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Fashion Jobs – Landing Your First Full Time Job

Monday, April 1st, 2019

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaChristie Lohr - Full Time Job Blog

The transition from being a student or working a part-time position to landing your very first full-time gig can be quite daunting at the start. The pressure of the real world is in high gear and you no longer have possession of those sacred weekdays you devoted solely to sleeping in and binge watching your favourite TV series. Below are some quick tips to help you feel confident and prep for your new “9-to-5” lifestyle:


1. Fresh Wardrobe:

Never forget that dressing the part makes you act and feel the part. The way you present yourself can be a great influence when forming a lasting impression with your boss and colleagues. Your workplace quickly becomes your second home, therefore it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to some retail therapy and invest in the clothing you’ll be wearing for five days out of the week. Focus on finding good quality separate pieces that you can effortlessly mix and match for alternative looks. You want to be comfortable and reflect a work appropriate style or sense of professionalism. That being said, not all jobs require the same level of dress. Try to research the environment and culture of the company you’re working for and incorporate it into your own personal style.

2. New Attitude:

First and foremost, you need to mentally have an optimistic outlook on the workweek ahead. Put an end to the Sunday night sighs and the dread for early mornings. Get some good sleep and always know what you want to wear and eat for breakfast in the morning to avoid feeling rushed. Your first full-time position is not necessarily the position you see yourself working in ten years, but it’s certainly an important moment in your career. Looking back on part-time work, people often find that they weren’t completely disciplined towards their job descriptions because they knew it was only temporary. It’s time to crank up your motivation levels and become dedicated to succeed in your newest role. Your performance and positive interactions with those around you will eventually determine that future promotion or make you a referable employee. Have a solid idea of the goals you wish to achieve, taking advantage of any presented opportunities and develop connections with other professionals.


3. Write It Down:

You may have an amazing memory and be the queen of multitasking, but writing things down is still one of the best habits to add to your life. Planners or journals are like a handy personal assistant, keeping your mind from feeling too stressed and overwhelmed. Many standard stationary items are being transformed from a basic book of lined paper to a must-have accessory for your desk or the inside of your bag. Whether you’re jotting down a daily timetable, a list of tasks, or simply your thoughts and ideas, a planner is an effective way to feel a sense of stability on a chaotic schedule. Taking notes during a training session or a team meeting at work also shows that you like to be organized and care about looking over the details.


4. Personalize Your Desk:

If you’ve been assigned to your own desk or designated space at work, take the time to add some unique personal touches. Your surroundings will play a big factor in your overall mood and ability to concentrate or think of innovative ideas. Decorate your space with a few appealing images and quotes that will be sure to inspire you. Every so often, swap these pictures for new ones to keep refreshed. The same applies for your desk at home. Have a clean, creative corner where you feel encouraged to get things done.


5. Utilize the Commute:

Unless you’re lucky enough to live within walking distance of your workplace, you must adapt to commuting each morning and evening. Make this a beneficial time for you to get a head start in your day. Use your phone or laptop on the bus/train to complete tasks such as answering any e-mails or reviewing a presentation. You can also use this specific time for simple downtime pleasures that you rarely get around to doing, like reading a book or article and listening to an interesting podcast.


6. Don’t Wait for the Weekend:

You don’t have to be scrolling through “TGIF” hashtags or tweets in order to relax and have some fun. Break the work, eat and sleep routine by giving yourself the freedom to make plans throughout the week. You can’t stay out as late as you would probably like to, but instead of rushing home, go have dinner at that restaurant you’ve been wanting to check out or grab a drink with some new work friends. Staying active or picking up a hobby a few times a week will also keep you healthy and make the work week go by a whole lot faster. Additionally, if you schedule these exciting activities towards the beginning of the week, you won’t be so devastated that weekend is coming to an end.


Inspiration image of our Founder Christie Lohr by Brooklyn Photography.


