How Writing for Industry Publications Benefits Your Career

How Writing for Industry Publications Benefits Your Career - Style Nine to Five

Looking to showcase your industry expertise but not sure where to start? Try freelance writing as a contributor for industry publications! Freelance writing can seem daunting to many as the common misconceptions is that you have to have a background in English or Creative Writing to get started, but this isn’t the case. Freelance writing is space where industry professionals can share their expertise and insight on topics they’re passionate about. Outlined below are someone of the benefits of pursuing contributing writing to enhance your career.

Add a Flexible Work Structure

Freelance writing doesn’t have to be a full time career choice, but it can be a lucrative side hustle to build up your resume. If you are currently in an undergraduate or diploma program, freelance writing is an excellent way to begin to create a portfolio and expand your professional network. It’s flexible nature lets you choose which contracts to take on and the volume of content that you want to produce. This allows you to build a work schedule that works best for you. For example, if you are a stay at home parent looking to work again in the fashion industry, writing for a local blog or website is a fantastic way to build new connections while also finding your footing once again in the industry.

Increase Transferable Skills

There are so many transferable skills which you can gain as a result of freelance writing. As an industry expert, you have a unique voice and perspective to share, and you don’t have to be a writer by trade to give your insights and communicate with your audience. Whether it is writing a guest post about the latest fashion, financial, or health care trends, creating a distinctive writing and communication style is what sets you apart from others in your industry.

Pitching article ideas to the publication’s editor helps you build experience in tapping into a target audience. When pitching ideas as a contributor for a publication, understanding their main demographic should always be top of mind. Once you have a clear understanding of who your readers are, ideas will begin to come naturally. Understanding your audience translates into a stronger focus on brand voice and representation in other roles that you have, either at your current job or in the future.

Organization is key in any position, but when juggling writing commitments as well as your 9-to-5, time management becomes a necessity for freelance contributors. Respecting deadlines and differing publication and work needs can be difficult to balance, but as a freelance contributor, it’s essential. If you’re lacking in organizational skills, adding contributing writing work to your to-do list will quickly show you the ropes and teach you something that you can bring to the table at other jobs.

Gain Exposure and Experience

When starting any career, gaining exposure is key. Freelance writing can give you the platform you need to catapult your career. Freelance writing as a contributor for industry publications allows you to be in multiple industries at once. From fashion to commerce—you can be an expert in whatever your passions may be. Depending on the exposure the publications provide, your writing will be seen by hundreds to thousands of readers. In order to maximize your exposure, make sure to link other relevant articles you have written for the platform as well as your LinkedIn profile or personal website to help readers discover your work.

Whether you are an experienced industry insider and want to share your knowledge or you’re just starting your career and are looking to expand your network, it’s beneficial to fit freelance writing into your schedule. Freelance writing as a contributor is a great way to enter or excel in your industry, giving you the opportunity to build your skill set and your network.  You’re given a platform to demonstrate your expertise and can use that to gain exposure for your current company and your career.

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