4 Ways to Use ChatGPT to Find a Fashion Career - Style Nine to Five

4 Ways to Use ChatGPT to Find a Fashion Career

There’s no denying how much easier technology has made our lives – especially when it comes to finding a job. LinkedIn made it quick for recruiters to find you, Indeed gave you a place to dig through job postings, and now, ChatGPT is here to help you through the entire job-seeking process. For the uninformed, […]

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Working in the Fashion Industry - Style Nine to Five

3 Misconceptions (and Truths!) About Working in the Fashion Industry

Part of what makes working in fashion so alluring is the mystery – it’s not easy to break in and can sometimes feel like an exclusive club only few can gain access to. With mystery comes myth – so what’s real and what isn’t? Is it true that all fashion bosses are Ice Queens? Do […]

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4 Stylist Jobs - Style Nine to Five

4 Stylist Jobs

So, you love fashion and you want to make it a career. What next? Are you someone who enjoys the creative process of piecing together outfits? Do you suggest clothes for your friends when you go out shopping with them? Becoming a stylist might be the obvious answer for you, but you need to narrow […]

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Recruiter’s Secret Tips to Make Their Clients the Top Candidates - Style Nine to Five

Recruiter’s Secret Tips to Make Their Clients the Top Candidates

This week we’re dishing out the inside secrets on how to position yourself to land the job of your dreams. These are the exclusive tips that recruiters, like Style Nine to Five’s Founder Christie Lohr, use to help their clients elevate their applications and land job interviews. Do you have a pen and paper ready? […]

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What to Consider Before Diving into a Fashion Career - Style Nine to Five

What to Consider Before Diving into a Fashion Career

Glitzy garments, glossy magazines and lavish living aside, fashion is an excellent industry to base your career in with incredible occupational prospects. All things considered, however, there is more to the fashion profession than meets the eye. Before you make that leap into what you believe to be your dream job, it’s worth it to […]

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Becoming a Fashion Designer with Téjahn Burnett

Jamaican-Canadian footwear designer Téjahn Burnett has built a successful fashion label from the ground up. Founded in 2018, Téjahn Burnett is a high-end footwear line that has sparked the attention of Elle Magazine, Chatelaine, Marie Claire and more! Specializing in women’s high heel boots and hand-crafted sandals, Téjahn joins us to discuss launching your fashion line, […]

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Making a Career of Fashion Journalism

Journalism is one of those areas that will never go out of style! While print may be getting slowly phased out by digital visual content, humans will always turn to written accounts to document and share their stories. Writing is both a great skill to have and an irreplaceable creative outlet. It simultaneously allows you […]

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Resume and Cover Letter Tips - Style Nine to Five

5 Resume and Cover Letter FAQs

Whether you’re re-entering the workforce or brand new to it, job applications are daunting all the same. There’s no clear-cut guide on what employers expect, often leaving us fumbling to figure things out. While it’s impossible to please every hiring manager who looks at your resume, here are some commonly accepted best practices of application […]

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How to Learn More About a Company's Culture - Style Nine to Five

How to Learn More About a Company’s Culture

When preparing for an upcoming interview or contemplating whether or not to accept a job offer, work culture matters… and maybe more than you think! By “culture” we’re talking about the values and common practices that characterize an organization or institution. A company’s work culture can make the difference between happy, motivated employees and a […]

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