By Alicia Elliott


Career Advice – How to be a Great New Hire While Being Yourself

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaCareer Advice - How to be a great new hire

Starting a brand new fashion job (or any job) can bring on feelings of both excitement and anxiety followed by fear of the unknown and the pressure to do your best. Your work ethic during the first 30 to 90 days of employment are extremely important in regards to setting the stage for your future with that company. Not to add any additional pressure, but your first few weeks/months of employment may also determine whether or not your employer thinks you’re an asset to the business.


Success will be defined by your performance and the way in which you approach challenges as they arrive. We’ve all been in this situation before at work and outside of work; trying to become a part of a group while maintaining our individuality can be perplexing. I’ve found the below tips to be quite helpful and I hope you will also find them useful:


Don’t make a scene. How annoying is that new person? You don’t want to be that person who annoys existing employees within the first week. You’re the new kid in town and you’ve got to prove yourself before you alienate yourself. There are two objectives that you have to demonstrate: (1) that you’re capable of the tasks required of your job; and (2) that you’re going to fit in with the existing company culture.


Work your hardest to ensure all of your responsibilities are covered and pay close attention to your surroundings. Get a feel for the swing of things and the daily workflow of different departments. Observe the habits of your colleagues and try to blend in with their schedules (lunch, breaks during the day, time in and time out). Once you feel the attention is off of you and you’re suddenly not so new, you can branch out and start making your own rules (within limits, of course).

brunette the label

Offer to help. We all want to be seen as ambitious and willing to take initiative, but there’s a time and a place for everything. As a new hire, getting your feet wet by offering to help coworkers with their projects will go over a lot better than jumping in head first with brand new ideas and a push for immediate changes. Without knowing how things are currently progressing, how can you be absolutely certain that your method will be better?


If you’re confident in your abilities and you know change is inevitable, give your newness a few weeks to sink in before moving forward. At the risk of being hated by everyone whose work life you just disrupted, it may be worth the wait. Help out in departments that impact your overall objective and get an in depth idea of current practices before suggesting changes.


Make your first and only impression. My last piece of advice is to project yourself in the way that you wish to be perceived. From the way you dress to the way you speak, in your first few days of employment, these characteristics will come to define you. A new job is a great way to reinvent yourself and to walk into a new environment with confidence.


Unfortunately, you will be judged – that’s what people do – but you have the upper hand here because they don’t know anything about you. You’ve got a clean slate to be a star employee, to make an impact as you pursue your career, and to meet people who are just as passionate as you are about their jobs.


Image from


By: Malicia Basdeo, New York City


Fashion Jobs – How Being an Assistant can Catapult your Fashion Career

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019


In the fashion industry, there are stepping stones. You don’t just come out of school and get your dream job. There are things you need to go through to build character, learn the industry, and figure out your own path. One of the first jobs that should come to mind is assistant if you want to learn the ropes. Think The Devil Wears Prada, but not as intense. Not every boss will be Miranda Priestly. Becoming an assistant to anyone in fashion will help catapult your career.


Learn the Ins and Outs
If you become an assistant for someone in the fashion industry, whether it be in magazines, retail, designers, the list goes on, you will learn the ins and outs of that niche. If this is the path you want to go down, that’s great, you know what to expect. You are able to see the good, the bad and the ugly. However, if you’re working in a niche and you realize that it isn’t the path you want to go down, no harm done. You are free to move on.


Build a Great Work Ethic
Yes, you may be fetching lattes or dropping off dry cleaning, but you are building a great work ethic. No matter how menial the task may be, do it to the best of your abilities. You may be picking up coffee, but if it’s done with a smile on your face, it will be noticed.


If you’re in the fashion industry, odds are you will be going to different events and meeting so many different people. This gives you such a great opportunity to network and gets your name out there. While it may be intimidating at first to talk to people you admire, having the courage to do so will get you far. No matter what industry you’re in, who you know gives you a huge stepping stone.


