Remote Jobs – Is Professional Nomading Right for You?

Remote Jobs - Is Professional Nomading Right for You - Style Nine to Five

For many of us, remote work is the new normal. You might miss the office routine and constant socializing, but remote work has plenty of benefits. Consider the fact that working remotely means you can work from wherever you want – meaning travel is a huge option. This is called professional nomading – taking on a remote job while creating a nontraditional lifestyle for yourself. For example, now that travelling is back to being part of our lives, plenty of professional nomads will be taking to the road – they have the freedom to construct their own schedule and work environment. It sounds like a dream, but there are both pros and cons to professional nomading. Here are some factors to consider before hopping on a plane, both good and bad.

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1. Freedom

The appeal of professional nomading is the fact that you can go wherever you want and do whatever you want. All work is remote, so you can create the lifestyle that you want, not be held back by the pressure of returning to an office or retail floor. Your work schedule revolves around your life instead of the opposite. If you’re not a fan of routine and always seeking something new and exciting, professional nomading may be ideal for you.

2. Financial Stability

Assuming that you have a stable job or freelancing career and certainty surrounding the amount of money coming in, your finances may be easier to manage as a professional nomad. The costs of prior necessities, like commutes and work clothing, will no longer matter. With travelling becoming an option again, you can head somewhere with a cost of living that suits your lifestyle and income.

3. Flexibility

Remote work often has flexible hours, meaning that in most cases, you’ll be able to work whenever it suits you. You’ll be able to travel, explore, meet people, and do whatever you want during the hours when you would’ve been working prior to beginning your nomadic journey. There’s also a lot of flexibility in where you get to work – maybe from bed in a hotel room, or at a cafe while getting a meal. It’s all up to you.

It sounds great so far, but before you start seeking remote jobs, consider the cons of the nomadic lifestyle, too.

4. Uncertainty

If you’re constantly on the move or seeking out new experiences, there will definitely be unexpected ups and downs. This facet of the nomad lifestyle can bleed into your work at times, particularly if you’re freelancing and may not always know where your next paycheck is coming from, or if an unpredictable issue like poor Internet connection ruins your plans to work that day. The professional nomad lifestyle isn’t for people who seek stability and consistency in their life.

5. Social Isolation

Professional nomads don’t have the consistent support system they’d have in the workplace, or at home if they’re on the road. In general, most of the moves that nomads make are completely solo – you’ll be working for yourself, choosing your own tasks, sometimes traveling and making your own living accommodations to stay on your own. It’s a great lifestyle for people who thrive off of independence, but people who need ongoing socializing and support won’t do well nomading.

6. Lack of Stability

As previously mentioned, there’s no routine in the life of a professional nomad. You won’t always be coming back to the same home, spending time with the same people; it’s a lifestyle that revolves around change. For some people, this sounds extremely rewarding, but it isn’t great if you value reliability.

The nomading lifestyle can be incredibly fulfilling for the right person, and will undoubtedly be popular as travel restrictions lift again. Take your time, do your research, and determine whether this is a viable field for you before jumping into it. You never know what adventures nomading will take you on, but the right workplace at home can be just as exciting – it all depends on your needs.

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