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Fashion Jobs – 5 Ways To Get Your Career Back On Track

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada5WaysToGetYourCareerBackOnTrackInspiration

Life is full of highs and lows, and the same goes for your fashion career. You’ll have times where you feel you’re exactly where you want to be and have a sense of accomplishment. In other cases, you might be at a part in your career where you feel stuck or need more of a challenge to continue growing. Whether it’s looking for that next opportunity, or finding ways to grow with a company you love, having to refresh your career is nothing to be ashamed of. If you’re looking for that je ne sais quoi for your career check out our advice for getting back on the right career path!


1. Set Goals, Have A Plan

That one piece of advice everyone in your life has given you, from your dad to your financial advisor of having a plan is by no means a gimmick. Setting career goals and building an outline of some sort of plan -five years, 10 years or even three months, is extremely important to working towards your ideal of success. What’s the key to the master plan working? Knowing that you can never really plan out life, and the plan is more of a template.


2. Network Is Your Networth

Talking to your friends and family is always a great way to get advice. But sometimes looking to your professional network to discuss career planning might be more beneficial. Your colleagues and superiors can give you a perspective based on their first-hand experience of you on the job, and the industry you’re in. Whether it’s feedback on your strengths and opportunities or insights on potential opportunities, your professional network is a goldmine of potential.


3. Work With A Recruiter

If you’re looking to make a move from your current organization, you might want to try connecting with a recruiter. Once you get to a certain level in your career, the best companies and opportunities are usually filled by a recruitment firm or consultant. Not all recruiters and processes are the same, so we recommend finding someone who specializes in your industry and is dedicated to getting to know you, in order to find the right fit for you. Starting on our job board is great for finding your new career in fashion and retail!

4. Higher Education

Sometimes that promotion or new opportunity requires a bit more training or education and it’s never too late to head back to class! Some people choose to study a full degree or diploma program, while others might prefer taking a couple courses or getting a certification. There’s an endless supply of free online training that can easily be completed after work, and some companies even offer internal development courses. Whatever way you choose to go, know that education really is power!


5. Find A Mentor

One piece of advice any senior level manager or executive will give you, is to find a professional mentor. This is someone who has insight into your industry or company and that can provide you with advice, inspiration and knowledge to help you grow in your career. Look to people within your industry, organization or network who either you would like to learn more from or have enjoyed communicating with. Big organizations often have mentorship programs senior managers and executives participate in, so be sure to take advantage of that.


Inspiration Image
Image courtesy of Laia Magazine


By M.J. Elle, Toronto, @TheMJElle

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Fashion Jobs – Should You Quit Your Job?

Friday, October 26th, 2018

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada



I know you want a quick and easy solution to this answer but a lot of it has to do with you. Don’t forget, anything is possible and you can create the life you want. Know you’re good enough at what you do to go for it. Change things up! Create the role you want.


First off, before anyone decides to exit from an existing job or career, I think it’s important to ask yourself, “did I do all that I could to make the most out of my position?” I strongly believe that trying to go above and beyond your role, and creating opportunities to do different tasks outside of what’s expected of you is a great way to regain a sense of satisfaction in what you do. Find new ways to add to your current role as if you were working in the role you wanted.


Are you working for a company that you love, but maybe not in the role you want? Have you considered creating a role you want? Pitch the idea to your boss!


Beyond that, if you know it’s time for a change in career, but find it difficult to make a decision, boy can I tell you that I’ve been there! The bills always need to be paid, so oftentimes, taking the leap and quitting your job really isn’t the most feasible option. However, there are many ways to get started in exploring your secondary interests while you remain in your current position. For me, that meant starting my own blog so I could begin building up my own personal brand, as I knew that was highly important for the next stage in my career. It may be hard to find the time to do what we want to do part-time, outside of work, but it’s a great way to work towards our dream job. It’s all about making a commitment to do both if leaving your current job is temporarily out of the question!


