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Fashion Jobs: Career Chat – Q & A with Professor Susan Roberton on Humber College’s Fashion Management and Promotions Program

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs CanadaSusan speaking

Calling all fashionistas! Looking to make the move to try and break into the fashion industry? With a vast range of career options and an increasingly competitive market, how can you find and land your dream job? Professor Susan Roberton of the Humber College Fashion Management and Promotions program has the answers to all your questions, and outlines why a postgraduate degree may just be the platform you need to get started.

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Style Nine to Five: You’ve had a very successful career within the fashion industry working as a Wholesaler, Buyer, and Product Developer, how do you infuse this industry knowledge into the course content at Humber College?

Susan Roberton: I love to share my personal experiences with the students, the lessons that I have learned the hard way from my years in [the] industry. The ideal lecture is to teach the foundational knowledge from the textbooks and our other supplemental resources, and then layer on my own personal experiences with real world examples.  It makes the content easier to comprehend and I think more memorable for the student.  Because I worked in almost every aspect of the business, I can share my insights on a problem or topic from a variety of perspectives – how would the buyer solve this, where is the opportunity for the sales agent in this scenario, how would the manufacturer or importer relate to this?  Our industry is very fluid and if you can examine a problem from each stakeholders’ perspective, you have a much better chance of solving the issue successfully. For me it makes the classroom an extension of the industry and I hope it does for the students as well.

SNTF: What are your three fashion rules to live by?

SR: Number 1. I only wear what suits my body type first and foremost, so my rule would be to stay far away from trends if they don’t enhance what God gave you; Number 2. Decide what the focal point in your outfit is and make that element the “star” – is it all about your shoes, your accessories, the fit or fabric of what you are wearing or maybe it’s a strong colour statement? –  choose one element and let it tell your story; Number 3. When in doubt wear black, but add an interesting accessory, a broach, a necklace, a belt or bracelet, I get the most compliments on the broaches I layer onto my blazers or cardigans. They aren’t necessarily expensive or precious, but they are unique.

SNTF: What kind of education and skills would you say are necessary for people wanting to pursue a career in fashion?

SR: We are in a credentialed business environment these days, so employers are looking for skill and education. There is no one right way, but if you really want to get ahead in fashion you have to have an understanding of both the creative and the business side of things. You need both to really succeed, they go hand in hand, you can’t put together a great product range and then have no idea how to price it or market it, you have to have the ability to do the research, understand elements of fabric and colour and trend analysis as well as markup, merchandising and strategic planning. So in my opinion the program that offers you both knowledge in product and business is a great place to start, look for a curriculum that covers the business side of fashion with the tactile elements included. If you decide that the creative side is where you really want to focus your energy, then layer your design courses on top of the business acumen you have already learned.   The other area that is key for success is having solid excel skills, all employers are looking for this as it forms the base for every financial document in the industry. Entry level positions in corporate offices require students to have excellent excel and general computer skills, don’t underestimate that value of excel, it’s huge. If you are working in the marketing or promotions fields you will need to thoroughly maneuver your way through social media, and many employers love students to know photo shop and the various programs that support the more visual aspects of technology.

SNTF: What careers will a postgraduate certificate in Fashion Management and Promotions prepare students for?

SR: We seem to have found a niche with a couple of key positions out there:  buying, planning, sales analysis – all positions in the corporate head office seem to be an area where our students are excelling. Also product development jobs where they are working closely with a design team. These positions are a great fit for our students as they are filling the role of a sales representative working on the business aspects with private label clients and the in house design teams. We also have many successful students in the wholesale sales field and in visual merchandising, both of these areas are growing in the Toronto area and we have a lot of interest from employers for our student talent.

SNTF: What types of projects can students anticipate to do when enrolled in the program at Humber?

SR: Projects really focus on simulating what will happen in the industry. For example, in the retail buying class students will have to learn the basics of retail math but also be able to complete an open to buy document, mark up/mark down strategies and complete assortment plans all while using excel. In their marketing courses, they will create a blog and examine the analytics behind it, how many followers, how many hits, trying to really understand how this new area of fashion how it works, how to make money doing it, and following and examining through case studies some of the really successful blogs out there. In their career courses, students do everything you need to do while in a job search: resumes, cover letters, skills and strengths statements, developing a dynamic LinkedIn site and a personal digital portfolio to showcase your experience and skills to potential employers.  In wholesale sales, you learn how to sell and show a line and you do it as an assignment, we don’t just teach it, we give you the chance to do these things while still being in a supportive environment.  I think this is what makes the post graduate journey so rewarding, you have to push through your own fears and actually do the things you will have to do in the real industry. It is such an impactful and eye opening experience for many students. Every project [the] students do have the foundation of it based in industry, and because our faculty have all worked in these roles, they create assignments and have expectations that are align with industry standards.