Have a Mentor/Someone to Speak Highly of You
If you are an assistant to someone, you are bound to develop a close relationship. This, mentorship or even friendship, is great for your career. You are able to learn from your boss and watch the things that are done to become successful. Building this relationship also helps when you decide you want to move on from your current position. You have someone who will speak highly of you and give you a great recommendation.


Inspirational Image:
Image courtesy of Who What Wear



By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette


Fashion Jobs – New Employee Satisfaction

Thursday, November 29th, 2018

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada



As the owner, manager or hiring manager, you’re the front line and first contact for your company. You’re a spokesperson and in a way, a bit of PR. You’re selling the role and company culture to potential candidates, and because you want to fill the position, you need to convincingly pitch the job and company. I know because I used to be a recruiter for a top Canadian retailer and now for myself (Style Nine to Five) and I passionately loved my employer. It’s important that when new employees begin their new job, the environment and role you sold them on match their expectations.


As a recruiter, I arranged to meet with candidates at a trendy café and explained to them how pleased they would be with the particular role – after all, I sat there with a big smile on my face, gushing with pride about my great experiences and just how wonderful the company I worked for was. Many times, unfortunately, when these employees started, their store management failed to deliver my vision. Ultimately, the employees didn’t last and they were unhappy.


Accepting a new job offer is a big commitment and career move for the candidate. More often than not, they’ve left a current position they enjoy for the one you’re selling. During the training process they may start to lose hope. Does management appear too busy to find the time to train? Are the new employees feeling left out and isolated from other existing members of staff? Is the role and its responsibilities not as expected from the interview process? Are they receiving adequate training? New employees may start looking for other jobs immediately otherwise. Even if they do decide to stick it out, that once eager, excited employee is a little less motivated now.


How do we improve this? It’s up to store management to make the best impression to new employees, maintain that standard and keep their dreams alive.


It is definitely a conversation worth having with your team.


Christie Lohr

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Fashion Jobs – Holiday Party Trends

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada527c177ef2d30$!600x

The time has come when your Google calendar is full of events for the holiday season. If the exhaustion burnout won’t get to you, the stress of picking each holiday outfit might. Finding the perfect trends to ‘wow’ everyone with at your next holiday party can be daunting. However, Style Nine to Five have made the task that much easier with our newest compiled list of trends that will win you best dressed at your next holiday party. 


Velvet is popping up everywhere this holiday season and you have your pick of the lot with this trend. Most comfortable in a jumpsuit, grab a jewel toned velvet one. Want to wear a dress? Grab a burgundy velvet wrap dress. Have your favourite blouse you want to pair with a skirt? There’s a velvet option for that.


Emerald Green
When we think of the holiday season 2018, we think emerald green. From shoes to bags to jackets to tops, this colour is here for the season. Emerald green is the new, elegant colour to replace that traditional Christmas green you have in mind. Best thing yet, you can wear this colour outside of the holiday season.


Midi – Pleated Skirts
Pair with your favourite sweater to make this skirt scream holiday. Not only will you look super cute, you will also have tonnes of room for when you eat all that yummy holiday food. Most pleated skirts have an elastic waist, making it an ultra-comfortable, yet classic, look.



This year, a big trend is to play up metallic tones. If you want to stick with a dress, or a skirt, add a metallic blazer to bring out the festivities. Are you a style risk taker? Break all the traditional holiday party rules and wear metallic trousers and a lace camisole. Your outfit will be the talk of the party. First outfit available at The Latest Scoop!


Two Piece Suit
What demands the attention in the room more than a powerful woman in a suit? This doesn’t have to be your plain jane black, basic suit. You can play with prints and colours, too. If you want to make even more of a statement, skip the shirt all together and use a structured blazer as your top – just make sure it’s still appropriate if it is a work function.