Are you wanting to start your own business like I did with Style Nine to Five? Did you know I quit my day job as a recruiter for Le Chateau to start Style Nine to Five only three weeks after I had the idea?! I had a light bulb moment sitting at my desk one day. Tomorrow I will answer “how do I start my own business?” And depending on where your passions, experience, and skillsets lie, there may be several paths to take.


Stay tuned…


Christie Lohr

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Fashion Jobs – Post-Secondary Degrees That Will Help you Succeed in Fashion

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canadak-is-for-kani-back-to-uni-surviving-law-school-monash-organisation-tips-university-graduation-2

You can get far in the retail world without a post-secondary degree but once you’re ready to move further, or more into the corporate sector, a degree and an education go a long way. It’s true, university and college aren’t typically for everyone, especially when you can learn a lot in real-world situations. However, many employers look for certificates or degrees in lieu of work experience to fill higher positions. Whether you are straight out of high school or looking to continue your education later in life, these are the best degrees to pursue if you want to work in the fashion industry.


A fashion marketing degree can open many doors for you. You could work as a fashion buyer, a retail manager, visual merchandiser, a merchandise planner and so much more. You can take a fashion marketing degree in two ways. One is an associate degree, which is a 2-year program, or as a bachelor’s degree, which is a 4-year program. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in another field or specialty, then you can take a master’s program in fashion marketing.


There are many ways that an education in business can help you in any type of field. Whether it be running a business, working in management, or you’re an entrepreneur. With a fashion business management degree, you can become a CEO, retail manager and much more. This can be a 2-year or 4-year degree, depending on the program. You will learn all the basics of running and keeping a company afloat, as well as the ins and outs of the business world.


Want to design your own clothes? Be a part of a company that you can help show their vision through their products? You’ll need a degree for that. You can do an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree or a master’s program. In this degree, you will learn fashion merchandising, fashion illustration, sewing, graphic design, pattern development and so much more. If you’re artistic and want to create, this is the degree for you.


Are you passionate about the way you dress? Are you passionate about the way other people dress? Do you always mentally change the way someone styles their own outfits? Then work towards a certification in fashion styling. Fashion styling is usually offered as a certificate. It will teach you all about alterations, clothing construction, clothing selection, colour theory, fashion history and so much more. This certificate can land you as a personal stylist, or a stylist for magazines, film and media. This certificate can be taking on its own or as part as another fashion degree.


Inspirational Images:
Image courtesy of Trending Dirt
Image courtesy of Connie and Luna


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette

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Fashion Jobs – Pattern Trousers Picks

Monday, September 10th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaSTNF Pattern Trouser Picks_Inspiration

Pre-fall is a fun time in fashion. We have the chance to mix styles and fabrics from two seasons to create temperature appropriate outfits while living out those last few moments of summer. Playing with patterns is a fun way to transition summer into the fall, and patterned trousers make such a statement. We’ve seen a lot of patterned two-pieces and power suits, but those matching sets can also be worn on their own for more versatility.


Bold patterns are coming in hotter than ever, and for those of us who like to have fun with our outfits, now is no better time to channel your inner Harry Styles. If you’re looking for a pair of fun statement bottoms to spruce up your wardrobe look no further than our pattern trouser picks!

STNF Pattern Trouser Picks_Club Monaco Heemi Houndstooth Pant

Classic Pant
Patterns don’t have to be loud, they can be subtle and classic like these houndstooth trousers from Club Monaco. We love their high waist, cropped cut and wide-ish fit, making them a perfect choice for the office, or weekends strolling through the city. Pair these with your favourite blouse for during the week, or band t-shirt while off duty!
STNF Pattern Trouser Picks_Zara Snake Print Pants

Wild Pant
Calling all those who aren’t afraid to make a statement, these pants have your name all over them! This high waisted palazzo style pant is a fun snake print in warmer tones perfect for the fall. Although they are a little thinner in material, throw a pair of warm tights underneath to wear them through the winter too!

