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Fashion Career Advice with Christie Lohr

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaCHRISTIE LOHR6


Listen to Christie Lohr’s fashion career journey in this podcast she did with Glam Observer. She gives resume and cover letter tips, how to break into the fashion industry, what fashion employers look for in a job candidate, should you go to fashion school or is getting the fashion experience enough? Listen HERE.

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Indochino Career Fair June 28 + July 4

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

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With our growth, Indochino is hosting a two-day Career Fair. We have a number of roles available in our Customer Experience Team to support our global business. If you have a flair for fashion and are a natural communicator; with the uncanny ability to anticipate needs before they arise, then we may have the perfect role for you.


Dates: June 28 + July 4

Location: 720 Robson Street


RSVP to join us at our headquarters and find out if Indochino is the perfect fit!

Techvibes Killer Spaces Indochino-9

Techvibes Killer Spaces Indochino-7


Photos taken by TechVibe.

Fashion Jobs – Q&A with Emily Minion CEO of Chelsea King Scrunchies

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaChelsea King 1

Being comfortable, yet fashionable, is the go-to trend this year — from rompers, crew neck sweaters to accessories. And the newest brand to join this trend is none other than Chelsea King scrunchies. Bringing back an original classic is this brand’s go to. The name Chelsea King was thought of in England when creator Emily Minion took a trip to visit her sister in London. The name is broken down into two parts, the first, a borough in London called Chelsea where the two sisters visited a café. The second, when the two continued their visit down Kings Road. There, the name Chelsea King was born. Emily Minion recently took some time to chat with SNTF about her rapidly growing company, here’s what we learned…


SNTF: Where did you come up with the idea to start your own business? Why the scrunchie?

EM: I have always been somewhat business minded growing up. In sixth grade, I used to sell those 25 cent candy frogs to my peers and I would have a lineup at my locker at recess and lunch, haha! Since then I have had little businesses here and there just for fun. I was sewing scrunchies for my daughter and a few girlfriends told me I should sell them. My first thought was the loud classic 80s look, which I had a hard time getting on board with, so I didn’t think much of it.


Then that week I was out at the mall and saw the most perfectly well put together lady in Zara and she had her hair up in the perfect “messy” topknot with a black scrunchie and it looked amazing! I thought that if I could get people to see scrunchies in a new way then it would be something that I would want to brand and sell. It’s no longer about that bright loud 80’s look but about saving your hair and doing it in a more classic way. Four years ago, no one was really selling scrunchies so there was a gap in the market. Now they seem to be everywhere so it is important for me to stand out by using high-end fabrics, excellent quality, and craftsmanship as well as branding them in a way that every girl can see themselves wearing one.


SNTF: What advice would you give to someone else wanting to start their own company?

EM: Don’t define yourself by your brand. When I started this venture, I told myself that I would not define myself by what others would say about my brand, good or bad. It was something that I enjoy doing and promised myself I would always do it because I enjoyed it and therefore would do it to the best of my ability. I believe that as long as I am loving what I am doing, I can continually stay creative and innovative. There is lots going on in IG and other avenues of social media and it is so important to stay true to who you are as a brand and behind the brand as an individual. Don’t spend your time comparing yourself or your brand to others around you. Do the best at what you’re doing and keep growing and bettering yourself. And when you are on others IG pages or blogs spend your time encouraging others. We need to support and build up one another!


SNTF: What has been your favourite part about running Chelsea King?

EM: I am quite a creative person and Chelsea King is always pushing me outside of my comfort zone to learn new things and constantly grow. I look back at where I started when initially creating the business and feel continually blessed by how far it has come. I love the relationships that have been built because of Chelsea King. I am constantly meeting new people I otherwise would never have met and have created some pretty wonderful relationships. I love how supportive everyone is of each other, it is so beautiful to be a part of such an empowering group of women.

Chelsea King 2

SNTF: You’ve had some amazing collaborations. What is the process of partnering with someone else for a collaborated scrunchie?