Inspirational Images:
Image courtesy of Style Me Pretty
Image courtesy of Rue Now
Image courtesy of The Every Girl
Image courtesy of Say Yes
Image courtesy of  Hot Beauty Health
Image courtesy of Glitterous


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette

Fashion Jobs – Get Ahead in Your Career

Friday, November 9th, 2018

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Fashion Jobs in Canada - Style Nine to FiveChristie Lohr - Fashion Career Advice

I know it’s so easy to fall into the trap of believing that if we just work hard, we’ll eventually be discovered and whisked off for bigger and better things. What we forget is that when it comes to career growth and development, it’s up to ourselves to seek out opportunities. Sometimes that means that we have to ask for what we want; there really isn’t anyone else to do it for us. Yes, that seems like a daunting task initially, but let me shed some more light on this topic and in turn, give you all a well needed confidence boost to just go for it.

I’ve always recognized myself as a bit of an introvert and some of my shyness has stayed with me throughout my fashion career, especially in the beginning. With that said, that has never stopped me from asking for what I want. If you’ve already proven yourself as a reliable employee, then chances are management also recognize the same ability in you. If you don’t vocalize your goals, then who would know to consider you for any new opportunities?

When I did fashion segments on Breakfast Television in 2007 as a representative for Le Chateau (with my appearances coordinated by Le Chateau’s PR), I had the idea to represent myself and showcase other brands by doing style segments as simply ‘Christie Lohr’, and not ‘Christie Lohr of Le Chateau’. I knew I already had an established relationship with Breakfast Television so I went ahead and expressed my interest in being an all-around fashion expert. I sent the email and asked. I knew that showcasing other brands would definitely increase the range of topics that could be discussed on their style segment, therefore appealing to a wider audience. Breakfast Television recognized that too as they agreed it would be a great idea and I then became their fashion expert for the next few years. Later moving on to CTV Morning Live.


If you see an opportunity within your current company or within a personal connection’s company, then express your interest! Start by presenting a reason as to why you think that you could be a great fit for the role and any ideas that you would execute if you did get the job. Most people in management are receptive to ideas promoting the growth of their companies. You’d be surprised at how many people would be willing to give your ideas a shot if you put them forward. Are you into fashion merchandising while you’re in a sales associate role? Then speak openly of your interest and approach your management with your personal inspiration/style boards! The worst someone can say is no, and that really isn’t so bad (it’s not personal, and remember that!).


Around the same year, in 2007, I requested an interview with FASHION Magazine even after 3 internship rejections because I knew in my heart that I could fulfill the position well. They agreed to the interview request and I got the internship in the end. 3 times a charm?


Have you ever had a missed opportunity because you were afraid to express your interest for fear of rejection? Make it a personal resolution to start asking for what you want!


Thanks for reading and for your continued support.


Christie Lohr

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Fashion Jobs – Career Q&A with Anna Koniaris, Caryl Baker Visage National Educator

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaSNTF_Caryl Baker Visage_1

When most beauty enthusiasts are tasked with the job of figuring out their career path, most usually go towards either cosmetology and makeup artistry or hair. While both are amazing careers with endless possibilities and tangents respectively it’s also important to take into account that there are so many other interesting career opportunities, like say a National Educator with Caryl Baker Visage?


Caryl Baker has been a household name in most Canadian houses when it comes to beauty for nearly half a century. What started as a cosmetics line with a goal to remove the counter between products and clients by the early 1970’s had turned into a private beauty salon and over 250 beauty consultants representing the brand. Fast forward to present day and Caryl Baker has over 20 locations Canada-wide providing salon services like makeup applications, spa facials and microblading along with skincare, cosmetics and tools.


We recently sat down with Anna Koniaris, National Face Expert and Educator at Caryl Baker Visage to learn more about the company, what the role of a National Educator entails and some insight into what you can expect from a career in beauty. Anna has over 35 years experience in esthetics, make-up artistry and business relations. She also has lots of experience in franchising and spa operations and is, in fact, a Caryl Baker franchise owner. With all her industry experience and first and knowledge of all things Caryl Baker, Anna is no doubt the perfect person to share her experiences with us!


SNTF: What is a National Educator for Caryl Baker Visage?


