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Fashion Jobs – Etiquette, Interviews and Employment

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada


Saying there is a generational gap is no excuse when it comes to the employment process, for both the employer and the employee.  


From my experience, millennials tend to interview very well and are quite sophisticated when it comes to the interview process! However, once they get the job the expectations reveal themselves.


What I have found interesting is that these ‘expectations’ are necessities, tools for millennials to do their job well.  Technology is a great example. It is an expected tool for any employer (small to mid-size) to provide for their millennial or younger employee to do their job efficiently.  


Job seekers and potential employees need to be aware of their own online presence. After interviewing a candidate, I did a basic google research on them and within minutes I found their social media channels. This person’s ‘social media presence’ gave me an impression they may not have wanted me to have and it was NOT a good one. Their online social media presence ultimately affected their chances of getting the job. Posting to social media is a way of life, however, consider the content you are posting not only  when applying for jobs but always, as everything you post can be found. 


Lack Of Experience Or Too much?

Most jobs require some experience, 2-4 years is the usual.  This is why internships and practicums are very important when building a resume and experience.  They could also lead to jobs in the company you are working for.  A key mistake many employees make is leaving a job too soon, make sure to put in your time in especially if you like the job.  If you can stay for 2 years do it.  If I get a resume of a candidate that is excellent then look at their longevity at a company being less than a year for all of them, I don’t bother interviewing. Jumping around won’t be beneficial in the long run.


Having said that, if you are going to spend over 10 years at a company make sure you are super happy. I had a friend who left a job they were at after 20 years.  They were only 40 so a millennial and could not find another job. Tail between their legs, they went back to their old employer and they were taken back, with a lower salary and position.


If you have 5 years experience and the job you are applying for requires less, have a good reason as to why you would like the job.  Why you would be right for the job. The story must be true and authentic because for an employer to believe you won’t be bored, or overqualified, they need to understand your reason for wanting a position. 



Make sure your resume is up to date!  Sounds nuts but I interviewed a great candidate for in-house sales and when I called the number on her resume the number didn’t work. I emailed her, she didn’t get it.  I tried again because I, in fact, didn’t have too many alternatives for the hire, she finally responded.  This is not the best way to start a gig.  Make sure your contact number, your email is correct and when applying for jobs make sure you are checking all your channels so that you respond quickly to a potential employers outreach.


Send a thank you email after your interview.  It makes a difference.


And on that note, thank you!


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By: Liza Deyrmenjian, owner of The Cutting Room

The Cutting Room - Fashion Design & Merchandising School

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Fashion Jobs – 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Resume This Spring

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaStyle Nine To Five_Resume Spring Cleaning

Your resume is always a great thing to take a look at and refresh at least once a year — even if you’re not in the job market. You never know when that next big promotion could be in your sights and you need to have your resume ready to submit to a hiring manager at any time. For those currently in the job market, spring is a time where employers look to hire as employees leave for the school year and street front stores begin to pick up for summer. Here are our favourite trips for spring cleaning your resume.

Style Nine To Five_Resume Spring Cleaning_Current Role

Revisit Your Current Role
A great place to start when looking to refresh your resume is reviewing your current role. Have you changed roles since you last made updates? Have your areas of accountability or accomplishments changed or expanded? Making sure your current role is as up to date as possible is extremely important as by now it really should be the only area that needs a good update.

Style Nine To Five_Resume Spring Cleaning_Shorten

Shorten It
Did you know that a traditional resume is actually only a page long? And anything over that is technically considered a curriculum vitae, or CV for short. The longer you’ve been in the workforce, the longer the list of roles usually adds up, and at times your resume can seem too long and repetitive. To change this, you can do a few things. If you’re far along enough now into your career where your high school and college part-time jobs are starting to get stale, it’s time to remove them. Assuming you’ve already done this, you can either look at only covering the last five years of your career history in detail or if other employment history is relevant in the sense of name recognition you can include the rest in quick point form with dates and few key points.

Style Nine To Five_Resume Spring Cleaning_Pinterest Design

Change Up The Design
If you’re someone who tends to keep their resume extremely up to date religiously but you still want a little spring refresh, maybe you should try a redesign! There are many things you can change with your resume from picking a new font, creating a new header design or going the extra mile and completely changing the format of it. If you’re not someone who is handy with a computer, there are plenty of sites where you can interactively design and fill out a customized resume and tools for templates for Microsoft Word. For those of you who are a more creatively inclined, Pinterest has a tone of inspiration to help you. Whatever you decide to change, make sure that your resume is legible, organized and not too cluttered or wordy.

By: M.J. Elle,Toronto, @TheMJElle

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Fashion Jobs – 5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Resume

Thursday, April 5th, 2018

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Spring has finally arrived! Which means there’s no better time to de-clutter and spring clean all aspects of your life.  Closets are probably the first thing that comes to mind at this time of year, but how about your resume as well? A lot can change during the course of a year, and your resume should clearly reflect your personal and professional growth during this time. Whether you’re looking for a new position or you’re just in need of a little resume refresh, here are my top five tips to spring clean your resume.


1. Remove Unnecessary Information

A resume that’s 1 to 2 pages long is ideal, but if you are going over a page, you want to make sure that all the information you’re including is important and relevant. For example, if you’re more than a few years out of high school, things like your grades, achievements, and graduation probably don’t need to be on your resume anymore. The same thing goes for any part-time, short-term, or unrelated work experience that doesn’t showcase your current skill set and accomplishments. A resume that’s brief and concise will be the most likely to get a potential employer’s attention.


2. Rework Your Resume’s Design

Speaking of attention, in today’s competitive job market, a resume that stands out from the rest can make a real difference. Sites like Canva or Kick Resume can help you easily create a stunning visual resume with the help of pre-set templates. Depending on your field, you can play with the level of creativity in your resume and really help your resume shine. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard with graphics and images since you still want your resume to be taken seriously in a professional setting.


