4 Application Secrets from the Hiring Committee - Style Nine to Five

4 Application Secrets From the Hiring Committee

It’s easy to look up resume examples or simply follow along with a job posting – but what do hiring managers actually want to see from you? Here are some specific things you should do to elevate your job application in a hiring manager’s eyes that you may not know about. 1. Show you’ve researched […]

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conditional job offer - style nine to five

What Happens After a Conditional Job Offer?

Congratulations! You have received a conditional job offer and are probably feeling a mix of emotions – happiness and anxiety! Don’t fret, we will dive into what exactly happens after a candidate has received a conditional job offer from their new employer. Usually, a conditional job offer is given when specific employment-relevant checks need to […]

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Resumes: What to Take Off and What to Add - Style Nine to Five

Resumes: What to Take Off and What to Add

Hiring managers may receive hundreds of applications for an open role. It has also been rumoured that they may only spend as little as seven seconds looking at a resume. To ensure your application is at the top of any call-back pile, you’re going to want to make sure you trim any of the unnecessary […]

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How to Interpret a Job Posting - Style Nine to Five

How to Decipher a Job Posting

I remember once sitting down to an interview for a company I desperately wanted to join. The role was for a very well-known Canadian fashion brand I had wanted to work with since I was a junior in high school. I also remember exactly how the hiring manager began the interview. She started off by […]

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4-Step Job Application Checklist - Style Nine to Five

4-Step Job Application Checklist

In the past few decades, the job application process has evolved in many ways. Gone are the days when job-seekers would search newspapers for jobs or visit business locations and storefronts to get the opportunity to share their resume with the hiring manager. Today, candidates are able to locate job postings online and can even […]

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Job Seeking Etiquette That Never Goes Out of Style - Style Nine to Five

Job Seeking Etiquette That Never Goes Out of Style

The job-seeking process is always changing – for instance, video applications are becoming common and new websites to apply on are always popping up. It shouldn’t be a struggle to keep up, though, especially since there are plenty of old-fashioned job hunting tips that will always give hiring managers a glowing impression of you. 1. […]

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Job Interview - 4 Ways to Prep for an Interview

4 Simple Ways to Prep for an Interview

Your career search has started, and you have applied to countless jobs, reviewed numerous job postings, and have finally received an invitation for an interview! This is very exciting but it may also be nerve-wracking. Don’t worry, here are some tips to help you prepare for a job interview, both in-person or virtually. 1. Learn […]

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How to Prepare for a Performance Review - Style Nine to Five

7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Performance Review

If you found out today that you had a performance review coming up next month how would you feel? Prepared? Confident? Nervous? Excited? Terrified? Regardless of whatever feelings come up with the words “performance review”, we’ll help you make the most of that one-on-one time with the boss. Your performance review can actually be a […]

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4 Things to Consider Before Pursuing a Creative Career - Style Nine to Five

4 Things to Consider Before Pursuing a Creative Career

Plenty of creatives face this dilemma eventually: should I keep my creative passions a hobby or try to turn them into a job? It’s not an easy question to answer. It might feel like there’s no winning. You might be happier pursuing fashion design, for instance, but it may be more work than you expected. […]

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How to Grow in the Retail Industry - Style Nine to Five

How to Grow in the Retail Industry

It’s time to start viewing your retail job as more than a part-time gig to hold you over to something else. Retail can make for an amazing career opportunity, whether you want to work as a manager, a buyer, or even work your way deeper into the company. But how do you get into one […]

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