Career Podcast Picks - Style Nine to Five

Career Podcast Picks

Today, we’re rounding up our favourite podcasts centred around career and work. A podcast is a great way to passively absorb information. Personally, I love to habit stack a podcast with daily activities – cleaning the house, my commute to work or a hot girl walk. Think of podcases as your guide to career essentials […]

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4 Career Lessons to Learn from Gen Z

Gen Z is now the group that’ll be implementing changes in the workforce for years to come. You may not have seen any big shifts yet, but there are definite work trends popping up that Gen Z is behind. Despite being the youngest and least-experienced group of people in the workforce, they have plenty of […]

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How to Learn More About a Company's Culture - Style Nine to Five

How to Learn More About a Company’s Culture

When preparing for an upcoming interview or contemplating whether or not to accept a job offer, work culture matters… and maybe more than you think! By “culture” we’re talking about the values and common practices that characterize an organization or institution. A company’s work culture can make the difference between happy, motivated employees and a […]

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Melanie Auld - Style Nine to Five Career Article

Talking Company Culture and Career Advice with Melanie Auld

Style Nine to Five spoke with Melanie about her company’s work culture, what she looks for in candidates, how to stand out as an applicant, and creating career opportunities. For eight years, Vancouver-based Melanie Auld Jewelry has been creating stunning pieces that tell a personalized story unique to its wearer, and has become a household […]

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6 Ways to Beat the Interview Jitters - Style Nine to Five

6 Ways to Beat the Interview Jitters

No matter how excited you are about getting an interview, your nerves are sure to kick in before the big day. For many of us, job interviews can set off sweaty palms, shortness of breath, a shaky voice, and even forgetting what you were about to say. While you might never be totally relaxed in […]

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How ‘Personal Branding’ Can Help Your Job Search

Personal branding is a way to fast forward the application process by showing an employer a bit more of who you are and what your qualities are, according to Style Nine to Five Founder Christie Lohr. “If you were to meet a hiring manager in person for an interview, they would get an impression in […]

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