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Although we have welcomed spring with open arms and are eagerly anticipating warmer temperatures, this season tends to wreak havoc on our sartorial choices. Planning chic and enviable office ensembles can prove to be challenging (and downright irritating) when the forecast calls for sunshine, torrential downpours and a few blasts of winter all within the week. The ultimate way to ride this roller coaster of spring weather is with some good outerwear. I’ve rounded up 5 coats that are the solution to dealing with the unpredictable weather conditions associated with spring. From the classic trench to the biker jacket, these essential outerwear pieces will get you through this transitional season in style.

Zara flowing trenchH&M trench

1. Trench Coat

While the bomber is the It-jacket of the season, the trench coat is a spring staple. If you don’t have one hanging in your closet or you just want to add a few more pieces to your collection, I urge you to pickup a lightweight waterfall trench—they’re all the rage this season. This jacket will give your outfit that effortless feel, which is the epitome of spring style.

 Zara Flowing Trench Coat, $119

 H&M Satin Trenchcoat, $99

ASOS raincoat

2. Raincoat 

We all remember our polka dot raincoat and matching galoshes from childhood, but waterproof gear has evolved since our formative years. The “grown-up” version of the raincoat is less childlike or fisherman friendly and more smart and sophisticated. When searching for the perfect raincoat, look for one that doesn’t look like an actual raincoat (read: no bright yellow vinyl coats). ASOS Rainmac in Longline, $114

Mango belted wrap jacket

3. Belted Wrap Jacket

The simplicity of the belted wrap jacket is perfect for any minimalist. This is by far my favourite spring coat because it is incredibly comfortable, easy to style and quite modern. 4. Mango Cotton Coat, $189.95

H&M vest

Babaton vest

4. Sleeveless Vest

No spring wardrobe is complete without a sleeveless vest. Although it is ideal for balmier temperatures, a vest is versatile enough to wear on those cooler spring days. Wear a long-sleeve sweater or button-down underneath your vest to stay warm and chic.

H&M Long Gilet, $40

Babaton Percival Vest, $255, available at Aritzia

H&M biker jacket

Zara biker jacket

5. Biker Jacket

Whether it’s in leather or suede, the biker jacket is the perfect piece to bring the right amount of edge to your office outfit. Pair with soft colours or lighter layers, like a blouse and pleated midi skirt, to avoid a look that is too “hard” for work.

H&M Biker Jacket, $59.99

Zara Peplum Jacket, $139

Style inspiration image by Diego Zuko, courtesy of Harpers Bazaar

By Sasha Smith

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