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The Fashion Industry

Staying up to date on current events and happenings is crucial for remaining relevant in the fashion industry. It is so important to stay “in the know” within your smaller community, as well as the larger global industry. But in our busy lives, this isn’t always an easy feat. Get intentional about using your resources to consume relevant news and media, and stay informed within the ever-changing world of fashion. 

Find some top tips for keeping up below!


You may have noticed in recent years, that podcasts have become more and more popular. Nowadays, there are podcasts on all kinds of topics, with various points of view and many amazing and knowledgeable hosts. Lots of these podcasts serve as a great educational platform, or a way to share news and current happenings. There are some especially great podcasts within the fashion industry, that provide valuable insight and a lot of beneficial information. Podcasts can be a great resource for recent trends, business advice, and various news stories. Even podcasts outside of the fashion industry can help to keep you up to date, and learning something new!

There truly are so many worthwhile conversations being held through this medium. Plus, podcasts are such an easy way to consume media and stay up to date while you’re driving to the grocery store, walking to work, or even making dinner. Listening to podcasts can also be a wonderful way to relax, unwind, and unplug from scrolling through your phone, which helps to keep you feeling inspired and refreshed. Find yourself a few podcast shows that speak on the topics of fashion, current events, pop culture, or social media. Follow along with the latest episodes, and see just how much you begin to learn!


Although Instagram may sound like an obvious platform to use for staying up to date, it definitely should not be overlooked. Naturally, as we scroll through our feeds we are constantly taking in news and being exposed to new messages. That said, we can purposefully use Instagram in a few different ways to further our ongoing knowledge of the industry and stay “in the know” on current events. Aside from following relevant brands, companies, and industry professionals, the explore page can also be a great tool to discover new profiles that may have a valuable voice in sharing recent happenings.

Another great way to make sure that you never miss important updates in the industry is to utilize post and story notifications. Turn on notifications for media or publications whose content you enjoy and benefit from. This way, you’ll always be informed when new things are happening, and you’ll be alerted with a notification right away.


While Twitter might seem a little “passé” these days, it definitely still has a place. Although we originally used this platform as a way of updating our friends on our everyday lives in 140 characters, Twitter is now considered a main platform for news and media. The explore page on Twitter is great for suggesting “trends for you” based on profiles you follow. It brings up anything relevant to you and your interests that may currently be trending, by suggesting hashtags and key topics. The “what’s happening” section on Twitter features recent news across various different categories, through short and simple headlines that link to more mentions relating to the topic.

By following and engaging with key industry professionals, leading brands, news and reporting sources, and media outlets, not only will you be receiving direct updates, but Twitter will help to suggest related news for you in a quick and convenient way. Twitter’s character limits, and intentional focus on short yet punchy statements and statuses, are what allows it to be a very valuable platform in staying “up to date within the fashion industry and beyond.

Email Newsletters

We all get lots of spam mail that ends up in our inboxes. We sign up for newsletters and promotional emails that quickly become bothersome, and often can’t be bothered to unsubscribe. But not all newsletters are spam! Some companies actually produce very valuable email campaigns, that give you the perfect dose of information and news. Certain magazine publications, blogs, and industry groups send out daily, or weekly emails to keep you up to date on recent happenings. The key here, is to clear out the clutter in your inbox. Unsubscribe from the spam, and subscribe to newsletters that will feed you the valuable information that you’re sincerely interested and invested in. Find even one newsletter that provides industry updates and interesting details on trends and events, as the perfect way to start your morning- by opening your inbox to a quick glance at the latest in fashion and news.

The more news, media, and industry information that you can consume, the better off you’ll be. On a personal level and career wise, it is always important and advantageous to stay “in the know.” While it may seem daunting if you feel out of touch with current events, there are many simple and quick ways to get connected and stay up to date. Find the ways that work for you, and keep yourself current, informed, and motivated!

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By: Heather Murray @heatherungraceful

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