How to Get An “In” At Your Dream Job - Style Nine to Five

How to Get an “In” at Your Dream Job

You’ve heard it before: landing your dream job is all about who you know. This answers questions about how to make it in your industry, but there’s now one big problem – you don’t know anyone at your dream job! Don’t let this stop you. It’s not like everyone at that company started out knowing […]

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Acing the Art of the Follow-up Email - Style Nine to Five

Acing the Art of the Follow-up Email

Writing a follow-up email sounds so simple until you actually sit down to do it. This email may be your final chance at a good impression with the company – you have to make sure it’s a good one. But how exactly do you do that? Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about […]

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How to Follow Up Without Being Annoying - Style Nine to Five

How to Follow Up Without Being Annoying

Imagine you just finished an interview and felt like you did a good job only to never hear back from the recruiter or hiring manager. You probably feel like you just got ghosted! Don’t fret because we’re taking a look at how to follow up with recruiters – without being annoying! Sending a follow-up email […]

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How to Fix Job Application Process Mistakes - Style Nine to Five

Damage Control: How to Fix Application Process Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, and yet, they can still cost you a job before you even have it! Maybe you submit your job application and only realize after that you addressed your cover letter to the wrong company, or you’ve made a few typos throughout your resume. Maybe you nail all of those things, head into […]

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5 Ways to Gain Confidence in Your Career Journey - Style Nine to Five

5 Ways to Gain Confidence in Your Career Journey

During your career journey – whether you’re just starting or not, confidence in what you bring to the table, your skills, abilities, and talents is the key to success.  When you apply for a job, the hiring manager or HR team is looking to be assured that you are capable of the job. When it comes down […]

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The Art of Sending the Perfect Follow-Up Email

Congrats! You got the interview and hopefully you nailed it. But no matter how successful the interview was or how confident you are, your work isn’t done yet. Before you simply sit back and wait for the hiring manager to call you with the great news that you got the job, there’s an important step […]

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