EM: I feel very blessed to have worked with some pretty fantastic people and companies. We recently did a Smash + Tess x Chelsea King collab and it was a huge hit! What better combo then a romper and scrunchie, they just naturally go together. They sold out very quickly! Another collaboration was our Jillian Harris x Chelsea King for Mamas for Mamas. I absolutely loved doing this one because it allowed us to give back to such a beautiful cause. Jillian is amazing! She is so crazy busy, I’m sure even more so than she lets on; yet, still makes time to do things like this to support the community and others around her. She has such a huge heart! That collab was a big hit. People love knowing that they are a part of helping others. And honestly, I just have the best customers ever!! Probably the best piece of advice I could give regarding collaborations, whether it be bloggers or businesses is make sure to stay true to your brand. Do collaborations that you are passionate about and that fit your style. Don’t just do them for the sake of doing them but make sure that they marry well with the story you want your brand to portray.

SNTF: Your product has been featured in magazines and has been seen on influencers all over Instagram. Knowing that, how do you feel?

EM: It is actually pretty surreal and very humbling. I never take any of it for granted. The highest compliment for me is when I see women wearing them all the time just because they love them and not for promotional purposes.  We get so many messages from our customers telling us how thankful they are that they found us; when women to go out of their way to message us explaining how much they love our scrunchies always makes my day and reminds me that we’re on the right track.

SNTF: Which scrunchie is your all-time favourite?

EM: It has always been the Heather Grey and I think I will always say that one is my all-time favourite. It’s such an easy everyday staple to have on hand. However, I am absolutely loving the Taupe right now. It blends so well with all hair types so it just works perfectly for everyone. People always stop and ask where I got my scrunchie when I wear that one. Our most popular and best sellers are our Neutral Collection.

Chelsea King 3
SNTF: Why should all women own a scrunchie?

EM: Our scrunchies are the easiest way to save your hair from breakage and hold your hair in place without having to restyle it during the day. They are great to wear during the day and night. Scrunchies are recommended by most hairstylists to save your hair and encourage growth. The Chelsea King brand is about function in your everyday life without having to sacrifice style. We offer a large variety of colours and textures for every woman’s individual style.


Inspirational Images
Photos courtesy of Chelsea King


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette

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Fashion Jobs – Spring Trench Coat Picks

Friday, May 4th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaSNTF_Spring Trench Coat Picks_Inspiration LisaDNYC

One of our favourite pieces for spring has to be the trench coat. This classic spring jacket is effortless and chic yet can be worn casually making it extremely versatile. Take your trench from the office to weekend brunch and everything in between and we guarantee you can’t go wrong! Although we mostly think of gloomy weather and rain boots, trench coats are also great on those sunny yet windy days with a pair of flats or sneakers.


However you like to wear your trench coat, the only piece of advice we have is you totally need one in your wardrobe. Not sure where to start with all the options out there?! Take our advice and check out these great spring trench coat picks!

SNTF_Spring Trench Coats_Le Chateau

Clean Lines
This shorter take on this classic look is a perfect pick for spring! We love the detailed outline that frames the jacket’s cut perfectly. Also available in black, this jacket is one of many styles available at Le Chateau at reasonable prices!

SNTF_Spring Trench Coats_Zara

Spring, Check!
Leave it to Zara to take seasonal trends and pair it perfectly and effortlessly with classic pieces, like this grey checkered trench coat. Going perfectly with everything from trousers to denim, this short-cut trench features a detachable hood making it perfect for all types of spring weather!

SNTF_Spring Trench Coats_Only

The OG
It’s fun to play with trends but sometimes you need to stick to more timeless choices, and this classic trench from ONLY is totally it! This jacket has all the classic components of a trench from a belted waist, double-breasted closure and pockets yet is made from a lighter material giving it a great flow and making it wearable during warmer temperatures.

SNTF_Spring Trench Coats_Club Monaco

Atypical Shade
Looking for something a little less classic, yet still timeless enough to stick it out in your wardrobe for years to come? This dark teal option from Club Monaco might just be for you! Although the style is a little more on the Draper Jacket side, it still has all the classic Trench components from a belted waist to a strong lapel.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 9.20.58 AM

All Black
A favourite colour of most fashionistas, we, of course, had to include a black trench coat on our list! This Kate Spade NY trench is the idealistic trench from its double-breasted cut to the belted waist and cuffs. The jacket also comes in the classic beige and also a dusty rose, but there’s something edgy and fun about this black version that we just can’t get enough of!


