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Fashion Jobs – Floral Spring Scarves You Need in Your Wardrobe this Season

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion JobsAfter a few unexpected snow storms and some frigid days, it’s finally starting to feel like spring. For some reason, once we get our first taste of warm weather we tend to get this overwhelming sensation to declutter our life. That old saying, “out with the old, in with the new” becomes our motto for the next few months—frenemies, stacks of old magazines and unwanted holidays gifts must all go. More often than not, our closet is the first stop on the declutter train, which is a great place to start because it gives us a reason (as if we really need one) to go shopping.

The one item that you should add to your freshly tidied wardrobe is a floral print scarf. Yes, I am well aware that it is spring, but a scarf is not just for the colder months. During the spring season, it’s the best accessory a woman can have in her closet. A scarf can keep you warm on those chilly days, but a floral print spring scarf is a great way to turn a plain outfit into something special. It can give a Casual Friday look a hint of sophistication or offset a monochromatic ensemble with a pop of colour. As an added bonus, a lightweight spring scarf can be worn in many unconventional ways, such as around your wrist or as a belt, unlike those chunky knit scarves that we’re about to retire.

To help you fill your closet with new styles after all that spring-cleaning, I’ve gathered some of the best floral print scarves of the seasons. From watercolour to romantic prints, it’s all here.

Anthropologie Marseillan

Kate Spade Daisy

Wilfred Magda


Anthropologie Eternal

Zara Mini FloralTOPSHOP Mini floralZara Floral Patchwork

1. Anthropologie Marseillan Infinity Scarf, $49.50

2. Kate Spade Oops a Daisy Oblong Scarf, $128 

3. Wilfred Magda Floral Rectangle, $75, available at Aritzia

4. Aldo Ganzaria, $22

5. Anthropologie Spring Eternal Infinity Scarf, $58

6. Zara Mini Floral Print Scarf, $19.90

7. Topshop Floral Printed Skinny Scarf, $25, available at Hudson’s Bay

8. Zara Floral Print Patchwork Scarf, $29.90

Style inspiration image by Oscar May

By Sasha Smith

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Fashion Jobs – Proof That You Can Wear a Bomber Jacket to Work

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion JobsHow-to-wear-a-Bomber-Jacket

Who doesn’t love a good bomber jacket, right? They can give almost any outfit the right dose of street-style cool and are a welcome change from the bulky parkas that we’re forced to wear during this time of the year. Plus, as far as jackets go, bombers are really comfortable. Chances are you probably have one or two (or maybe four) of them in your closet, but how often have you worn a bomber jacket to work? If you’re like most women, the answer is probably not often. Despite the weekend vibe that they exude, bombers are absolutely appropriate for the office. With so many one-of-a-kind designs made from luxurious fabrics, wearing this It-jacket to work is a breeze. But, if you’re in need of some style inspiration, I’ve assembled a week’s worth of outfits that will show you just how easy it is to wear a bomber to your nine to five.



Gone are the days when bombers were just for tomboys—the modern spin on this classic jacket is quite feminine. For a look that is truly ladylike, wear a bomber jacket with pieces of a complimentary aesthetic, such as this pleated midi skirt. Incorporate knits and a pair of booties into the outfit to make it winter appropriate.



Give your Tuesday outfit some oomph by adding a bomber jacket with intriguing and unexpected detailing. I love this one from Zara because the sheer squares allow you to craft a print that you can modify time and time again—it’s the perfect #TransformationTuesday piece. For instance, create a bold grid print by wearing a bright top that allows a bit of colour to peek through the sheer detailing of the jacket. The following week, restyle it by throwing a floral print top into the mix for a very mod look. With this bomber, the possibilities are endless!



It’s the middle of the week and after two hectic days at work you’re probably exhausted and can’t be bothered to make the office hallway your personal runway anymore. On those lazy days I tend to break out my trusty office LBD (Little Black Dress), which, despite being a total and complete lifesaver, is a pretty boring dress. Remix your go-to frock with a bomber jacket that has a bit of shine or beading, such as this one from Mango. The metallic embroidery can help breath new life into a plain dress that you’ve worn one too many times.



