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Let’s face it: as years go by, it seems that our ability to live up to our new year’s resolutions gradually diminish, particularly the career-related ones. According to a 2015 survey by Accountems, 68% of professionals report they have created resolutions related to career advancement, such as getting a new job, attaining a better pay, or developing critical skills. However, because of work commitments, personal matters, and other tiny choices that we have to make in between, there is always the greatest tendency to lure away from our goal trajectory and lose track of these resolutions. Here are five sure-fire tips on how to become more career-driven this year and maintain your 2019 resolutions.


1. Distinguish your real goals
Sometimes, we get so hungry for success that we get too excited to accomplish many things in our career path, which can get very overwhelming. For example, do you get major experience via going back to school or taking an internship? Take time to filter these goals in the beginning and prioritize. Be specific and know which goals can act as stepping-stones to reach your ultimate objective.


2. Create a proper foundation
Make sure to set yourself up for success. Build and organize your resume or even create a LinkedIn account. Spend significant time on these documents as they generate a good impression of you in the real world. Express your interest and passion as best as you can. This is how you sell yourself regardless of how insufficient you may think your experiences are.


3. Fortify relations and network
Networking is a key element in career advancement. Internships and attending seminars are highly beneficial when it comes to building a solid web of relationships. Ensure that you are constantly touching base with key individuals around you. At this point, don’t fret on how much you’ll be earning when applying or inquiring for a position, but concentrate on the ultimate advantages of forming these connections.


4. Enhance time management skills
Managing your time is crucial in your effort to sustain your New Year’s resolutions. With many events and situations arising in your everyday schedule, you should be capable to segregate portions of time for things pertaining to career advancement. Utilize a calendar to set up key dates or a personal journal to plan ahead or remind you of what needs to be done.


5. Take a break when you can
Work, school, or personal issues can get overwhelming from time to time. Therefore, it is important that you take a breather whenever you get the opportunity. With all the goals you’re trying to accomplish, your mind can get entangled in various decision paths, which is not healthy both mentally and physically. Take a break, compose yourself, and clear your mind pool before initiating the next move.


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By: Franz Tabora, Mississauga, @phranzzzz

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