Inspirational Image:
Image courtesy of @LisaDNYC


Product Info:

1. Le Chateau Cotton Blend Belted Trench Coat, $99.95

2. Zara Checkered Trench Coat, $99.90

3. Only Classic Trench Coat, $109

4. Club Monaco Elila Trench, $298

5. Kate Spade New York Double Breasted Trench Coat, $225, available at Hudson’s Bay


By: M.J. Elle, Toronto, @TheMJElle

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Fashion Jobs – Fashion News Recap

Friday, April 13th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canadabb6a030b8d633c747e47e12b54bd4bc7

Off-White Joins Luxury Hub in Downtown Vancouver
Youth-focused, athleisure brand Off-White has opened its doors in the heart of downtown Vancouver. The two-story, 4300 square foot space is the second Canadian location, following a store opening in Toronto last year. Situated on “Eihu Lane” between Alberni Street and Robson Street, Off-White is surrounded by other high-end designer stores such as Moncler, Saint Laurent and Prada. The design concept of the store, created by Virgil Abloh himself perfectly mirrors the casual/luxury style of the clothing. Floors are mainly concrete with gold accent shelves and tables made of Italian marble slab sit on top of dishwasher crates, demonstrating the brand’s juxtaposition. The open concept space will also feature new art installations monthly, making every visit new and unique.  


Comme Des Garcons Launches Online Exclusive Brand
Adrian Joffe, CEO and creative director of the company announced the launch of their internet-based diffusion line, with the help of Rei Kawakubo who will be creating the website. This marks the 18th diffusion line for the unique Japanese design house and is expected to be just as successful if not more so than its predecessors such as Play, Noir, Homme and Plus. After launching the website, the new collection for men and women will be sold in six shops worldwide.  


Bensadoun Retail School Opens at McGill University
After receiving a 25 million dollar donation from Aldo Bensadoun, creator of major shoe empire, ALDO Shoes, McGill University in Montreal is launching a new program focused on the future of retail. The program will be offered at all different levels: BCom, Master’s, PhD and Executive and will provide students with the resources and tools to create a successful retail landscape. Bensadoun says in a brochure for the program: “I’m excited about the vision of the Bensadoun School of Retail Management to become a global center of excellence. We will be able to provide the next generation of retailers with innovative solutions for the industry’s transformation. As the consumer’s behaviour evolves, success in retail will depend largely on the integration of connected disciplines such as big data, artificial intelligence and neuroscience, and that’s what we’ll provide for our students”. The first intake of students will be for September 2018.  


Oomomo Planning Canadian Expansion
Following the opening in West Edmonton Mall last summer, Japanese “100-Yen” store, Oomomo plans to expand its Canadian presence in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The store’s vast inventory falls in to categories such as ceramics, beauty products, stationery, small electronics, cleaning supplies, kitchenware, organizers, gift wrapping and even snacks. A second Edmonton location has been confirmed and is expected to open at the end of the summer. These Japanese variety stores have already proved popular across the country and Oomomo could eventually open between 20-30 locations if the new stores continue these successful results.  


Inspirational Image
Image courtesy of Pop Sugar


By: Laura Findlay, Vancouver, @lofindlay 

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Fashion Jobs – Weekly Recap

Monday, April 9th, 2018

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Now that April is officially underway, we wanted to kick off the start of the new week by recapping all our favourite Style Nine to Five articles from the week prior, just to ensure we’re all on the same page when it comes to the world of SNTF fashion. From tips to spring cleaning your resume to a recap of Style Nine to Five’s first fashion career workshop, here are the top articles of the week.

