How to Get a Job as a Fashion Editor

The title of fashion editor is a highly coveted role in the industry. As a fashion editor you attend exciting fashion events from shows, to private showings with designers, to industry parties, you receive perks like designer clothes and accessories and are often privy to upcoming trends (and even have a say in setting them!) before they happen. Most of all, you are immersed every day in fashion – fashion editors live, breathe and sleep for fashion. All that to say, the title of fashion editor at a magazine requires dedication, a lot of work and often a lot of time to attain. Here are some of the things you can do in your career to land yourself a role in fashion editorial.

Get a Degree in Fashion Journalism

One of the best ways to set yourself up on a career path towards becoming a fashion editor is with your education. If its available to you, look into a degree, or diploma in Fashion Journalism. A degree in fashion journalism will provide you not only with the writing skills to establish yourself in editorial, but it will expose you to the fashion world including designers, connections and potentially  an in at a fashion magazine through an internship. If youve already completed your education and youre looking to transition in your career, research courses you can take to upgrade your skill set at a local college, or online.

Start Freelance Writing

Being able to write and develop a portfolio as a writer, especially in fashion is paramount to becoming a fashion editor. Take every opportunity you can to write and get your work published. There are few roles open as permanent fashion writers at magazines, but dont let that get in the way of your dreams. Freelance writing is a great way to be proactive in getting your work published in fashion magazines. Pitch your ideas around to fashion editors (most of their emails can be found on the Contact page of the magazines website) of various fashion publications and develop a relationship with the editors. When the time comes to hire a new full-time writer youll not only have a stellar portfolio of fashion articles, but youll have a personal connection with the editor in chief and the magazine.

Work at a Fashion Magazine

As mentioned above, fashion editor is a senior role at a magazine. One way to earn your title is by paying your dues at a magazine and working your way up to a role as an editor. Beginning as a writer is the most obvious choice to lead you eventually to editor. Though, you may begin even below that ranking, as an intern. Internships are a great way to build connections and gain experience at a magazine that could lead to bigger opportunities down the road.

Make Connections in the Industry

A fashion editor will not only be in charge of editorial writing and editing, but will have a larger responsibility at a magazine to manage writers, graphic designers, photographers, etc. as well as establish relationships in the industry with designers, event planners, publicists, advertisers and many more. Developing connections early in your career will be a huge asset to becoming a fashion editor eventually. Do all that you can to develop those relationships and a strong fashion-centred network. Attend as many industry events as you can, send out invitations on LinkedIn, introducing yourself as an aspiring fashion editor, be active and engaged on fashion Twitter. Sometimes its not just what you know, but who you know as well.

If you have your sights set on being a fashion editor, start with your education. Editors need strong writing skills so build yourself a portfolio though freelance writing, or a permanent writing position. Lastly, set yourself up for success by building a network of connections that can help you land a position as a fashion editor, but also come in handy once youve landed your dream job.

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Sheila ONeill is a creative, innovative and inspiring storyteller with a background in fashion.

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