3. Update Your Job Description

For those of you who have been with the same company for an extended period of time, your current day to day tasks are probably quite different from when you started out. Take a look at the job description included on your resume and make sure that it still accurately describes your role. Have you taken on new responsibilities? Learned a new program or skill? These are the things to add to your resume now, rather than waiting until it comes time to apply for your next job.


4. Create a Portfolio

Hear me out, a portfolio isn’t just needed for creative or artistic fields anymore. If you’ve been working on projects, important presentations, or manuals, then why not showcase your work? Double check with your company to see if there are any confidentiality issues, but if there are no problems, then you should definitely consider building a portfolio that showcases your strengths as an employee. If you’re looking to switch fields, a portfolio can also be used as a platform for your hobbies or side-projects as a way to further your career. A portfolio is really just a great way to provide concrete examples of your work, no matter where your expertise lies.


5. Show Off Your Personal Brand

If your resume has all of the aspects mentioned already, then go you! You’re a resume superstar that’s well on your way to a dream career. In that case, I recommend that you work on your personal branding, and making sure that all aspects of your professional life portray a cohesive and clear vision. Show off what makes you unique, share the links to your website or portfolio, and let your resume highlight the best version of you possible.


Inspirational Image
Image courtesy of Glitter Guide  


By Kate Mendonca, Toronto, @kate.mendonca

Fashion Jobs – What Not to Include On Your Resume

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs

Style Nine to Five - Resume Tips

When looking for help to create the perfect job application package (resume, coverletter, etc), it is important to not only learn what to include, but to learn what not to include when presenting yourself in the form of an email or paper document. Continue reading for our tips on what not to include on your resume!


Personal Information

Of course you want to include your full name, address, email and phone number at the top of your resume so the recruiter will know who to contact, but limit your personal information after that. When hiring for a job, recruiters are looking at your experience and what makes you stand out, not how old you are or your gender.

Too Much Info

Your resume is the first way to create an impression with recruiters. Before meeting for an interview, recruiters will skim and read through resumes finding the best candidates. Recruiters are busy people and 9/10 times if your resume is more than 2 pages, they won’t read it. No one wants to read a 5-page paper and your job experience you had when you were 12 mowing your neighbours’ lawns.

Unprofessional Contact Information

According to (and I think we all agree with this), no one is going to hire someone with an email they had in middle school with 10 numbers and adjectives such as cutiegirl123. Stick to an email address that includes your name and possibly a number if just your name is taken.

Artistic Fonts

If applying for a job in a creative field, it is okay to experiment a bit more with layout and fonts when creating your resume. When choosing fonts, stick to something professional and that is clearly legible, now is not the time to use 10 different fonts in one document.

By: Nicole Tinker

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Fashion Jobs – How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs548fc881e33bc_-_rbk-business-woman-2-s2

Design + Format

When finding a new addition to their team, potential employers often receive dozens of resumes and applications.  Like in most of life, first impressions are key to landing your dream job and it starts with making your resume stand out in the pile (in a good way).

If applying for a corporate job, keep your resume simple and professional, but modern and aesthetically pleasing. Stick with black and white, but format your text in a way that creates hierarchy. If employers are seeing dozens of resumes a day, try to use a template that is unique but formal.

When applying for a creative job (this includes the fashion industry), still keep your resume simple and professional but you can play around a bit to show your personality. One way to do this is by adding a pop of colour by using a toned down colour as your subheadings.

Cater Your Content

When applying for a particular job, go through your existing resume and cater the content mentioned to the potential employer. If applying for a corporate office job, highlight your skills that are relevant to the area you are applying for, and minimize experience in unrelated topics. This goes hand in hand with applying for more creative, fashion industry jobs. Make sure to highlight any internship or volunteer experience relevant to the industry!

Avoid Too Much Information

The unwritten rule of resumes is typically to keep them to a maximum of two pages – if you need it. One page is great because no staple are required and it’s easier to keep track of, but if you need to additional space, try to minimize your experience to fit two pages. A rule of thumb when knowing what to add to your resume is to keep everything current, don’t add anything more than 5 years old unless it’s relevant to the position you’re applying for. When applying for a job, most employers don’t need to know about the fast food job you worked at 10 years ago. When adding your education, only use your highest qualification and/or anything relevant.

Proof Read, Proof Read, Proof Read!

One of the most important things to do before you send your resume off is to proof read it! Not once, not twice, but three times. A helpful tip when proof reading is to not only read what you wrote out loud to yourself, but step back and get someone else to read it to get a fresh perspective. Potential employers will see it as a red flag if there are multiple spelling and/or grammatical errors and will possibly go on to the next resume without batting an eye.

By: Nicole Tinker

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Get Fashion Career Advice From Christie Lohr

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 12.30.40 PM

I’m now offering resume reviews and career advice over coffee! Don’t live in Vancouver? Let’s chat on the phone or skype.

“How do I reach my career goal?”, “What path should I take?”, “What should I put on my resume?”, “How should I answer this question in an interview?”, or “What should I wear?” Everyone knows your resume and job interview are both important parts of getting that job. It’s really all in the details and sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes and a few key tips to ensure you make a good impression.

I would love to help you with your resume and cover letter to help get you noticed by prospective employers. I’ll offer career advice on steps to take going forward and the types of experiences that will enrich your resume to make you an ideal candidate for your dream fashion job. I’ll also help you network with the right people, if it’s suitable.

A session with me is $75. Please email Looking forward to setting you up for success!

Christie Lohr

Photo Credit: Marc Marayag

Originally published in Framework Magazine.

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