4 Ways to Use ChatGPT to Find a Fashion Career

4 Ways to Use ChatGPT to Find a Fashion Career - Style Nine to Five

There’s no denying how much easier technology has made our lives – especially when it comes to finding a job. LinkedIn made it quick for recruiters to find you, Indeed gave you a place to dig through job postings, and now, ChatGPT is here to help you through the entire job-seeking process.

For the uninformed, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool here to provide you with any information you may need. You type in a prompt, it gives you an answer, and ChatGPT is filled with knowledge on just about anything.

So, imagine what you can do with this new technology when hunting for a job in fashion. Need a resume template? ChatGPT’s got it. Curious what your salary may be at your dream job? ChatGPT has estimates. All you need to do is sign up for an account at openai.com/blog/chatgpt – and you can do this through Google or Microsoft to make it quick!

But, before jumping into the world of AI, remember that it’s not always correct. Always make edits to any templates that seem a little off, and look for sources before presenting ChatGPT information as fact. ChatGPT’s knowledge of recent years (at the time I’m writing this, 2021 and onward) is also limited, so be cautious if looking up information that requires recent knowledge – it might be best to research “2023 fashion trends” somewhere else. Also, be as specific as you possibly can with your prompts to get the most accurate information. Instead of researching information on “stylists” be specific, perhaps saying something like “e-commerce fashion stylists”.

Now, let’s get started – what can you do with ChatGPT exactly?

1. Industry Research

ChatGPT can be used to learn anything you may need to know about your dream industry. Maybe you’re trying to pick a career path and want to know the logistics of the jobs you’re considering, or you’ve got a job interview already lined up and need to brush up on facts about the industry beforehand. Regardless, with the right prompts, ChatGPT is there to help.

Some prompts to consider:

• What is the yearly salary for a [JOB POSITION]?

• What skills are required to become a [JOB POSITION]?

• Who are the most influential [JOB POSITION]s from Canada?

2. Applying to Jobs

If you’re someone who struggles with resumes, cover letters or emails, ChatGPT can come in handy. ChatGPT can write up a template for any of these things, and all you’ll have to do is input your specific information and make appropriate edits.

You can also research what sorts of information you should include in your application for specific positions, or, as mentioned before, what skills you should incorporate.

If you already know what skills you’d like to include but struggle to piece them together, you can input your information and get a draft of a resume or cover letter. Once again, this will still need some editing and perfecting, but it’s definitely a time saver!

Finally, if you have everything written up already but have no extra eyes to look it over, let ChatGPT do some of the work – input your resume, cover letter, whatever it may be, and ask ChatGPT to edit it to whichever criteria you’d like – ChatGPT can make a long cover letter more concise, for instance. Then make sure you double-check it yourself to make any final edits.

3. Networking

Sure, ChatGPT can’t do outreach for you, but it can make networking much easier. If you’re stressing about how to write a cold email, input knowledge on the recipient and let ChatGPT make you a rough draft. If you’ve got a networking event coming up and you’re not the best conversationalist, ask ChatGPT to give you talking points for a fashion industry event.

ChatGPT can even give you networking advice. If you don’t know which events or online groups will help you meet fashion professionals, ask ChatGPT to create a list for you. You can even ask for general networking tips and make them specific to whoever you’re trying to engage – request tips on networking with costume designers or fashion journalists, for instance.

4. Interview Preparation

Similar to our last point, ChatGPT can give you tips on how to ace interviews. Not only that, but ChatGPT can give you interview questions and answers.

If you don’t have anyone to mock-interview you, let ChatGPT be that person. Prompt ChatGPT to give you common job interview questions for whichever job or industry you’re looking at. Make sure to get specific with these prompts, as ChatGPT may give you the generic questions you hear in any industry (though, of course, prepare for these too!). You can request questions regarding technical skills you’d need to know as a fashion photographer, for instance.

Maybe you struggle with the answer portion, though – instead, ask ChatGPT to generate interview answers for you. Don’t copy these answers word-for-word and take them into interviews, though – tailor them to yourself and humanize them (I mean, a robot’s writing them – you don’t want to come off mechanical in an interview!), or use them as a study guide on what potential answers could look like. You can even input some facts about yourself and ask ChatGPT to generate an answer using those facts so you can understand how to phrase your answer.

Although ChatGPT’s not going to automatically land you a fashion job (yet – who knows what’s next?), it can definitely make the process easier for you. Give it a shot next time you’ve got a hefty amount of industry research on your plate or an intimidating networking event around the corner – you may just learn something new that seals the deal at your next interview!

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Emily Morrison is a media professional with passions for writing, film and popular culture.