Creating Your Professional Title - Style Nine to Five

Creating Your Professional Title

It’s time to get rid of the professional summary section in your resume. It’s outdated, pointless, and just looks like page filler. If a hiring manager is interested in you, they’ll learn all of your summarized information from your cover letter and interview, however, your professional summary could make it so they’re not interested to […]

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3 Steps to Setting Career Goals - Style Nine to Five

3 Steps to Setting Career Goals

We all have our dream jobs, but sometimes, they can seem unrealistic. If you’re at the start of your career journey, your dream job may look too far off in the future, like something daunting and unattainable to reach. But it doesn’t have to be! Set smaller, more specific goals that position you for eventual […]

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Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

Remote work has become a popular option (and necessity in some cases over the last couple of years) and this type of work arrangement will undoubtedly continue to grow well into 2022 and beyond. If you’re someone who’s used to an office or a retail floor, you might be wondering if you should make the […]

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5 Hot Jobs in Communications

You know you’re interested in studying communications and pursuing it as a career, but how can you actually apply it in the real world? The great news is that the communications field offers an extremely wide range of jobs. Whether you’d like to be in an artistic sphere or an analytical one, there are plenty […]

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5 Things Every Resume Must Have

Work experience, skills list, a professional title – you’ve got all the basics down, but it still feels like your resume is missing something. But, if you have all the usual things in place, what could it possibly be? A resume requires more than just the basics to truly get the attention of the hiring […]

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How to Write a LinkedIn Connection Request

It’s easy to send a LinkedIn connection request with no message, but that makes it just as easy for the person on the other end to decline that request. You’re not showing any interest in them or any reason for them to want to connect with you, and as a result, there’s a good chance […]

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5 Ways to Shake Up Your Career in the New Year

Feeling stagnant at work? Can’t find work at all? The new year is fast approaching, and this is a great time to make some changes in your career journey. Here are five different things you can do to make some changes to your career path in 2022 – maybe they’ll land you a few steps […]

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6 Career Lessons I’ve Learned as a New Grad - Style Nine to Five

6 Career Lessons Learned as a New Grad

This past year has come with many challenges, especially for a recent graduate ready to start her career. On one hand, it has been at times discouraging and frustrating but on the other, I have learned so many career lessons that I will take with me into the future. As I reflect, I can share them with […]

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Fashion Jobs – How to Leave Your Job When your Dreams Take you Elsewhere

Find fashion jobs, job listings, careers, fashion internships, social media internships, retail jobs, fashion design jobs, buying jobs, fashion stylist jobs and style careers on Style Nine to Five! Sometimes it happens. You’re working for a company that you love, in a role you enjoy and then you find yourself starting to think about finding […]

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Fashion Jobs – Tips on Setting Career Goals for Fall

The end of summer is gradually upon us, which solely denotes back to reality for most. For undergraduate students, it’s a beginning of a new school year, meaning new courses, new professors, and a new time schedule. However, for those who have just received their degree or diploma, the beginning of fall could imply that […]

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