STNF Pattern Trouser Picks_Forever 21 Geo Print Palazzo Pants

Geo Pants
When it comes to patterns, we love a good geo print. What is usually a big hit during the summer, can also be scaled down and transition into the fall for a 1960’s revival vibe. We love pairing geo prints with solid colours within the pattern to keep the look from getting too busy. Add a pair of white boots to let out your inner mod child!

STNF Pattern Trouser Picks_Babaton Rosemarie Pant

Retro Pants
Moving forward a decade with trends, are these Babaton wide-legged wool trousers in tartan. These 70’s inspired trousers come in this navy Tartan, a grey Glencheck and a brown Houndstooth all serving us a bit of a Veronica Corningstone look. We are sure these are a pair of pants you’ll want to take from the office to brunch!

STNF Pattern Trouser Picks_Dynamite Paperbag Pant with Front Tie
Fierce Pants
Another animal print taking center stage is leopard and we honestly couldn’t be happier. We’re a huge fan of paperbag pants, and we love the front tie and pleated waist of these Dynamite ones. These are another pair of pants you’ll want to wear not only on weekdays but maybe evenings and probably even weekends.


Inspirational Image:
Image courtesy of Estilo Tendances


Product Info:

1. Club Monaco Heemi Houndstooth Pant, $229.50

2. Zara Snake Print Pants, $79.90

3. Forever 21 Geo Print Palazzo Pants, $33.90

4. Babaton Rosemarie Pant, $168, available at Aritzia

4. Dynamite Paperbag Pant with Front Tie, $44.95


By: M.J. Elle, Toronto, @TheMJElle

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Fashion Jobs – 5 Fashion Trends Every ‘It Girl’ Will Rock this Summer

Friday, June 29th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaMain Image (1)

As nice as it is to have a closet full of classics, fashion is meant to be fun and represent your personality. I’m a firm believer that every so often you need to inject a little excitement into your day-to-day wardrobe, and that’s exactly where trends come in. This summer, there are plenty of fun fashion trends to choose from, so we’ve rounded up a selection of top trends to look out for the next time you’re looking for an It Girl-approved update.

Clear Bags

Clear Handbags
Although maybe not the most practical accessory (or the most private), these bags add an instant cool-girl vibe to any outfit they’re paired with. Whether you choose to expose all your belongings or to hide them in an inner bag à la Céline, with one of these on your arm you’re sure to be 100% on trend this season.


If you’re into a look that’s a little bit boho, crochet is the summer trend for you. It’s both retro and modern, depending on how you incorporate crochet into your outfit. Found this season on everything from swimwear to dresses, it’s easy to scoop up a couple of crochet pieces that you’ll be wearing all summer long.


There’s nothing quite like a gingham print to remind you of picnics and warm summer nights. This simple check pattern is perfect for the office, but can also be an easy print to wear to summer weddings or garden parties. It’s a trend that’s taken over many Instagram feeds lately, but this is one that you’ll come back to for seasons to come.


Sunglasses (3)

Mini Sunglasses
Spotted on celebs like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid, tiny sunglasses seem to be the trend that hasn’t died out. They’ve been around for a few seasons now, but have finally started to catch on in the mainstream fashion world. Look for a frame that’s as small as you can find it, and you’ve got yourself an edgy summer accessory that’s model-approved.

Polka Dots

This trend may already be sitting in your closet, so go ahead and break out your spotted and dotted best! Mini polka dots are everywhere right now, but there’s really no wrong or right size of polka dots to rock this season. Take a cue from Aimee Song of Song of Style, and pair a polka-dotted cami with a blazer for an outfit that easily transitions from work to cocktails.


Inspirational Images
Image courtesy of The Zoe Report
Image courtesy of Man Repeller
Image courtesy of Net-a-Porter
Image courtesy of Instagram
Image courtesy of Instagram
Image courtesy of Song of Style


By Kate Mendonca, Toronto, ON.

