impressions and strong relationships with your customers?

MA: Brunette the Label would have never worked if I did not have those long-term genuine relationships with my retail customers. I have never sold something that I didn’t think was right for them. I always wanted their business to be successful, and ultimately continue to work together long-term. I really care that they do well, and vice versa; it is a mutual relationship. They trusted me, and bought Brunette the Label because they knew I wouldn’t point them in the wrong direction. I am now translating that same model to the end consumer. If something doesn’t work, or you don’t like it, we will take it back. We don’t want you to have something you don’t like. It is so important to care about your customer. I would say the majority of our online customers have purchased more than one item from us – and of course, our retailers continue to carry the line.

SNTF: What is your key piece of advice for our readers who want to try something different and work on building their own fashion start-up – or in better Brunette the Label terms, want to be a true “BOSS BABE”?

MA: You have to go out there and try! I do suggest learning from someone whom you look up to as both a businessperson, and a human being. The moment you think you know everything, you realize you have a lot to learn. You can learn something from everyone… so always keep your ears and eyes open. I strongly believe you can be a Boss Babe while being a good person. Be happy, and be kind to people. You should do it for the right reasons and whatever you do, just make sure it is genuine to you. Show up early, offer extra help, and learn. Then go out and DO IT! The only difference between the person that did it, and you… is that they went out and DID IT.

By: Alicia Elliott

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Fashion Jobs – Alexandra Lee Interview

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.44.53 PM

While blogging has been around for years, a new generation of Instagram bloggers have been popping up on our explore pages everywhere. We recently got the chance to catch up with Alexandra Lee, a fashion-forward girl from Vancouver, BC, with an Instagram account that will make your feed dreams come true. Read on to discover her tips and tricks for curating the perfect Instagram!

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.44.35 PM

SNTF: You have over 600 posts which means you’ve been posting for a while. When did you first start taking social media seriously?

AL: I began posting seriously last summer – social media became more of a commitment for me when I reached roughly 6000 followers and was getting positive feedback on my content.

SNTF: Having an aesthetically pleasing Instagram account is all the rage these days, what are some tips you have to create the perfect feed?

AL: Be consistent. Try and use the same colorways throughout your feed and take high quality photos – natural light is your best friend. I also find it important to find balance throughout the content you post – something busy and colourful next to something clean and minimal. Plan your feed in an album or on VSCO to get an idea of which photos look best next to each other – this has been extremely helpful for me in the past!

SNTF: What is a typical day in the life of Alexandra like?

AL: Work, work, work. That being said, I am so passionate about what I do, so going to work is never a chore. I am also very health conscious – I try to do something active everyday: weights, running, yoga, kickboxing etc. I also try my best to squeeze in an OOTD, weather permitting!


SNTF: What tips and advice do you have for readers who want to start their own blog or account showing their personal style? Do you have any majors do’s and don’ts when taking photos of your outfits?

AL: I am definitely a minimalist, so I gravitate towards white walls and clean backdrops to keep my feed looking sharp. My number one tip will always be to photograph in the natural light – if I don’t get a chance to shoot in the daylight then there is a slim chance I will take any photos that day at all. If you’re just getting started, I think it’s important to get yourself out there – interact with other bloggers and don’t go too crazy on the hashtags!

SNTF: We all know how hard it is to take outfit pictures of yourself without using a mirror. How do you get the perfect photo?

AL: I’m lucky enough to have a roommate that I can harass to take quality photos for me. If this isn’t the case for you, then I would suggest taking a quick snap of your outfit to remind yourself to photograph it another day when you’ve got a friend who can help you shoot. I’ll rarely sacrifice a good outfit just to get a post up if it’s not good content.

SNTF: How would you describe your own personal style? Are you inspired by particular people when deciding what to wear?

AL: I would describe it as modern minimalist and a little bit androgynous as of late, but [my style is] constantly changing. I have a handful of bloggers that I often look to for inspiration – India Rose, FIGTNY, Mirjam Flatau, to name a few. Right now the majority of my wardrobe is made up of culottes, white sneakers and some staple tops and  sweaters. I have somewhat of an extreme passion for quality basics!

By Nicole Tinker @nicoletinker

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Fashion Jobs – 5 Ways to Get a Fashion Job

Monday, January 4th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs Canada



Take these 5 actions and you will most likely get that fashion job.


1. Have a professional and attractive social presence; most importantly Instagram and LinkedIn. The first thing I do when a candidate applies at Style Nine to Five is look them up on Instagram (remove those party pics) and LinkedIn (is this up-to-date?). Your profile photos on each of these accounts should be different. For example, your LinkedIn profile will be more professional, while Instagram might show a bit more of your fashion sense and personality.


2. The most successful job applicants do research. Even for someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience or is looking for an entry-level position, a well-written and thoughtfully composed cover letter can be impressive enough. No cover letter? Slim chance of getting an interview.


3. Follow-up. Send thank you notes or emails immediately following your interview to stay fresh in employer’s minds.


4. Explain what you can do for the employer and not the other way around. This shows you’re ambitious, positive, passionate and want to help the company grow and reach their goals, and believe that the only way to do that is if you’re hired.


5. Ask questions in interviews to demonstrate your knowledge and enthusiasm.


Here are a few examples of interview questions to ask your interviewer:

• What do you love most about your job and/or working for this company?

• What are some of the challenges someone in my position would face? If it’s something you can offer a solution to, your chances of getting hired just went through the roof.


Image: Anna Wintour’s Instagram.

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