Style Nine To Five_LinkedIn Profile Picture_Headshot

Tips For The Perfect LinkedIn Profile Picture
Whether you’re looking to build your professional network or you’re looking to turn your first job into your dream career, you want your LinkedIn profile picture to be welcoming but also a clear representation of you. They say dress for the job you want, well the same could be said for your profile picture! Here are some of our recommended tips picking the perfect LinkedIn profile picture to get you standing out from the crowd! Read the full post here


Recap of Style Nine to Five’s Fashion Career Workshop
Call it a coincidence, but Style Nine to Five’s first-ever Fashion Career Workshop coincided with the same week as the eight-year anniversary of the launch of Style Nine to Five.  Not to toot our own horn or anything, but our first workshop was a huge success. Read the full post here

Main Image (1)

5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Resume
Spring has finally arrived! Which means there’s no better time to de-clutter and spring clean all aspects of your life.  Closets are probably the first thing that comes to mind at this time of year, but how about your resume as well? A lot can change during the course of a year, and your resume should clearly reflect your personal and professional growth during this time. Whether you’re looking for a new position or you’re just in need of a little resume refresh, here are my top five tips to spring clean your resume. Read the full post here


Fashion News Recap
Each week we will highlight all the major retail news stories from coast to coast. This week’s roundup included John Galliano and InStyle Magazine banning fur, Miniso’s Canadian expansion, Anna Wintour potentially leaving Vogue, and more. Read the full post here


Inspirational Image
Image courtesy of Vogue
Image courtesy of Brooklyn D Photography
Image courtesy of Glitter Guide
Image courtesy of Bloglovin

Fashion Jobs – Fashion News Recap

Sunday, April 8th, 2018

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Is Anna Wintour Leaving Vogue?
Rumours have been swirling around the acclaimed fashion magazine after Page Six reported that Anna Wintour may be gearing up to retire as Editor-In-Chief at Vogue. Wintour has been with the magazine for 30 years – it’s hard to imagine Vogue without this iconic sunglasses-clad, Chanel toting maven. Sources from Condé Nast have denied these rumours, so as of now it’s just gossip.  


Miniso Planning to Open 500 Canadian Locations
The expansion is happening quicker than anticipated for this Chinese retailer. After the company opened its first stores in Vancouver last spring, Miniso is now expanding into Quebec, Toronto and Edmonton later this year. The multiple stores in Quebec are expected to pop up in malls and a flagship location on Montreal’s Sainte-Catherine Street. 


John Galliano and InStyle Magazine Hop on the Fur Ban Wagon
Laura Brown, editor-in-chief at InStyle Magazine, has announced that the magazine will no longer endorse or photograph fur. Brown took to social media on Monday saying “I want to be clear that InStyle does not photograph fur – nor do we accept advertising from fur brands. How thrilling it is that the fashion industry is beginning to embrace fur-free alternatives.” Following this announcement, Maison Margiela’s John Galliano is joining the fur-free movement as well. An encounter with senior vice president of PETA, a recent switch to vegetarianism and his adorable dog Gipsy inspired this change of direction. With so many alternatives, fur is becoming an unnecessary material to be manufactured into clothing and represent luxury. Many designers such as Gucci, Versace and Michael Kors have recently gone fur-free by opting out of using any real fur in their fashion houses. We hope to see many more designers, magazines and consumers follow in these footsteps.  


Don’t Miss MUJI’s 10 Day Customer Appreciation Event
Japanese retailer, MUJI has been killing it runs with their Vancouver customers. With two existing locations on Robson Street and Metrotown, plus another one opening this spring, the store has gained momentum and seen a lot of success. The event beginning Friday will include member discounts, the launch of their French Linen line, workshops, style advisors (at the Robson Street location), sales and giveaways!  


Gosha Rubichinskiy Set For New Adventure
On Wednesday morning, the Russian designer left the mysterious message, “We will stop Gosha Rubichinskiy brand as you’ve known it. We will have no more seasonal collections. Instead, something new is coming” on his Instagram, leaving us all to ponder what this new endeavour might entail. Rubichinskiy’s isn’t the first designer to opt out of showing seasonal collections, although his recent stellar collaboration with Burberry has fans hooked enough to follow whatever he may do next.  