SNTF: How does the fashion management field placement equip students for a career in fashion?

SR: Field Placement is such a big part of the program. We have a Placement Office that supports students in this area. The process of an internship really gives the student an opportunity to get on the inside of a company and job to see if it is right for you. It allows you to make connections and to grow your network all critical aspects of securing full time work. Sometimes it clearly shows you what area you don’t want and that is a good thing too – better find out now and re-direct your efforts. The ideal situation is that you secure an internship in an area you want to pursue and after you’re done the company hires you full time. This happens all the time, and it’s great for the employers too, because they get to really work with the student to help them be successful in the role. In the end, they hire a known entity and everyone is happy. The career development courses really prepare students to be able to successfully complete their job search and find a great placement. We really work with each student to make sure they “own their strengths’ and can sell their best selves in interviews and on the job.

SNTF: What sets Humber’s Fashion Management and Promotions program apart from other fashion programs in Toronto?

SR: First of all, we are a post graduate program, all of our students must hold a 3- or 4-year undergraduate degree in any discipline in order to be considered for admission. This means that the class is full of eager students who have already learned through their undergraduate degrees great time management and organizational skills, they have done the university thing and know more about themselves and where they want to go. They are focused, keen, ambitious and eager to get themselves launched into a career so they are here to learn and to succeed, quickly. Classes are intense with a heavy work load, incorporating a lot of group work and presentations. No one can escape or hide in these classes; everyone has to give their best effort in order to succeed – kind of like a real corporate setting! Our curriculum is very well balanced and covers all aspects of the industry; sales, marketing, merchandising, product management, brand promotion, visual merchandising, buying, sales analysis, and importing with a domestic and global overview – a little bit of everything. We teach the business side, but we also give you colour and trend analysis, product knowledge and a bit of textile science. We set you up to “talk the talk” and “walk the walk”. You won’t have it all mastered, but you will have enough solid knowledge to maneuver yourself successfully into this business.   

SNTF: Lastly, is there any advice you would give to students entering into this program?

SR: I love the fashion industry, it has been very good to me over the years and has allowed me to work every day doing something I love it, but it is a tough business. When you enter your post-grad journey, I encourage you to start on the right foot by coming prepared to work hard, stay focused, listen, learn, grow, network and to push yourself every day. Immerse yourself in the program, your course, classmates and the industry right from day one. You will get out of this experience what you put into it, the harder you work the more success you will find.  In the end it’s your journey, you need to take full responsibility for your time here, we can’t do it for you, but we will be there beside you cheering all the way.

By Jennifer Wilcox

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Fashion Jobs – Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Saturday, September 17th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs

It’s Monday morning and you’re already dreading the work week ahead. You can’t stand your job anymore and start thinking it might be time for a change. Maybe you’ve outgrown the position that you’re stuck in at work or perhaps it’s a toxic environment that’s prompting your change.  No matter what the circumstances, you might find out that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Before you make that difficult leap and send in your resignation, heed these words of advice and take the time to think before you make any major decision.

Think it through

Quitting your job isn’t something you should do in the heat of the moment when you’re aggravated. First and foremost, you should take time to sit on the decision and make sure it’s the right move both personally and professionally. By taking the opportunity to think this decision through, you’ll be able to proceed with confidence.

Do your research

The most important step to take when having these feelings is to explore your alternative employment opportunities.  Informing your self of the potential job prospects is the most important step. Once you know what is out there you can start to formulate your plan.

Ask yourself; do you meet the qualifications of the job postings that you’ve read? Are there ample positions available in your chosen career? Are you willing and able to support yourself over a potential duration of unemployment?


Knowing your worth in the market can have two important effects. The obvious one that informs you if you can ultimately get a new job, but also it gives you an ability to gain potential leverage and renegotiate your situation.

Certain work environments cannot be fixed; however most dissatisfied employees would gladly continue in their situation with a few adjustments. Obviously an increase is in wage or title is going to help but sometimes a company simply isn’t in a financially viable situation and unable to do so. Look to potential benefits. Maybe the company is wiling to pay your fees to take continuing education or skill development program. This option is an extremely valuable alternative to a monetary pay increase, as you will able to reap the future benefits of being certified.

