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I know it’s so easy to fall into the trap of believing that if we just work hard, we’ll eventually be discovered and whisked off for bigger and better things. What we forget is that when it comes to career growth and development, it’s up to ourselves to seek out opportunities. Sometimes that means that we have to ask for what we want; there really isn’t anyone else to do it for us. Yes, that seems like a daunting task initially, but let me shed some more light on this topic and in turn, give you all a well needed confidence boost to just go for it.

I’ve always recognized myself as a bit of an introvert and some of my shyness has stayed with me throughout my fashion career, especially in the beginning. With that said, that has never stopped me from asking for what I want. If you’ve already proven yourself as a reliable employee, then chances are management also recognize the same ability in you. If you don’t vocalize your goals, then who would know to consider you for any new opportunities?

When I did fashion segments on Breakfast Television in 2007 as a representative for Le Chateau (with my appearances coordinated by Le Chateau’s PR), I had the idea to represent myself and showcase other brands by doing style segments as simply ‘Christie Lohr’, and not ‘Christie Lohr of Le Chateau’. I knew I already had an established relationship with Breakfast Television so I went ahead and expressed my interest in being an all-around fashion expert. I sent the email and asked. I knew that showcasing other brands would definitely increase the range of topics that could be discussed on their style segment, therefore appealing to a wider audience. Breakfast Television recognized that too as they agreed it would be a great idea and I then became their fashion expert for the next few years. Later moving on to CTV Morning Live.


If you see an opportunity within your current company or within a personal connection’s company, then express your interest! Start by presenting a reason as to why you think that you could be a great fit for the role and any ideas that you would execute if you did get the job. Most people in management are receptive to ideas promoting the growth of their companies. You’d be surprised at how many people would be willing to give your ideas a shot if you put them forward. Are you into fashion merchandising while you’re in a sales associate role? Then speak openly of your interest and approach your management with your personal inspiration/style boards! The worst someone can say is no, and that really isn’t so bad (it’s not personal, and remember that!).


Around the same year, in 2007, I requested an interview with FASHION Magazine even after 3 internship rejections because I knew in my heart that I could fulfill the position well. They agreed to the interview request and I got the internship in the end. 3 times a charm?


Have you ever had a missed opportunity because you were afraid to express your interest for fear of rejection? Make it a personal resolution to start asking for what you want!


Thanks for reading and for your continued support.


Christie Lohr

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