AK: National Educators for Caryl Baker are responsible for all training both at corporate and store levels, which is mandatory for all Caryl Baker employees.


SNTF: Sounds like such an interesting role. What is a day in the life of a National Educator for Caryl Baker Visage like?


AK: We have Face Spa location across Ontario and Alberta. Our brand takes great pride in following all the public health standards and providing “safe beauty.” All of our employees must participate in an intense education program that includes a practical and theory exam with a passing score of 70%, complete an in-salon apprenticeship program before they can be certified/insured to perform services on our valued CBV clients. I also offer customized training programs for our Franchise partners and their team of staff. I am very proud of the [training] program that I created with our founder Caryl Baker and how it has evolved over the years. Our Face Experts company-wide are amongst the industry’s best.  

SNTF_Caryl Baker Visage_2

SNTF: What are your favourite things about working at Caryl Baker Visage?


AK: Educating. In my opinion, knowledge is power, the driving force that will help you succeed in life. I have the opportunity to empower mostly women to increase their knowledge in the industry and/or get into an industry that will be rewarding in more ways than one throughout their career. Our 6-week program is held at our education facility in Toronto Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, three times per year and at salon level as frequently as requested by our Franchise partners. Although I take the lead in the education department I am assisted by my dream team that help me meet the educational needs of our entire organization.

When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like you’re working and that is how I feel so many years later. Every work day has its challenges but my passion for the industry and supporting personal growth/development makes every day is a great workday.


SNTF: As a National Educator, your role involves a lot of travel. What are some of the challenges and rewards of this part of the job?


AK: When my children were young, balancing a career with travel and raising a family “solo” most certainly had its challenges, but between my passion for the industry and my commitment to my daughters I simply made it work. Over the past five years, travel has become very easy, fun and rewarding. A great way to experience Canada while you make money.  I always receive a warm welcome by our out of town franchisees and they are so very appreciative that I have come to them to educate their team of staff.

SNTF_Caryl Baker Visage_3

SNTF: Educating is obviously the main focus of your job but with all the teaching you do, is there something the role has taught you or new things you’re constantly learning from your team?


AK: We/I are always learning. The beauty industry is constantly evolving, staying current and being in the “know” is crucial to your ongoing success. The advantage we have in this generation that I did not have in the very early stages of my career is the internet/social media that keep us updated to the minute of new tips, trends, techniques, service offerings and results.


SNTF: What was it that led you to a career at Caryl Baker Visage?


AK: I struggled with acne as a teen that negatively impacted my self-esteem. I got a job at 15-years old at a restaurant in the Scarborough Town Center as a hostess but once I saw that I could earn more money doing what the “boys” did I pushed to be a “bus girl” clearing tables. I used all my money to find solutions for my skin. One day, a young lady with a flawless complexion greeted me at the mall as I was passing by the Caryl Baker Visage and offered my a free skin analysis and makeup application with no obligation to make a purchase, this offer continues to be a part of our brand model till today.  This experience was life-changing, I looked flawless! And the rest is history!


SNTF: What to you are some of the skills someone must have to be a National Educator?


AK: If you have personality and love people we can train you for skills!

SNTF_Caryl Baker Visage_4

SNTF: What advice do you have for someone looking at a career in cosmetics and esthetics?


AK: To excel in any career you need a positive attitude, patience, open to constructive criticism and practice, practice, practice!


SNTF: How do to stay motivated in your daily role, especially when energy levels are low?


AK: I am very high energy and I find that is contagious to others


SNTF: If you could only use three makeup and/or skin care products for the rest of your life, what would they be?


AK: A multiple purpose moisturizer with SPF, nourishing mascara and a hydrating lipstick.


Inspirational Images
Images courtesy of Caryl Baker Visage


By M.J. Elle, Toronto, @TheMJElle

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6 Fashion Companies Currently Hiring in Toronto

Friday, November 2nd, 2018

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaRetail Jobs

Calling all Toronto fashionistas! If you’re looking for a career in fashion, we’ve made it easy for you by narrowing down some of the most fashionable jobs in Toronto. All you have to do now is polish up your resume and cover letter, and apply!