Inspiration Image Curtsey of: Wise Bread

By Jennifer Wilcox

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Fashion Jobs – 7 Fall Trends

Saturday, September 17th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs Canada

As sad as we are that summer 2016 has come to an end, we can’t help but be excited about everything that comes with fall — watching the leaves change colour, pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking, but most importantly, fall fashion. From slip dresses to military jackets, these are the seven trends we’re looking forward to adding to our repertoire this season.

Velvet Boots - Fall 2016

Velvet Booties
This fall, the ‘70s favourite fabric will be making a triumphant return this season and were most excited about getting our hands on a pair of velvet booties. This trend is quintessentially modern, and pairs perfectly with everything from dresses to denim.

• 3.1 Phillip Lim Blue Velvet Kyoto Boots, $920, available at SSense


Military Jackets

This updated take on an old classic is exactly what you need to revamp your wardrobe. This season, go for a military jacket with intricate detailing in either black or navy and pair it with statement gold jewellery.

• Lauren Ralph Lauren Skirted Wool Blend Military Coat, $439, available at Nordstrom

Screen shot 2016-09-16 at 4.30.34 PM

Modern Loafers

Elevate your shoe game by opting for a loafer that’s received a much-needed makeover, complete with a statement hue, intricate detailing and a stacked heel.

• Jeffery Campbell ‘Civil’ Pearly Heeled Beaded Tassel Loafer, $240, available at Nordstrom


Slip Dresses
This year has been the rise of the slip dress and if you haven’t added one of these 90s approved dresses to your repertoire, now is the perfect time. To master this trend this fall, pair a slip dress with a pair of thick knit socks and slides.

• Nasty Gal Delicate Situation Lace Dress, $89, available at Nasty Gal

Screen shot 2016-09-16 at 4.33.10 PM

Statement Bag
Kick fall off with a statement bag that has an eye-catching print that can not only double as a day-to-night bag but also a work of art.

• COACH Drifter Mixed Leather Satchel, $620, available at The Bay


Luxe Fabric
Amp up your wardrobe by adding a dress, skirt or blazer in a material that’s anything but ordinary.  A luxe fabric can add a dose of glamour to an otherwise traditional piece of clothing.

 Burberry Leather Trim Wool Skirt,  $679, available at Nordstrom


Leopard Print
This trend is going to be big this season and will be found on everything from shoes, pants and trench coats. Go wild with leopard print this fall and incorporate the eye-catching pattern as much as you can. 

• Dries van Noten Panter Leopard-Print Velvet Pants, $635, available at Bergdorf Goodman

By: Ainsley Smith, Toronto, @ainsleysmithy

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Fashion Jobs – Jean Scene: The New Denim Trend For Fall

Sunday, September 11th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaNew Denim Trend inspirational image

Gone are the days of traditional blue denim, as the jean scene has undergone a much-needed makeover. From cut-off and frayed, to distressed and flared, today’s women’s jeans are anything but ordinary. As we enter fall (aka denim season), we couldn’t be more thrilled about the different denim trends that are hitting store shelves. This season, we’re most excited about the unraveled, raw hem as it truly takes denim to the next level. 

This trend looks best cropped at the ankle and works as a skinny or wide leg cut. And the best part is, if you don’t feel like dishing out your hard earned money for a new pair of jeans this fall, you can DIY your own pair by cutting and fraying the hem of a pair of jeans you already own with a pair of scissors.

But most importantly, we’ve fallen for this denim trend because it can easily be dressed up or worn casually and is perfect for both the office and for après work cocktails.

Here are our favourite ways to style this swoon-worthy trend this season.

Screen shot 2016-09-11 at 10.53.14 AM

For The Office
Master this trend in the office by pairing a crisp button-down shirt with simple heels to keep your frayed jeans looking professional. 


Product Details:

Rag & Bone High Rise Raw Edge Crop Flare Jeans, $263

Talula Montana Blouse, $65

Christian Louboutin ‘So Kate’ Pointy Toe Pump, $939

Tory Burch ‘Harper’ Leather Tote, $669

Screen shot 2016-08-25 at 12.20.09 PM

For Happy Hour Drinks
When it comes to getting dressed for happy hour drinks, cropped versions of raw hem jeans are super popular. Wear yours with a pair of statement heels and a feminine top.


_11610824 (1)


Product Details:

Joe’s ‘Collector’s Blondie’ Destroyed Ankle Skinny Jeans, $255

Alexis Ellen Top, $331

Steve Madden Slither Sandal, $121

Saint Laurent ‘Monogram Kate’ Glitter Clutch, $1554

By: Ainsley Smith, Toronto @ainsleysmithy

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Fashion Jobs – What to Wear to an Interview

Sunday, September 11th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

Ask any newly graduated fashion student about the most stressful part of an interview. We’ve placed our bets that most would say it’s choosing the perfect outfit. When building the look that will land you the job, an often overlooked and yet incredibly crucial decision is what colours to wear. A recent poll designed by CareerBuilder and Harris Interactive decided to delve deeper into the psychological impact this decision can have on your ability to land the job by finding out exactly what each colour conveys to your prospective employer. To help you ace your interview, we’ve collected the top colours that are statistically proven to leave positive impressions on an interviewer.



The not so surprising top answer among human resource and hiring professionals… Blue. This powerful wash lead hiring managers to associate attributes of trustworthiness and control with the person interviewing. Even better, research among top psychologists has shown that Blue, especially shades within the Navy hue, projects an appearance of confidence, credibility and reliability. 



Following Blue as the second highest recommended colour is Gray. If you’re applying for a job that requires logic and analytical thinking such as a Merchandising Buyer, gray is your safest bet. This neutral hue expresses a dedication to professionalism and proper business etiquette, while being one of the most complimentary colours for any skin tone.



Black is notoriously held as being one of the most flattering colours to wear, but in addition to this consideration, it is also very well received among industry experts. Over 15% of Hiring Managers selected Black as their top interview colour choice. Black conveys characteristics of leadership and authority better than all other colours, making it the perfect go to colour to wear when interviewing for that managerial role. With that being said, slight caution should be given to avoid having a disparaging effect on the interviewer and seeming over qualified for the position. 



If you’re looking to present yourself as organized and detailed-oriented, then white shoud be  your go to. However, unlike the other colours mentioned above, white is best paired with a complimentary piece and should not be worn as a monochromatic outfit. Instead, opt for a pair of white wide legged culottes, a silk tank, and top it off with a light structured black blazer.



Purple and Yellow

Although most experts would suggest sticking to a neutral colour palette, for job interviews in the creative field don’t be afraid to wear something bold that’s reflective of your personality. Yellow reveals to the interviewer that you’re optimistic about this opportunity while purple expresses your artistic abilities and portrays a sensitive and supportive co-worker.

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Fashion Jobs – White After Labour Day

Friday, September 9th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs Canadainspiration imageWe’ve all heard the age- old expression “no white after Labour Day” but in a time when fashion is all about risk taking, we are throwing caution to the wind and breaking all the rules. Whites are the epitome of summer. They are fresh, crisp and bright just like the perfect summer day so transitioning your whites to fall can take some work but there is nothing quite as striking as a woman who dares to wear white after labor day. Whether you want to be bold and bright or a little more subtle, we have some great ways for you to make this look all your own.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.42.09 AMAdd a pop of white with an off-white clutch. Purses and clutches are the perfect way to test the waters of wearing white into the fall season. It is minimal fashion investment with maximum payoff. A white bag paired with a darker outfit keeps the style from looking too heavy and is an unexpected statement piece. Try pairing a more casual outfit with a delicate bag for even more style juxtaposition

Derek Lam 10 Crosby Ludlow Wristlet, $852, Available at Shopbop


Scarves are an instant way to take an outfit and make it feel really “fall.” For a twist, try a white scarf that plays on the expected textures and hues of a cooler weather scarf. Make sure you look for a white scarf that has a heavier fabric or a print that suggests fall to keep it from looking like a summer transition gone wrong.

Burberry Check Gauze Silk Blend Scarf, $500, Available at Saks


A white blouse is always a classic and perfect top for the office and beyond. A great option to take your white shirt beyond Labor Day is to look for one that has some fresh details. A higher neckline or more lux fabric can give it the weight it needs to stand up to the cooler months ahead. Try and avoid typical summer fabrics like linen and go for something more formal.

Plumetis Blouse, $50, Available at Zara


White pants paired with a dark top is one of the sleekest and fashion forward looks that you can attempt this coming fall season. Say goodbye to your white cotton pants that got you through the warm summer months and say hello to a pair of white wool trousers that will be your office wardrobe staple long after Labor Day.

Stella McCartney Octavia Crop Wool Trousers, $720, Available at Nordstrom


Don’t shy away from making a really bold statement by investing in a gorgeous white wool coat for the fall. Yes, this is a bold look but one that will make any outfit look incredible and on-trend. Wear it with jeans and boots on your days off or with a sleek pantsuit for big days at the office. Style it with your favorite scarf or hat and voila! A look that is attention grabbing and perfect for any situation.

Acne Studios Hava Oversized Boiled Wool Coat, $450, Available at Net-A-Porter

Inspiration image from Pinterest

By: Jordana Handler

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Fashion Jobs – How to Wear Summer Prints at the Office

Friday, June 10th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobskaramode romper

Summer is a great time to introduce colour and pattern into your wardrobe, especially at work. From florals to stripes and everything in between, there are plenty of fun prints out this season to try. When wearing prints at the office, ground them with neutral accessories and stick to just one. Even if you love mixing patterns together, it’s probably best to save that for the weekend. Some popular prints this season are gingham, checks, multicolored stripes and animal prints. They are all easy enough to mix in with your current office wardrobe and will help bring a bit of fun to what you wear to work this summer!

Here are some office appropriate summer print looks to inspire you:



• J. Crew Gingham Sundress, $175

• Donald J. Pliner Kitten Heels, $271, available at Neiman Marcus

• Ralph Lauren Calfskin Belt, $450

• Michael Kors Straw Tote Bag, $409, available at Lord & Taylor



• ASOS Pink Stripe Midi Skirt, $72

• LOFT Collared Blue Shirt, $75

• Lulu’s White Ankle Strap Heels, $22

• Splendid Key West Tote Bag, $98



• H&M Lizard Print Tie Neck Blouse, $24.99

• No 21 Camel Pencil Skirt, $228, available at Nordstrom

• Charles by Charles David Orange Pumps, $67, available at Bloomingdales

• Tory Burch Gold Bangle, $267, available at Bloomingdales



• Rebecca Taylor Black and White Floral Culottes, $240, available at Gilt

J. Crew Factory Lace Shell Top, $45.50

• Kate Spade Polka Dot Pumps, $210

• Cole Haan Woven Black Satchel, $190, available at Nordstrom Rack



• Missguided Toile Shift Dress, $58, available at Nordstrom

• YMC Sleeveless Collared Shirt, $65, available at FarFetch

• Zara High Heel Ankle Boots, $69.99

• Liz Claiborne Tote Bag, $81, available at JC Penney

Inspiration Picture: Courtesy of Kara Mode

By: Sarah Brooks, Toronto

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Fashion Jobs – What Not to Do During an Interview

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

Fashion Jobs - Style Nine to Five2

Everyone always goes on about the right things to do during an interview – do your nails, give a good handshake, and be prepared. But what shouldnt we do? Here are the top three things to try and avoid when being inquired for a position.

1. Don’t Forget About Body Language

A huge part of the way people perceive you is simply through the body language you exude to the world, so do not underestimate the power of good posture. Sit up straight (or lean in slightly to show interest) and make sure you are engaging with your interviewer through eye contact. Dont be afraid to speak confidently and if it comes naturally embrace the use of your hands when talking – all of this helps the transaction flow and feel more human as opposed to a rehearsed and robotic situation.


2. Don’t Give Excuses or Conditions

When being asked questions, make sure you are being as open with your responses as possible. For example, if they ask you if you are proficient in Photoshop and you don’t feel as though you can say yes, let them know what although you are not there yet you are eager to make the extra effort to learn and get to that point. Also, when speaking about yourself, your skills and your past jobs, do not put yourself down or make excuses. This can sometimes be unconscious but you should try to make it a point to make every characteristic about yourself a positive one.


3. Don’t Stop Smiling

Obviously, do stop if it gets weird. The main takeaway from this point is to remain positive, eager and energetic. Keep in mind that depending on the person everyone deals with their work differently. Some people tend to be super friendly and enthusiastic while some are more serious and conservative. That being said, one thing is for sure: kindness never goes out of style. Smiling during and interview will help put the other person at ease and make them feel like you are confident and genuinely happy to be there. Dont over-exaggerate it, be natural, be yourself.