Inspirational Image
Image courtesy of Bloglovin


By: Laura Findlay, Vancouver, @lofindlay 

Fashion Jobs – Fashion News Recap

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada2cf36c44db69ca98606bfc2bf64a19ea

New Creative Director of LV Menswear Announced
Virgil Abloh, the former designer of cool-kid streetwear brand, Off White makes history as the first black artistic director at Louis Vuitton. Since founding Off White in 2013, Abloh successfully intermixed streetwear with luxury wear, turning hoodies into prestigious pieces. He is also known by many in the music industry for working and collaborating closely with Kanye West. In 2011, Abloh was nominated for a Grammy for his art direction on Kanye West’s and Jay-Z’s hit album, Watch the Throne. A few years later, Off White’s womenswear line gained serious momentum as Beyoncé was seen sporting his sweatshirt in a music video and he became a finalist for the famed LVMH Prize. Virgil Abloh’s career has been a whirlwind since the moment it began, proving he is a worthy pick for the job at Louis Vuitton. We are anxiously awaiting his first collection at this esteemed fashion house.  


Calling all Sneakerheads
Time Magazine has deemed San Francisco’s, Allbirds sneakers as “the most comfortable shoe in the world” and now we Canadians can finally get our hands (or feet) on a pair. The start-up sneaker brand launched its Canadian e-tail yesterday at The comfort factor and sleek style has gained attention from sneaker-heads and celebrities alike and gained the company a large following in the last few years. Allbirds creates lace-up and slip-on shoes from materials like merino wool for a soft and cozy feel and fibre spun from eucalyptus tree pulp for a breathable, lightweight option. Just in time for their e-commerce launch, Nordstrom in Vancouver’s Pacific Centre will be hosting a pop-up with the brand today on floor 1, be sure to check it out if you’re in the area. With minimalist, easy styles and affordable prices, Canadians, including myself, will be sure to jump on the Allbirds bandwagon.  


Browns Success Prompts Company Growth
In light of major success and growth seen across the board, the Montreal-based shoe company continues its development with two new stores, two relocations and one expansion in Canada. Over the next several months, Toronto will see two new locations at Don Mills and Sherway Gardens expected to open in May and July of this year. The existing Browns stores in Pacific Centre in Vancouver and Quartier DIX30 in Montreal will be relocated to more spacious locations with an implemented new store design. An expansion will also be taking place of the B2 location at Place Laurier in Quebec City. Browns credits its growth to a customer-service oriented environment and a wide selection of styles and sizes – if you can’t find your size in store, they will ship it to you free of charge! 


Sweden’s Second Largest Fashion Brand to Enter Canada
Popular Swedish fast-fashion brand, Lindex is preparing to launch in Canada as the company searches for an exclusive Canadian partner. The company is looking to open stores in major markets such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Founded in 1954, Lindex is a sustainability-focused company offering a wide array of products in women’s fashion, lingerie, kid’s wear and cosmetics. Their values of socially responsible business practices, reliable design and sustainable materials to increase product quality are sure to appeal to many Canadian consumers. Like H&M, Lindex has also seen success in collaborating with well-known designers to create capsule collections. Past collections have included works from Jean-Paul Gaultier, Matthew Williamson, Narcisco Rodriguez, and Missoni. Once Lindex has found a Canadian partner, plans for brick-and-mortar stores as well as a Canadian e-commerce platform will come into place.  


Inspirational Image:
Image courtesy of Harpers Bazaar


By: Laura Findlay, Vancouver, @lofindlay 

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Fashion Jobs – Tips For The Perfect LinkedIn Profile Picture

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaStyle Nine To Five_LinkedIn Profile Picture

LinkedIn has come a long way from its corporate roots since it first started in 2002. What was originally a website for recruiters and employers to post job openings, and job seekers to share their CVs in the corporate world, has now expanded to a full-on networking site catered to all professional industries whether corporate, creative or freelance.


Your LinkedIn profile picture is probably the most important element of your profile asides from your employment history. This is the first impression your audience has of you even before they take the time to read your ‘headline’ or ‘current role’. Check out our Founder Christie Lohr’s LinkedIn profile for some inspiration! Whether you’re looking to build your professional network or you’re looking to turn your first job into your dream career, you want your profile picture to be welcoming but also a clear representation of you. They say dress for the job you want, well the same could be said for your profile picture! Here are some of our recommended tips picking the perfect LinkedIn profile picture to get you standing out from the crowd!