Red Canoe – National Heritage Brands Inc.

Role: Retail Associate
Job Type: Part-time
Job Description:  Red Canoe has opened a new store in Toronto’s Distillery District and is looking for someone who is friendly, hardworking, able to meet the needs of customers, and a great team player who does their part to keep the store ready by maintaining visual standards, stocking, re-merchandising and light cleaning.



Role: Assistant Project Coordinator
Job Type: Full-time
Job Description: ModiFace is a technology company apart of L’Oréal Group located in Yorkville seeking a highly motivated, energetic and professional individual to assist our Projects team with administrative tasks and client relations, including meeting with L’Oréal brands, and coordinating on various projects.


Poor Little Rich Girl

Role: Sales Associate
Job Type: Full-time
Job Description: Poor Little Rich Girl is seeking full and part-time sales associates who are outgoing, energetic, fashion savvy, and are able to provide exceptional customer service. The next Poor Little Rich Girl must have a passion for fashion and prides herself on looking effortlessly stylish. She is a team player, reliable, and is able to build relationships with customers. Prior retail sales experience is a must!


PYA Importer

Role: Wholesale Fashion Sales Representative
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Description: PYA IMPORTER is a Toronto-based global fashion house that is looking for someone who has a history and background in the Fashion Wholesale and Distribution industry. Candidates will have a strong understanding of both the Ontario and Canadian retail market. A familiarity and strength in denim is a plus.



Role: Social media intern
Job Type: Intern
Job Description: NUMI is a line of innovative fashion essentials for women that’s looking for a social media intern to join its growing team. NUMI is looking for someone who is passionate about social media to focus on engaging our community through our social media channels and assist our digital marketing team to build online brand awareness through content creation and inbound marketing strategies.


Fortnight Lingerie

Role: Sales Associate & Bra Fitter
Job Type:
Full and Part-Time
Job Description: 
Fortnight Lingerie is a Toronto designed and produced line of luxury undergarment essentials. Fortnight is opening a retail store this November and is looking for bra fitters/sales associates who are passionate about lingerie and helping women feel like their true selves.


Inspirational Image
Image courtesy of Richard Oakgreat

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Fashion Jobs – How to Start Your Own Business

Monday, October 29th, 2018

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Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaCHRISTIE LOHR8


Are you thinking about starting your own business but are afraid to take the leap? Depending on where your passions, experience, and skillsets lie, there may be several paths to take. Whenever I am asked the question, I offer advice that applied to my own personal journey. After all, what worked for me may not work for everyone, but I do believe that there are a few key points that can be applicable to any aspiring business owner.


The first and most important piece of advice that I will give is to find an opportunity in the market and fill it. Your solution to the problem has to be a good one, and one that a lot of people can get on board with. Sure that may sound daunting, especially if you don’t peg yourself as someone who can think outside of the box. What I will say to that is, let your past experiences and knowledge guide you towards an opportunity. I didn’t just pull the idea for Style Nine to Five out of thin air. I got the idea for it after working as a retail recruiter in the fashion industry and being so frustrated with what was available at the time to help me do my job. I was posting on general job websites and advertising in newspapers with no return. I wasn’t getting the qualified applicants for the roles I was trying to fill. It was actually one specific role that gave me the nudge. I couldn’t find anyone to be a visual display associate in Calgary. A job that was so easy to fill in every other market! I thought, WHERE are all the fashionistas?! Why aren’t they jumping on this opportunity? How can I find them? From that frustration, I thought to myself, I couldn’t be the only one that was experiencing the problem of lack of qualified applicants for the job openings that I was recruiting for. That was my lightbulb moment. I realized there was no fashion specific job board. I called up a web developer and quit my job three weeks later. After all, the fashion industry is huge, and there clearly wasn’t a job portal that was tailored for what everyone in the industry needed. Armed with that knowledge, I knew that I could be the one to solve that problem once and for all. And from that, Style Nine to Five was born in 2010 around my 30th birthday.


