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The end of summer is gradually upon us, which solely denotes back to reality for most. For undergraduate students, it’s a beginning of a new school year, meaning new courses, new professors, and a new time schedule. However, for those who have just received their degree or diploma, the beginning of fall could imply that it’s time to hustle, network, and apply.


While the summer season provided graduates to take a breather after a year of completing their last few courses, the end of summer also marks the beginning of “adulting” as Millennials would call it. The truth is, many who have just completed their undergrad are lost and have no idea how to start this adulthood phase. It’s a step-by-step process in which one must endure and be patient for.  Here are some tips on setting career goals for the upcoming season that I’ve acquired and implemented during my post-undergrad years of being out from school.


Polish Your Resume
One of the first steps of setting career goals is keeping your resume or CV organized. There are numerous formats that you can follow to achieve this. Ensure that you’re focusing on what’s imperative – the key experiences and skills that are relevant to whatever you’re applying for. Even if you’re open-ended, it is still important to keep every experience and skill classified so that you may filter them when you are sure of what field you want to reach. Keep your descriptions succinct but use formal language. Spend significant time on the cover letter as it provides your resume and yourself a good impression. Express your interest and passion as best as you can. This is how you sell yourself regardless of how insufficient you may think your experiences are. Remember that a good resume could be a decision from a life changing opportunity.


Network, Network, and Network
In this generation, networking is a tremendously essential ingredient to secure your success in the field you want to reach, particularly in the fashion industry. At this point, don’t fret on how much you’ll be earning, but concentrate on the experience you’ll be attaining. Think of it as installing a very sturdy, lifetime foundation for what you want to accomplish in life. Socialize and release your inner extrovert. In today’s competitive world, hiring managers don’t tolerate shy individuals. Your resume isn’t enough to describe your whole self; there has to be coordination between what’s on paper and how you present yourself. As most people would assert, to network is to be nice to everyone.


The Art of Applying
Once you’ve created leverage, it’s time to binge apply. Apply as much as you can because you know your options are endless. Use websites and the network you have built to do this. Determine if you’re going for a short-term job or a long-term job – some jobs may act as proper stepping-stones to reach higher areas in certain career fields. Prepare your references suitably– choose individuals who you’ve had or are still having good relationships with. Be very patient with your applications. The only way to find out if your resume is effective is through this phase. Further, if you’re someone who doesn’t have a proper career trajectory, this is the best way to determine which careers match your experiences and skills.


Follow-Up Hesitation
Don’t be afraid to do follow ups. It never hurts to write a letter to recruiting managers regarding the status of your application. Don’t let rejections get you down; use these as opportunities to reflect on what could’ve been done or what approach you should be going for. Following up applications is also a useful way to determine whether the right career path has been chosen or not.


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By: Franz Tabora, Mississauga, @phranzzzz

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