Have fun with your office attire by mixing hard and soft textures. A quilted leather bomber jacket adds an edgy feel (but not too much since we are at work, after all) to an ensemble with delicate and luxe fabrics like suede, chiffon and silk.



It’s finally the day that you’ve been looking forward to since the week began: Friday. If your office partakes in the corporate tradition of casual Friday, then a bomber jacket might be the perfect look for you. To avoid pushing the limits of business casual attire, dress up the jacket with a simple blouse, unique piece of jewellery and classic pair of black pumps.


1. Zara Printed Bomber Jacket, $69

2. Mango V-Neck Sweater, $29

3. Zara Pleated Midi Skirt, $69

4. Forever 21 Pebbled Faux Leather Tote, $39

5. Sam Edelman Lucy Mid-Heel Bootie, $144

6. Zara Sheer Detail Bomber Jacket, $49

7. PrettyLittleThing Delty Blush Knitted Rib Turtleneck Top, $37

8. Topshop Cigarette Trousers, £30 (approx. $56 CAD)

9. Forever 21 Rhinestone-Encrusted Bib Necklace, $8

10. Aldo Aceida-U High Heels, $75

11. Mango Metallic Embroidered Bomber Jacket, $109

12. Topshop Clean Seam Midi Dress, $60, available at Hudson’s Bay

13. Shashi Double Ball Stud Earrings, $49, available at Shopbop

14. Nine West Nadya Almond Top Pump, $86, available at Nordstrom

15. Zara Leather Bomber Jacket, $179

16. Wilfred Nobel Blouse, $125, available at Aritzia

17. J. Crew A-Line Midi Skirt in Suede, $474

18. Selected Femme Mary Bracelet, $34, available at ASOS

19. Same Edelman Dea Pump, $160, available at Capezio

20. H&M Bomber Jacket, $50

21. French Connection Arctic Spell Blouse, $60

22. Rag & Bone/JEAN Skinny Coventry, $230, available at Aritzia

23. Express Crisscross Open Bangle Bracelet, $12

24. Vince Camuto Kain Pump, $141, available at Nordstrom

Style Inspiration image by I’m Koo, courtesy of The Cut


By Sasha Smith

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Fashion Jobs – The ‘Groutfit’: How to Wear All-Grey at the Office This Winter

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs Groutfit-Style-Inspiration

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: looking stylish in the winter is hard. When you have to schlep your way to the office in blistering cold temperatures, practicality tends to come first and fashion second (unless you’re okay with being a human popsicle). Once February rolls around, winter has most likely given your style the old one-two punch and knocked it out of your work wardrobe completely.


Instead of letting the cold weather get the better of you this year, try sporting a ‘groutfit’—the all-grey outfit that everyone from Kim Kardashian to Drake has been wearing this winter. Not only are these monochromatic and minimalist ensembles quite chic office looks, but they also keep you warm, since a good groutfit often requires layering and are incredibly easy to style. Here are a few Dos and Don’ts for achieving the perfect all-grey outfit:



DO play with prints. In the absence of bright and bold colours it is important to create visual interest within the look or else you run the risk of appearing quite dreary. Mixing prints, such as horizontal stripes and plaid (contrary to popular belief these prints do go together), in grey tones is an easy way to attain a groutfit with much more depth and style.



DO consider texture. The key to styling a groutfit is to wear pieces that differ in texture. For example, pair a knit cotton item with wool and a smooth fabric like silk. My go-to trick for creating an all-grey outfit with dimension is to add accessories that have a unique print or are made from fabric. This Pieces Torell necklace (pictured above) gives the illusion of texture due to the marble-effect; thus further elevating the sophistication of the groutfit.



DON’T be afraid to play with shades of grey and bold colours. Yes, a groutfit is supposed to be all grey, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear multiple hues or add a pop of colour to the outfit. For a modern look, combine light cool greys with darker shades like pebble and fossil. Use accessories to incorporate luxe colours like bordeaux and emerald green into the outfit in order to enhance the contemporary feeling.


1. Mango Dolman Sleeve Sweater, $59

2. Banana Republic Dillon-Fit Striped Shirt, $47

3. Express Front and Back Fireball Post Earrings, $22

4. Topshop Check Peg Trousers, £40 (approx. $79)

5. Aldo Kediredda Black Suede shoe, $95

6. Wilfred Chevalier Jacket, $225, available at Aritzia

7. Babaton Nathan Knit Top, $75, available at Aritzia

8. Pieces Torell Marbled Necklace, $27, available at ASOS

9. Mango Cotton Pencil Skirt, $69

10. Call it Spring Coola shoe, $49

11. Boohoo Laura Turtleneck Long Sleeve Top, $32

12. Chicwish Elegant Demeanor Pinafore Dress, $78

13. Muk Lucks Dark Grey Stockings, $22, available at Shoebuy

14. Aldo Digosien shoe, $56

Style inspiration image by Kuba Dabrowski, courtesy of Women’s Wear Daily


By Sasha Smith

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Fashion Jobs – 3 Easy Ways to Go From Desk to Date

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs


Seeing that Valentines Day is just around the corner, this past weekend I ventured out to the mall in search of an outfit that would knock my man’s socks off. After wandering in and out of stores for about 40 minutes, I had found a drop-dead gorgeous dress and the perfect accessories—shoes and clutch included—to pull together the whole look. I was absolutely shocked that I got all that shopping done in under and hour. With an armful of shopping bags, I made my way back to the parking lot thinking, “how the heck did I manage to get all of this shopping done so quickly?” The last time I had a V-Day date, I spent 4 hours mulling over what to wear to impress my then significant other. As I tossed my purchases into the trunk of my car, the answer to my question suddenly hit me: Valentine’s Day fell on a weekday. Since I was going straight from work to my date, I had to create an outfit that would seamlessly transition from day to night, which proved to be a difficult task since it took me 4 hours to achieve. (Thank goodness Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year!) That day I learned a few great lessons about transitioning a nine-to-five look into a date night look, and I have decided to share them with you. These style hacks can be applied to just about any work-to-date night situation, whether it be a Valentine’s dinner with your sweetie or your first Tinder date.



Choosing a key piece that is appropriate for both the office and your date venue is one of the easiest ways to make an outfit work for day and night. Let’s say you’re going to a basketball game, choose a pant that is both tailored and casual, such as these Babaton jogger-inspired trousers, in order to create a look that is work and courtside appropriate. For the office, add a classic pump, some minimalist jewellery and a waistcoat to dress up the trousers. Before you head off to the game, hop out of those heels and into a pair to comfy kicks. Adding a bomber jacket and a leather cap will give the look a bit of edge. Your date will have no clue you just came straight from the office.



Going on a romantic dinner date after work and don’t know what to wear? Don’t fret because the perfect transitional piece is probably hanging in your closet right now: the LBD (little black dress). For a conservative office look, pair your LBD with some simple pearl earrings, a timeless watch, a big tote bag that you can toss your laptop in while running from meeting to meeting and a printed mid-heel for visual interest. When the day is over, swap out the tote bag for a wristlet like this one from Kate Spade. With multiple card slots, a built-in mirror and an iPhone 6 compartment, it is the ultimate day to evening wristlet. Give the look a touch of romance and sex appeal by swapping out your office earrings and heels for a pair of floral drop earrings and a black wraparound heel. Don’t lose the watch because you definitely do not want to keep your date waiting.



By day, these coated ankle-jeans and relaxed-fit blazer are the basis for a sophisticated ‘casual Friday’ office look. Just add a lightweight sweater, some simple accessories and an edgy bootie, and you have a great outfit. For a Friday night pub-crawl date, exchange the basics for pieces that add drama, like this leopard-print blouse and beaded tassel earrings. Hopping from one bar to the next can be hard on the feet, so don’t toss out the booties when you’re switching into your night look—trust me, you’ll need them. Blazers have the tendency to make you feel a bit stuffy, so drape the blazer over your shoulders to create an effortless and chic look for your wild night out on the town.


1. Zara Flowing Waistcoat, $69

2. H&M Polo-Neck Top, $14

3. Weekday Gold Pipe Necklace, $32, available at ASOS

4. Matt and Nat Minka Bag, $180

5. Babaton Dexter Pant, $145, available at Artizia

6. Aldo Unenan, $42

7. Converse Madison Mono Lea, $80, available at Little Burgundy

8. Zara Nylon Bomber Jacket, $49

9. Wilfred Free Emesa Hat, $35, available at Aritzia

10. J.Crew Cap Sleeve Dress in Super 120S Wool, $262

11. Forever 21 Faux Pearl Ear Jackets, $5

12. DKNY Silver and Rose Gold Watch, $140, available at Hudson’s Bay

13. Zara Reversible Tote, $45

14.  Nine West Raelynn, $69

15. Steve Madden Presidnt, $125

16. Kate Spade New York ‘Cedar Street’ iPhone 6 Leather Wristlet, $169, available at Nordstrom

17. bebe Floral Drop Earrings, $22

18. MANGO Crepe Blazer, $99USD

19. Vince Camuto Translucent Stone Stud Earrings, $36

20. MANGO Fine-Knit Sweater, $29USD

21. Zara Geometric Tote, $45

22. Jeffrey Campbell Orwell Suede Ankle Boot, $285, available at Nasty Gal

23. CURRENT/ELLIOT Coated Ankle Jeans, $198, available at Hudson’s Bay

24. ASOS Unlined Purse With Faux Pony Flap, $45

25. EXPRESS Dusted Sparkle Cross Bracelet, $19

26. H&M Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse, $30

27. Rebeke Jewelry Long Beaded Tassel Earrings, available at Etsy

Style Inspiration image courtesy of Love Maegan


By Sasha Smith, Toronto

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Fashion Jobs – Spring 2016 Trends You Can Wear Now

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion JobsImgae1_Zara Image2_Aldo' Image3_Aritzia Image4_H&M

Just because it’s January doesn’t mean we aren’t already dreaming about the spring trends. It also doesn’t help that stores are starting to fill their shelves with spring product. Seasons come and go so fast that you might as well enjoy some of the trends early! As long as you stay warm that is. Layering is key to wearing some of these trends a bit early but nonetheless will you be ahead of the fashion crowd.


1. Zara Frilled Poplin Blouse, $49

2. Aldo Glaniel Loafer, $55

3. Babaton Hopper Skirt, $110, available at Aritzia

4. H&M Patterned Dress, $35


By Tiffany Janzen

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Fashion Jobs – Office Loafers

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobsinspo_loafers
Wearing loafers to the office is now possible thanks to the new and stylish trends coming out. They are a great alternative to wearing heels once in a while.  Lately, I have been pairing black patent loafers with slim trousers and a crisp blouse. The loafers automatically elevate the look and instantly make me feel more stylish. I have rounded up some of my other favorite loafers that are office appropriate.



1. Steve Madden Meela, $79

2. Zara Contrast Leather Loafers, $89

3. Nine West Thunder, $57

4. Aldo Rofelle, $90


Style Inspiration: image courtesy of


By Tiffany Janzen

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Fashion Jobs – Cinderella Story: Metallic Shoes

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobsmetallicshoesinspiration

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” It’s debatable whether or not Marilyn Monroe had ever actually said these words, but that doesn’t make them any less true. While a fabulous pair of shoes won’t give you super powers, or even help you ace the presentation you’re about to give at your next meeting, the confidence boost that they give instead is undeniable. One great way to round out your collection is with a brilliant pair of metallic heels, appropriate for not only the Christmas party but the boardroom as well. Who knows, if your presentation tanks but your boss is too enchanted by your stilettos to notice, they just might help you conquer the world after all.

metallicshoes1 metallicshoes2 metallicshoes3 metallicshoes4

1. NEWBROOK heels, $95 at Aldo

2. ORIANA metallic watersnake sandals by Brian Atwood, $1312 at Net-A-Porter

3. Black felted wool heels by Proenza Schouler, $870 at Ssense

4. OTTO heels, $995 at Charlotte Olympia

Style Inspiration: Street style from Style Scoop


By Alyson Linke, @AlysonLinke

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Fashion Jobs – Summer Turtlenecks

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015


Sleeveless turtlenecks are having a major moment in fall fashion. It is easy to see why they are becoming so popular with the diversity they allow for many outfits! For a casual, yet still put together, office look, pair a sleeveless turtle neck with skinny pants, a bold bag, and booties. Once the weather becomes colder (I know we aren’t ready to think of that yet) it can be paired with a nice tailored blazer as well! Here are my top picks for pieces that compliment a sleeveless turtleneck well.


Style Inspiration, Carmen Hamilton, image courtesy of



1. Aritzia Durandal Sweater, $125

2. Rag &Bone Georgie Pant in Black, $225

3. AldoWesterling, $60

4. Michael Kors Shaw Leather Mule, $178


Tiffany Janzen, Toronto, ON

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Fashion Jobs – Oxfords for the Office

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015


If you’re anything like me, you’ve come to realize that life is too short for uncomfortable footwear. But one thing that both flat and heel loving ladies can agree on is that a good pair of oxfords can do wonders for an outfit in a million different ways. You can keep it classic with a solid brown leather pair, or you can experiment with colours and prints. There are also a ton of different variations in style, ranging from traditional and familiar to more casual and edgy, with many styles taking inspiration from the oxford’s younger cousin, the creeper. My one piece of advice is to steer clear of shiny black patent oxfords, unless the look you’re going for is “groomsman chic”. In any case, the oxford is a great way to transition from summer to fall as it can be worn with a light dress just as well as with the wools and tweeds that none of us even want to think about just yet (we’ll save those thoughts for September.)

Style Inspiration: Gold plated oxfords by Céline, as seen on Style Heroine


1. BRANDENGURG LIGHT in Shiny Teal, $359 at John Fluevog

2. MYLO in Cognac, $95 at Aldo

3. Simone Rocha black croc oxfords, $1300 at SSENSE

4. Dune Londonin Leopard, $150 at Nordstrom


By Alyson Linke (Follow/lurk me on Twitter and Instagram)

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Fashion Jobs – Summer Scarves

Monday, July 20th, 2015



Rainy weather? Bad hair day? Need to cover a “love bite”? Been there, story of my life, and don’t get me started. Luckily a scarf is a one-size-fits-all solution which can be worn a million different ways and never goes out of style. Now I know you know that a brightly coloured or beautifully patterned scarf is one of the best ways to make your jeans and t-shirt combo a little less #basic, and we’ve all spent hours of our lives scrolling through Pinterest looking at all the different ways to tie scarves. A silk scarf is the height of breezy sophistication when worn knotted around your neck or over your head, à la Jackie Kennedy, but you can create a boho vibe by wearing it as a turban or headband as well. No matter how you wear them, summer scarves are the perfect accessory to give your ensemble an effortless boost. Check out some of the beautiful creations below.

scarf1 scarf2 scarf3 scarf4

1. Style Inspiration: Street style shot by The Sartorialist AFFARELLE mixed print scarf, $18 at Aldo

2. CHRISTINA silk scarf, $376 at Suzi Roher

3. Wilfred Solid Square in Chambray, $30 at Aritzia

4. Givenchy silk scarf in Bambi, $590 at Net-A-Porter

By Alyson Linke, @AlysonLinke

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