I think the moral of my story is that looking to solve a problem or to create the next best thing regarding a topic/area/industry which you know absolutely nothing about, will likely be a lot less feasible than trying to address an existing problem in an area that you are familiar and passionate about. If you are knowledgeable in an area already, then you’ve done half the work of figuring out how everything works, what’s lacking, and most importantly, what COULD work in tackling the shortcomings that you’ve identified. You’re much more likely to succeed with your idea if you’ve already paid your dues, and have an applicable and relevant knowledge to draw from.


Another thing I will say is, don’t start your own business for the sole purpose of making money. Of course we all want to make money, but if you begin your journey thinking that the money will just come pouring in, then you’re wrong! Be prepared to be broke for a while. Before jumping into anything, make sure you have at least 6 months to a year’s worth of savings to live on (or more but that’s what I had), as you probably won’t start to see positive cash flows for at least a year.


Don’t be afraid of applying for a business loan. You will need cash flow in order to grow. It’s everyone’s hope that you will have enough saved up or borrowed from family to never have to take out a penny from the bank, but not everyone will be in as fortunate a situation. I didn’t take a loan out until 4 years into running my business when I decided to expand into New York (that’s a whole other blog post). Although it’s important to not be reckless with your spending, DON’T be afraid to spend money to make money. Running a business can be expensive (website updates, advertising, hosting fees, etc.), so make sure you’re prepared for that before sending in any resignations.


The final piece of advice I will give is to be prepared for a lot of hard work. While you may be able to start your business while still doing your day job, there will come a time when you will have to dive in head first. In order to grow your idea into a full-fledged business, your business has to become your life. I work on Style Nine to Five from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep, with mental breaks, gym classes, a few events, and the odd nap in between.


Don’t be afraid of failure and don’t expect it to happen overnight. For many types of businesses, you will need time to build up your credibility; I know that was the case for Style Nine to Five. It’s those that give up within the first year of running their business that ultimately don’t make it. Just when you feel like giving up, don’t. Remember, on the other side of that hardship, is where you’re supposed to be.
– Christie Lohr

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Fashion Jobs – Online Shopping Vs. In Store Shopping

Thursday, October 18th, 2018

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The convenience of shopping online has taken over. You can add items into your cart while lying in bed or watching TV, not to mention you don’t have to get out of your pyjamas or put makeup on. And we get it, sometimes you just don’t want to socialize. Online shopping trends have been growing steadily over the past few years. However, online shopping does have its downsides. 


Going into a brick and mortar store has far more upsides than the inconvenience of leaving your home. Firstly, there’s no need to pay shipping charges or have to wait for your new favourite product to arrive. Why would you wait to wear that brand new LBD, when you can go pick one out, and wear it out for cocktails that same night? Especially if the item you order isn’t the right size; then you have to go return or exchange the item, and waste even more time.


How many times have ordered something to your house, only to find out it doesn’t fit and you need to bring it back? Going into the store gets rid of that hassle. In a store, you can grab all the items you would normally add to your online cart, and actually see if it works for you before taking it home. 


You can actually feel the product. It’s the worst when you look online and wish you could feel the product. Will it be breathable? Will it have some stretch? What is the quality of the product? Is it going to be stiff and uncomfortable or will it actually be comfortable to wear? Shopping in stores takes all those questions away. You can feel the piece you want to buy, feel the quality, and start that emotional connection.


Let’s not forget the amazing staff that make the stores run smoothly. Each store is staffed with cashiers, salespeople, visual merchandisers, inventory processors and so many more. These employees work hard and care for the product before you take it home. Shopping in stores helps keep these people employed. 


Next time you go to browse online, and add those items to your cart, think about the experience you can have shopping in-store instead.


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Image courtesy of Who What Wear


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette