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When looking for help to create the perfect job application package (resume, coverletter, etc), it is important to not only learn what to include, but to learn what not to include when presenting yourself in the form of an email or paper document. Continue reading for our tips on what not to include on your resume!


Personal Information

Of course you want to include your full name, address, email and phone number at the top of your resume so the recruiter will know who to contact, but limit your personal information after that. When hiring for a job, recruiters are looking at your experience and what makes you stand out, not how old you are or your gender.

Too Much Info

Your resume is the first way to create an impression with recruiters. Before meeting for an interview, recruiters will skim and read through resumes finding the best candidates. Recruiters are busy people and 9/10 times if your resume is more than 2 pages, they won’t read it. No one wants to read a 5-page paper and your job experience you had when you were 12 mowing your neighbours’ lawns.

Unprofessional Contact Information

According to (and I think we all agree with this), no one is going to hire someone with an email they had in middle school with 10 numbers and adjectives such as cutiegirl123. Stick to an email address that includes your name and possibly a number if just your name is taken.

Artistic Fonts

If applying for a job in a creative field, it is okay to experiment a bit more with layout and fonts when creating your resume. When choosing fonts, stick to something professional and that is clearly legible, now is not the time to use 10 different fonts in one document.

By: Nicole Tinker

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