Style Nine To Five_LinkedIn Profile Picture_Headshot

Clear Shot of Your Face
As we mentioned, since this is your first impression on LinkedIn, you want your profile picture to be a clear shot of your face. Whether you choose to use a headshot style image or a selfie you’ve taken yourself, it’s your call, whatever you think best describes you and your role. Are you working at a more conservative company or on the senior leadership team? If you have a more senior role, you should consider having a professional photographer take your photo, whereas if you work at a more conservative company, you could have a co-worker take it for you or take it yourself.  Just know if you’re going to take the image yourself with your smartphone or digital camera try and get it straight on and not too close to avoid up the nose shots which are never a good look.


Avoid Group Shots
If you are going to use an image you already have and don’t feel the need to have something super professional, it’s best to use a solo image of yourself so people don’t get confused as to which one is you. You should also try to avoid using an image where you’re too close to the people so much so that they are either halfway in the image with you, or you’ve had to crop too close into your face where it’s now pixelated and looks poor quality.

Style Nine To Five_LinkedIn Profile Picture_Smile

Don’t Forget to Smile
You want to come across as friendly, relatable and most of all approachable when people get a first look at you. You wouldn’t meet someone in a professional setting with a frown or overly pouty lips, would you? Try your best to have your profile picture of you smiling or at least a pleasant energy to your face like a smize if you’re not someone who smiles. This is especially important if you’re in a public facing industry, be it customers or business partners because you just want to look pleasant to interact with. If you are going for a big grin in your photo, stay away from overly exaggerated smiles which could come off fake and cheesy.


Make Sure it Represents You
You want this profile picture most of all to represent you professionally. Do you work in an industry where you usually wear a suit, then wear one in your picture. Are you a fashion writer or buyer for a big retailer, then look it! This is where “dressing for the job you want” comes in the play; you should be wearing in your profile picture essentially what you would wear to work, whatever your work environment is.

Style Nine To Five_LinkedIn Profile Picture_Clean&Bright

Clean & Bright, But Not Over Edited
The last thing to keep in mind when selecting the image to represent you on LinkedIn is to make sure it’s clean and bright but never too edited where it looks low quality or overly contrasted. While we’re all for a little cleaning up and editing of an image, just remember to stay away from coloured filters, icons or other edits that aren’t professional. LinkedIn is not the place to get creative with your images unlike other platforms like Tumblr or Instagram!


By: M.J. Elle (@TheMJElle) Toronto, ON

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Fashion Jobs – A Review of the Mikael D Show

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canadagowns

One of the most anticipated runway shows of Toronto Women’s Fashion Week (TWFW), Mikael Derderian’s showcase of his Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collection was definitely one to reminisce. Homegrown models graced the runway while flaunting heavily embellished ball gowns and cocktail mini dresses with cuts that are completely fresh to the common eye. The two-part show left everyone in awe and somewhat visionless due to the heavy dazzles and glitz of Mikael D’s distinguished pieces but in a very good way!


The first part of the show focused on light-toned dresses, primarily beiges and off-whites. The pieces consisted of silhouettes that are typical but are iconic due to their intricate beading and lacing. My favourite look from this segment would have to be the dress shown above. Apart from the stunning embroidery, the incorporation of both lace and silk was a delightful move because it exhibited two different textures and occasions in one dress.


The second part of the show was introduced by a storm clip in the background along with a model’s mini acting. This foreshadowed the styles that we were about to observe, which included mostly dark-coloured ambitious pieces with hefty sparkles. The line either made people speechless as they were constantly recording each piece with their phone or tremendously vocal with their neighbours about the wonderful clothing features. I did not have a personal favourite because all of the pieces were jaw-dropping but I’d say there were some slight stand-outs amongst others including the caped romper (?) with a very low-V neckline.


Toronto Women’s Fashion Week certainly saved its bests for last. As one of the shows to conclude the biggest fashion event in the city, Mikael D’s line was truly a definition of the nation’s value of being on the international stage; and the jam-packed runway room was a proof of that! His craftsmanship, which has been embraced by many A-list figures, completely justifies the incomparable talents underpinned by the evolving minds and technology in the Canadian fashion industry.


Inspirational Images
Images courtesy of Toronto Women’s Fashion Week.


By: Franz Tabora, Mississauga, @phranzzzz