How to Get An “In” At Your Dream Job - Style Nine to Five

How to Get an “In” at Your Dream Job

You’ve heard it before: landing your dream job is all about who you know. This answers questions about how to make it in your industry, but there’s now one big problem – you don’t know anyone at your dream job! Don’t let this stop you. It’s not like everyone at that company started out knowing […]

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Career Inspiration Round-Up - Style Nine to Five

Career Inspiration Round-Up

In addition to the Style Nine to Five blog, there is some fantastic career and development content out there. These are our favourite websites and blogs that may come in handy for the many stages of your career. Bookmark these now to reference as needed! For productivity: The Forte Labs Blog Exploring the frontier of […]

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Personal Development - Where to Begin - Style Nine to Five

Personal Development – Where to Begin

Personal development has been a major buzzword over the last couple of years. Although the idea seems great in theory, actually putting it into practice can be a bit daunting. Where do you start? How do you know what to focus on? What resources do you have available to you? Here are six tips to […]

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3 Steps to Making Industry Connections - Style Nine to Five

3 Steps to Making Industry Connections

They say that getting a job in your dream industry is all about connections… but you don’t have any? It’s discouraging, but it doesn’t mean that you’re shut out of the industry forever. While nepotism is prevalent in plenty of industries, not every single person started off with built-in connections. It’s possible to work your […]

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3 Easy Ways to Use Social Media as a Portfolio - Style Nine to Five

3 Easy Ways to Use Social Media as a Portfolio

If you’re looking to break into a career in fashion (or any other creative field) having an impressive portfolio that shows off your creative skills is an essential part of your application. There are a few ways to build a portfolio, but what if you could leverage some of the platforms you’ve already built a […]

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Improve your Public Speaking Skills - Style Nine to Five

3 Easy Ways to Improve your Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking is scary, and if you’re a shy or introverted person, it’s tempting to run away from it altogether. Don’t! It’s a great skill to have and you’ll get many more work opportunities if you’re a strong public speaker. Still, you might be thinking that you’ll never get those opportunities simply aren’t good at […]

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Job Negotiating - Style Nine to Five

Job Negotiating 101

Negotiating can be intimidating. Especially for those of us who have been socialized to believe that asking questions, or asking for more is equal to “being difficult”, or that talking about money is rude, or uncomfortable and should be avoided. This kind of mentality is what results in being underpaid and taken advantage of by […]

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How to Prepare for a Performance Review - Style Nine to Five

7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Performance Review

If you found out today that you had a performance review coming up next month how would you feel? Prepared? Confident? Nervous? Excited? Terrified? Regardless of whatever feelings come up with the words “performance review”, we’ll help you make the most of that one-on-one time with the boss. Your performance review can actually be a […]

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How to Stand Out After an Interview - Style Nine to Five

How to Stand Out After an Interview

You submitted a killer cover letter and resume. You got the response from the hiring manager and now you’ve nailed the interview, but what’s next? When going through the interview process it sometimes feels like all you can do is “hurry up and wait.” Although it can feel that way, it’s not entirely true! After […]

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4 Skills Needed to Succeed as a Buyer - Style Nine to Five

4 Skills Needed to Succeed as a Buyer

Interested in becoming a fashion buyer? Becoming a fashion buyer is a great career choice if you have strong trend awareness and have excellent analytic skills. This role truly marries creativity and commerce and is a great fit for anyone passionate about both. We’ve highlighted some of the key skills you’ll need to excel in […]

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