4 Tips to Get Your Fashion Brand Investor-Ready

4 Tips to Get Your Fashion Brand Investor-Ready - Style Nine to Five

Picture this: you’re a designer or the founder of your own fashion line and you’re ready to enter your growth stage! This is pretty exciting stuff, right?! But to hit your expansion goals you’re going to need some additional cash flow. Access to funding is one of the toughest obstacles most independent brands face, and it’s often the stage where many run dry. Approaching investors is one of the many ways to fundraise and help upscale your brand. If you’re wondering how to appeal to quality investors, we have some pointers for you!

1. Build a Stand-Out Product

Becoming a fashion designer is all about dedicating your time to creating something unique that stands out from the multitude of products that already exist. Your brand should be easily identifiable, and your products should meet a need or solve a problem for your target customer. This is to say that having a defined brand identity and unique selling point is the first step in ensuring your fashion label is ready to receive financing.

As you craft your one-of-a-kind product, pen down your key features of what makes you different from the crowd – investors want to know your “why.” Map out your customer’s journey to be shared with potential sponsors and lenders. Paint a picture of the vision behind the brand, why you chose to start it and what your production process entails.

2. Create Buzz Around Your Brand

Nothing sparks an investor’s attention like pre-existing public interest in a product! To that effect, you’ll want to double down on public relations efforts to ignite some much-needed excitement and anticipation about what your fashion line has to offer.

To do this, you’ll want to reach out to well-reputed magazine editors or influencers to help shine a spotlight on your designs. Building a solid organic following for your fashion brand on social media is another way of creating buzz. Leveraging your network is key in putting your goods out there, whether that means attending networking events or connecting with people online. Network as much as you can!

3. Ace Your Pitch Deck

If you already have a product, service or brand, chances are you already have an elevator pitch. You know, that one-liner that answers the question “Who are you and what do you do?”

A pitch deck is a detailed elevator pitch, but with slides and an entire presentation that tells a compelling story all about your product. Pitch decks help potential investors learn more about what you offer. To create one, you can use programs like PowerPoint, Keynote and Canva or explore an unconventional method that may be more tailored to your unique brand. A good pitch deck is well-branded, straight to the point and strikes the right chord with investors who understand your vision.

Research is vital in creating that perfect pitch deck. Many pull inspiration from Airbnb’s pitch deck to ensure they’re hitting all the marks, but many brands make their pitch decks available to the product, making it possible for you to base yours off any brand of your choice.

4. Prioritize Financial Literacy

Think of it this way… if you want to attract investors, you need to speak their language. Financial supporters want to be sure that you are aware of your business’s financial health and needs. They will be attentive to how you articulate the investment opportunity, so while they may not understand every single aspect of your fashion-related business, figures are their area of expertise therefore you must come prepared.

Thankfully, there are online financial courses to help you level up your career!

Make it a point to explain why you require a specific amount of funding in certain areas, how those funds will be used and share your growth plan.

Once these four aspects are in place, the rest is a question of timing, preparation and meeting the right people to support your brand. Rejection happens – don’t let it get in the way of your progress!

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Anita Hosanna is a freelance fashion stylist and creative consultant with a love for community, fashion journalism and fashion tech.

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