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Fashion Intern Round-Up

Monday, June 11th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada


Are you looking for valuable work experience in the fashion industry? Here’s a round-up of the top fashion internships right now in Canada!


To apply, simply click on the fashion internship you’re interested in above.

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Fashion Jobs – A Review of the Mikael D Show

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canadagowns

One of the most anticipated runway shows of Toronto Women’s Fashion Week (TWFW), Mikael Derderian’s showcase of his Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collection was definitely one to reminisce. Homegrown models graced the runway while flaunting heavily embellished ball gowns and cocktail mini dresses with cuts that are completely fresh to the common eye. The two-part show left everyone in awe and somewhat visionless due to the heavy dazzles and glitz of Mikael D’s distinguished pieces but in a very good way!


The first part of the show focused on light-toned dresses, primarily beiges and off-whites. The pieces consisted of silhouettes that are typical but are iconic due to their intricate beading and lacing. My favourite look from this segment would have to be the dress shown above. Apart from the stunning embroidery, the incorporation of both lace and silk was a delightful move because it exhibited two different textures and occasions in one dress.


The second part of the show was introduced by a storm clip in the background along with a model’s mini acting. This foreshadowed the styles that we were about to observe, which included mostly dark-coloured ambitious pieces with hefty sparkles. The line either made people speechless as they were constantly recording each piece with their phone or tremendously vocal with their neighbours about the wonderful clothing features. I did not have a personal favourite because all of the pieces were jaw-dropping but I’d say there were some slight stand-outs amongst others including the caped romper (?) with a very low-V neckline.


Toronto Women’s Fashion Week certainly saved its bests for last. As one of the shows to conclude the biggest fashion event in the city, Mikael D’s line was truly a definition of the nation’s value of being on the international stage; and the jam-packed runway room was a proof of that! His craftsmanship, which has been embraced by many A-list figures, completely justifies the incomparable talents underpinned by the evolving minds and technology in the Canadian fashion industry.


Inspirational Images
Images courtesy of Toronto Women’s Fashion Week.


By: Franz Tabora, Mississauga, @phranzzzz

Fashion Jobs – Fashion News Recap

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada79b4f539dd2547e33d839f25ef6db237

Hit Me Kenzo One More Time
Guess who is the new face of Kenzo’s La Collection Momento for Spring 2018? None other than the queen of pop, Britney Spears. The new line is inspired by nostalgia and revisits looks from the 80s, Kenzo’s old label and even Britney’s iconic head-to-toe denim getup she so confidently sported at the 2001 American Music Awards. The cover shot for the campaign, photographed by Peter Lindbergh, features Britney in a cropped denim jacket, denim underwear, and denim lace-up thigh high boots. Kenzo creative director Humberto Leon refers to Britney as “the queen of denim” and said in a statement, “When we were designing the collection, I was like, ‘If I can have a dream person, who would I want to be in denim? It has to be Britney’”. The 36-year-old mom of two proves she’s still got it in this new campaign, showing off her envy-worthy body in colourful outfits that will be available online and at select retailers on March 21st.


Plenty Warehouse Sale Begins Next Week
Are you ready to get your down and dirty shopping face on, Vancouver? Plenty is hosting another long-anticipated warehouse sale next Friday, March 30th to Monday, April 2nd at the Vancouver Convention Centre. If you’ve ever hit these sales before, you know how wild it can get! Expect large lineups, overwhelming amounts of product and witnessing catfights over that last cozy cardigan. But it will be worth it – the Canadian brand is dropping regular prices by 60-90%. Shopper’s hint: it’s best to arrive early to ensure you get the first pick of the sizes as new stock will be arriving daily.