By Sarah Said

Image credits:

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Fashion Jobs – Life of a Fashion Student

Friday, May 20th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canadainspo

The life of a fashion student is all but glamorous. Usually consisting of late nights, early mornings, copious amounts of coffee, hard work and dedication, you truly do have to have a love for the industry to appreciate all of these things and make it worth it.

While attending John Casablancas studying Fashion design and business marketing, I am also juggling an Internship, a job, working out five days a week, managing my own personal blog and brand and trying to fit in some ‘me’ time. It is definitely a fast paced industry, but that’s why I love it.

The life of a fashion student, my life, is very hands on. School days run from 9-6, with classes from styling, marketing, fashion illustration, buying, and fashion show production, etc. After that you’re usually up ‘til at least midnight doing homework and sourcing for your next photo shoot (this is where the copious amounts of coffee comes in). Tip: I highly recommend buying a Keurig so you don’t spend your rent at Starbucks.

The great thing about being a fashion student is all of the great opportunities you are given and the connections you meet. Being a student, companies are more understanding with bringing you on as an intern, and willing to help you gain experience in the environment and learn the ropes of the industry. I have had many great opportunities of working with celebrity stylists, being apart of Nordstrom’s Fashion Show, as well as writing and working for well known brands and entrepreneurs in the industry. Yes, the fashion world is hard and competitive but it is so fun!

All of the hard work, late nights, and times I’ve literally just stopped and cried from the stress have become so worth it the closer I get to graduation. Next month I am officially graduated and done school, and for our graduation we get to plan, and create a full fashion show showcasing our designs and styling. Pretty cool, right?

After graduation I am officially a ‘big girl’ and with my education and the internships, I have gained the experience and confidence I need to put myself ahead of the pack. Interviews no longer seem so frightening and I’ve learnt what I need to know to get my foot in the door and start killing it in the industry.

Inspiration Image of Ein and Tanja, Curtesy of Style My

By: Jordan Sangster

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Fashion Jobs – Plan Bs For New Grads

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

ST95-ADSgrad inspo

So you’ve finally made it through your program at post-secondary and just graduated, excited for the road ahead. But now what? Many new grads these days find themselves eager to start a career, but are having a hard time finding a job in their field. It can be especially hard for fashion grads, who are entering a relatively small and tight knit industry. There’s no need to be discouraged though, as there are many alternatives to choose from after graduation that don’t necessarily mean jumping straight into climbing the corporate ladder. Here are a couple of plans of action to consider after graduation if you can’t find a job in your field right away.

Find a Job
First of all, you can take a job of any kind. Yes, your resume may say you’ve graduated with a degree or diploma in fashion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work in the hospitality or business industry! No matter what job you decide to take on, you will gain valuable skills that can be applied across fields for future jobs. Also, trying a different kind of job that can somehow be linked to your education is great. For example, you may start out as just a waitress at a restaurant chain, but who knows, you may be able to work your way up to head office one day!

You can also do a little bit of travelling after graduation, which can be fun and educational. You can learn more than you think while traveling, such as budgeting, foreign languages, and navigational skills. You will be able to soak up culture from other places and meet great new people. Travelling can open up your mind and may even give you an idea of where you want to permanently move to one day! It doesn’t always have to be a huge trip either, even travelling to a different city in your country can help open you up to other possibilities you may not have thought of before.

After graduation is probably the best time to take a moment for yourself. You’ve just finished all of your schooling and next thing you know, will have a job, spouse, kids and a house, so there’s nothing wrong with taking a pause! There is a lot of pressure these days for young adults to have the perfect job and life right after they’ve graduated, but in reality there’s nothing wrong with taking a couple months off to focus on what you like and makes you happy. It’s always best to be in the right frame of mind and focused when entering a new job, and taking some time off can help that. You can move back home and spend time with family and friends, or you can also spend it alone, whichever you enjoy more.

Find a New Hobby
Starting a new hobby on the side or volunteer work can also help you ease into the post-grad life. If there is something you really enjoy doing, like pottery or painting, you can always consider making it into a business to get a little side cash. Volunteering is a great way to spend your time if you do not have a job yet and it can also help beef up your resume for the future. Doing either of these things can help you feel productive without the need for a 9 to 5!

Graduating from post-secondary should be a great feeling, not one that induces panic on what to do next, so savor the moment and do what you want to do afterwards. You are in charge of your own happiness and if it doesn’t necessarily mean a job in your field right away, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Just make smart decisions and have fun along the way.

Inspiration Image: Courtesy of Odyssey Online

By: Sarah Brooks, Toronto

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