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We all know that a trick to killing it in your fashion career (or any career) is who you know, no matter what your career path is. To get to the top, you need to make sure that you’re talking to the right people and making yourself known. It doesn’t matter how qualified you may be, who you know could make or break your chances of landing that job you want or the promotion you’re after. This is why networking is crucial for the success of your career.


If you’re unsure of what networking is, it’s when people in your area of expertise from different companies meet up to talk business, new developments, and just to meet and talk to different people in the field. Think of it like Facebook or LinkedIn, you always want to grow your network.


Sometimes it can feel scary to put yourself out there, but just remember to always be yourself and sell who you are. Don’t forget that everyone you network with, was once in the same position you were in, not knowing many people and a bit timid to reach out.


Think of a networking event like a potential interview. You want to be informed, well dressed and talk up all your strengths and accomplishments. It’s also important to ask questions that are thought-provoking. Use all of the knowledge you have about your profession to make people want to know you more, potentially hire you or keep in touch.


If you’re unsure where to start, there are a tonne of networking opportunities throughout Canada. In Vancouver, there are companies like Vancity Business Babes, where you can network and hone in on your business knowledge. Throughout Canada, there are many different networking events that can be found through Eventbrite, Facebook and even LinkedIn.


These events could be panel talks followed by a mingling reception hour, restaurant meetups, or a workshop (Style Nine to Five puts on Fashion Career Workshops from time to time). It was through that workshop where I met Style Nine to Five founder Christie Lohr and from then she guided me and I now have an amazing job. Through networking, you can find out all the details of what your prospective career path can look like, or they can help you decide what your passions are. They are a great way to connect to a community and maybe even find someone who can be your mentor.


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By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette

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