First Canadian Nordstrom Rack Opens
Off-price retail shoppers rejoice! Toronto has become home to the very first Nordstrom Rack location in Canada. Nordstrom entered Canada with a slew of full-line stores starting in September 2014 and has since expanded to six full-line stores in the country. The company is expected to continue its Canadian takeover with another 15 Rack stores. Six locations have recently been announced. Following their first opening, we can expect to see Rack stores popping up in Calgary, Toronto’s Bloor Street, Ottawa, Edmonton and Mississauga. Nordstrom Rack’s first Canadian location opened its doors at Vaughan Mills on Thursday morning and carried many of Nordstrom’s recognized brands at between 30-70% off.


Saint Laurent Unveils Toronto Boutique
Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street West’s “Mink Mile” has gotten a luxury boost with their recent opening of the Saint Laurent leased boutique. The opulent marble and metal decorated space is home to Saint Laurent’s menswear, women’s ready-to-wear, footwear and accessories collections. The street-level entrance has the sought after handbags facing out the front window and the boutique is accessible both from outside and from inside of Holt Renfrew. This is the newest development as Holt Renfrew continues to renovate and update in both Toronto and Vancouver.


Inspirational Image:
Image courtesy of Who What Wear


By: Laura Findlay, Vancouver, @lofindlay 

Fashion Jobs – Weekly Retail News Recap

Friday, March 9th, 2018

Fashion News Update


We, Style Nine to Five launch our first Fashion Career Workshop March 24. Tickets on sale TOMORROW, March 10 at 10am PST. Here are a few details: Very limited seats – only 12! Our Founder Christie Lohr will share with you in two hours what you might learn attending fashion school (crash course!). She’s compressed everything she’s learned to get her to where she is today.


• What company do you want to work for? She’ll help make the intro.

• What’s the first step you should take?

• How to write a kick ass cover letter and resume to get you that interview.

• One-on-one time with her.

Visit this link tomorrow at 10am PST:


DVF Celebrates International Women’s Day
Diane Von Furstenberg kicked off a four-day, celebratory event in honour of International Women’s Day. The event began with a cocktail party at the DVF House in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan, featuring multiple panels shining the light on women in charge. Guests such as Natasha Diggs, Chelsea Leyland, and Fran Lebowitz were present, joining in on customizing #InCharge T-shirts and listening to a diverse group of professional women speak. Diane Von Furstenberg herself was joined by psychotherapist Esther Perel, multidisciplinary artist Prune Nourry, model Paloma Elsesser and actor-writer Franchesca Ramsey to discuss what it means today to be a woman in charge. 


New Celine Accessory Boutique Unveiled
Competition between two of Vancouver’s biggest department stores heats up as Holt Renfrew unveils the new Celine accessory boutique. The Canadian luxury department store opened another leg of their long-running renovation when they opened the Granville Street facing boutique last week. Products are at street-level view, enticing customers to enter into the new architectural space. The Celine shop features sharp angled design and custom pieces made by FOS, the Danish artist including an eye-catching copper chandelier. Nordstrom was holding a strong edge on Celine customers since they were previously the only shop-in-store accessory boutique in Vancouver. My guess is loyal customers may be curious about this stunning new space.  


Judith and Charles Expand Street-Front Presence in Canada
The Montreal-based brand is opening two more standalone stores this spring. The first will be opening on April 1st in Montreal and will become both a flagship location as well as the first standalone store in the company’s home base. The second, expected to open in May will be replacing the former Ella Shoes store on Vancouver’s well-known Granville Street. Before 2014, Judith & Charles stores only operated out of large shopping centres, but since seeing success in venturing out with the first Kitsilano location, the company has been gradually moving away from malls to expand their street-front presence.  


Highlights from Paris Fashion Week
– This year, Paris Fashion Week had more female designers than ever showing collections. Women’s empowerment remained a huge influence throughout all the fashion weeks, and the momentum only continued in the “city of love”. Both female and male designers were vocal about the feminist movements whether it be through interviews or the designs they produced.  


– Chanel was once again a favourite among the PWF audience. Karl Lagerfeld continued his nature-themed sets with an above and beyond forest. Edwardian-style, long coats and classic Chanel tweed numbers with shimmering gold boots juxtaposed against a moss and leaf covered floor created an unforgettable atmosphere. 


– Maria Grazia Chiuri had what Anna Wintour herself is calling “her best collection so far”. Her set? Creatively splashed with 1960s magazines and protest art. Her clothing? An optimistic mixture of colour, detailed patchwork and slogans refurbished from the student protests of 1968 that still rang relevant today.  


– Newcomer Marine Serre impresses with her third collection, inspired by her “rollercoaster ride” of the few months at her own label. The collection, titled Manic Soul Machine, proved she’s in the game to stay.  


Inspirational Image
Image courtesy of The Impression


By: Laura Findlay, Vancouver, @lofindlay

Fashion Jobs – 5 Office Approved Work Bags

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaStyle Nine To Five_Office Approved Work Bags_Inspiration by Le Fashion

Today’s workplaces are a lot different than what they were five to 10 years ago. A big culture shift we are starting to see is employers starting to provide more work-life balance to their environments with some giving employees the freedom to use laptops to work from home, at off-site locations or hoteling stations within the office when required for their schedules. With that change in structure, a lot of us sometimes find ourselves bringing our work home, stuffing our files and paperwork in our purses, and lugging around a tired laptop bag given to us by the not so trendy IT guy. We scoured our favourite places to shop and found five office approved bags that are not only practical but look good too!

SNTF_Work Bags_Want Les Essentiels Black O’Hare Tote

The Bag You’ll Want
This nylon tote from Want Les Essentiels is a classic style from their line of bags and accessories. It makes a great bag to carry around your work essentials like laptop and paperwork and also has some side compartments great for organization of things like your stationary. Your option to carry it by the handles or strap it across your body makes it a perfect option for those who commute on public transit!

STNF_Work Bag_Kate Spade New York Tech Nylon Backpack

The Backpack
For those of you wanting to take the backpack trend to the office or those who might bike into work but still want to look stylish, this Kate Spade striped one is not only super cute but functional too! It has a front compartment for things you might need easier access to like your phone or keys and a laptop pocket to keep it safe without needing a case.

STNF_Work Bag_Zara Quilted Leather Tote Bag with Chain Detail

Keeping it Classy
We are loving this sophisticated and classic purse-style tote from Zara that has multiple zippers and compartments perfect for your paperwork and smaller style laptops. Its slim style doesn’t let you carry too much more in there other than your work essentials, but it’s over the arm strap makes it easy to carry along with a second purse or bag.

SNTF_Work Bag_Rebecca Minkoff Always on Side Zip Regan Tote with Charge

Everyone’s Favourite Bag
The Regan line is known as one of Rebecca Minkoff’s most popular collections and this tote-style made from nylon with leather trim is a stunner! We love that this bag has a zipper closure and gives you more than enough room to carry everything from your laptop to your wallet and cosmetic bag.

SNTF_Work Bag_Liebeskind Viki Leather Tote

Clean and Simple
For those of you who already have your go-to purse for work (or several) but need an easy tote to carry around your laptop instead of a bulky laptop bag, this Liebeskind leather tote is totally for you! You’re not getting much help in the organization department with absolutely no pockets, but it’s got enough room to fit your laptop, planner and paperwork!


Inspirational Image:
Image courtesy of Le Fashion


Product Info:

  1. Want Les Essentiels: Black O’Hare Tote, $296, available at Ssense
  2. Kate Spade New York Tech Nylon Backpack, $258, available at Nordstrom
  3. Zara Quilted Leather Tote Bag with Chain Detail, $149
  4. Rebecca Minkoff Always on Side Zip Regan Tote with Charge, $355
  5. Liebeskind Viki Leather Tote, $188, available at Hudson’s Bay


By: M.J. Elle, Toronto, ON (@TheMJElle)